Best Flush Mount Ceiling Light Reviews 2018

Lighting can be the component that pulls a room together, and a flush-mount model hides any unsightly wiring. If you’re having a hard time deciding on light fixtures, we’ve got you covered. Our research led us to five of the best lighting brands, and we’ve selected one flush mount ceiling light to feature from each.
Cover Type
Base Info
Bulb Info
Our Top Choice
Minka-Lavery Belcaro™ Round Flush Mount Ceiling Light
This round light from Minka-Lavery features a walnut-colored base with intricate, traditional details. The champagne-hued glass cover gives the whole light an elevated appearance.
Elegant, traditional styling in neutral colors can fit in with a range of décor. Sized perfectly for small and moderately sized spaces.
Colored glass creates a slight dimming effect, which some will enjoy, but others may prefer full light.
Circular, Aged Champagne Glass
2 Bulbs, 60 Max. Watts Each
7.25” x 12.75”, 7 lbs.
Best Value
Progress Lighting P3854-74 Flush Mount Ceiling Light
This single-bulb square light fixture from Progress Lighting has a clean and simple outline that is simultaneously classic and modern.
Versatile design would fit into many different rooms. You can choose the venetian bronze if you lean toward a classic feel, or brushed nickel for a slightly more modern look.
Not the easiest fixture to install, and the bulb can be a challenge to replace.
Square, Cream or White Glass
1 Bulb, 100 Max. Watts
12.5” x 6.15”, 6 lbs.
WAC Lighting FM-4114 Slice LED Flush Mount Ceiling and Wall Light
This is an extremely versatile lighting piece from WAC Lighting. It can be mounted on ceilings or walls, including in closets, and its etched glass cover offers a luxurious feel.
Brushed nickel and oval shape feel fairly modern, while thick etched glass is classic. ADA compliant when wall mounted. Smooth dimming.
A bit pricier than most of our other top picks, but the quality and energy efficiency are excellent.
Oval, Etched Thick-Pressed Glass
Brushed Nickel
1 Bulb, 31 Max. Watts (LED)
14” x 5.25”, 8 lbs.
Trans Globe Lighting 3606 Flush Mount Globe Ceiling Light
If you need a good-looking light at a reasonable price, this globe light from Trans Globe Lighting is an excellent choice.
Available in 4 base colors to match just about any surroundings. Sheds plenty of light with a single bulb and doesn’t take up much room. Simple to install.
The globe-style light isn’t as popular as it once was. Some might consider it retro.
Globe, Glass
Brushed Nickel
1 Bulb, 60 Max. Watts
7.5” Diameter, 1.5 lbs.
Thomas Lighting 1-Light Flush Mount Ceiling Light
Thomas Lighting makes this simple transitional-style dome light, which has an alabaster-style glass cover for a touch of class.
Simple, but not cheap-looking. An affordable way to freshen up your indoor lighting.
Not large or bright enough for bigger spaces – ideal for hallways, closets, and small rooms.
Small Dome, Alabaster-Style Glass
Brushed Nickel
1 Bulb, 60 Max. Watts
7.5” x 4.5”, 1.5 lbs.

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How Do I Choose the Best Flush Mount Ceiling Light?

Lighting is an integral element of any home, be it brightening up your office desk with a desk lamp, recessed lights for rooms with low ceilings, spotlights to accentuate certain elements or flush mounted ceiling lights for splashes of light where you need them the most. Flush mounted lights cling to the ceilings, and are ideal light fixtures for high traffic rooms and where ceilings are low.

However, before you head out to update your home with flush mounted lights, it is important to determine where and in which rooms you’ll be fitting them in order to buy lights that synchronize well with your existing décor. If you’re going to be installing the flush ceiling lights in wet areas such as bathrooms, you should consider their IP “Ingress Protection” ratings to gauge how well they are protected against dust and water. Read on for premium advice on what aspects to pay close attention to when in the market for the best flush mounted ceiling lights.
Prices for flush mounted ceiling lights can vary considerably, depending mostly on the materials used in their construction. For example, a solid light fixture made from brushed nickel is going to cost a few dollars more than one made from recycled champagne glass. However, it’s important to note that each offers a different lighting effect, so even high quality lights on the lower end of the price spectrum can probably do a better job at lighting a specific area than those available at higher price points.

That said, you should completely avoid cheap flush mount ceiling lights, because they will either stick out like a sore thumb and ruin the appeal of your existing décor, or even warp drastically, so much so, they’ll serve you for years to come … albeit only as a coin tray or a plastic dog bowl! To give an idea of price tags you can expect to see, flush mounted ceiling lights can cost anywhere between $20 and $150+ for ones that will leave you and your guests in awe.
Flush mounted ceiling lights are affixed to the ceiling, and are an important design element for any space in your home or office. Apart from providing rich illumination, they also contribute to the overall look and feel of the area, as long as you consider a few factors and buy the right one.

Here are some important aspects to consider when shopping for the best flush mounted ceiling light:
  • Size – This class of home lighting comes in several sizes, hence it’s a good idea to measure the areas where it will be fitted before making a purchase
  • Shape – Common shapes include rectangular, oval and circle
  • Number of Bulbs – Some flush mounted ceiling lights can accommodate one bulb whereas others can be fitted with two or more bulbs
  • Wattage of Bulbs – Basically the amount of energy a light bulb uses, which is not necessarily related to the amount of light produced
  • Style – Refers to the design of the flush mounted lights, and common options include traditional, classic and transitional
  • Base Material – This is the part that sticks to the ceiling, and popular options include nickel, bronze and walnut
  • Installation – A few flush light fixtures can be installed yourself whereas other will require professional help
  • Waterproof Design – If you’re going to fitting wet areas with flush mounted lights, make sure they’re waterproof and won’t damage when in contact with water
Construction and Design
Flush mounted ceiling lights consist of two parts—base and cover, both of which can be ordered in a plethora of sizes and styles. With regards to size, they are not as big as flying saucers hanging from the ceiling, making them an excellent choice for several different spaces, but again it is important that you first analyze the area in order to buy the best fit.

The base of the unit is mostly made from robust material such as walnut, nickel or bronze given that it is the part that hugs the ceiling. Furthermore, the shade of the flush is perhaps where the magic happens, where designs such as champagne will allow more light to flow through. Common shade materials include etched glass, ribbed glass, alabaster glass and frosted glass, and for the most part can be unscrewed easily for maintenance.
Performance and Ease of Use
The best flush mounted ceiling light is one that provides the right amount of light, and adds pizzazz to your overall décor. They are generally a no-brainer to install, and can be plugged in with a just a few screws, but for some, you may need professional installation. Cleaning them should only be done according to manufacturer instructions, because fabric bases may need more attention, but are not as delicate as glass models.

It is also important to pay attention to the bulb, because lumens, color temperature and wattage play an important role in your room’s quality of light. CFL (compact fluorescent) and LED (light emitting diode) bulbs are the most energy efficient of all, and offer superior service life, so with these you won’t find yourself changing bulbs often. With regard to color temperature, bright temperatures work well for kitchens and workspaces, whereas warm temperatures are great for living rooms and bedrooms.

What is the Best Flush Mount Ceiling Light?

When people work on interior decorating, they often forget about lighting – or worse yet, they think it isn’t important. A really good lighting piece can even elevate a room’s décor. Now you’ve gone through our guide, let’s take a look at our selected top product options.
Our Top Choice
Minka-Lavery® manufactures a nice range of decorative lighting products for the home, including our featured Belcaro™ Flush Mount Ceiling Light. For a smaller, brighter, and more basic lighting option, you could try Minka-Lavery’s 2-bulb Flush Mount light in brushed nickel.
Minka-Lavery Belcaro™ Round Flush Mount Light – Walnut Base with Champagne Glass Cover, 2 Bulbs, 120 Watt Total

Minka-Lavery Belcaro™ Flush Mount Ceiling Light 958-126 - Walnut

Minka® Group makes a number of different brands, each focusing on innovative and stylish lighting designs. Minka-Lavery® emphasizes mid-sized decorative lighting that is thoughtfully designed but not too ostentatious.

Our featured product exhibits that style commitment with intricate designs on the base and an elegant champagne glass cover. The champagne-colored glass gives the whole piece a very nice aged look.

The Belcaro™ Walnut Flush Mount Ceiling Light is lovely, but it may not be the best choice for every space, including those with a more modern feel. You might be interested in one of these other Minka lighting products instead:
  • Minka-Lavery 4103-84 3-Light Parsons Studio Chandelier, Brushed Nickel – Transitional-style hanging fixture that won’t overwhelm small spaces
  • Minka-Lavery 341-357-PL 2-Light Wall Sconce in Iron Oxide Finish – Modern, multifunctional wall sconce
  • Minka-Lavery 1351-177 Illuminati Mini Cone Pendant in Bronze – Single-bulb pendant light with patina-finished glass
If you need ceiling fans, you can find those as well in one of Minka’s other brands, Minka-Aire®.
Best Value
Progress Lighting is one of the biggest lighting manufacturers around, with thousands of different products. The Flush Mount Ceiling Light is available in venetian bronze or brushed nickel, and is the right size for a small-to-medium area. Another great choice is the slightly smaller and brighter Square 2-Light Flush Mount with Alabaster Diffuser.
Progress Lighting P3854-74 Flush Mount Ceiling Light – Single Bulb, Available in Venetian Bronze and Brushed Nickel

Progress Lighting Flush Mount Ceiling Light P3854-74 – Venetian Bronze

Progress Lighting has a reputation as a big-time supplier to builders and remodelers, because its line-up is diverse and satisfies a range of needs. It also has an ongoing effort to make energy-efficient lighting products for homes and businesses.

We think this square flush mount light is a good choice for many lighting scenarios. The venetian bronze finish would go with a more classic setting, while the brushed nickel would complement a more contemporary or modern setting well. It takes one bulb, up to 100 watts, and provides good lighting for a moderately-sized dining room, rec room, or office.

With such a huge selection, Progress Lighting has plenty of other lighting items to use throughout your home, including:
  • Progress Lighting P4459-09 5-Light Alexa Chandelier – Available in brushed nickel and antique bronze
  • Progress Lighting Inspire Collection P3939-09– 2-light semi-flush mount with beige linen shade
  • Progress Lighting P3884-20 Piedmont Foyer Lantern in Antique Bronze – Simple and traditional piece perfect for the entryway
If you still haven’t found what you’re looking for, chances are Progress Lighting has something to suit you. Many of its products are mid-range in price, and you get very good value and quality.
WAC Lighting spares no expense when it comes to making high-quality residential light fixtures. This shows in the Slice Oval Light, which fits into both modern and traditional design schemes and uses long-lasting LED technology. A smaller alternative with a more traditional look is the Astoria Ceiling Mount Light. It’s available in several finishes.
WAC Lighting Slice 14” Oval LED Flush Mount Wall Light with Warm or Warm White Glass Cover

WAC Lighting Wall Light FM-4114-27 - Warm

In addition to industrial and stage lighting, WAC Lighting specializes in high-end, modern residential light fixtures with clean lines. This is a brand with a focus on energy efficiency and low environmental impact. Many of its lighting products, including our featured light, take LED bulbs.

We’re impressed by how the Slice Oval LED Light can have a design with such impact and such a smooth silhouette. That’s partly due to the shiny brushed nickel finish, and partly due to the extra-thick etched glass diffuser with internal ceramic glaze. You can choose warm or warm white for just the right lighting level and hue for your space. This light takes a high-powered LED bulb rated for up to 50,000 hours. You can mount your light on either the ceiling or the wall, and it is also rated for closet use.

Other available light fixtures from WAC Lighting include:
  • WAC Lighting FM-4006-27-BZ Dice Square LED Flush Mount – Available in warm or soft white and in your choice of 3 sizes
  • WAC Lighting WS72-G559GL/BN Micha Pendant Fixture Wall Sconce with Glass – 5 different finish and shade combos
  • WAC Lighting QP-LED483-AB/DB Wyandotte Quick Connect LEDme Pendant – Antique Bronze Shade and Dark Bronze Socket Set
WAC lighting products come with an impressive 5-year warranty.
Trans Globe Lighting products span a wide range of indoor and outdoor options. Its Globe Flushmount light is an affordable choice, and you shouldn’t need a professional to install it! Another great choice, especially if you have a slightly bigger area to light, is the Standard 11-inch Flushmount, a dome-shaped light that takes 2 60-watt bulbs.
Trans Globe Lighting 3606 Flush Mount Globe Ceiling Light – Choice of 4 Colors, Easy Installation

Trans Globe Lighting Mounted Light 3606 – Brushed Nickel

Trans Globe Lighting has been in the residential lighting business since 1986. Its goal has always been to exceed industry standards in style, selection, and value. Its indoor lighting collections include pendant lights, wall sconces, and lamps in styles ranging from very traditional to ultra-modern. The company also makes some very nice outdoor lighting.

Our featured flush mount light is a globe-style fixture that takes a single 60-watt bulb. This is a light fixture that should work well in hallways and other small spaces throughout the house. Aside from the price, one thing that makes this piece extra appealing is the ease of installation. If you want a light that will match most décor and doesn’t take much expertise to put in, this is a good choice. The selection of finishes – oil-rubbed bronze, polished brass, white, and brushed nickel – gives you some flexibility to style it as you like.

If our featured light isn’t what you’re looking for, or if you need to outfit multiple spaces with different types of light fixtures, you may like one of these other options from Trans Globe Lighting:
  • Trans Globe Lighting 4181 BK Wentworth Wall Lantern – Weather-resistant outdoor lighting in your choice of finish and glass type
  • Trans Globe Lighting Payson 3-Light Chandelier – Choose brushed nickel or weathered bronze with faux alabaster shades
Trans Globe lights come with a 1-year parts warranty and a 6-month guarantee on the finish.
Thomas Lighting is known for offering traditional lighting designs at affordable prices. This brushed nickel dome ceiling light is an excellent choice for small spaces that call for unobtrusive light fixtures. For something just a tad more elaborate, you might choose the 2-bulb flush mount dome light in a rich sable bronze finish.
Thomas Lighting SL845578 Flush Mount Ceiling Light – Single Bulb, Brushed Nickel Finish with Alabaster Glass Shade

Thomas Lighting Flush Mount Ceiling Light SL845578 – Brushed Nickel

Thomas Lighting is a good brand to consider if you are searching for nice-looking, traditionally-styled light fixtures but don’t want to spend a fortune. It has some contemporary designs as well, but its traditional and transitional pieces are very abundant – you’ll have lots to choose from.

We’re featuring a nice, simple single-bulb light with a brushed nickel finish. The alabaster-style glass dome cover has a swirled effect to elevate the design a bit. This is a fairly small, lightweight fixture that takes one 60-watt bulb and is best for illuminating smaller spaces, like hallways. It’s part of Thomas Lighting’s ceiling lighting collection, which includes classic traditional, fresh traditional, and transitional styles.

You can outfit your whole house with Thomas Lighting products, if you want. These are just a few of the indoor and outdoor lighting products this brand offers:
  • Thomas Lighting SL75864 Homestead Bath Light – Chrome-finish vanity light with 6 bulbs
  • Thomas Lighting SL91047 Mission Collection 1 Light Outdoor Wall Sconce – Matte black aluminum with cream-colored glass
  • Thomas Lighting SL853178 Wall Essentials Wall Light – Brushed nickel with alabaster glass, ADA compliant
No matter what you have in mind, you’re likely to find a budget-friendly light fixture among Thomas Lighting’s diverse collections.

Get the Best Flush Mount Ceiling Light of 2018!

Flush mount lighting may not be at eye level, but it’s an important part of a room’s overall feel. If you weren’t sure where to start with picking out flush mount lights, we hope we’ve been able to help by showing you five top brands and some examples of their best offerings. Remember, if none of these were quite right for you, these trustworthy brands have many more options to choose from.

Our Top Choice
Minka-Lavery Belcaro™ Round Flush Mount Ceiling Light
Best Value
Progress Lighting P3854-74 Flush Mount Ceiling Light
WAC Lighting FM-4114 Slice LED Flush Mount Ceiling and Wall Light
Trans Globe Lighting 3606 Flush Mount Globe Ceiling Light
Thomas Lighting 1-Light Flush Mount Ceiling Light