Best Folding Table Reviews 2023

A foldable table can be carried around wherever you go, and it is designed to save space when you don’t use it. We looked on the market and picked five excellent folding tables from some of the best manufacturers out there. Take a look at these tables and see which one fits your needs and preferences the most!
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Our Top Choice
Cosco Centerfold Molded Folding Table
Cosco specializes in home accessories and kitchen equipments. The Centerfold Folding Table is strong, durable and easy to assemble.
Amazon Best Seller. Available in 2 color options. Resistant to wear and tear. Versatile and lightweight.
Complaints about reliability. This product comes with warranty.
Centerfold folding table
29.5 x 72 x 29.1 inches/ 26 lbs
2 colors available
Steel frame and legs
Weather resistant
Best Value
Table in a Bag Regular Aluminum Table
Table in a Bag is a professional manufacturer of foldable tables the TA2727GA model is made from aluminum and highly practical.
Reasonably priced. Compact. Lightweight, Portable. Solid construction. Attractive design.
Some say that it arrived defective .This product can be replaced.
Tall portable table
27 x 27 x 27 inches/ 6.5 lbs
5 colors available
Weather resistant
Lifetime Folding 6-Foot Picnic Table
Lifetime specializes in manufacturing high-quality outdoors accessories and equipments. The 6-foot picnic table will look wonderful in your garden.
Suitable for 6 persons. Available in 3 colors. Reasonably priced. Best bang for your buck. Steel frame.
Isolated complaints about reliability.
Folding picnic table
29.5 x 57 x 72 inches/ 75 lbs
3 colors available
Steel frame
2-year warranty
Best Choice Products 6 Foot Folding Party Bench
Best Choice Products specializes in outdoor accessories and equipments. The 6' Folding Portable Plastic table is designed to last a long period of time.
Compact, lightweight and attractive design. Built to last. Can seat many people at once. Easy to assembly.
Not available in other colors.
Indoor/outdoor picnic table
72 x 12 x 17 inches/ 21 lbs
Steel legs, plastic body
Easy to clean
Flash Furniture Black Folding Card Table
Flash Furniture makes only high-quality furniture items. The black folding card table is suitable for various social activities or games.
Compact, lightweight design. Built to last. Easy to assembly. Portable. Easy to clean.
Isolated complaints that it arrived defective. This product can be changed.
Multi-purpose table
33.5 x 27.8 x 27.8 inches/ 19 lbs
Padded top prevents sliding

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What is the Best Folding Table?

As you can see, the market offers you unlimited options when it comes to folding tables, depending on the amount of space at your disposal and your budget. Here are our five recommendations, but keep in mind that these professional brands make other attractive folding tables if you want to explore more buying options!
Our Top Choice
The Centerfold Folding Table from Cosco is an Amazon Best Seller and ideal for a wide variety of applications. However, if you require a smaller table, go for the Cosco Dorel Industries Rectangle Vinyl Top Folding Serving Table.

Cosco Products Centerfold Folding Table, 6-Feet, Weather Resistant and Moisture Proof

Cosco makes a wide variety of home and kitchen products and accessories. The Centerfold Folding Table is currently an Amazon Best Seller and 6 feet long.

Here are the features of this product.
  • Available in 2 color options.
  • It features a weather-resistant, moisture proof top surface.
  • Can be cleaned in seconds.
  • Compact and lightweight design, easy to transport.
  • The legs feature rubber tips to prevent scratching.
Best Value
The Table in a Bag TA2727GA model is tall aluminum foldable table that you can pack and carry with you wherever you go. If you also need a tablecloth then go for the TC2828RW Square Polyester Gingham Tablecloth from the same manufacturer.

Table in a Bag Tall Aluminum Portable Table With Carrying Bag – Available in 5 Colors

Table in a Bag is a company that says everything about its products. It specializes in foldable tables that can be carried around in a bag. We loved the TA2727GA model and we are sure you will like it too.

Let's find out more details about this product.
  • It is available in many colors.
  • Designed for outdoor events such as picnics, backyard parties and so on.
  • It is easy to set up and eye-catching.
  • It comes with a black carrying bag.
The Lifetime 22123 Folding Picnic Table is one of the most attractive and practical folding table available out there. If you prefer a smaller one which is also an Amazon Best Seller then go for the Lifetime 28241 Folding Personal Table.

Lifetime Folding 6ft. Picnic Table, Suitable for 6 Persons – Available in 3 Colors

Lifetime makes a wide variety of outdoors accessories and equipments. The 22123 Folding Picnic Table will make every picnic in the company of your loved ones a truly enjoyable and special one!

Here are more details about this product.
  • It can easily seat 6 persons for a lovely outdoor dining experience.
  • Available in 3 colors
  • It is made from polyethylene and it will resist a lot of wear and tear.
  • The steel frame is weather resistant and doesn't rust.
The Folding Portable Plastic from Best Choice Products is excellent for partying, dining and picnics and it can be used both indoors and outdoors. If you prefer a smaller one then go for the 4' plastic table from the same manufacturer.

Best Choice Products 6 Foot Folding Portable Plastic Indoor/Outdoor Picnic Party Dining Bench

Best Choice Products is a brand that specializes in musical instruments and outdoors and garden accessories. The 6' Folding Portable Plastic table is excellent for various applications and events.

Let' explore the features of this product.
  • The legs feature rubber tips to avoid scratching hard surfaces.
  • Easy to set up, can hold multiple persons.
  • It comes with a carrying case for easy transport.
  • Specially designed to be used outdoors; weather resistant.
The Black Folding Card Table is a simple, lightweight and practical folding table suitable for playing society games with your friends. If you want a larger table, go for the Granite White Plastic Folding Training Table.

Flash Furniture Black Folding Card Table, Multi-Purpose Table, Vinyl Top, Easy to Clean

Flash Furniture specializes in indoor and outdoor furniture and equipments. The Black folding card table features a simplistic design and it is built to last.

Let's discover the benefits of this product.
  • It can be used for a wide variety of activities such as society games, dining, working, etc.
  • It can hold up to 130 lbs.
  • The legs can be folded quickly when not in use.
  • The vinyl top can be cleaned in seconds.
  • Can be set up quickly.

How Do I Choose the Best Folding Table?

It is almost impossible not to find a use for a folding table, especially in a large house. These accessories are similar to folding card tables, but they come in various sizes, can be used indoors or outdoors, and they are also made from a wide variety of materials. Use one to place a beautiful fruit bowl in your living room or a powerful wireless speaker in your yard! Once the table has served its purpose, you can simply fold it quickly and put it away, having more space at your disposal.

Although the general belief is that folding tables are more suitable for small homes where every inch of space is important, you might be happy to find out that a folding table would be practical for you even if you live in a big mansion. For example, you can get a large table and set it up in your yard in a matter of minutes, serving cookies and fruit juice for your kid's friends and neighbors. Folding tables are much more cost effective than other types of tables and have virtually unlimited uses in a household.

Keep reading this guide to find out more about folding tables, how to spot a good one, and how much they cost. Before making any investment, it is always a good idea to learn a couple of tips and tricks, and that’s exactly what this guide is going to teach you!
The price of a folding table is usually influenced by its size, materials, and whether or not it comes with chairs. For example, a small, square folding table will cost less than a larger one which can accommodate six persons or more and comes with its own folding chairs. To give you an estimate, you should expect to pay between $35 and $200 for a high-quality folding table.

There are also cheap folding tables on the market, usually priced below $30, but, although they might sound like a good bargain, you have to remember that very cheap products are cheaply built as well. You don’t want your folding table to crumble because your fat cat climbed on top of it, chasing a noisy Chihuahua, right? Therefore, spend a couple of extra bucks and you'll eventually end up with a durable product which can be used for years!
Buying a folding table is a simple process; however, let's get through the basics to make sure you are covered on this one.
  • Size - Some tables are small and rectangular, others are long and designed especially for picnic use, etc. Ask yourself how many people are going to use the table on a regular basis and you'll know which size is right for you
  • Materials - Most folding tables feature a metallic frame with a plastic or vinyl-coated surface. Some tables might be made from durable polyethylene too
  • Color - Folding tables can also be eye-catching, so why not get one in a beautiful silver or grey color? Folding tables also come in other colors if you are looking for something more visually striking
  • Capacity - Most folding tables are also characterized by their capacity of withstanding weight with some of them being able to safely hold 200 pounds or more
Some folding tables are also designed for certain activities such as playing cards or enjoying a cup of tea, while others are more suitable for picnics, doing homework, or just for holding other objects. If you don’t know what to do yet, go for a multipurpose table which can be used for pretty much anything.
Construction and Design
The main advantage of a folding table is obviously its ability to fold in a more compact package and occupy less space, not to mention being more portable. This can be done in two ways – the table either has folding legs or it is designed to fold at its half, making it even smaller. In most cases, small folding tables have folding legs which simply bend inwards and are usually stored underneath the table.

On the other hand, larger tables can be bent at their half and even the legs are foldable, resulting in a super-compact and tight piece of furniture. You can then transport this table wherever you want and deposit it easier as it has a smaller footprint. The legs of the table are almost always made from metal, usually steel, and they can take a lot of wear and tear in the long run. At the tip of the legs you might find small rubber feet which protect your floors against scratching.

In some cases, folding tables also come with their own chairs, although most of the time you will probably buy them separately. Still, this is not a bad idea because most folding tables come at reasonable prices, and they can be used for years. For example, certain outdoor tables are coated against weather damage and rust, so they are almost indestructible. Larger tables also incorporate a small handle, making them easier to handle when transporting them from place to place.
Performance and Ease of Use
Another excellent advantage of folding tables is the simple fact that they are easy to clean, especially the ones which feature a vinyl surface. All that you have to do is to use basic cleaning products and a sponge to clean any messes. From time to time, you can hose them down and let them dry in the sun if you don’t have time to do proper cleaning. Lastly, folding tables are also backed up by warranty periods ranging from one to five years in most cases, so go for these models if you want to protect your investment in the future!

Get the Best Folding Table of 2023!

Whether you want to play cards, place a beautiful lamp in the living room, or have a picnic in your yard, some of the best folding tables are there to save the day, and they come at affordable prices. Pick yours today and you'll definitely be able to organize your space and personal belongings better.

Our Top Choice
Cosco Centerfold Molded Folding Table
Best Value
Table in a Bag Regular Aluminum Table
Lifetime Folding 6-Foot Picnic Table
Best Choice Products 6 Foot Folding Party Bench
Flash Furniture Black Folding Card Table