Best Folding Shopping Cart Reviews 2023

If you're about to hit a major shopping mall and stock up on onions, carrots and other life-sustaining necessities, planning your purchase route ahead and organizing yourself properly can mean the difference between triumph and disaster! Read through our top 5 list of the best folding shopping carts around, and get yourself a suitable model.
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Our Top Choice
VersaCart Transit Utility Cart
With a mission to equip their customers with top notch shopping carts able to support even the biggest hauls, the VersaCart folk have been continuously expanding in the market for a number of years.
Patented steel frame capable of supporting a lot of weight. Strong canvas bag built to be waterproof!
Handles could have been made to be a bit larger.
Push chair style / shielded sides
18.8 x 24 x 24 Inches, 9 lbs
120 lbs
Steel and Nylon Canvas
Best Value
dbest Products Grocery Trolley Dolly
Dedicated to producing all kinds of ware-transporting equipment (including an odd pet carrier or two), dbest Products won't have you hauling all your shopping bags on your own!
Lightweight frame ensuring durability. Comfortable cushion handle for handling your cart more easily.
Looks smaller in real life than the advertisement photo offered by the manufacturer.
Pull along / shielded cart
16 x 13 x 39 Inches, 4.8 lbs
Comes in Many Colors
110 lbs
Aluminum and Weatherproof Cloth
Hook and Go Folding Shopping Cart
Having come up with their own shopping cart design, the Hook and Go folks are an avid bunch of entrepreneurs in search of a market for their newly-developed shopping cart solution.
Interesting design resembling a praying mantis. Can climb stairs. Foldable for easy storage. Can pack up to 8 bags onto it at a time!
Certain issues with the quality of wheels.
Multiple hooks for hanging bags
31 x 8 x 14 Inches, 7 lbs
Black and Silver
70 lbs
Lightweight Metal
Unique Imports Jumbo Folding Cart
Unique Imports is a relatively new company that deals in shopping carts that can make your shopping excursions easier and maybe even fun!
Pair of tough back wheels for stability. Extra basket for especially long shopping missions.
Certain problems with ball bearings. (not a tough fix, but still, it can be irritating)
Wheeled, wire cart
41 x 24 x 21 Inches, 12 lbs
100 - 150 lbs
Whitmor Deluxe Rolling Utility
Offering a range of products designed to make your life easier, the Whitmor company has created a number of interesting designs related to everything from shoe racks to storage baskets.
Tough, epoxy coated steel-framed design. Hauls a great amount of groceries in a single go.Folds away when not in use.
Assembly can be tricky and time-consuming.
Wheeled, wire cart
21 x 24.5 x 40.1 inches, 4.6 lbs
60 lbs

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What is the Best Folding Shopping Cart?

A well-shaped 'n' sturdy shopping cart can save you a load of effort when it comes to organizing and successfully completing a shopping task. However, picking the right kind can be a tough task at times. Hopefully, our guide gave you some insight to help you choose, and below are our picks of top choices from 5 top brands.
Our Top Choice
Coming from one of the most customer-friendly companies operating in the business, the Versacart Transit Utility Cart is a great shopping cart that can become your future companion for years to come! If you need just the wire basket, instead of the whole thing, you can get yourself the Sammons Preston Wire Basket instead!

VersaCart Water-Resistant Heavy-Duty Canvas Transit Utility Cart with Rugged Steel Frame

Dedicated to producing nothing but the best-looking and highest capacity shopping carts on offer in this day and age, the VersaCart company is a tough business with high standards for their production efforts. Their top priority is respecting and keeping up with the demands of their customers. The VersaCart company always makes sure what they sell looks good and can take a hefty amount of the freshest potatoes!

Since this small company pretty much exclusively produces shopping carts, it's really no wonder they possess such an extensive knowledge on the matter. Head over to their main web page if you want to learn more about their undertakings and company work ethics.

As for the model we've chosen to feature on our list, it comes in the shape of the Versacart Transit Utility Cart, and it features a rugged steel frame construction enabling you to load it to up to 120 pounds of various goods! The canvas bag it comes with is detachable and completely water-resistant, so you don't really need to worry about spilling something inside of it in the middle of a supermarket queue.

The list of features for the VersaCart Transit Utility Cart:
  • Patented Steel Construction
  • Double Front Swivel Wheels
  • Double Rear Wheels
  • Water-Resistant Nylon Canvas Bag
  • Compact Folding
  • No Tools Assembly
All in all, boasting a bunch of properties that can make your shopping trip seem like a leisurely stroll in the park, this Versacart Transit Utility Cart can become your new four-wheeled companion for years to come! Since it's waterproof and has a tough steel construction, it can survive even your most rampant shopping sprees and roll into the sunset afterwards with its nylon basket held high!
Best Value
Featuring such niceties as the weatherproof cloth construction and a sturdy arrangement of supportive tubes, this Trolley Dolly from the dbest Products company can be your new shopping buddy! For a bigger model, you can check out the Bigger Trolley Dolly Grocery Foldable Cart instead!

dbest Products Weatherproof Grocery Foldable Cart / Trolley Dolly with Comfort Cushion Handle - Available in Multiple Colors

Possessing a cheeky name and a sizeable collection of all sorts of top-selling bags and shopping carts, dbest Products is a company that's been responsible for a variety of useful solutions, especially for people in need of a secure and convenient way to transport their freshly-purchased goods! Among their products, you can find such niceties as smart carts, trolley dollies, go carts, and even a line of coolers. Also, if you need a pet carrier, visiting the dbest Products website is one of the best ways to obtain one, so feel free to jump over to their page to learn more about what they have available.

On their web site, you may also find a rather special kind of shopping-oriented stroller called a stair climber! Armed with one of these, you can conquer not only the crammed and never-ending aisles of the supermarkets, but also any flights of stairs that present themselves on your way home! Again, you can find more information about this alien-looking six-wheeler on the official website of the dbest Products company!

For this list, we've decided to pick one of their most commonly-found and also best-selling contraptions- Trolley Dolly Grocery Foldable Cart! It comes with a lightweight construction that can be easily folded so it doesn't take up too much space, as well as with a comfort cushion handle offering you a snug grip so you may use it as a stress ball if you see the supermarket folks have just run out of your favorite beer!

The list of properties for the Trolley Dolly Grocery Foldable Cart:
  • Light and Durable
  • Folds in Half for Easy Storage
  • Big Wheels for all Terrains
  • Comfortable Cushion Handle
  • Weatherproof Material
  • Comes with 7 Compartments
  • Beverage Holder
Equipped with a tough kind of weatherproof material to support volumes upon volumes of the various supermarket ware, this Trolley Dolly model can be an excellent choice for a cozy customer who doesn't like to go back to the place of purchase to do it all over again! It comes in many colors, too- very stylish!
Assuming the rather curious shape of an excited alien bug, the Hook and Go Foldable Shopping Cart is a convenient way to do your shopping, and also wow innocent passers-by! If you've decided to go with this model, you can also get yourself one of their Wheel Replacement Kits!

Hook and Go Lightweight Portable Folding Supermarket Shopping Cart with Minimal Assembly

The Hook and Go company is a business that's been set up to accomplish one thing and one thing alone- make your shopping outings more efficient and more importantly extravagant! While the second part of this assertion isn't necessarily the official policy of this company, it's fair to say the folks designing these carts made a bunch of weird-looking contraptions that will definitely have heads turning while you shop! The praying mantis-like construction of this simple cart allows you to stack up a number of bags and then just wheel your growing haul of soup ingredients effortlessly! A lovely concept, really.

If you'd like to find out more about this new, and it'd be safe to say revolutionary idea, you can head over to the official web page of the Hook and Go company where you can learn about how the novel design's been faring with customers, and how it is benefiting local food markets!

The Hook and Go Portable Folding Supermarket Shopping Cart is a simple piece of design that allows you to carry much more shopping ware than you could on your own. More precisely, you can safely pack 70 pounds of stuff organized in eight different bags and maneuver the cart around with ease! Also, this design is fairly lightweight, and even features an extra part on the bottom so you can even climb stairs.

The list of features for the Hook and Go Portable Folding Supermarket Shopping Cart:
  • Lightweight and Easy to Maneuver
  • Minimal Assembly Required
  • Can Hold Up to Eight Shopping Bags
  • Can Climb Stairs
  • Compact and Easy to Store
All things considered, shopping can take on a new dimension if you approach the fruit and vegetable markets equipped with one of these mean machines. With its top limit of 70 pounds, and a lightweight design which can climb stairs, this plucky and convenient, if somewhat bug-looking contraption, can be your new shopping weapon of choice for years to come!
Boasting a simple design made out of aluminum, this shopping cart is a plucky means of transportation that can take on even the most intense shopping sessions. For a couple of bucks less, you can also get yourself the Heavy Duty Metal Shopping Cart with Double Basket!

Unique Imports Jumbo Folding Cart with Strong Caster Wheels & Extra Basket

Folding carts can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, as each manufacturer has its own approach and an idea of how to make a foldable shopping cart that can make your shopping excursions a bit more enjoyable. Unique Imports is one of the companies dealing in these carts, and what they're selling initially seems to be a weird laundry basket and kid stroller crossover, complete with some tractor-like front and rear tire size mismatch! So, a beautiful contraption for all intents and purposes. The design of this cart might seem basic, but the setup process couldn't be simpler, as you only have to connect springs and screws, and that's it!

The model we're featuring on this list is one of their largest shopping carts to date, and it can receive up to 30 pounds of various loads. Therefore, this particular model can be a great solution for medium-sized purchases, so to speak, like for fruits, vegetables and perhaps some other items on top of it as well.

Much like with your average type of tractor, the rear wheel is a big, sturdy stability-oriented type of wheel, while the front one swivels around so you can maneuver easily. The frame is built of tough aluminum so it's as lightweight as possible, and combined with the extra large basket, this little cart possesses a means of transportation to be reckoned with!

The list of features for the Unique Imports Heavy Duty Jumbo Folding Shopping Cart:
  • Durable Aluminum Frame
  • Easily Foldable
  • Metal Bolted Wheels
  • Extra Basket
  • Sturdy Pivot Rubber
All in all, featuring a sturdy frame and a simple installation, this folding shopping cart model can be a great way to spice up your shopping routine, and bring home a proper haul of fruits, vegetables, drinks or whatever else you happen to be in need of! Once you've done with it, simply fold it back into its initial shape and Bob's your uncle!
Coming from a company responsible for some of the most practical home improvement-related contraptions, this Whitmor Shopping Cart can be a great way to embolden your shopping routine! For a couple of bucks less, you can also get yourself a smaller version of the Whitmor Rolling Utility Cart.

Whitmor Deluxe Utility Shopping Cart - Great for Hauling Groceries, Laundry and Toys

With more than 70 years of experience in producing home-improvement and organization-related contraptions, the Whitmor company is one of the most well-known businesses operating in this massive market. One of the things they're particularly proud of is that they've been family-owned for 4 generations, and their longevity and success can be ascribed to the great relationship with their customers, which they've been trying to maintain ever since they came about.

When it comes to what sorts of products they are manufacturing, the list includes shoe racks, storage baskets, closets, laundry centers and many more. Armed with an innovative spirit and an eagerness to expand their influence on the market, the folks at the Whitmor company continue making their products and selling them to their faithful customers at a growing rate! If you'd like to find out more about the workings of this great company, you can visit their web page where you can see their contact information and the details of their customer service!

The Whitmor Deluxe Rolling Utility is a delicately designed shopping cart enabling you to effortlessly transport large loads of your favorite ware at any time you feel like it. All you need to do to make it operational is unfold it, so to speak, and you're ready to go. The wheels are made to be extra-durable and to glide on the surface easily, so you don't need to worry about its maneuverability!

The Whitmore Deluxe Rolling Utility- a list of the most prominent properties:
  • Collapsible Design for Easy Storage
  • Epoxy-Coated Steel Construction
  • Easy Glide Wheels
  • Foam-Covered Handle
  • Easy Outdoor Use
  • Convenient Storage
Equipped with a tough epoxy-coated steel construction that can survive some pretty rugged conditions (great for the times when shopping gets intense), this Whitmor model can be a great solution for a passionate elderly shopper or a busy student! It’s space-saving and helps you do the shopping without going back and forth a bunch of times! What's not to love?

How Do I Choose the Best Folding Shopping Cart?

If there's one thing that grinds one's gears about grocery shopping, it's transporting the whole lot of ingredients and house necessities from the supermarket to your residence. As if this wasn't enough, the fresh food market of choice is often located in the middle of a busy complex of streets, so you can't find a suitable parking spot. As a result, hapless family members usually end up getting suckered into carrying everything!

Luckily for them, some wise heads got together and invented the folding shopping cart! These are more than just your average wheeled cart. Armed with one of these shape-shifting, movable containers, you can stack up to 70 pounds of provisions and pull or push the thing home by yourself. You wouldn’t want to go on holiday with one, and it’s certainly not carry-on luggage, but it reduces the stress of the weekly shop. Even stairs won't represent much of a problem with some of the models we've found. That being said, although these carts are designed to be as simple and efficient as possible, there are still a couple of things you'll want to pay attention to.

First of all, the material of choice that the manufacturers go with can be a major factor affecting the price of the entire thing, and also the design of the cart itself. More often than not, folding shopping carts are made of steel or aluminum tubes, which are sometimes coated with a protective layer.

The other option comes in the shape of a simple steel construction combined with some sort of durable, often weatherproof cloth, which acts as a giant carrying bag, supported by the frame. Of course, having cloth in the mix opens up a whole world of visual options. The second big distinction would be the number of wheels. Most have the standard 4, but there are also some featuring only two wheels and an additional crutch-like prong for climbing stairs and maneuvering around tricky terrain. The only six-wheeler version we found actually uses only two in normal use, the rest coming into play for climbing stairs and getting to tough locations where no folding shopping cart has been before! Typically, carrying capacity is greatest in the 4-wheeled models.
When it comes to pricing of the folding shopping carts, it varies depending on a couple of factors. First, the models with a bag-like cloth are typically more expensive than the ones with just a metal frame. Also, the size of the cart itself will dictate the price, with the good old 'the bigger, the pricier' rule as a reference. Certain fine details and additional parts such as an extra basket or a spare set of wheels will probably add a couple of bucks to the overall price as well. We have avoided cheap folding shopping carts for our list, where too many corners had been cut to achieve low prices. This is all about best value rather than lowest price.
Whether they're made from some kind of wire paired up with a tough steel frame, or feature an oversized nylon carrying bag, folding shopping carts are a valuable asset to have around. Check out this list of features and make sure your choice possesses all of them!

The list of features to look out for when buying yourself one of the Folding Shopping Carts:
  • A strong, sturdy construction
  • A stable wheel-base
  • Water resistance
  • Folds flat for storage
  • Protective Layer (for the Metal Frame)
  • Number of bags it holds
  • Comfortable handle
  • Can It Climb Stairs
Construction and Design
Design-wise, folding shopping carts usually come in two different shapes. They're either 1) a metal frame + some sort of canvas combo, or 2) a metal frame + some more smaller metal wires for good measure. Both versions are pretty good at handling heavy loads, but the canvas-equipped ones perhaps have a small advantage because they don't let smaller runaway vegetables or other items fall between the wires.

Another important construction point would be the difference between the four-wheeled and two-wheeled models. Four wheeled models are typically more stable and easier to push around, while the two-wheeled ones are perhaps a bit lighter and occupy less space when folded! Of course, you may come across some other freakish models, such as the one with six wheels out of which only two are touching the ground! (the others serve to climb stairs)
Performance and Ease of Use
Once you've purchased a shopping cart, its performance is going to depend how successfully you managed to assemble it. In other words, if you follow the instructions and put all the parts together, you're pretty much good to go. An important heads up, though, would be that some manufacturers are known to have weak wheels on their models, so if you'd like to ensure they won't fail you at a crucial moment, you should check them regularly for any cracks and other imperfections.

Other than that, for those of you who plan on getting a canvas model, just remember to wash it regularly. All in all, we hope this buying guide helped you decide on what your favorite model may look like, and we wish you a successful purchase!

Get the Best Folding Shopping Cart of 2023!

As far as annoying chores go, doing the grocery shopping is possibly one of the worst ones, since it ruins the joy of shopping by making it a necessary task. To make this horrible set of circumstances at least somewhat more bearable, get yourself a folding shopping cart and start enjoying your chore-bound outings for a change!

Our Top Choice
VersaCart Transit Utility Cart
Best Value
dbest Products Grocery Trolley Dolly
Hook and Go Folding Shopping Cart
Unique Imports Jumbo Folding Cart
Whitmor Deluxe Rolling Utility