Best Folding Wagon Reviews 2020

It’s no fun to have to carry your personal stuff and equipment from your car to the beach or camping site with your hands and shoulders. In fact, if there aren’t extra hands to help you out, you’ll most likely have to make several trips to and from your car, which doesn’t spell fun at all. And who knows how heavy or long that trip can be? But thanks to awesome folding wagons, the job just got easier! To ease the stress of shopping for the perfect wagon, we have done the research and come up with a list of the top five wagons from the best folding wagon brands. If you’d like more options, you can also take advantage of other awesome offers made by these brands.
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Our Top Choice
Radio Flyer Ultimate EZ Fold Wagon
Radio Flyer is a century-old brand that manufactures a wide range of products, including toys, tricycles, and bicycles.
The folding nature of this wagon makes it easy to store and carry around in your vehicle.
There are some isolated complaints of the wheels squeaking loudly.
Kids' Wagon
2 kids, 1.5 yrs. age and up
DuraCleanTM Fabric
20.1” x 11.8” x 28.4”; 30.4 lbs.
UV Protection Canopy
Best Value
TimberRidge Folding Camping Wagon/Cart
When it comes to professional outdoor tools, you can count on TimberRidge for some of the best tents, bags, and wagons.
There is no assembly required - just unfold and load it. This also makes it travel-friendly when you're heading to the beach or camping.
The wagon cannot be used for demanding tasks, such as hauling mulch, firewood or raw soil.
150 lbs.
600D Polyester
30.5” x 12.2” x 8”; 24.1 lbs.
Telescopic Steel Handle
Creative Outdoor Folding Wagon with Canopy
Creative Outdoor designs a wide range of products to make your outdoor experience better, including folding chairs, camping tents and umbrellas.
This heavy-duty wagon performs well on sand, grass, dirt and pavement. It has a patented design, a cooler, steel frames, and nine pockets.
There are some complaints of the nuts and bolts loosening up over time.
150 lbs.
Canvas, Plastic
31.5” x 25.5” x 9.8”
18-Can Insulated Cooler
Quest Folding Utility Sports Wagon
Quest wants to make your camping and beach adventures great. That’s why it has a wide range of wagons.
This folding wagon is very travel-friendly, as it folds conveniently. There are two mesh cup holders to secure your cold beverages.
It cannot be used to carry children.
150 lbs.
600 Denier Polyester Fabric
38.5" x 18.5" x 22"; 26 lbs.
Available in 10 colors
Mac Sports The Macwagon Foldable Wagon
Mac Sports is a prestigious manufacturer of recreational furniture and equipment, and the world's largest manufacturer of collapsible folding furniture.
The adjustable handles make for effortless transportation. It is sturdy and very reliable, thanks to the heavy-duty construction.
The wagon lacks padding, so it's not fit for carrying children.
Home, Outdoors
150 lbs.
600D Fabric
35.5" x 20" x 22.5"
Adjustable Handle

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What is the Best Folding Wagon?

Wagons are designed to help you carry the things you’ll need at a relaxation site. The best folding wagon should be suitable for the location where you’ll be needing it and should also offer ample storage space to house the things you’d like to have with you. What’s more? It must withstand the weight of your equipment. If you give us a few more minutes, we can show you what to look for and how to identify the perfect folding wagon just for you.
Our Top Choice
The Radio Flyer Ultimate EZ Fold Wagon is a feature-packed folding wagon. It has a two-kid capacity, seat belts, four cup holders, and a removable canopy. If you're looking for a more versatile folding wagon, try the Radio Flyer 3-in-1 EZ Fold Wagon Ride On, which offers three different modes of use: bench seating, flatbed hauling and two kids riding.

Radio Flyer Kid's Ultimate EZ The Best Folding Wagon Ride On

Radio Flyer has been in the market for almost a century now. Along with toys, the company also manufactures horses, bicycles, tricycles, and scooters for kids. The company understands fully what toys mean to kids; that's why all its products are aimed at provoking your child's imagination and encouraging playing.

The Radio Flyer Ultimate EZ Fold Wagon is a full-size folding wagon for two kids. It’s not the size that is the hallmark in this unit, but rather the capability to fold compactly. This makes this unit travel-friendly and easy to store at home or in a vehicle. Even when you're heading for an outdoor adventure or traveling with your family, you can carry it along comfortably.

Other features in this folding wagon include:
  • Two seats for the kids, which are fitted with safety belts
  • Four cup holders to hold bottles securely
  • Telescopic handle for easy transport
  • Removable canopy to protect the kids from direct sunlight
  • Made with durable DuraClean™ fabric, which is easy to wipe and clean
  • Made for kids who are above 1.5 years
  • Red in color, with four wheels and seat backs
Best Value
The TimberRidge Folding Camping Wagon/Cart makes moving things easy when camping, and at the beach or garden. It features four oversized wheels, adding its to stability and mobility on every terrain. Not within your budget? Check out the smaller TimberRidge Folding Camping Wagon, which supports up to 150 pounds.

TimberRidge Collapsible Folding Camping Wagon/Cart with a Sturdy Steel Frame for Garden or Beach

TimberRidge is an all-around manufacturer producing a wide range of products. Some of its most recognized product lines include camping tents, camping folding chairs, and camping tables.

The TimberRidge Folding Camping Wagon/Cart is a versatile folding utility cart that you can use when going shopping or camping, and in the garden or at the beach. This versatility makes this wagon stand out, as you can use it anywhere. Unlike some other wagons, which are not usable on rough terrain, the case is different with this unit. You can use it comfortably on any terrain, pushing or pulling it.

Versatility is just one of its incredible features. Other features include:
  • Four large wheels for better stability and performance
  • Easy to use - opens and closes in seconds
  • Sturdy construction, polyester material and steel frame
  • Can hold up to 150 pounds
  • Telescopic handle makes it easy to control
  • Doesn’t need any assembling after purchase
  • Sets up and folds easily
If you need a versatile folding wagon, the Creative Outdoor Folding Wagon with Canopy is a great choice. Use it at the beach, when shopping, and at sporting events.

Creative Outdoor Big Wheel All Terrain Multipurpose Collapsible Wagon – Available With or Without Canopy & in 7 Colors

Creative Outdoor knows that you love outdoor experiences. It designs and manufactures assorted camping, garden and patio products. Some of its best-selling product categories include bow sets, outdoor folding chairs, folding benches, and wagons.

The Creative Outdoor Folding Wagon with Canopy is a multipurpose beach and garden wagon. This wagon is an upgraded version of an earlier release, and stands out for its innovative design. It comes with a 70 UV rating canopy for protection against harmful sun rays.

Here are some of its other features:
  • Steel frame for durability and sturdiness
  • Available in several patented designs and colors
  • Holds up to 150 pounds and has long handles
  • Four wheels do well on a variety of surfaces
  • Heavy-duty wheels made using PMMA rubber to reduce vibration and noise
  • For improved maneuverability, the front wheels rotate up to 360 degrees
  • Six flap pockets, three front pockets and an 18-bottle cooler located at the back
  • Easy to set up and fold up when traveling
  • You can use it for transport along the beach, when camping, and with small children
  • Best for events, parks, shopping, beaches, festivals, amusement parks and camping
In this review, we have featured the Gray/Black canopy version. If you’d prefer a design without a canopy or another color, they are available.
The Quest Folding Utility Sports Wagon is handy for transporting gardening tools, camping equipment, and beach chairs. Its impressive design and fabric add to its performance. If you’re looking for a bigger wagon, get the Quest Folding Utility Sports Wagon. It measures 39.4” x 21.3” x 26” and folds conveniently.

Quest Folding Utility Sports Wagon – Available in 9 Colors

Your beach or camping trip gets better with a reliable and convenient way to transport your camping equipment, beach chairs, and other vital gear. That's why Quest has some of the best folding wagons on the market.

The Quest Folding Utility Sports Wagon is a perfect tool for use at the beach, or when gardening or camping. While many similar wagons can be used to carry young children, this wagon is not suitable for carrying children. It features a collapsible handle for easy operation. This also makes it easy to pack when traveling.

Here is a list of other features of this collapsible wagon:
  • Made using 600 denier polyester fabric
  • Two mesh cup holders
  • Easy setup, collapsing and packing
  • Folds conveniently for easy storage and transporting
  • Steel frame construction
  • You can push or pull it
  • Handle is adjustable up to 26 inches from 12 inches
  • 150-pound capacity, 12 inches deep
  • Great for hauling sporting equipment
The folding wagon we have featured here is the blue version. If you’d prefer a different color, there are nine other colors to choose from.
If you're looking for a folding wagon that will be perfect for sporting events, concerts, parks, beaches and camping, the Mac Sports The Macwagon Foldable Wagon is a smart choice! If you’re looking for a large-sized folding wagon, get the Mac Sports Heavy Duty Wagon. It measures 36.2 x 21.4 x 24.6 inches and has an adjustable handle.

Mac Sports The Macwagon Collapsible Folding Outdoor Utility Wagon – Available in 7 Colors

In just two decades, Mac Sports has grown from a small-scale folding furniture brand into the world's largest manufacturer of collapsible folding furniture. The company also designs and manufactures juvenile furniture and garden furniture.

Mac Sports' The Macwagon Foldable Wagon is currently the #1 bestselling wagon on Amazon. If the incredible reviews and ratings are anything to go by, this wagon is one of the best. It has a roomy interior measuring 35.5 x 20 x 22.5 inches, large enough to accommodate all your camping and beach gear. It will only take you seconds to set up, as there is no assembly required. This is also the case any time you are done transporting your gear, and you want to pack it in the car.
Apart from the easy setup and the large interior, other features include:
  • Heavy-duty frame and durable 600D fabric
  • Can hold up to 150 pounds
  • Has an adjustable handle, making transport a breeze
  • Two mesh cup holders
  • Folds easily for easy storage and transportation
  • Made to last, heavy-duty construction
  • Has rubber wheels, which are great for varied terrains
  • Folds easily into its own carry bag
We have featured the blue version. If blue is not your favorite color, there are six other colors to choose from.

How Do I Choose the Best Folding Wagon?

With a busy lifestyle, good relaxation is necessary to keep you refreshed and ready to take on more tasks. Relaxing also prevents meltdowns and burnouts or experiences that may be dangerous to your health.

So, once in a while you can take a trip down to the beach with your beach mat or beach chair and just enjoy the cool and calming experience that the beach offers. You may also decide to take your squad along with you for an adventurous camping experience in a location far from your home.

While it’s not unusual to see people at the beach with nothing but their own company, we think fun means having personal items like a mat, a good book to pore over, a portable DVD player so that you can have a playlist of your favorite songs and videos on the go, and volleyballs for a good sporting experience, or just about anything that makes the visit truly relaxing and pleasurable.

Of course, the list of items you’ll be needing at the relaxation site gets longer with your personal preferences, the number of people you’ll be going with, and the activities you’ll participate in. This is where a folding wagon comes in.

We think it can be really stressful to have to lug your bag on your shoulders and your little one on your hip while making a trip down to the site. It is very likely that by the time you get to your relaxation spot, you’ll be super tired.

But a folding wagon is designed for that purpose, especially to ensure that you can make the best out of your outdoor relaxation.

Another feature of folding wagons that makes them really useful is their folding ability. This means you can fold them compactly when they are not in use and store them without taking up much space.

Already, there are a million and one wagons being touted as the best in the market when we know, in fact, that there are many useless ones in that number. This will make you wonder how exactly you can choose the best wagon.

If you give us a few more minutes of your time, we will show you how to identify the perfect folding wagon at the snap of a finger.
Often, folding wagons become pricier with increased carrying capacity and the material used in the construction. For instance, if you are looking for a wagon that can seat two of your little ones and also carry your personal items, then you should be looking for a wagon that offers ample space. Of course, more space means more wads to spare and we thought you should know that.

In other news, for the safety of your child and/or your items, we advise you to steer clear of cheap folding wagons that will crush easily under the weight of the child or equipment. Notwithstanding, you can find a good folding wagon within the range of $65 and $200.
The fine line between a horrible wagon and an awesome one is strung with all the things you must look for before you make a choice. And here are a few:
  • Carrying Capacity
  • Weight
  • Portability
  • Material
  • Intended Use
  • Handle
Construction and Design
Some wagons can carry a maximum load of 150 pounds, while others can carry only a hundred pounds. Looking for a wagon that can carry heavy stuff? Then you are better off with a heavy-duty folding wagon that is made of high-grade nylon, polyester or thick canvas. These materials are durable and able to withstand the weight of a heavy load.

The physics gurus also say that a tall and heavy load may tip over when the wagon is in motion if the weight of the load is not spread evenly on the wheel base. So, you may want to consider that as well.

You can bet your last dollar that heavy-duty folding wagons are far more likely to carry heavy loads on rough terrains when compared to the lightweight models. The snag with the heavy-duty ones, though, is that you’ll have to sacrifice ease of movement. For instance, you may find a heavy-duty wagon that already weighs 30 pounds with no load in it. It will glide over roots, rocks, and sand easily, but you will get tired faster from pulling a heavy load with it.

You can have a lightweight wagon with you while shopping at the store so that you can get your groceries to the car from the grocery store or into your house from your truck or car. They also make good choices because anyone, including kids, can pull them. They do just fine on smooth terrain, but not on sandy or rough terrains.
Performance and Ease of Use
What will you be using the folding wagon for?

At the mention of folding wagons, the common thought is transport – how to move stuff from one point to another, including the little ones.

Say you want a wagon that can haul your equipment when you need to make a presentation. You will definitely not be searching for the type that can carry your kids and your gear. So, in choosing a wagon, take into account what you want it to do. The one where the kids will be sitting should have a cushioned base of some sort so that the ride doesn’t become unbearable for them. A utility wagon doesn’t necessarily have to have those features, but you must place a premium on the durability of the fabric or material used in its construction, as with every other type of wagon.

The terrain of the path you’ll be pulling the wagon on is equally important. Concrete and cement surfaces are smooth enough for wheels and tires to glide over easily. On the other hand, trails and rough terrains like the ones you’ll see in the woods will require wagons that have wide, durable, and heavy-duty wheels.

Transporting your things with a folding wagon is easier when the wagon has a handle or two. You must also consider the length of the handle according to your height and the ease of transportation. Extendable or telescoping handles are suitable for tall people, and handles that are easy to lock in will make it easy to push the folding wagon like you would push the traditional cart. This versatility will come in handy when you have valuable things that you would like to keep an eye on. You may also take advantage of wagons that encourage pushing for easy movement in tight places.

Get the Best Folding Wagon of 2020!

Ease the strain on your arms, shoulders, and wrists by getting a wagon today and enjoy a hassle-free outing. Now that you have been well informed about folding wagons and what to look for, you can go ahead and place an order right away.

Our Top Choice
Radio Flyer Ultimate EZ Fold Wagon
Best Value
TimberRidge Folding Camping Wagon/Cart
Creative Outdoor Folding Wagon with Canopy
Quest Folding Utility Sports Wagon
Mac Sports The Macwagon Foldable Wagon