Best Foam Hair Roller — Heatless Soft Foam Hair Curlers and Roller Sticks for All Hair Types

Foam Hair Rollers are a great way to create curls without damaging your hair due to the fact they don’t use heat or nasty chemicals either! This means they are suitable for a variety of hair types and ideal for children’s hair too. Their soft design also means you can sleep in these rollers, meaning everyday can be a good hair day, sounds great right? To help you choose the best Foam Hair Rollers for you we have selected the best Foam Hair Roller brands as well as a product to feature from each to give you a better feel for what different products are available to you. This should help you with making your final purchase and ensuring you look fabulous too!

By the way, if you are looking for foam stick curlers rather than old school foam curler, we've gone ahead and done some research for those too! Take a look at our faves on Amazon below!

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Type Of Curls
Ease Of Use
Hair Type
Our Top Choice
Conair Foam Hair Rollers
Conair has been making high-quality, reliable hair care products for a number of years, such as the 48 Piece Foam Hair Roller Set.
Color-coded for a variety of curls. Use on dry or wet hair. Anti-breakage technology. For all hair types.
Curlers sometimes don’t stay clipped in place.
3” x 5.8” x 7.5”, 1.6 oz.
Color-coded for different curls
Soft bouncy curls
Amateurs and professionals
All hair types
Best Value
Soft Foam Sponge Hair Rollers
HDE creates fun, quirky products that make life easier and, most importantly, fun! This is evident in its Soft Foam Home Salon Hair Roller Kit.
For wavy curls. Firm snap lock. Use wet or dry. Suitable for all hair types.
All one size which may be fine if that is what you need.
6 x 3 cm / 2.4 x 1.1 in
Pink (not color-coded)
Wavy curls
Amateurs and professionals
All hair types and styles
Selltop15 Scunci Hype Hair Foam Hair Rollers
Selltop15 makes affordable products that are of salon quality. The Satin Black Hype Hair Foam Hair Rollers are one great example.
Black satin design. Makes tight, defined curls. Easy to clean. Delicate on your hair.
More expensive than other curling rollers.
0.5” x 2.5", 16 oz.
Satin Black (not color-coded)
Tight and defined curls
Amateurs and professionals
Not Specified
Goody Start.Style.Finish Foam Hair Rollers
Goody is a brand that really knows fashion and what women want. Its great beauty products include the multi-size curl Large Foam Hair Rollers.
Variety of curl sizes. Can be worn to bed. No clip hold. Long-lasting curls.
Can only be used on wet hair.
1” diameter, 1.6 oz.
Green (not color-coded)
Long-lasting curls
Damp hair only
Soft ‘N Style Large Foam Hair Rollers
Soft ‘N Style is a hair care brand that creates quality professional products for effortlessly glamorous looks. The Large Foam Black Hair Rollers are no exception.
Can be used on wet and dry hair. Large style for bouncy curls. Pack of 10. Clip close technology.
Not color-coded for different sizes.
0.2 oz.
Black (not color-coded)
Large bouncy curls
All hair types

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What Are the Best Foam Hair Curlers? Check Out Our Reviews to Find What You Need!

Okay, now you’ve taken a look at the different things to consider when getting yourself some foam hair rollers, you should be ready to take a look at our five top picks from some great brands. Don’t forget to remember your ideal budget, how many rollers you want and what sized rollers you need. Without further ado, five of the best brands for foam hair rollers.

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Our Top Choice
We loved Conair’s Foam Hair Roller Set due to its color-coded pieces that allow for a variety of different curl styles. You can sleep comfortably in them too! For you ladies looking to make long spiral curls, take a look at Conair's foam hair roller sticks.

Conair Soft, Bouncy Curls Foam Rollers - Built in Clip, All Hair Types, Use Wet or Dry


Conair is an American personal care company that sells a wide range of health and beauty products designed to make you look and feel beautiful! Through constant research, Conair has created some truly revolutionary products. It even created the first portable hair dryer! If you are after a brand that will look after your every beauty care need at a particularly affordable price, then Conair is the one for you.

We chose to feature Conair’s 48 Pack Foam Hair Rollers due to the popularity of the brand as a whole and their fantastic reviews online at Amazon. Their built-in quick clip fastening allows you to create tight, defined curls easily with zero fuss, and are even color-coded to create curls of a variety of shapes and sizes. These curlers are for wet and dry sets and are designed to prevent hair breakage. You can even sleep in them! Whether you have thick, thin, straight or fluffy hair, these rollers are designed to be used by all!

Best Value
We love these Foam Hair Rollers due to their easy-to-use, washable style and the fact they are easy on the purse strings too! Want a tigher curl? Take a look at the 0.6 Inch Mini Roll Foam Hair Rollers.

Foam Soft Sleeping Hair Curlers Flexible Hair Styling


HDE produces fun gadgets and gizmos that make life easier! Its diverse range of competitively priced products are what has made HDE so popular today.

HDE’s Soft Foam Hair Rollers Home Salon Kit has comfortable foam hair rollers that allow you to create a number of fun and beautiful hairstyles that will suit your own unique fashion style. The soft, high-quality foam in this product, and the firm snap lock close, allows you to wear the rollers at the same time as getting your beauty sleep. No more bed head for you! These rollers are easy to use and washable too. They have a variety of uses, allowing you to keep your look fresh and up to date at the drop of a hat!

We loved Selltop15’s Hype Hair Foam Rollers due to their black satin design that prevents breakages and is delicate on your hair. Looking for foam hair roller sticks? Try the Twist-Flex Soft Bendy Foam Hair Roller Flexible Curing Rods.

Selltop15 Scunci Hype Small Satin Foam Rollers


Selltop15 has been creating stylish, high-end products for a number of years. With its vast range of products, including hair straighteners, blow-dryers and curling irons, Selltop15 has everything you need to get glammed up for a night out on the town or a romantic date with that special someone!

Selltop15’s Hype Hair Foam Hair Rollers have a high-quality design and a whole host of fantastic features! Their soft satin design means that catching up on your beauty sleep while wearing these curlers is a breeze. They are easy to clean too! These rollers are the perfect product for anyone looking for tight defined curls due to their slim, intricate design. Their satin material also means that these rollers are delicate in your hair, preventing the breakages and ripping that are commonly found with other roller products.

We loved Goody’s Large Foam Hair Rollers due to their multiple sizes that allow you to style your hair however you want! For a slightly more high-end style of roller with a smaller finish, consider Goody’s So Finished Small Foam Rollers instead!

Goody Wake Up With Curls Large Foam Hair Rollers - Green


For over 100 years, Goody has been offering innovative styling products and hair accessories to women around the world. Goody believes that women should be able to look and feel great without the need to compromise on comfort, quality or value. Inspired by innovative technologies and the latest hair fashion trends, Goody brings its customers a variety of products that make women everywhere feel beautiful and confident!

Goody’s Start.Style.Finish Foam Hair Rollers are specifically designed to be worn while you sleep, so they have a super-soft design that makes dozing off a piece of cake! With the variety of curler sizes, you can change your look depending on how you feel, whether you want big soft curls or tight and defined ones. These rollers are designed to stay in place without the use of clips, which means your curls last longer and the product is more comfortable to wear!

We loved the simple, salon quality design of Soft ‘N Style’s Large Foam Hair Rollers and their clever clip close technology which removes the need for tricky pins! We think you may also like the Aimin Hair Soft Light Rollers Sleep Sponge Hair Curler Foam Hair Styling Rollers for wavy hair styles.

Soft ‘N Style Large Black Foam Hair Rollers


Soft ‘N Style creates a wide variety of professional hair care and styling products for salon use. Its huge variety of products means you can create intricate, beautiful looks with ease and without a high price tag! If you are after easy-to- use products with salon quality, Soft ‘N Style offers them!

Soft ‘N Style’s Large Black Foam Rollers come in a 10 pack. They're large in order to create soft, bouncy curls quickly. Their soft foam design means they can be worn overnight in bed in either damp or wet hair; the choice is up to you! Their clip close technology means there is no need for fiddly and sometimes painful pins, so you can create a gorgeous style quickly and effortlessly!

Best Foam Hair Roller Buying Guide — Foam Hair Roller Curling Rods vs Soft Foam Hair Curlers

If you’re after curly hair, but are scared of damage from nasty chemicals and extreme heat, then foam hair rollers could be just what you’re looking for. Foam hair rollers are available in a variety of sizes depending on what type of curl you are after. Large rollers can offer you big, bouncy curls that can be brushed out for an effortlessly wavy effect, whereas small hair rollers offer tight, ringlet style curls that look great for prom, parties, and a night out on the town! They’re also often color coded to help you mix and match your curls, too.

Because foam rollers clip on to your hair rather than attaching like Velcro rollers, they are gentler on both your scalp and hair, and provide stunning curls without ripping or tearing. Unlike hot hair rollers, foam rollers don’t use heat to create their curls, which means your hair is less damaged and your curls look more natural. Hot hair rollers do, however, tend to create longer lasting curls. Also, because foam hair rollers don’t use heat, they can be used on hair extensions and synthetic hair, too—perfect for when you want to add volume AND length. The only style that foam hair rollers can’t create is a crimped effect, which instead requires a crimper.

When trying to figure out which foam hair rollers will be best for your hair, there are a few things you’ll want to consider first. Certain hair types will require different roller styles—most sets will include a variety suitable for all hair types—but double check this before making your selection. Foam hair rollers are also relatively cheap, so price shouldn’t play too big a role in the final selection process. If one product is more expensive than another, it’s usually because it’s made of higher-quality materials, or the set itself is larger in size. Different foam rollers will allow you to create different style curls, so decide which type of curls you’ll want to create before making your purchase.


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Amazing Beauty Hacks. | Courtesy of Blossom

The only factors that will really affect the pricing of foam rollers are the set size, or whether or not you choose clip-in or bendy rollers. Bendy rollers are a more modern design that simply bend around the hair rather than clipping onto it. Due to their more contemporary design, these products can be priced higher, but this isn’t always the case. With set sizes, the average foam hair roller kit will include between 10 and 20 rollers. Some, however, can include up to 50, so these types of sets will be more expensive.

Another factor that may affect the price of your product is the brand itself. Some popular, well-known brands sometimes charge more for their products because they’re seen as more reliable. Brand choice is obviously going to be entirely up to you as we understand that many people like to use brands that they have previously purchased from. However, if you’re after a slightly cheaper product and are watching your pennies, some less well-known brands are just as good!

Finally, the material of the foam rollers you choose may also determine whether you spend more or less. Although they are all made from foam, some products will feature another component, such as satin, for example, so they’re even softer on your hair. This is something you may want to consider if you have particularly delicate hair.


Foam Hair Rollers aren’t exactly a product with endless features, but there are certain things you should look out for when making your selection to ensure you purchase the best possible product for your needs. Due to their softness, foam hair rollers are suitable for a variety of hair types. In fact, they’re so soft, you can actually sleep in them!

Below are a few features that we think are key:

  • Size Variety
  • Clip-on design
  • Large Set Size (10-20)
  • Can be used on both wet and dry hair

By looking out for these most prominent features, you can select the best rollers for your hair.

Construction and Design

Foam hair rollers are a great way to give your hair a break from heated curling irons and Velcro curlers. Their simplistic, foam design requires no heat or endless chemical products, making them ideal for those with sensitive skin, fragile hair, or even for use on children’s hair. Because of their soft design, you’ll feel like you aren’t wearing curlers at all.

Foam hair rollers also use a simple clip technology to latch on to your hair rather than Velcro, which makes the rollers easier to secure in your hair. Another reason why they’re so easy to sleep in!

Finally, the foam material used in these products means they can be used on both wet AND dry hair. This allows you to create a variety of looks with one product. If, however, you do want to apply heat, you can simply blow dry your hair while the rollers are in place to create a more dramatic, longer lasting look.


Video: PRIMARK Hair Rollers Tutorial | Overnight Heatless Curls

Overnight Heatless Curls. | Courtesy of Charlotte Hole
Performance and Ease of Use

The joy of foam hair rollers is that they are incredibly easy to care for. They can be washed with warm water and a bit of soap, and that’s it! You don’t need to worry about buying any fancy cleaning products to ensure your rollers stand the test of time.

Like we said before, most foam rollers use clips to stay in place. This is less damaging on your hair and a great alternative to Velcro products. If, however, you aren’t a fan of the clip design, you can also purchase bendy rollers that are extra long for bending around the hair to secure them. These products do tend to be a little more expensive, but if you’re concerned about damaging your hair, then this style may be better suited to your curling needs.

Get the Best Foam Hair Roller of 2023!

Hopefully after looking through our chosen products you should have a better idea about what’s available to you and what the best Foam Hair Rollers are for you and your hair needs! If you have been scrolling through our selections and aren’t impressed then don’t you worry! The brands we have chosen have a large variety of products to choose from, simply click the brands link to discover what else they have to offer. We are positive you will find something that’s perfect for you. All that’s left to do now is make your final choice and start planning your next night out!

Our Top Choice
Conair Foam Hair Rollers
Best Value
Soft Foam Sponge Hair Rollers
Selltop15 Scunci Hype Hair Foam Hair Rollers
Goody Start.Style.Finish Foam Hair Rollers
Soft ‘N Style Large Foam Hair Rollers

Foam Hair Roller FAQs

What size foam hair roller?
Foam hair rollers come in different sizes. Usually, a set may have hair rollers in all the possible sizes, enabling you to pick the best for you. For instance, the roller diameter may range from 1.5 cm to 3 cm.
How to use a foam hair roller?
Before you can use a foam hair roller, wash, dry, and condition your hair. Then, add the foam rollers maintaining the size you like. It is important to decide whether you will position the rollers horizontally or vertically. That will determine the curls you with which you will end up. After that, divide the hair into sections and start rolling the top part. As you move to a particular section, add foam rollers and roll the hair. After fastening the rollers, push the clasp to the bottom. Wait for at least 8 hours and remove the rollers. Finally, set the hair using an appropriate spray.
How long does it take for foam roller to curl hair?
It takes at least 8 hours for a foam roller to curl hair. So, if you use rollers before going to bed, that should be the entire duration of your sleep.