Best Food Processor Reviews 2023

We've reached a point in history where people are starting to pay attention to what they're putting into their bodies. Fast food and ready-made meals had their run, but we've realized the old saying is true: we are what we eat. It’s difficult sometimes, though. Unfortunately, not everyone has the will-power to eat healthily. The cheapest foods in the supermarket are frozen, processed meals. The cheapest "restaurants" are greasy fast-food chains. So what do we do? We start from scratch – we prepare healthy meals at home. We know what you're thinking – easier said than done, right? That's where this review comes in. With a food processor, you can relax a little in the kitchen and forget about the stress of food prep. So, here it is! Five of the best food processor brands, all in one nifty spot.
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Our Top Choice
Braun TributeCollection Food Processor
Braun is a well-known and trusted brand in the kitchen products industry thanks to their long-standing history since 1928. Their products range from juicers and blenders to coffee machines and more.
Available with either 7, 8 or 9 blades. 12 cup capacity. Multiple speed settings. Preset speed setting. Dishwasher safe parts. Powerful motor. Silent technology.
Not ideal for processing tough foods like cookie dough.
7, 8 or 9 blades
12 cups
1 – 15 speed settings
Dishwasher safe
Best Value
Shark Ninja Prep Pro System
Shark Ninja have made themselves a household name in the small kitchen appliance market. All their kitchen products are made using innovative technology with functionality in mind.
Comes with 3 bowls; 16oz, 40oz and 48oz. Blades can crush ice. 450-watt powerful motor. Multiple uses. Dishwasher safe parts. Materials are BPA-free. Splashguards and lids included.
Some isolated issues of the blades taking some of the plastic off the bowls or lid.
4 and 6 blades
16oz, 40oz and 48oz bowls
Pulse only
Dishwasher safe
Breville Sous Chef Food Processor
Breville is a name that needs no introduction. Their line-up of high-quality kitchen appliances will stand the test of time.
Large 16-cup bowl. 5.5 inch food chute. Smaller 2.5 cup bowl included. Available in 3 colors.
No other fancy attachments included.
Dual chopping blades
16 cup and 2.5 cup
On and pulse
Hand washing recommended
Cuisinart Custom 14 Cup Food Processor
Cuisinart is a global brand for kitchen appliances, amongst other things. They’re trusted worldwide for their high-quality, innovation and functionality.
14 cup bowl. Small and large pushers. 720 watts. Can shred, chop and slice. Available in 3 colors.
Not as powerful as some others.
2 discs and 1 blade included
14 cup
On and pulse
Top rack dishwasher safe
Hamilton Beach 8-Cup Food Processor
Hamilton Beach, a household name in kitchen appliances, have developed a new Good Thinking approach when it comes to their products.
Compact size. All parts store inside the bowl. Powerful 450-watt motor. Stainless steel S-blade. Ideal for chopping, mixing and pureeing. Large food chute.
Some complaints that it’s quite noisy.
Stainless-steel S-blade
8 cup
2 speeds & pulse
Dishwasher safe

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What is the Best Food Processor?

Still not satisfied? Well rest easy, as these food processor brands have plenty of other products. With such a large selection, you are guaranteed to find one that meets your needs.
Our Top Choice
The Braun TributeCollection Food Processor has a large 12 cup capacity and can be purchased with 7, 8 or 9 blades depending on your needs. If you want the same great quality with all your small kitchen appliances, you might want to check out the Braun Multiquick 7 Hand Blender too!

Braun TributeCollection 12 Cup Food Processor with Powerful Motor – Available with 7, 8 or 9 Blades

Braun opened its first factory way back in 1928. Since then, they’ve grown, innovated and expanded to now be one of the world’s leading kitchen products brands. Their range of high-quality products includes blenders, mixers, food processors, steamers, juicers and coffee machines and that’s just to name a few! With so much experience, it’s easy to see why so many people are choosing Braun for their kitchen equipment.

The Braun TributeCollection Food Processor is easy to use and easy to store thanks to its compact design, measuring just 11.3 x 14.9 x 15.4-inches. Braun’s TributeCollection takes its most popular appliances and remasters them with new and innovative technology.

Check out more features to expect from this product:
  • Variable speeds and pre-set speed function
  • Pulse mode also available
  • All parts are dishwasher safe making it super easy to clean
  • Powerful 600-watt motor
  • Incorporates silent technology for quiet operation
  • Available with 7, 8 or 9 blades all used for different functions
  • The high efficiency motor is great for energy saving
Best Value
The Shark Ninja Prep Pro System comes with a 16oz bowl, 40oz processing bowl and 48oz pitcher for all your processing needs. If you don’t need all three bowls and want to save a few bucks, you could go for the Ninja Master Prep Chopper which comes with 16oz and 48oz containers.

Shark Ninja Prep Professional Chopper, Blender & Food Processor

Ninja, developed by SharkNinja, is a leading brand in the world of household appliances. They want to make appliances suitable for those with a busy lifestyle, producing products from coffee makers and multi-cookers to blenders and food processors.

The Shark Ninja Prep Pro System combines the latest Ninja technology with a powerful pulse, making this your one-stop-shop for all your food processing needs. This powerful processor has a 450-watt motor and blades that will even crush ice!

Let’s check out some more features from this machine:
  • Chops and blends 2x faster than its counterparts
  • Multiple uses; dice, chop, mince, puree and blend effortlessly
  • Includes a 40oz processing bowl, 48oz pitcher and 16oz bowl for all applications
  • All parts are dishwasher safe making clean up easy
  • Safe BPA-free materials
  • All bowls include splashguards and lids
The Breville Sous Chef Food Processor will get meal prep done in a blast. It’s 5.5 inch food chute is large enough for almost any fruits and vegetables. If you’re living in a compact space, you might want to check out the All-in-One Processing Station which includes a whole bunch of other attachments.

Breville Sous Chef Food Processor – 16 Cup Bowl Capacity

Breville is a name that needs no introduction. With decades of experience they are one of the leading manufacturers of all kinds of cooking appliances and products. We are talking coffee makers, sandwich makers, deep fryers, microwaves, bread makers, pizza makers, ice cream makers and even induction cookers. The list really is endless (we could’ve gone on but we have a feeling you stopped paying attention at around the “pizza makers” mark).

But, alas, this review is not for any of these fine kitchen appliances; this review is for food processors, a common addition to most homes. Breville’s Sous Chef Food Processor stands out; it’s durable, reliable, attractive and most-of-all, functional. With an extra-large 16 cup bowl, you can whip up something for the whole family, or get your meal-prep done for a week in one go!

Here’s some more features to this machine:
  • LCD display; with count down (or up) timer
  • 5.5 inch chute is large enough to not have to worry about cutting up fruit and vegetables
  • Processing bowls are BPA-free
  • 5 multi-functional discs as well as 3 blades
  • 2.5 cup mini processing bowl also included
Choose this food processor in silver, red or black depending on your style!
The Cuisinart 14-Cup Food Processor is a large processor big enough to chop, slice and puree food for any family. If your processing needs aren’t quite as high as this, check out the cute 24-Ounce Mini-Prep Plus Food Processor which you can get in 7 cool colors.

Cuisinart Custom 14-Cup Stainless Steel Food Processor – Available in 3 Colors

Cuisinart is a name you just can’t get away from (and you don’t want to!). From your kitchen appliances, to your cook and bakeware and even right down to your cutlery, there they are. Their high-quality products just stand the test of time and end up an integral part of our kitchen.

In this case, we wanna talk about Cuisinart’s Custom Food Processor. Firstly, with any product you want to know it’s safe and in this case we do! This processor, as well as the rest of Cuisinart’s products, is built to the North American Electrical Standards. So you can breathe easy knowing that you’re getting a high-quality product. But not only are you getting this product, they’re throwing in an extra spatula and recipe/instruction booklet too!

Let’s check out some more features:
  • Shredding disc, chopping blade and slicing disc included
  • On/Off pulse buttons
  • 720-watts power
  • Large 14-cup bowl can accommodate any family’s needs
  • Feed chute comes with both small and large pushers
And as if that wasn’t enough, you can choose this processor in red, white or black depending on your personal taste! Although we’re featuring the 14-cup processor today, Cuisinart makes a whole range of sizes to suit each individual need.
The Hamilton Beach 8-Cup Food Processor is perfect for a couple or small family and it’s 450-watt motor will mix, chop and puree anything with ease. Alternatively, if you need a larger capacity you should definitely take a look at the functional and powerful Hamilton Beach 12-Cup Stack and Snap Food Processor too!

Hamilton Beach 8-Cup Food Processor with 450-Watt Motor

We’ve all heard of Hamilton Beach Brands and for good reason too. They manufacture small kitchen appliances that have made their way into homes across the whole of America, Mexico and Canada so it’s no surprise they’ve made their way into our review too!

Today, we’ve decided to feature the Hamilton Beach 8-Cup Food Processor thanks to its easy to use functionality and compact design. With an 8-cup capacity, this is the ideal size for an individual, couple or small family. You don’t want to take up precious countertop and cupboard space with a large bulky appliance when you could get a small compact one like this. All the parts store inside the bowl!

The powerful 450-watt motor of this processor is ideal for chopping, pureeing, and mixing. With a stainless-steel S-blade, two speed settings and a pulse mode, there’s not much you can’t do with this handy appliance. The large feed chute cuts down prep time even more by preventing the need to chop before processing; it can even fit a whole block of cheese! Finally, the convenience of this machine is elevated even more with the dishwasher safe bowl, blade and lid!

How Do I Choose the Best Food Processor?

Is your busy lifestyle driving you towards unhealthy fast foods? Well, here’s some great news for you! It’s now even easier to eat healthily. A product for both busy-bees with little time and lazybones who want to eat healthy. A food processor will make your life so easy, you’ll be left wondering where it’s been all your life. So, what’s the big deal about food processors?

For starters, the best food processors are designed to cut and crush foods to any size you desire. This means you don’t have to pre-cut them, saving you lots of valuable time. It wouldn’t hurt to own a cutting board for other tasks, though! There are some foods that are best cut by hand, salad being a good example. Moving on! You’ll also love the fact that food processors come in wide variety of sizes, meaning you’ll never feel limited as to how much food you can prepare at once.

With so many amazing kitchen product brands out there we had a hard time narrowing it down to five, so we’d like to take a minute, just sitting right here, to tell you all about two brands we couldn’t fit on the list. First up is Oster, a global brand with a fantastic reputation for manufacturing high-quality kitchen appliances. One of their food processors in particular stood out and that’s the Pro 1200 Blender with Glass Jar which also comes with a smoothie cup and food processor attachment. It’s basically you’re all-in-one kitchen goddess; enough said.

Next up is the well-loved KitchenAid. No review about small kitchen appliances would be complete without giving them a mention. Their 7-Cup Food Processor in Empire Red is a great budget-friendly option with all the basic functions you could need. It’s easy to operate with just three settings; low, high and pulse.

Okay, now you’ve seen a couple options that are out there it’s time for you to check out what consideration factors you should bear in mind when shopping for the ideal food processor for you.
For a product guaranteed to make your life both easier and healthier, price should be the least of your concerns. Money doesn’t come easy, tough, and sometimes we’re forced to consider price before committing ourselves. The good news is that food processors are pretty affordable, selling in the $100 to $500 range. Quite the difference there, right? That’s because the higher priced ones have auto-timers that add precision to your food preparation. They’re also designed to give you speed control, allowing you to cut up foods into the exact sizes you desire. These attributes can’t be enjoyed if you go for a cheap food processor.
While the hassle of food preparation is what’s most likely driving you to purchase a food processor, there are several key features you should consider.

Below are the most notable attributes you should look out for when shopping for a food processor.
  • Power – Measured in watts and varies between products
  • Size – They come in a variety of sizes depending on your kitchen table size, and whether it accommodates feeding tubes
  • Materials – Food processors are made of varied materials, with the most common being stainless steel
  • Weight – They vary in weight depending on the material composition of the base
  • Type – This depends on the number of bowls and whether the shredding disks are adjustable or not
  • Color – Food processors come in several colors
Construction and Design
When looking at the power capacity of a food processor, consider the fact that the higher the wattage, the more powerful the motor is. It operates faster at a result. A more powerful motor also gives your finer results when chopping or grinding food.

The size you pick should be determined by the size of your kitchen table. That’s because you need enough space for the feeding tubes. If you have a big enough kitchen table, then go a bigger one. These will accommodate the food processor and feeding tubes with ease. The reverse holds true if you have a small table. Of course, the size you choose should also be determined by how much food you need to process. Larger amounts require a larger one and vice versa.

When looking at the material makeup of a food processor, go for a material that is long lasting and rust resistant. You never want rust getting into your food. We recommend you choose stainless steel. It’s both rust resistant and long lasting.

The type of food processor you go for should also be determined by the types of food you need to process. Don’t forget to consider how much of it you want to prepare, too. If you’re looking to shred food into small pieces but not crush it, then buy one that comes with adjustable shredding disks. This gives you more control over the size of the shreds. The number of bowls is important too. If you intend to process food for many people, then it might be best to choose one that comes with a higher number of bowls.
Performance and Ease of Use
When considering weight, remember that the heavier a food processor is, the more stable it will be when switched on. Light food processors tend to move around and can end up falling or littering the table with the food peelings. However, if you have a fragile table that’s made of glass, then it would be wiser to go for a light food processor. Otherwise, you might end up breaking the table.

The color you pick is determined by personal preference and how frequently you clean up your kitchen items. It’s best to choose one that matches your kitchen of course. Bright and dark colors are always available. In case you’re the type that doesn’t clean up frequently, go for a darker colored one. Going for a bright colored one would end up embarrassing you because even the slightest stains will be visible from far.

Get the Best Food Processor of 2023!

That's all folks! The hard part is done. All you need to do is choose your favorite food processor from our featured brands. And if you don't like it… tough luck! No, no – we're kidding. If our featured products aren’t for you, look out for the other products these brands have to offer. It's a lot – trust us!

Our Top Choice
Braun TributeCollection Food Processor
Best Value
Shark Ninja Prep Pro System
Breville Sous Chef Food Processor
Cuisinart Custom 14 Cup Food Processor
Hamilton Beach 8-Cup Food Processor