Best Flush Mount Ceiling Light Reviews 2023

Lighting can be the component that pulls a room together, and a flush-mount model hides any unsightly wiring. If you’re having a hard time deciding on light fixtures, we’ve got you covered. Our research led us to five of the best flush mount ceiling light brands, and we’ve selected one flush mount ceiling light to feature from each.
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Good for
Our Top Choice
Trans Globe Lighting Benkert 5" Flushmount Lantern
Trans Globe Lighting specializes in lighting options for indoor and outdoor use. Its products are made from durable materials and come at reasonable prices.
Available in multiple design options. Made using stainless steel and frosted glass which are both attractive and durable. 1 year warranty.
Some customers received the lighting option in a different color than specified, but the products can be replaced.
5 inch
7 colors available
Uses E26 bulbs
Best Value
Ustellar Waterproof LED Ceiling Light
Ustellar makes multiple lighting options at affordable prices. Its products can be used to light up the interior of your property or your patio.
Available in two buying options. Waterproof. Ideal for kitchens and bathrooms. Saves a great deal of energy.
Might require an electrician to install it, but not really necessary if you're into DIY projects.
11 inch
2 colors available
Indoor and outdoor
12W LED lights
Elegant Designs Elipse Crystal Flush Mount Ceiling Light
Elegant Designs makes some of the most visually striking and elegant lighting options currently available on the market.
Exquisite design. 2 color options available. Bright light. Suitable for office, kitchen and living rooms.
Very few customers received packages with missing pieces, but the manufacturer can be contacted to supply the missing components if required.
13 inch
2 colors available
2 x 60W Type B bulbs
Light Blue USA Flush Mount Ceiling Light
Light Blue USA specializes in lighting options which are Energy Star certified and crafted to keep your energy costs as low as possible.
Available in several size options and 2 colors. Dimmable. Energy Star certified. Easy to install. Doesn’t consume a lot of energy.
Minor reliability problems with the built-in LEDs, but such issues are very rare.
12, 16, 18, and 32 inch
2 colors available
15W LED lights
Cloudy Bay Led Flush Mount Ceiling Light
Cloudy Bay creates bathroom lights, step lights, wall sconces and ceiling lights for commercial and residential properties.
Available in 2 color options. Easy to install. Suitable for wet locations. Impervious to moisture and insects.
Might not work with certain dimmers.
7.5 inch
2 colors available
Indoor and outdoor
12W LED lights

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What is the Best Flush Mount Ceiling Light?

When people work on interior decorating, they often forget about lighting – or worse yet, they think it isn’t important. A really good lighting piece can even elevate a room’s décor. Now you’ve gone through our guide, let’s take a look at our selected top product options.
Our Top Choice
The RT Outdoor Benkert 5" Flushmount Lantern from Trans Globe Lighting is available in several design options and it is ideal for outdoor use, creating a beautiful, romantic atmosphere in your patio. If you want a flush mount lighting option for indoor use, check out the BN Indoor Dash 6" Flushmount from the same manufacturer.

Trans Globe Lighting Outdoor Benkert 5" Flushmount Lantern – Multiple Designs Available

Trans Globe Lighting is a renowned brand which sells thousands of lighting options in multiple countries. Its products are very varied and basically if you're looking for a modern or classical lighting option for your patio or living room, you have dozens of designs to choose from available among Trans Globe Lighting's products. The lighting options sold by this manufacturer are not only durable, but compatible with energy efficient light bulbs as well.

Check out the Trans Globe Lighting Outdoor Benkert 5" Flushmount Lantern which is available in several design options such as rust, cooper, black, Swedish iron and more. This is a lighting option suitable for outdoor use with a diameter of 5 inches, casting a soft light on the nearby area. It is compatible with incandescent light bulbs such as the A19 bulb and it comes with a warranty period of 1 year from the manufacturer. One of the main advantages provided by this product consist of its design. It is made from a combination of frosted glass and stainless steel which makes this lighting option both eye-catching and durable.
Best Value
The Ustellar Waterproof 12W LED Ceiling Light is available in warm and daylight white color options and it is completely waterproof, so you can safely install it in bathrooms and kitchens. This light works perfectly indoors, but if you want a similar one for outdoor use which also incorporates a sensor, check out the Ustellar 15W Motion Sensor LED Ceiling Light which comes at an affordable price.

Ustellar Waterproof 12W LED Ceiling Light – 2 Options Available, IP44, 950lm, Lighting for Bathroom, Kitchen, Hallway

Ustellar makes a plethora of lighting options suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Apart from LED ceiling lights, you can also get LED light strip kits which can be placed under cabinets for creating a soft glow inside your kitchen or office room. The best part is that the products made by this brand are reasonably priced and because they are mostly based on LED lights, they can last for many years from the moment you start using them.

Take, for example, the Ustellar Waterproof 12W LED Ceiling Light which is available in 2 color choices such as 3000K warm white or 6000K daylight white. The first version is more suitable for your bedroom because it creates a warm and romantic atmosphere for relaxing and recharging your batteries while the other version is more suitable for rooms which need a lot of light such as a kitchen or office room. Your LED light can be easily mounted on the ceiling of your house and it comes with multiple built-in LED lights which use just 12 watts of energy. In other words, you can drastically reduce your energy bill by using such flush light options throughout your entire house.

On top of that, this product is also waterproof, so any water splashes won't affect the LED lights or cause an electrical problem. Some homeowners hired an electrician to install their flush light option, but if you like DIY projects and you have a free afternoon, you can easily install them on your own.
The Elipse Crystal 2 Light from Elegant Designs is a wonderful ellipse-like lighting options which is suitable for your living room or even office room. It is available in 2 design options and will greatly improve interior décor. If you want a similar lighting option, but with a petal glacier shape, check out the FM1002-CHR 2 Light option from the same manufacturer.

Elegant Designs 2 Light Ceiling Flush Mount – 2 Colors Available, Uses 2 60w Type B Bulbs

Just as the name implies, Elegant Designs makes attractive lighting options which are not only functional, but also designed to greatly improve the interior or exterior décor. Its products are made from some of the finest materials out there such as crystal, glass, stainless steel and chrome and they come with reassuring warranty periods from the manufacturer.

The Elipse Crystal 2 Light Ceiling Flush Mount light from Elegant Designs comes in two color options such as chrome or rose gold. It features a crystal dome which looks absolutely breathtaking and can project the light created by two 60w type B lighting bulbs stored inside, creating a warm and friendly atmosphere in the room. This lighting option might require professional installation, but it looks absolutely gorgeous from any angle. The flawless chrome finish will complete the picture and make your living room look more elegant and eye-catching. This product comes with a warranty period of 1 year and it has numerous positive reviews from past customers, so why shouldn’t you get one?
The LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light from Light Blue USA is available in several size options as well as two color options for you to choose from. This product is Energy Star rated and available at an affordable price. However, if you want a ceiling light which is brighter and can put out 1600 lumens then check out the LB72111 LED Ceiling Light from the same brand.

Light Blue USA LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light - 100W Equivalent, 15W, 1050 Lumens, ETL and ENERGY STAR Listed, Multiple Sizes Available

Light Blue USA is a renowned brand in the United States focused on delivering affordable lighting options to its clients. The products made by this company are Energy Star certified and they come in various sizes, shapes, and lighting options. Whether you need a small ceiling light for your kitchen or a large and imposing one for your living room, Light Blue USA is the brand to go to.

Let's take a look at the LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light from Light Blue USA, a product which is available in several size options such as 12, 16, 18, and 32 inches in diameter as well as two color options such as 3000K Soft White and 4000K Cool White. This lighting option is ideal for hallways, kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, bedrooms and virtually any place in your house which requires adequate lighting. It features a brushed nickel frame and the LED light uses just 15 watts of power, so it will definitely keep your energy costs at the minimum.

Another advantage of this lighting option is that it can be easily installed, it is ETL and Energy Star certified. Homeowners can use it for years to come as it produces a maximum of 1050 lumens which is usually sufficient for a standard room.
The LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light from Cloudy Bay is available in several color options and it features 4 bright LEDs. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor usage. If you want a larger ceiling light, check out the Cloudy Bay 12 inch LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light which can also be installed anywhere you want in your house or patio/deck/outdoor kitchen.

Cloudy Bay LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light – 7.5 Inch Diameter, 2W 840lm, Dimmable, 2 Colors Available

The last productin our list comes from Cloudy Bay, a company which specializes in lighting options such as wall sconces, step lights, interior and exterior lights, vanity lights for bathrooms, etc. You will be pleased to find out that Cloudy Bay has a broad range of products you can choose from and they are known for their reliability as well.

For now, let's take a quick look at the LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light from Cloudy Bay which has a diameter of 7.5 inches and it comes in two color options - Warm White (3000K) and Cool White (4000K). This lighting option is ideal for wet locations such as bathrooms and kitchens and it features 4 built-in LED lights. It is a dimmable light, so you can have it more or less bright, depending on your needs. The manufacturers have incorporated a small sponge inside this ceiling light to keep moisture and insects away. What else can you ask for? Grab yours today and add a dash of elegance to your living room without breaking the bank!

How Do I Choose the Best Flush Mount Ceiling Light?

Lighting is an integral element of any home, be it brightening up your office desk with a desk lamp, recessed lights for rooms with low ceilings, spotlights to accentuate certain elements or flush mounted ceiling lights for splashes of light where you need them the most. Flush mounted lights cling to the ceilings, and are ideal light fixtures for high traffic rooms and where ceilings are low.

However, before you head out to update your home with flush mounted lights such as the Westinghouse Senecaville Ceiling Light or the Progress Lighting 1-Light Flush Mount which are popular options these days, it is important to determine where and in which rooms you’ll be fitting them in order to buy lights that synchronize well with your existing décor. If you’re going to be installing the flush ceiling lights in wet areas such as bathrooms, you should consider their IP “Ingress Protection” ratings to gauge how well they are protected against dust and water. Read on for premium advice on what aspects to pay close attention to when in the market for the best flush mounted ceiling lights.
Prices for flush mounted ceiling lights can vary considerably, depending mostly on the materials used in their construction. For example, a solid light fixture made from brushed nickel is going to cost a few dollars more than one made from recycled champagne glass. However, it’s important to note that each offers a different lighting effect, so even high quality lights on the lower end of the price spectrum can probably do a better job at lighting a specific area than those available at higher price points. To give you numbers, most budget-friendly lights can cost less than $20, more sophisticated and attractive one can cost between $20 and $50 while high-end ones which put a big emphasis on aesthetics can go up to $80 in some cases.

That said, you should completely avoid cheap flush mount ceiling lights, because they will either stick out like a sore thumb and ruin the appeal of your existing décor, or even warp drastically, so much so, they’ll serve you for years to come … albeit only as a coin tray or a plastic dog bowl! To give an idea of price tags you can expect to see, flush mounted ceiling lights can cost anywhere between $20 and $150+ for ones that will leave you and your guests in awe.
Flush mounted ceiling lights are affixed to the ceiling, and are an important design element for any space in your home or office. Apart from providing rich illumination, they also contribute to the overall look and feel of the area, as long as you consider a few factors and buy the right one.

Here are some important aspects to consider when shopping for the best flush mounted ceiling light:
  • Size – This class of home lighting comes in several sizes, hence it’s a good idea to measure the areas where it will be fitted before making a purchase
  • Shape – Common shapes include rectangular, oval and circle
  • Number of Bulbs – Some flush mounted ceiling lights can accommodate one bulb whereas others can be fitted with two or more bulbs
  • Wattage of Bulbs – Basically the amount of energy a light bulb uses, which is not necessarily related to the amount of light produced
  • Style – Refers to the design of the flush mounted lights, and common options include traditional, classic and transitional
  • Base Material – This is the part that sticks to the ceiling, and popular options include nickel, bronze and walnut
  • Installation – A few flush light fixtures can be installed yourself whereas other will require professional help
  • Waterproof Design – If you’re going to fitting wet areas with flush mounted lights, make sure they’re waterproof and won’t damage when in contact with water
Construction and Design
Flush mounted ceiling lights consist of two parts—base and cover, both of which can be ordered in a plethora of sizes and styles. With regards to size, they are not as big as flying saucers hanging from the ceiling, making them an excellent choice for several different spaces, but again it is important that you first analyze the area in order to buy the best fit.

The base of the unit is mostly made from robust material such as walnut, nickel or bronze given that it is the part that hugs the ceiling. Furthermore, the shade of the flush is perhaps where the magic happens, where designs such as champagne will allow more light to flow through. Common shade materials include etched glass, ribbed glass, alabaster glass and frosted glass, and for the most part can be unscrewed easily for maintenance.
Performance and Ease of Use
The best flush mounted ceiling light is one that provides the right amount of light, and adds pizzazz to your overall décor. They are generally a no-brainer to install, and can be plugged in with a just a few screws, but for some, you may need professional installation. Cleaning them should only be done according to manufacturer instructions, because fabric bases may need more attention, but are not as delicate as glass models.

It is also important to pay attention to the bulb, because lumens, color temperature and wattage play an important role in your room’s quality of light. CFL (compact fluorescent) and LED (light emitting diode) bulbs are the most energy efficient of all, and offer superior service life, so with these you won’t find yourself changing bulbs often. With regard to color temperature, bright temperatures work well for kitchens and workspaces, whereas warm temperatures are great for living rooms and bedrooms.

Get the Best Flush Mount Ceiling Light of 2023!

Flush mount lighting may not be at eye level, but it’s an important part of a room’s overall feel. If you weren’t sure where to start with picking out one of the best flush mount lights, we hope we’ve been able to help by showing you five top brands and some examples of their best offerings. Remember, if none of these were quite right for you, these trustworthy brands have many more options to choose from.

Our Top Choice
Trans Globe Lighting Benkert 5" Flushmount Lantern
Best Value
Ustellar Waterproof LED Ceiling Light
Elegant Designs Elipse Crystal Flush Mount Ceiling Light
Light Blue USA Flush Mount Ceiling Light
Cloudy Bay Led Flush Mount Ceiling Light