Best Fog Machine Reviews 2022

Are you looking forward to the creepiest Halloween experience ever? Then, in addition to decorations and bizarre foods, you can try out a quality fog machine to make the venue even spookier. We’ve selected the top 5 fog machines from leading manufacturers in the market that we feel that they will be worth your consideration.
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Our Top Choice
Chauvet New Fog/Smoke Machine
Chauvet was founded in 1990. The company is renowned for developing remarkable entertainment equipment such as atmospherics, luminaries and trussing.
This lightweight fog machine is made of durable metal. It comes with an easy remote controlled operation.
On the downside, this fog machine needs frequent fog fluid refill for continuous operation.
1.3 liter tank
8,000 CFM
774 W
Wireless Remote Control
13 x 13 x 13 inches / 10.3lbs
Best Value
1byone Fog Machine with Wired Remote
1byone is a technology company that focuses on developing solutions that make daily activities easier and more enjoyable. These products include wireless doorbells and tablet keyboards.
This fog machine comes in a durable metallic construction. It is easy and safe to operate.
The disadvantage of this fog machine is that its wireless remote controller is bought separately.
300ml (0.079gal) tank
2,000 CFM
Wired Remote Control
9.84 x 7.54 x 4.49" / 4.07lbs
ADJ Products Color Fog Fury Jett
ADJ was established in 1985. It focuses on the production and global distribution of lighting and audio products for different uses.
This fog machine is made with durable metal, but, at only 17 pounds, it’s still portable.
Unfortunately, this fog machine requires frequent fog fluid refills.
3 liter tank
20,000 CFM
Manual, Remote and DMX Control
19.5 x 10 x 14.8" / 17lbs
TheeFun 400-Watt Mini Fog Machine
TheeFun brand is known for its quality entertainment electronics which range from bubble machines to remote controlled toy aerial vehicles.
This Fog Machine is made of durable aluminum. It dissipates heat efficiently.
On the downside, this fog machine doesn’t support wireless remote control.
300ml (0.079gal) tank
1,500 CFM
Wired Remote Control
9.06 x 4.33 x 4.53" / <4lbs
MARQ Fog 400 LED Fog Machine
MARQ is one of the brands associated with inMusic company. It provides a wide range of lighting solutions for commercial use by entertainment professionals.
This fog machine has a clever fluid meter and a built in power supply, allowing you absolute control. It also comes in a variety of four colors to pick from.
The disadvantage of this fog machine is that it doesn’t support wireless remote control.
16.9 fl oz tank
1,500 CFM
Wired Remote Control
9.3 × 4.6 × 6.4” / 3.7lbs

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What is the Best Fog Machine?

Armed with top secrets on how to choose the best fog machine, let’s examine each featured product keenly. Our list of top 5 fog machines from trusted brands highlight salient features of these products which make them special in terms of performance. This will help you see how each one of them relates to your needs.
Our Top Choice
The Chauvet New Fog/Smoke Machine produces a whole lot of fog while still operating quietly. Are you looking for a versatile fog machine at a more affordable price? Check out the Chauvet Lighting Hurricane 1101. It comes with an advanced fluid sensor and automatic shut-off which protects the pump from overheating.

Chauvet New Fog/Smoke Machine & Wireless Remote

Chauvet is an entertainment company that manufactures and distributes equipment that enhance stage performances. The company also focuses on DJ programs, installation and distribution of lighting software. The award-winning company has accredited its success to innovation and customer satisfaction.

The Chauvet New Fog/Smoke Machine is the ideal choice for small and medium-sized concerts. It can send out uninterrupted burst for up to 20 seconds. It retails at $139.99 and is highly recommended because of its ready-to-use packaging.

The features below also contribute to the fog machine’s functionality and performance:
  • Enhances the visual effect of particle beams
  • Doesn’t require extra power plug
  • Efficient Fluid consumption of 65ml/minute
  • Comes with a 0.34 gallon tank capacity of fog fluid
  • Comes with 1 year limited warranty
When your fog fluid runs out, please feel free to order a refill by Chauvet.
Best Value
The 1byone Fog Machine with Wired Remote produces enough thick fog to fill two average-sized garages while weighing a mere 4.7 pounds, making it highly portable. Looking for a more powerful fog machine? Have a look at the 1byone 1500W Fog Machine. It comes with a 0.53-gallon tank capacity and an output distance of 11.4 feet.

1byone 400-Watt Fog Machine with Wired Remote Control

The main goal of 1byone is to create innovative and smart products that people interact with on a daily basis. The company has achieved this by embracing a great work ethic consisting of innovation, accountability, teamwork and commitment.

1byone Fog Machine O00QL-0041 is ideal for small indoor parties. It comes with a hose drain feature for indoor use. It also doesn’t require a fan to distribute the fog as it does so automatically and uniformly. This fog machine is currently retailing at $34.99 and is sure to serve you for long.

In addition, these features make this product a great choice:
  • Low power consumption of 400W
  • 4-5 minutes of warm up time
  • 0.079 gal tank capacity
  • 2.5 meters of output distance
  • Supports wireless remote control
If you’d like to achieve special effects remotely, feel free to make an order for a 1byone wireless remote.
The ADJ Products Color Fog Fury Jett is a powerful, heavy-duty machine that blasts fog out vertically. Are you looking for a fog machine that discharges fog horizontally? Get the ADJ Products VF1000 Compact Value Fogger. It also comes with a low fluid sensor that shuts the pump to protect it from overheating.

ADJ Products 700-Watt Fog Fury Jett Jett Stream Color

ADJ has come up with innovative applications that have been used in theme parks, architectural masterpieces and cruise ships. Quality products and customer satisfaction have led to the exponential growth of the company.

The ADJ Products Color Fog Fury Jett is unique because it emits fog vertically either from the top or bottom. It’s specially built with three modes of operation for unmatched flexibility. This fog machine retails at $299.99 and comes with a wireless controller.

These additional features make it a great pick:
  • Special heating mechanism that avoids clogging
  • 25ft of fog coverage
  • Low electrical input of 700W
  • LCD display on rear panel
  • 4-button control pane
  • Low Fluid Indicator
  • Combines color into the fog emissions
  • Short warm up time of 9 minutes
  • 0.79-gallon fog tank
Get quality stage LED lighting lamps from ADJ products as you shop for a fog machine.
The TheeFun 400-Watt Mini Fog Machine is perfect for enhancing the atmosphere of live concerts, festivals, and all kinds of parties. It’s specially built for hassle free operation. Are you looking for a unique way to spice up your party and add bubbles into the mix? Get the TheeFun TBM01 Automatic Bubble Machine. It’s built to last and comes in a portable design.

TheeFun Halloween and Party 400-Watt Fog Machine with Wired Remote Control

TheeFun company redefines fun by using technology to make highly functional entertainment products. In addition to manufacturing quality products, the company is devoted to offer fast and accurate customer support. Some of its popular products include plasma balls and toy drones, and they all come at very competitive prices.

TheeFun’s TFM01 Fog Machine has a very short warm up period of about 3-5 minutes, ensuring that events get underway in good time. This fog machine is popular because of its uniform and scent-free fog. It retails at a very affordable price of $32.99 and is sure to give you value for money with years of quality service.

Other remarkable features of this fog machine are:
  • Tank Capacity of 0.079 gallons
  • Comes with an energy saving feature
  • Fog fluid Consumption rate of 0.25oz/min
  • Has an output distance of 6.5- 9.8 ft
  • Low electricity input: 400W
  • Wired remote control distance of 9.8ft
  • Produces non-toxic fog
Are you a drone enthusiast? Get the TheeFun Mini RC Helicopter for limitless fun and addition flight training.
The MARQ Fog 400 LED Fog Machine is water-based, and comes with amber-colored LEDs for added special effects. Are you looking for a fog machine that runs for a longer time? In that case, the MARQ Haze 700 Fog Machine would be the best pick. It offers 4 hours of continuous operation with a full tank of fog juice.

MARQ 400W Water-Based Special Effects Fog Machine with Amber-Color LED Lights – Available in 4 Colors

MARQ Lighting was founded in 2005, as part of inMUsic family. It specializes in creating high-performance lighting systems that are focused on consumer experience. Apart from lighting, MARQ also provides other support services and accessory products to clients.

The MARQ Fog 400 LED Fog Machine comes complete with a mounting bracket. It also has a built-in wired remote control mechanism. This fog machine highly affordable and retails at $34.99.

In addition, here are the outstanding features of this fog machine:
  • Water-based fog fluid
  • 0.13-gallon fog fluid tank capacity
  • 3.3 Ft remote operating distance
  • Heat-up time is 3 min
  • Fog fluid consumption rate 0.063 gall/hour
Please feel free to purchase enough MARQ fog juice for this fog machine.

How Do I Choose the Best Fog Machine?

Have you ever attended a Halloween party with great lighting and décor but still felt that something was missing? Besides awesome costumes and decorations, it’s thrilling to make your Halloween party spookier with fog. So, as you plan to bake creepy pastries and blend eerie punch drinks, invest in a fog machine as well to make your next Halloween experience memorable.

The best fog machines are highly versatile and can be used on other occasions such as dance parties and theater performances. When combined with a dynamic lighting system, fog machines can give you incredible results. Standard fog machines are classified according to their power ratings. These range from 400 Watt to 1,000 Watts. The higher the wattage of the fog machine, the higher its output is.

Before buying a fog machine, it’s important to consider whether you’ll use it indoors or outdoors. This will help you choose the right fog machine for the space you want to cover. Also, the choice of a fog machine will depend on your preferred fog density. Fog machines with a high power rating give denser fog and are the best choices for professional performances.
The price of a fog machine depends on its size and other control features. Usually, smaller fog machines cost less compared to those with a higher power rating. Additional features such wireless remote controllers and DMX effects tend to increase the cost of the fog machine. The current market prices of quality fog machines for home use range from $34 to $300. However, professional grade fog machines with more than 1000 W power rating are expensive. Don’t be in a hurry to buy cheaper models in the market. Such products will often have limited controls and poor heat dissipation.
As you shop for a fog machine, you need to pick one that fits your needs. The features of a fog machine determine its performance and thus its suitability for various uses. It’s thus important to know what to look for in a fog machine to help you make the right choice.

Here are the key features to look for when buying a fog machine:
  • Wattage
  • Fog effects
  • CFM output
  • Warm-up time
  • Size of fog fluid tank
  • Control modes
The best fog machine will give you optimal features at an affordable price.
Construction and Design
The design of fog machine features a pump that is connected to the heat exchanger. This enables fog fluid to be pumped from the fog fluid tank to the heating chamber. On the other hand, the heat exchanger is made with aluminum metal to allow high heat dissipation rate and the consequent vaporization of the fog juice. A brass nozzle is usually connected to the heat exchanger to allow the vaporized fog fluid to exit at a high pressure and temperature. As the vapor mixes with the cold air it cools down, forming a cloudy appearance.

Beside these key parts of fog machine, a strong metallic housing is used for a compact and neat appearance. It also comes with a carrying handle that’s attached to the metallic casing using screws. In most case, fog machines come with wired remote control. Advanced models have in-built wireless remote control capability.
Performance and Ease of Use
The assembly of a fog machine is meant to be simple and hassle free. Anybody can do it with minimal supervision. The machine comes with a user’s manual from the manufacturer. It specifies the fog fluid and cleaning agent to be used on the machine. Always use manufacturer recommended fog fluid to avoid spoiling your machine. When it comes to operation, remote controls give you the flexibility to operate a fog machine from various points. Machines that come with timers, allowing you to pre-set the fog emission rate. This enables the fog machine to run on its own while you enjoy the party. Always watch the level of fog fluid and make sure it doesn’t run out while the machine is on as it can get spoilt.

Get the Best Fog Machine of 2022!

Before buying a fog machine it’s important to consider what you want to use it for. Hopefully you have this firmly in mind as you make your choice of fog machine, and hopefully our review has helped you choose one! If you still haven’t made a decision, however, it’s no big deal, since these brands have other fog machines on offer, so keep on searching!

Our Top Choice
Chauvet New Fog/Smoke Machine
Best Value
1byone Fog Machine with Wired Remote
ADJ Products Color Fog Fury Jett
TheeFun 400-Watt Mini Fog Machine
MARQ Fog 400 LED Fog Machine