Best Fogless Mirror Reviews 2023

Whatever it is you’re doing, whether shaving, putting on your makeup, doing your hair or even flossing, there is nothing compared to the blessedness of using a mirror that doesn’t fog over, we tell you. And such mirrors exist! Today, we will take you through five of the best fogless mirrors in the market that we absolutely love, and we’re sure you’ll love them too. It took us a lot of work to round these guys up from the best fogless mirror brands, but hey, anything for you. If you’re ready, then come with us and let’s explore.
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Our Top Choice
Upper West Connection Fog Free Shower Mirror
Upper West Connections is a known industry leader that manufactures quality home goods. It is also known for fast deliveries with numerous testimonials of secure online purchases.
A unique arm that is flexible and rotates up to 360 degrees for easy positioning. A bonus razor holder.
Doesn’t come with a light but still works well in dark bathrooms.
Adjustable mirror
7.1” x 3.9” x 7.1”
Razor holder, locking suction
Best Value
JiBen Fogless Shower Mirror
JiBen has been producing quality products for home use for quite some time now. It demonstrates a passion for manufacturing goods that are reliable and functional.
It is easy to clean and maintain. Comes with a fog repellent chemical. An attractive design that complements any bathroom.
It is not magnified but works as advertised.
Adjustable mirror
Chrome, clear
6.8” x 3” x 7”
Built-in razor hook
ProBeautify Fogless Shower Mirror
For over half a decade, ProBeautify has provided its customers with products that have future-proof quality. The company continues to exceed expectations even today.
Built for easy portability; ideal for travelling and home use. Easy to install on the wall, no need for hooks. Large screen.
A bit expensive but includes great extra features.
Adjustable mirror
7” x 7” x 1”
Razor hook
ToiletTree Products Fogless Shower Mirror
ToiletTree delivers products that exhibit excellent attention to detail. Its outstanding customer service, not to mention unmatched quality, attracts a high number of consumers daily.
Comes in a stylish design. Rust-free; does not discolor. Affordable.
Requires silicone adhesives that might be messy for some users.
Fixed mirror
Silver, white
8.5” x 2.6” x 9”
Removable silicone adhesive
Clearly Zen Large Fogless Shower Mirror
Clearly Zen is known for quality products that exceed expectations and provide great value. It stands by a robust customer service that leaves customers satisfied.
Designed to be shatterproof for durability and longevity. Comes with two hanging options for ease of use. Free razor hook.
Installation might be difficult at first for some users.
Fixed mirror
8” x 5.9” x 0.1”
Razor hook

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What is the Best Fogless Mirror?

Now that you’re clearer on what makes for a good fogless mirror (see what we did there? Fogless… clearer… lol), it’s time to pick your favorite from our top five. Let’s go!
Our Top Choice
The Upper West Connection Fogless Mirror allows you to enjoy a close shave without the need to treat it with fog-free spray. It rotates 360 degrees to allow you to position it however you want. Want a lighted makeup mirror for your loved one? Get the 7x Magnifying Lighted Makeup Mirror and enjoy 7X magnification.

Upper West Connection No Fog Shower Mirror with Rotating, Locking Suction & Adjustable Arm – Available in 3 Magnification Options

Upper West Connections strives to give its customers the best quality home goods possible. It offers affordable price listings for all products with a client service that is nothing short of efficient and reliable. All its online purchases are safely conducted from offices in New Orleans, New York and Shenzhen in China.

If you love taking a quick shave in the shower, then you know how important it is to have a fogless mirror on your bathroom wall. The Upper West Connection Fog Free Shower Mirror comes with an extended 360-degree arm, allowing the back and the front of the mirror to get heated up evenly. To clean it, all you have to do is splash some hot water, and the mirror remains clear all through.

This mirror comes with a 5.75" viewable screen that can be fixed easily on any flat surface. For fast and easy installation, it features a suction cup that sticks your mirror tightly to the wall. It doesn’t require glue or messy silicone adhesive hooks to install. Retailing at just $36.99, the Upper West Connection Fog Free Shower Mirror offers a bargain that is hard to beat.
Best Value
The JiBen Fogless Shower Mirror is large enough and comes with an adjustable arm to allow you to rotate it 360 degrees. It doesn’t need to warm up; just wipe with some warm soapy water and you are good to go. Love a lighted make up mirror as well? Get the JiBen LED Lighted 10X Magnifying Makeup Mirror and enjoy 10X magnification!

JiBen Fogless Shower Mirror With Power Locking Suction Cup & Built-in Razor Hook – Available in 2 Colors

JiBen guarantees high-quality plastic on all its mirrors. It is a proud producer of shatter-free mirrors that don’t rust or crack. The company has had a long history in the manufacturing business and works with a trusted group of experts to deliver quality goods.

The JiBen Fogless Shower Mirror with Power Locking Suction Cup is a masterpiece for the convenience it brings to your bathroom. It includes an in-built razor hook that makes your shaving experience way better than you would expect. If you like to take your mirror with you on long travels, the JiBen Fogless Shower Mirror is a perfect companion. This fogless mirror is ideal for travel as it is lightweight and comes with a suction cup that easily detaches and attaches, giving you the freedom to take it with you anywhere.

The JiBen Fogless Shower Mirror comes with a special chemical that repels fog, enabling it to stay fog free with a simple splash of warm and soapy water. Retailing at about $35.99, this fogless mirror is a time saver for most of its users.
The ProBeautify Fogless Shower Mirror is ready to use without any warm up needed. It is shatterproof and provides 3X magnification. Want a different model with more magnification? We bet you will love the 5X Magnifying Fogless Shower Mirror.

ProBeautify No Fog Shower Mirror with Razor Hook for A Perfect No Fog Shaving, 360 Degree Rotating for Easy Mirror Viewing

Since 2011, ProBeautify has been passionate about providing comfort and convenience to its customers. The company has worked to incorporate valuable quality standards in the shower mirror, making it completely fogless. This venture has made the company successful in developing easy-to-affix mirrors that customers relish.

If you are looking for a fogless mirror that will allow you the comfort of performing your daily grooming routines without any inconveniences, then the ProBeautify Fogless Shower Mirror is what you need. It comes with a super strong suction cup that easily installs straight to your bathroom wall without the need for any messy adhesives. Its 5.75” screen is easily viewable and also comes with an inbuilt razor hook for a better makeup removal or shaving experience. At the set price tag of about $44.99, this mirror will allow you more functionality and better viewing whenever you need it.
The ToiletTree Products Fogless Shower Mirror with Squeegee comes with double sided tape and silicone adhesive for easy mounting. It also features a built-in squeegee to help clean off the mirror. If you want a more affordable model with a larger screen, check out the Fogless Shower Mirror with Squeegee.

ToiletTree Products Fogless Shower Mirror with Squeegee - Guaranteed Not to Fog, Designed Not to Fall – Available in 2 Colors

The number one priority for ToiletTree is the satisfaction of its customers. The family company makes customer service its biggest achievement by ensuring that everyone in the company gives nothing but quality service. It is a well-rated seller on Amazon and enjoys positive feedback from shoppers online for its quality products.

The Fogless Shower Mirror with Squeegee is a shatterproof mirror that is made of excellent quality and easily adheres to any wall. It has shelf stores for your razors and tweezers that are inbuilt, allowing you better convenience. The design of this fogless shower mirror is rust-free, enabling it to complement your bathroom walls without causing any damage. It is easy to detach, a feature that is convenient for when you want to move your mirror to a different place.
The Clearly Zen Large Fogless Shower Mirror is made with anti-fog nanotechnology to ensure you go about your grooming activities without fog interruptions. If you love this model but want a smaller one you can get the older model of Fogless Shower Mirror and save a few bucks.

Clearly Zen Stainless Steel Shatterproof Fogless Shower Mirror with Razor Hook, Antifog Nanotechnology & Suction Cup

Clear Zen is a family company that is built on the belief that the customer always comes first. Its high-quality products give excellent performance at an affordable price. Over the years they have worked hard to ensure that reliability and functionality are their signatures in manufacturing. Though they are a small company, their products are highly rated and give great value.

The Clearly Zen Large Fogless Shower Mirror delivers a crisp, clear view that remains fogless even after several minutes of showering. With this fogless mirror, tweezing and makeup removal is a breeze as it comes with an anti-fog nanotechnology that keeps the mirror screen incredibly free from fog. If you are worried about how you are going to hang it on your bathroom wall, relax, because it comes with a suction cup and stainless steel hooks to give you more options. Retailing at a set price of $21.99, this fogless mirror presents remarkable features that give you the freedom to go through your bathroom grooming routines with ease.

How Do I Choose the Best Fogless Mirror?

So, take us on a tour through your bathroom and let’s see how it fares on the basics. We’re sure you’ve got all them rugs, neat stack of towels, shower mats, grab rails, shower (perhaps the fancy handheld type or the LED one), sink, vanity and all of that on lockdown, and that’s good.

But how about a fogless mirror? “But I have a good ol’ bathroom mirror,” you say. Wow! And pray tell, how has that helped your convenience while shaving or touching up your powder in the bathroom?

See, it’s not enough to have a bathroom mirror. Don’t get us wrong; regular bathroom mirrors are great and can even spice things up in a bathroom, especially when you match one with your rug, or vanity or cabinet. They are really fantastic things.

Nonetheless, a regular bathroom mirror, no matter how awesome, can only do so much, especially when it comes to fog. It wasn’t created to be fog resistant, so really, it makes no sense to keep complaining while wiping off the fog, or exposing yourself to the chills right after a hot shower, just because you want to convert your regular mirror into a fogless one, especially when you can actually just up and get yourself a fogless mirror.

Because fogless mirrors receive their own heat from a different source, it is easy for them to prevent condensation from occurring on their surfaces, which is how they keep from fogging over in the face of all the heat in your bathroom.

So, why should you get a fogless mirror?

One: convenience. If nothing else, at least, you won’t have to keep wiping the mirror just to apply lip gloss correctly. And for the guys, you can even choose not to leave the shower at all while you’re shaving. See? Two birds with one mirror! Also, let’s not forget that there’s also the fact that you no longer have to keep the bathroom door open while using your mirror; no need to risk catching pneumonia from all the cold.

Now, the second reason you need a fogless mirror is actually a fun fact: fogless mirrors give you a beauty treat! Because of the extra heat they give, they help to increase blood flow under your skin, and that helps to create softer skin!

So you see, you have solid reasons to get a fogless mirror. Whew! Now that you’re convinced that not getting yourself a fogless mirror is a crime against yourself, we will take you through the features you should look out for in picking one for purchase. Get ready!
Fogless mirrors usually sell for prices in the range of $15 or less up to $300 plus. But the most common ones cost between $30 and $40. There are different factors that add up to make one costlier or less expensive than another. For example, the one that will cost up to $300 might come with features like a clock or a radio or stuff like that. In the same vein, the mid-range mirrors that give little perks like, say, a razor holder, would also definitely cost more than those that just give the basics and shut up.

Please try not to get too attached to cheapies. You’ll find, at the end of the day, that cheap is actually the grandmother of expensive. Durability (or the lack of it, more accurately), and ineffectiveness—many end up being regular mirrors instead of fogless—are usually core issues with cheap fogless mirrors. It’s better to invest in a basic but good fogless mirror than to buy a cheap one and find that it was no different from the screen of your phone.
So without further ado, we will quickly go into all the features you need to look out for in a fogless mirror before you decide on one for purchase:
  • Width
  • Light
  • Adjustable Magnification
  • Break Resistance
Let’s get into the details already!
Construction and Design
So first off, we will look at the width of your mirror.

Nobody likes discomfort anywhere, least of all, in the shower. C’mon, it’s the shower, where we sing with our ugliest voices unabashed. If life should be uncomfortable anywhere else, it shouldn’t be here. You already see where we’re driving to, don’t you?

Your mirror should be as wide as possible, else you’ll have to keep adjusting your body, the mirror and almost anything adjustable for a perfect view. And that’s just inconvenient. But it’s also avoidable, so why not avoid it?

Get a mirror in a reasonable width. You’ll appreciate it more when you’re trying to achieve that side chignon, trust us.

Finally, in this section, we will look at break and shatter resistance.

Even if the manufacturer sincerely describes the fogless mirror as having suction cups that stick forever, smile, nod, and ask this all-important question: “Is it shatter resistant?” And the reason is: suction cups and even mirror hangers will sooner or later fail, and when the inevitable happens, the only thing that will matter is if the mirror is break resistant.

A good fogless mirror mustn’t shatter on first impact. And of course, it’s important that it also comes with a warranty that backs the quality of the mirror. This way, you’re more confident about your investment.
Performance and Ease of Use
As for light, it’s important to note that some manufacturers, in a bid to make their mirrors more resistant to fog for your use, might make the reflective surfaces a little dull. While this works, it also has its drawback, as it will make the mirror a little more difficult to use with regards to lighting.

You should try to get a mirror with a good reflective output, cos the higher that output is, the more you’ll enjoy using your mirror.

Now, there is the option of getting a lighted fogless mirror, and these kinds usually operate with batteries. The only real issue with getting these kinds is that batteries will corrode in a shower, leaving you with a worthless piece of garbage in your shower at the end of the day.

Now, what you want to do if you choose to go for this kind, is to get one with a water-resistant battery case; otherwise, go for a regular mirror. There’s no point buying a so-called lighted mirror for extra if it will end up being no different from your regular fogless mirror in a short time.

So, we move over to adjustable magnification…
Many of the high-end mirrors will afford you the privilege of being able to zoom in on particular areas while doing your thing, like say, an ingrown hair (eww), or your brows while you’re plucking them, and of course your eyes while you’re inserting contact lenses. If you can lay your hands on these types and you can afford them, then lucky are you; go ahead and get them.

Get the Best Fogless Mirror of 2023!

And it’s a wrap! We’re sure you’ve spotted your favorite; it’s now time to put your money where your heart is. Place your order!

Our Top Choice
Upper West Connection Fog Free Shower Mirror
Best Value
JiBen Fogless Shower Mirror
ProBeautify Fogless Shower Mirror
ToiletTree Products Fogless Shower Mirror
Clearly Zen Large Fogless Shower Mirror