Best Foam Surfboard Reviews 2023

It’s summer once again, and you cannot wait to get down to the coast to enjoy surfing with your kids and friends as you catch some sun. With all the foam surfboards "floating" around, you may find it difficult choosing one that suits your skill level, style and weight. Well, not to worry! We have selected 5 top products from some of the best foam surfboards brands in the market to help you make the best decision.
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Our Top Choice
Gold Coast Surfboards Heritage Foam Surfboard
Gold Coast Surfboards is among the best there is in this industry. It focuses on quality and has amazing customer service.
Available as a package. Made using mold and vacuum sealed technology. Nose rocker. Squash tail with rubber bumper. Croc skin textured deck.
Some say the thickness takes some getting used to.
Beginner 220lbs/Expert 250lbs
8 feet 8 inches
Croc-skin textured IXPE
Soft top screw-in fins
Blue, Green or White
Best Value
Catch Surf Beater Pro Surfboard
Catch Surf is a California-based company founded in 2007. They have a team of highly enthusiastic surfers who love to push the boundaries in surfing and translate that to their products.
Many graphics to choose from. Dual maple ply wood stringers. Water resistant core. High-density bottom. HDPE Slick skin. PE deck. Twin-channel crescent tail. Tapered d-rails.
Unfortunately, some customers’ boards arrived without fins.
Not specified
54 x 20 x 2.5 inches
8lb PE deck
4-inch Beater PRO Keel fins
Multiple graphics available
Bic Sport G-Board EVO Soft Foam Surfboard
BIC Sport is a world-renowned company in water and other sports. It boasts of being the first company to design the molded surfboard over 20 years ago.
Soft board and a twin fin construction makes it light and safe.
Doesn’t have a traction pad.
Up to 165lbs
Available in 6, 8 or 9 feet
Soft 'No Wax' deck
Thruster tri fins
Wavestorm 8’ Classic Foam Surfboard
Wavestorm is one of the most recognizable surfboard brands in the US. Their products include 7, 8 and 9-foot surfboards as well as SUP boards and skimboards.
Durable and strong EPS construction. 3 marine-ply stringers. Removable bolt-thru fins. Ankle leash included. Non-slip traction pad. Patented graphic film technology.
200lbs capacity is not as high as some other brands.
Up to 200lbs
8' x 22.5 x 3.25 inches
WBS-IXL soft crosslink top
Bolt thru thruster fin set
Brushed or sunburst graphic
Liquid Shredder Fish Foam Surfboard
Liquid Shredder specializes in the manufacture of surfboards, skimboards, SUP paddleboards and bodyboards.
Great for children/beginners up to 95lbs. EPS core. EPE forgiving, soft deck. Wood stringers. Heat laminated construction. Slick bottom. Retro shape.
Size might be small for some people’s taste.
Beginners up to 95lbs
5'10'' x 21 x 2.5 inches
Soft, EPE deck
Twin removable fins
Blue, red or yellow

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What is the Best Foam Surfboard?

Most if not all brands claim to be the best. However, the best form surfboard is not just one that claims to be; it’s one that can enable you to enjoy the most of your surfing. In this sport, choosing the best board depends on your skill level and weight. Therefore, the best surfboard is one that matches these factors in addition to fitting within your budget. Having noted that, let’s look at our top 5 selections. With this info, we’re sure you can find one that suits your style.
Our Top Choice
The Gold Coast Surfboards 8’8” Foam Surfboard features a nose rocker which is ideal for beginners as it prevents nose diving. Alternatively, if you want a slighter shorter board with a GoPro attachment, check out the Gold Coast Surfboards 8’ Foam Surfboard.

Gold Coast Surfboards “The Heritage” 8’8” Soft Top High Performance Foam Surfboard with Double Concave Bottom Deck – Comes in 3 Colors, Bundle Packages Available

Gold Coast Surfboards is among the best there is in the surfboard industry. It focuses on quality and strives to provide customer service. With a one-year warranty and a 15-day money back guarantee, you can be sure that they are confident of the quality of their products, which include stand-up paddle boards and soft-top surfboards. This company’s aim is to exceed your wildest expectation.

The Gold Coast Surfboards 8’8” Foam Surfboard is a fantastic entry level surfboard as it is versatile enough to be used by beginners who are learning, yet still has the technology to allow it to perform well for a long time period. This board is available on its own or as a package. The surfboard only option comes with screw-in fins, fin screws, Rishu leash and leash plug screw. Alternatively, if you opt for the package you’ll also get the pivot pad and a selection of paint pens too!

There’s tons of awesome reasons to get this surfboard and here are some of them:
  • Supports beginner riders up to 220lbs and experienced ones up to 250lbs
  • 106 x 23 x 3 inches with 86-liter volume. Lightweight at only 16 pounds
  • Squash tail with rubber bumper helps with safe vertical storage and sharper turns
  • Compressed croc-skin textured IXPE foam deck means that no wax is needed
  • Nose rocker is ideal for beginners as it prevents nose diving
  • Slick HDPE surface on the bottom deck and full double concave bottom from nose to tail
  • The double concave bottom also helps disperse direct hits
  • Made with an EPS foam closed cell core with 3 stringers which doesn’t take on water
  • Made using a mold and vacuum sealed strengthening process, increasing durability
Once you’ve chosen between the surfboard only or surfboard package options, you can also choose from blue, green or white.
Best Value
The Catch Surf Beater Pro Surfboard features a durable, water resistant core with dual maple ply wood stringers. If, however, you’re looking for a classic surfboard, rather than a Beater, check out the Catch Surf Wave Bandit EZ Rider 7'0" Short Surf Board.

Catch Surf Beater Foam Surfboard – 54” Board Available in Variety of Designs and Colors Including Original and Pro Models

Catch Surf was founded in 2007 by a guy called George Arzente. The company is headquartered in California with their flagship store at Laguna Beach. Catch Surf has a dedicated team of surf enthusiasts who never stop innovating, hitting the waves and performing huge airs. Their love for surfing is evident in the many collections of foam surfboards and also their premium men’s clothing line.

The Catch Surf Beater Pro Surfboard is the all-new pro surfboard from Catch Surf built to perform some next-level shredding. The gnarly graphics on the decks and bottoms of this line of surfboards will set you apart from your mates. Another feature to set you apart from the crowd is the high-density bottom and dual maple-ply wood stringers that give you the most durable and stiffest Beater yet! The 8lb PE deck and HDPE Slick skin are impact resistant, giving you a longer lifespan on your board.

That’s not all. The twin-channel crescent tail and tapered d-rails are ideal for finless performance or, if you prefer riding with fins, Catch Surf has you covered for that too. All the new PRO models come with 4-inch Beater PRO Keel fins. This board measures 54 x 20 x 2.5 inches and has a 30-liter capacity.
The BIC Sport EVO Soft Foam Surfboard has a soft surfboard construction that makes it light, safe and comfortable, and thus easy to surf with. If you want an even better board with similar features and a 3D traction pad, go for BIC Sport Dura-Tec Surfboard.

Bic Sport G-Board Evo Foam Surfboard - Available in 3 Sizes

BIC Sport is a world-renowned company in water and other sports. It boasts of being the first company to design the molded surfboard over 20 years ago. Consistent research and development has seen the company transform surfing with innovative surfboard designs, opening up the rather contained sport to many people. Their focus is on quality and affordability through constant research and innovation.

If you are a beginner or are introducing your child to surfing this summer, you will like BIC Sport Foam EVO Soft Surfboard. Its soft surfboard construction makes it light, safe and comfortable, and thus easy to surf with. It is ideal for children and adults beginning to surf as well as experienced surfers. There is more to this board than meets the eye.

Let’s learn more about this cool board.
  • It comes with flexible twin fin that offers a suitable surfing performance
  • The core of this board is closed-cell and fully watertight, making it very strong and hard to break
  • The board is short, wide and has a good volume for ease of surfing
  • It comes with two composite reinforced stringers that provide strength and stiffness
  • The deck is laminated and does not skid, which makes it easy to paddle and take-off
  • It comes in four different sizes, ideal for many different categories of learners and weight
  • Its deck is soft and does not contain any wax
This board is available in four different sizes.
The Wavestorm 8’ Classic Foam Surfboard boasts a durable EPS core construction and three marine-ply stringers. However, if you want a smaller, but equally as durable board, take a look at the Wavestorm 7-Foot Classic Pinline Surfboard.

Wavestorm 8-Feet Soft Foam Construction Classic Surfboard – Available in 2 Colors

Wavestorm is one of the most recognized surfboard brands in the US, particularly for foam surfboards. They’re sold through Costco, as well as other third party distributors and their product range includes multiple surfboards of different sizes as well as SUP boards and skimboards.

The Wavestorm 8’ Classic Foam Surfboard is an ideal surfboard for learners as well as experienced riders thanks to the combination of material and performance enhancing features. This board sports a durable, expanded polystyrene (EPS) core with three marine-ply stringers. This makes is strong but lightweight, weighing just 11.5 pounds.

There’s lots more features to enjoy with this board including:
  • WBS-IXL (Water Barrier Skin) soft crosslink top deck skin
  • Textured traction pad for easy grip
  • HDPE slick bottom helps maintain the shape of the board
  • Graphic film technology patented by AGIT Global
  • Sized at 8-foot to accommodate almost any rider up to 200lbs
  • Includes removable bolt thru thruster fin set and ankle leash
  • All materials used are non-toxic and not harmful to the environment
  • Measures 8’ x 22.5” x 3.25” and has a 86-liter capacity
If you’re not sure on the brushed graphic color, you can opt for the sunburst graphic design instead.
The Liquid Shredder Fish Foam Surfboard is a fantastic first board for kids or teens up to 95lbs. Alternatively, the 7ft Soft Surf Board is one of the best for beginners and advanced learners. Its soft expanded polyethylene (EPE) guarantees you comfort while surfing and prevents you from slipping off with its anti-slip texture.

Liquid Shredder 5’10” Retro Fish FSE Soft Surfboard – Available in Red, Yellow and Blue

Liquid Shredder specializes in the manufacture of surfboards, skimboards, SUP paddleboards, and bodyboards. They are masters of these boards, checking on both quality and affordability. They cater to all categories of surfers, including kids, adult learners, intermediate and advanced riders. Be sure to get the highest quality and the best support.

The Liquid Shredder Fish Foam Surfboard is a fantastic board for children and teenagers who are just being introduced to the world of surfing! It can of course still be used by experienced surfers too who enjoy using a smaller board. This one comes out to 5 feet 10 inches so is a lot smaller than some other surfboard options.

Here are some more features of this board:
  • Recommended weight for beginner riders is up to 95 pounds
  • Constructed with an EPS core for durability
  • Forgiving and soft Shred-Comfort EPE deck
  • Wood stringers and heat laminated construction make this board strong and durable
  • Slick bottom for those with a need for speed
  • Retro fish shape with swallow tail and longboard nose low rocker
  • Includes leash plug and removable twin fins
  • Measures 5’10” x 21” x 2.5” and weighs 10 pounds
This board is available in blue, red and yellow.

How Do I Choose the Best Foam Surfboard?

Whether in your local swimming pool, a small lake in your hometown or at the beach, watersports are always fun and exciting for most of us. Among the most exciting of these sports and one of the best part-time activities in summer is surfing. It is thrilling and exciting how you can just roll through massive waves like a superman on a simple foam board.

Duke Kahanamoku, a legendary surfer, said that the one having the best fun is the best surfer. These words ring true when you come to select a good foam board for you or your child. As you get the right life vest and a beach umbrella to head down to the beach, also ensure that you carry along the best foam surfboard.

The beach is always a buzz of fun activities during summer. Since you will also want to try out other interesting activities such as snorkeling, you may also want to include in your package for the summer vacation a good snorkeling mask in addition to other things you might need.

Although we’ve featured five awesome surfboard brands in this review, there are so many out there that we didn’t want to miss out on telling you about these other great options. If you’re looking for a brand with experience, BodyGlove is the one for you. They’ve been manufacturing high-quality surfboards since 1953!

Rock-It is a great brand for simple, yet stylish surfboards and Alpenflow is definitely worth a look for high performance SUP boards and classic foam surfboards in a range of sizes.
The best foam surfboard is not always the most expensive, just as the cheapest isn’t always the worst in quality. There are various aspects that determine the cost of these products. The mix of various features that different boards come with determines the differences in price. Among these factors include availability of fins, traction pads and size. At a price anywhere from $40 to above $600, you can get a good surfboard depending on your preferences and style.

Foam surfboards can either have fins or come without. Those that come without tend to be cheaper than those with fins. The number and placement of fins on these boards also vary, with those with more fins being more expensive. You may want to get one with fins if you are a beginner since they allow you to maneuver easily when surfing.

While some surfboards come with waxed surfaces to prevent you from slipping off, foam boards can either have wax or tracking pads. Consider going for those with tracking pads if you are just learning. However, if you are an experienced surfer, you can just take those without. Wax and tracking pads serve the same purpose, which is to prevent your back foot from slipping off, especially when making sharp turns. The less you get wiped off the board, the faster you learn, and the more fun you have. Be ready, though, to pay some more for the tracking pads.

Finally, the size of the foam surfboard also varies from board to board. You will pay less for smaller boards that are short (less than 6 feet), weigh less and have a small volume (less than 50 liters). Smaller boards are, however, suitable for experienced surfers. If you are a learner, you may want to go for the larger boards (7 feet and above). It is possible to get a cheap foam surfboard considering the choices you have, but don’t compromise quality for price. The higher the quality, the more the fun you will experience, irrespective of your riding level.
The type of surfing board you choose will greatly determine how quickly you learn if you are a learner, or the nature of experience you get if you an experienced rider. You do not want a board that cannot catch waves easily, or one that will have you slipping off or dragging when everyone else is having the time of their lives.

Here are some of the important features you should check before getting that surfboard:
  • Design - Check the shape, the thickness and the length of your board. Wider and longer boards are better
  • Size - Longer boards catch waves easily. Also consider the weight since there are different categories for different weights
  • Pad - Surfboards come with and without traction pads. These are important since they give your back foot a good grip
  • Fins - Fins are essential for speed and maneuverability, especially during sharp turns; also, check whether they are removable or not, as removable fins allow you carry your board more easily
  • Color - Bright and aquatic colors bring vibrancy to your surfboard—you want to appear cool while cruising those waves
Get a surfboard that suits your weight and skill level as well as most of these features, and you won’t regret it.
Construction and Design
Foam surfboards come in various designs and construction. There are short, long and egg boards. These designs are determined by the surfboard’s shape, length, width, thickness and weight. If you are a learner, or are buying a board for your son or daughter who is just starting to surf, you may want to consider boards that are at least 6 feet and above. Boards that size have more volume, enabling you to catch waves easily. Shorter boards can really frustrate you if you are a beginner. Experienced surfers can do with the shorter boards, but amateurs may limit their performance. In general, when it comes to length, longer is always better.

Some surfboards come with fins placed either at the back, in the middle of the board, or at either side. Fins assist you with maneuverability especially if you are a learner. You can easily make quick turns and maintain your stability if your board has fins. Removable fins are an added advantage when carrying your board since you can just remove them to prevent them from breaking.

A foam surfboard with a traction pad is ideal for beginners. While you can do without it if you are skilled enough, beginners may find it important as it provides added stability to your back foot. It prevents you from slipping off the board, especially when turning.
A leash is also important as it helps you keep track of your board when you slip off. You should, however, check its strength to ensure it doesn’t break easily.
Performance and Ease of Use
The more frequently you surf, the more skilled you get and the shorter a board you will eventually ride. Ideally, when you are choosing a suitable surfing board, you should consider your skill level, your weight, and your location. Big long surfboards are ideal for adult learners; these boards have more volume and catch waves easily. This is important if you are a beginner, since you are not yet skilled enough to ride bigger waves. However, children can begin with shorter boards since they have a much smaller weight. The smaller boards also enable them to paddle easily than would larger boards.

If you are an experienced surfer, you can have fun with both small and bigger boards, but you also need to consider your weight. You don’t want a board that can barely support your weight.

Surfing requires a considerable level of balance. You are going to get better with time, but before then, a surfboard with a traction pad can help maintain your balance and prevent you from slipping off. It is normally at the back of most surfboards to prevent your back foot from slipping off and to enable you to turn easily.

Get the Best Foam Surfboard of 2023!

With the information we’ve provided, we are glad you are now in a position to choose the right surfboard. If you haven’t managed to choose one from the five yet, continue reading through our reviews. We have more options from these brands.

Our Top Choice
Gold Coast Surfboards Heritage Foam Surfboard
Best Value
Catch Surf Beater Pro Surfboard
Bic Sport G-Board EVO Soft Foam Surfboard
Wavestorm 8’ Classic Foam Surfboard
Liquid Shredder Fish Foam Surfboard