Best Folding Chair Reviews 2023

Saving space is an important issue, especially in today’s space-challenged homes. It makes sense for people to have furniture that’s easy to move, multifunctional and – if possible – collapsible, just like folding chairs. You see, when guests arrive, you want chairs you can pull out from under the bed, off your wall hooks or out of the closet in a snap and return just as easily when the guests leave. To give you an easy time shopping for these chairs, we’ve done the research on your behalf, selecting five of the top folding chairs available, made by some of the best folding chair brands in the industry. There’s something for everyone!
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Set Size
Our Top Choice
ALPS Mountaineering Camp Chair
ALPS Mountaineering has grown from a small business to a successful mid-sized company with a dedication to team work.
Frame comes with a distinctive design, providing you maximum comfort. The seat is detachable, allowing you to transport it easily.
Although this folding chair is large and wide for utmost comfort, it is a bit heavy for some people.
1 chair
Pro-Tec Aluminum, polyester
Steel blue, green, khaki
9.3 pounds
Best Value
Cosco Folding Table and Chair Set
Cosco has been at the forefront of office and home product manufacturing for the last 65 years.
Both the table and the chairs fold compact and upright, making them easy to store. Their frames are made from durable steel, guaranteeing you years of service.
Sadly, the top of the table is a bit thin, making it delicate to carry.
5 chairs, 1 table
Steel frame
Available in 5 colors
51 pounds
Best Choice Products Commercial White Plastic Folding Chairs
The undying commitment of Best Choice Products to manufacturing high quality products has built it a huge client base.
Made from steel and quality plastic for longevity and comfort. They are easily stackable, allowing you to store them hassle-free.
These chairs are a bit expensive, but the quality is worth every coin.
5 chairs
Steel, plastic
37.4 pounds
Flash Furniture Hercules Premium Curved Folding Chair
Flash Furniture is known for unmatched quality in its products. It comprises of a dedicated team that strives to meet customers’ expectations.
Comes with burgundy fabric upholstered back and seat, giving you utmost comfort. Simply foldable, giving you an easy time when storing.
The seat size might be a little bit small for some people.
1 chair
Steel, fabric
Burgundy/gray, gray, gray/navy
12 pounds
Winsome Wood Robin Folding Chairs
Winsome Wood opened its doors 1977 so it’s fair to say it has lots of experience in the industry.
The finish is natural and appealing making the chairs great home additions. Each chair comes with a larger weight capacity than its metal counterparts.
These chairs are a bit heavy, making them less portable.
4 chairs
36 pounds

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What is the Best Folding Chair?

Having perused our guide, we’re sure you understand more clearly what to look for to get a folding chair that’s best for you and your space. So, if you’re ready, it’s now time to meet our top five.
Our Top Choice
The ALPS Mountaineering Camp Chair is not only attractive but also sturdier and wider than most. It features a powder coated frame, guaranteeing you years of service. Want a different design that comes even with a footrest? Check out the ALPS Mountaineering Escape Chair - you might like it.

ALPS Mountaineering Camp Chair with Tall Back – Available in 3 Colors

ALPS Mountaineering is known for quality manufacturing. Its products feature innovative craftsmanship that guarantees durability, something that gives it incredible ratings on retail sites.

The ALPS Mountaineering Camp Chair is a bestselling chair that has a wider, sturdier and a more transportable build than most competitors. It comes with curved and padded arm rests that are part of its powder coated frame. This folding chair is ideal for your camping adventures as well as home use. It retails at only $49.24.

Here are a couple of features that come with the ALPS Mountaineering Camp Chair:
  • A stylish frame design that is easy to transport
  • A cup holder for convenience
  • Built with connectors and steel tubes that are sturdy
  • Ideal for sporting events and barbecues
  • The back frame is detachable making it easy to fold
  • A taller back for comfort
  • Built with a 600D polyester fabric that gives you more durability

There are different color variations of the ALPS Mountaineering Camp Chair, with colors ranging from khaki to steel blue and green.
Best Value
The Cosco Folding Table and Chair Set comes with 5 comfortable chairs and one table, giving you good value for your money. Love the durable steel frame but want just the chairs? We recommend that you get the Cosco Vinyl 4-Pack Folding Chair.

Cosco 5-Piece Folding Table and Chair Set – Available in 5 Colors

Cosco has been around for over six decades. Its experience in product manufacturing has helped it produce some of the best folding furniture, ladders and steps tools. Its products are functional and easy to use.

The Cosco Folding Table and Chair Set is a one-of-a-kind combination. At the recommended retail price of around $119.99, you get a cool 5 chairs and a table, all of which are foldable. Amazing, right? Well, better yet, the furniture comes with coated powder finish, giving you more value and durability. If comfort is a concern, you can relax knowing you’ll enjoy its padded seat and attractive fabric upholstery.

Now, let’s check out some of the features this Folding Table and Chair comes with.
  • Rubber tips for protecting your floor and a steel frame that is sturdy enough
  • Fabric padding on the seats for more comfort
  • Powder coated finish makes it easy to maintain
  • Easy to store as it folds up to a compact shape
You can choose between the item-only service and the item-plus-assembly service on Amazon when buying the Cosco Products Folding Table and Chair Set. You also have the option to choose between five distinct colors, ranging from antique linen to white diamond.
The Commercial White Plastic Folding Chairs are built with lightweight steel construction, making them easy to carry and sturdy. Want same quality, 5 pieces but this time with a folding chair? We bet you will love the Best Choice Products 5PC Folding Table & Chairs.

Best Choice Products White Stackable Event Folding Chairs – Available in 2 Set Sizes

Best Choice Products started in 2002 as an e-commerce online shop for pool tables. Over the years, however, they’ve grown to become a distributor of a wide variety of products, earning huge support.

The Commercial White Plastic Folding Chairs come in a set of five, all of which are made to give you both comfort and durability. Its lightweight design makes it ideal for when you have events and parties, plus its folding feature adds up to easy storage. Currently, it has a price tag of $69.94, which might seem a bit pricey for some people but worth every penny!

Let’s check out the features that make this folding chair unique.
  • Can be used for both outdoor and indoor use
  • Made with high quality plastic that is easy to clean and maintain
  • Durable steel frame that also gives reliability and comfort
  • Doesn’t need any assembly, making it easy to use
  • Lightweight construction, making it easy to transport
You can choose between the different size variations on Amazon, with the option of 5 or 10 chairs.
The Hercules Premium Curved Folding Chair is a commercial-grade chair made from a steel frame for longevity. If you like the curved design and want foldable chairs with vinyl upholstery, then we bet you will love the HERCULES Series Curved Triple Braced chairs. They come in packs of 4!

Flash Furniture Hercules Premium Curved Fabric Upholstered Folding Chair – Available in 3 Colors & 2 Set Sizes

Flash Furniture began in 2004 as a shipping company, distributing products countrywide. Today, it has grown to one of the biggest names in the furniture industry. Its affordable prices and great customer service make it stand out.

The Hercules Premium Curved Folding Chair is a heavy duty chair that has a gray metal frame construct for utmost durability. Unlike most folding chairs, this one is unique in having a focus on comfort. It comes with a seat and back fabric padding that makes it comfortable to use. It is a great option for sporting events, weddings or school functions. Retailing at around $89.02, this folding chair is a great addition to your home furniture.

Let’s look at some of the features that make up the HERCULES Metal Folding Chair.
  • Takes up little space making it ideal for accommodating guests at home
  • Padding with a thickness of 2.5” to give you more comfort
  • Non-marring glides and a frame that can be used for both indoor and outdoor events
  • Appealing finish
  • Built for easy folding and storage
  • Made to endure heavy usage with its triple braced legs and an 18 gauge steel frame for support
There are a variety of color variations to choose from if you like this folding chair. You can choose to go for the Burgundy, the gray or the gray navy. You can also go ahead and pick a different size with options of a one and two pack size on Amazon.
The Robin Folding Chairs feature a sturdy wood construction, giving you service for years without breaking. Want folding chairs with the same design but a nice walnut finish? Get the Robin 4-PC Folding Chair Set Walnut today and you will love them.

Winsome Wood Robin 4-Piece Set Natural Finish Folding Chairs

Operating for about four decades, there’s no doubt that Winsome Wood understands what quality entails in all its products. Its products are designed to be innovative while at the same time maintaining affordable prices. It is this balanced craftsmanship that makes it a favorite among many customers.

In this review, we have awesome steel and metal folding chairs. For those who love a different feel, we thought – why not have a great wood chair by a reputable brand as well? Our research led us to the Winsome Wood Folding Chair, which comes in a set of four with a solid natural finish. Each chair features a stylish traditional design with a back that’s contoured and a slatted seat, making it comfortable to sit on.

If you are planning to grab the Winsome Wood Folding Chair, here are a couple of features to expect:
  • Easy folding feature makes it ideal for occasional events
  • A stylish and natural wood finish that is durable
  • Built with a sturdy wood construct for durability and longevity
  • Provides easy storage alternatives that give you more space
  • Comes fully assembled, making it easy to use

How Do I Choose the Best Folding Chair?

Although sitting is quite a passive action, today there are very few things we do without it. Check it out: we sit at our desks at the office. We sit to watch TV or play a game. We sit to eat. We sit to rest. We sit at the beach. We sit at a game. We sit in class. We sit to annoy people. We sit to make them happy. We sit people down to calm them. We sit at the bar to have a drink. And we could go on and on, but you get the picture.

Seeing as we sit so often, it just makes common sense that we put some level of thought and consideration into making the places we sit in as comfortable as possible. Because the truth is that the world we live in requires us to do less and less on our feet, so most of the time, even though we’re working, we are in one seat or another.

Now, especially because homes are becoming more and more cramped for space with more and more people moving to high-rent cities, there’s a need to find the balance between having good seats and saving space. Something just has to give. Yes, we need to sit, but yes, we also need to breathe, and a cramped home doesn’t help with that. Ergo, folding chairs.

Now, the introduction of folding chairs isn’t to rule out sofas and settees. No. Sofas are still really important for giving your living room a homey feel. But to increase the number of chairs in your home, especially for those times such as Thanksgiving when everyone comes around, a folding chair will come in handy.

And it isn’t just about your living room. In fact, folding chairs are even more necessary for outdoor purposes, like when you’re going camping or to the beach or something. With a folding chair that’s the perfect size and weight, you can literally go anywhere and you’ll still be as comfy as you like to be.

Today, we will point out a few things you need to consider while picking out a good folding chair. Remember, it’s not just about picking a folding chair; it has to be a good one for you and for the visitors that might sit on them. You know that there’s no better way to let a visitor know that he’s welcome than saying “have a seat.” The question now is what kind of seat is it going to be? Let’s show you how to pick a good one.
There are different factors that come into play when discussing the price of a folding chair. Usually, they cost between $50 and about $150 or even more. Steel chairs normally cost more than other types, like say, vinyl or wood. Also, the small perks that come with your chair, like an insulated pocket where your drinks can keep cool, or an accompanying foldable table, could also naturally incur more cost.

Cheap folding chairs are a recipe for disaster and laughter (with the butt of the joke being you). We believe you already get the point. Since they are made of cheap materials, expecting them to hold up for long is expecting too much from them. Most cheap folding chairs aren’t even ergonomically designed to, at least, ensure your comfort. It’s just best to avoid them. Don’t be so carried away by the price tag that you compromise your comfort.
Choosing a good folding chair might be easy for some, and not so much for others. Whatever the difficulty level this chore might present to you, we have taken the initiative to list some features you might want to consider when deciding on a particular folding chair. Take a look:
  • Where Are You Going?
  • Material
  • Comfort
  • Size Needed
  • Your Storage Space
Let’s get into the details already!
Construction and Design
Whatever material you choose for your comfort, what’s crucial is that you choose something of a high quality. The frames come in different materials, such as metal, vinyl or wood. Any of these materials is fine as long as it is top quality.

But then, if you’re going for metal or wood, it becomes important to look for chairs that are finished. Especially if you’ll be using your chair outdoors a lot, the finish is highly important, as it ensures that your chair lasts regardless of the elements. So, ensure that they come finished, or at least, do that yourself when you get them.

Now to the seating material…

Many come as leather, or as foam and cloth. Leather is far easier to clean, as a quick wipe with a damp cloth will do the trick, but it also has its drawback. With continued exposure to heat, leather will buckle and crack, unlike cloth. Cloth, on the other hand, is harder to clean but will stand the heat, even though it’s still susceptible to wear and tear too.

Ensure that your chair is made in such a way that optimum comfort is guaranteed. Granted, you might not be able to test the chair before purchasing online, but always read reviews about any folding chair before you buy. And then when you buy it, make sure you sit in it for a while and see how comfortable it is. If it already makes you uncomfortable while you’re testing, it will make you (or worse, your guests) uncomfortable on your day out. So, simply return.
Performance and Ease of Use
The size you should get depends on the space available in your living room or garden, or wherever you intend to use the chair. Nonetheless, don’t get a chair that’s too light or too small, because you never know when you might get a visit from a really…you know… plus-sized person. So, get a regular-sized chair, but check your space first.

To extend the lifespan of your chair, you have to store it properly and carefully. You can go for stacking and standing carts or hand-hanging carts, so this way, you can easily transport your chair(s) from place to place.

Finally, choose a chair that’s suitable for your purpose. For instance, if you’re looking to take your chair to the beach, you’ll choose differently from someone who needs a folding chair for her garden, or the sidelines, or for camping. Thankfully, various manufacturers carry different kinds of chairs suited for these individual purposes.

Get the Best Folding Chair of 2023!

You made it! Yaay! Now run along and place the order on that chair that caught your fancy. Do it now!

Our Top Choice
ALPS Mountaineering Camp Chair
Best Value
Cosco Folding Table and Chair Set
Best Choice Products Commercial White Plastic Folding Chairs
Flash Furniture Hercules Premium Curved Folding Chair
Winsome Wood Robin Folding Chairs