Best Food Tongs Reviews 2022

Kitchen tongs are your best friend when it comes to cooking in the kitchen, grilling in the garden, or trying to reach something out of a cupboard when it’s too high. To help you choose your ideal tongs we have selected the top 5 kitchen tong brands as well as a product to feature from each to give you a better feel for what’s out there and what different brands have to offer. So, let’s not wait any longer and start browsing, shall we?
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Our Top Choice
StarPack Home Silicone Kitchen Tongs
StarPack is an Australian online retailer created by husband and wife Matt and Su. They create beautifully designed, durable products that can be used around the whole home.
StarPack’s Home Silicone Kitchen Tongs are not only dishwasher-safe, but have a high 450F heat resistance and are BPA-free, too!
Some customers found the tongs difficult to close.
13.8” x 1.7” x 3.1”
General Use
Silicon and Stainless Steel
Dishwasher Safe
Available in 3 colors
Best Value
OXO Good Grips Locking Tongs
OXO is dedicated to bringing its customers products that make everyday life simpler and easier, with ranges suitable for a variety of ages and needs.
OXO’s Locking Tongs have a strong stainless steel design as well as non-slip handles for comfort and safety. They are available in 3 sizes, too!
Some customers found that the tongs had a strong chemical smell.
13.8” x 6.8” x 1.5”
General use
Stainless Steel
Available in 3 sizes
GEEKHOM Stainless-Steel Silicone Tongs
Chinese brand GEEKHOM creates a wide range of products suitable for in the home and around the garden. If you’re looking to create the perfect BBQ atmosphere, then give GEEKHOM a try!
GEEKHOM’s Silicone Tongs have a handy locking mechanism for easy storage as well as a built-in stand to keep the tongs off surfaces.
Some customers found the tongs to be quite stiff.
13.9” x 2.7” x 1.6”
General and BBQ use
Silicon and Stainless Steel
Fixed Build-In-Stand
Available in 2 colors
DRAGONN Locking Kitchen Tongs
DRAGONN specializes in the manufacturing of products across a variety of categories including homeware, kitchenware, and garden-ware, all at an affordable price.
DRAGONN’S Kitchen Tongs come in a handy set of 2 that are made from durable stainless steel and include a loop for easy storage.
Some customers found the tongs to be too lightweight.
12” x 6.8” x 1.5”
General Use
Stainless Steel
Dishwasher Safe
Includes Loop for hanging
Progressive Prepworks Food Tongs
For over 40 years, Progressive has been creating innovative kitchen products and gadgets that make cooking in the kitchen fast and fun!
Progressive’s 2 Piece Food Tongs are ideal for a variety of occasions due to their durable and stylish design.
Unfortunately, these tongs don’t include a gripping system, so they an be difficult to use.
6” x 0.8”
General Use
Stainless Steel
Dishwasher Safe
Available in 2 styles

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What is the Best Food Tongs?

Hopefully after reading through our buying guide you have a better idea about the wonders of kitchen tongs and the type you need for your kitchen or BBQ. By narrowing your options down, selecting a product based on your own personal needs will be so much easier. So, let’s not waste any more time, and check out our top 5 kitchen tongs!
Our Top Choice
If you’re searching for a pair of kitchen tongs that are suitable for a variety of uses around your kitchen and BBQ, then check out StarPack’s Home silicone Kitchen Tongs! If you’re after a more affordable product, however, then take a look at StarPack’s Premium 9-inch Silicone Kitchen Tongs instead.

StarPack Home 2-Pack 9-Inch & 12-Inch Premium Silicone Kitchen Tongs with 101 Cooking Tips – Available in 4 Colors

Australian brand StarPack is a premium online retailer that sells fantastically designed, quality products to customers across Asia and the US. Created by husband and wife Matt and Su, StarPack is committed to creating easy-to-use products that are made of the finest materials and give outstanding value for money.

We wanted to feature StarPack’s Home Silicone Kitchen Tongs due to the product’s fantastic design and extensive range of useful features. Made from silicone, the handles of the tongs have soft ergonomic grips for easy use and a pull lock for easy storage. They are dishwasher-safe and easy to clean with scalloped steel heads for durability and heat resistance of up to 450F. These tongs are angled to offer superior grip and control and can be used for a variety of uses such as grilling meat, serving salads, or cooking in general. Also, the tongs are non-stick and therefore won’t damage your pots, pans, or your delicious meal! 100% FDA-Grade and BPA-free, these tongs are safe to use, and are stain and odor-resistant, too.
Best Value
The Good Grips Locking Tongs from OXO are perfect for anyone after a durable set of tongs that can be easily stored away at the drop of a hat. If you fancy something different, however, then make sure you check out OXO’s Good Grips Locking Tongs with Nylon Heads instead!

OXO Good Grips Stainless-Steel Locking Tongs – Available in 3 Sizes

OXO is a brand that is dedicated to creating products that make everyday life that much easier. By interacting with its products and customers, OXO has been able to create a range of products that are suitable for everyone, whether left-handed, right-handed, young, or old. Today, OXO offers over 1000 products that cover all areas of the home.

OXO’s Good Grips Locking Tongs are a firm favorite of ours due to their strong stainless steel design and their easy-to-use non-slip handles. Available in three sizes, these tongs can lock in a closed position for easy storage and have a thumb rest for easy use, too. OXO’s tongs also include a hanging loop that allows them to be hung on a wall or a BBQ with ease. And our favorite part? They’re dishwasher-safe!
GEEKHOM’s Stainless-Steel Tongs are ideal for cooking burgers in the sun with their stylish and easy-to-use design. If you’re after some slightly longer tongs, however, then check out GEEKHOM’s 16 Inch Extra Long Tongs instead!

GEEKHOM Silicon Serving Tongs with Locking Head & Built-In Stand – Available in 3 Colors

GEEKHOM is a Chinese brand that sells an extensive range of products for around the home and garden. They particularly specialize in BBQ products to help you pull off the perfect party outdoors. With their range of cooking utensils, fairy lights, and thermometers, you’re guaranteed to have some fun with GEEKHOM!

We wanted to feature GEEKHOM’s Stainless-Steel Silicone Tongs due to their non-slip design and the fact that they come with full GEEKHOM warranty, too. This 2-pack tong set comes in both 9” and 12” and are ideal for outdoors or in the home. Their bright color will add some flair to any kitchen, and they even come with a fixed build-in-stand which keeps the tongs off surfaces! Their locking mechanism means they can be stored away or hung on your wall with ease, and they are even dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning. The scalloped heads of these tongs are coated in silicone, giving you complete control of your food, and they even feature a thumb rest for a comfortable, sturdy grip.
If you’re after an easy-to-use, comfortable pair of tongs to cook up a storm this summer, then look no further than DRAGONN’s Locking Kitchen Tongs. If these particular tongs aren’t your thing, then how about checking out DRAGONN’s Stainless-steel 12-inch and 9-inch Silicone Kitchen Tongs instead?

DRAGONN Set of 2 Premium 12 & 9-Inch Stainless-Steel Silicone Kitchen Tongs

DRAGONN is a brand that offers a huge range of consumer products across several product categories, including kitchenware, homeware, and garden-ware. DRAGONN is passionate about customer satisfaction and ensures that its products are thoroughly tested before sale. The brand also has some of the most affordably priced products on the market today, so if you’re after a bargain, give DRAGONN a go!

DRAGONN’s Locking Kitchen Tongs are one of our top picks due to their simple, stylish design that’s comfortable to use. Made from brushed stainless steel, this tong set comes in both 12” and 9”, perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. The tongs also have cushioned, non-slip handles, and thumb rests that provide the perfect grip. Both sets of tongs can lift and flip food with ease, ensuring that your meal is void of germs and overcooking. They also contain a loop for easy storage and hanging purposes, and are even dishwasher-safe!
If you’re after a set of tongs that can be used for a variety of occasions, both indoor and outdoor, then you’ll want to check out Progressive’s Prepworks Food Tongs! If, however, you’re after a pair of tongs with silicone for an easy grip, then take a look at Progressive’s Silicone Gripper Tongs instead.

Progressive Set of 2 Prepworks Stainless Steel Food Tongs – Available in 2 Styles

Progressive has been making innovative kitchen products and gadgets for well over 40 years. The aim of the brand is to make the preparation of food not only fast but fun, inspiring its customers’ culinary creativity. Its quality products have made them a firm favorite amongst customers the world over, and it is continuously developing its products to ensure it’s at the top of its game.

Progressive’s Prepworks Food Tongs are a top pick for us due to the fact that they are suitable for a variety of occasions. This tong set includes 2 stainless steel, 6” appetizer tongs for both general and outdoor use. They are also available in a vegetable tong set, ideal for Christmas dinners and family get-togethers. Dishwasher-safe, these tongs are not only functional but attractive too, with their sleek round and square edges.

How Do I Choose the Best Food Tongs?

Whether you’re cooking up a storm in the kitchen or grilling like a pro on the BBQ, kitchen tongs are an essential, versatile tool for all your culinary needs. Due to the fact that most kitchen tongs are made from steel or silicone, they can withstand very high temperatures without causing damage to you, your pots and pans, or your food itself! Great news for everyone, right? It doesn’t matter if you’re flipping bacon on the grill for your morning sandwich or attempting to fish something out from in-between your cupboards; kitchen tongs are a must-have for any kitchen!

When it comes to choosing the best kitchen tongs for you there actually isn’t too much to it (what a relief, aye?). Their simple design means there isn’t a lot of difference in the way of features or price, for that matter. Some products are, of course, more expensive than others, but this will mostly come down to the materials used in the tongs and how large the set is.

Tongs come in 2 sizes, 6” and 9”, with some brands featuring both sizes in one set. Shorter tongs are great as they give you more control, which is ideal if you’re cooking fillets of fish or meat. Longer tongs are more practical for high-temperature cooking as they allow you to keep your hands at a further distance, which makes them ideal for cooking on the barbeque or the grill. You may want to have a little think about what tong size is more practical for you before making your purchase.
When it comes to the cost of your new kitchen tongs, there’s not too much to worry about. On average, a set of kitchen tongs should cost you somewhere between $10 and $15. Usually, tongs at the higher end of this scale come as a set, meaning you will receive both the 9” and 12” tongs for this price. Sometimes, tongs at a higher price will also include accessories such as a stand or cookbook, so make sure you keep an eye out for these if you’re after a bargain! There are cheaper kitchen tongs available on the market, usually for $10 or less. These products are ideal for students looking to save a few dollars, but just be aware that they don’t tend to last as long. Cheaper alternatives quite often aren’t made from durable materials either, so don’t leave them resting on a pan, whatever you do!
Like we mentioned previously, kitchen tongs aren’t that complex and therefore don’t have tons of features to choose from. There are, however, a few things we recommend looking out for when shopping for your new tongs; these will help you choose a durable, long-lasting product that will have you grilling for years!

Here are some features we recommend keeping an eye out for:
  • Stainless Steel/ Silicone Material
  • Lockable/ Hanging Design
  • Scalloped Edges
  • Dishwasher-Safe
Construction and Design
When shopping around for your perfect kitchen tongs, we recommend looking for products made from either stainless steel, silicone, or both! Tongs that have silicone tips will not scratch your cookware and are also more efficient at gripping onto slipperier foods such as raw meat or spaghetti. Products made from silicone quite often include grips on the handle, which protect your hands if the tongs get too hot. Both steel and silicone tongs are a lot more durable than other materials and can withstand high temperatures without causing damage. Some cheaper products use Nylon instead of silicone; whilst this is great for the price, they cannot withstand high temperatures efficiently and quite often end up melting onto the pan…tasty!

Another feature we suggest looking out for in kitchen tongs is the use of a hoop or the option to lock the product when not in use. Kitchen tongs with a hoop on the end make it easy to hang up the product for storage purposes and won’t take up any room in your utensil drawer either! This type of design is also very popular for those who barbeque as they can simply be hung up next to the grill. Lockable tongs are also handy as they take up less space and can be easily tucked away in any kitchen cabinet.

Another key feature to keep your eyes peeled for is tongs that have scalloped or ‘toothed’ edges. Why, I hear you ask? Well, tongs that have this design are better at picking up meats, vegetables, and pretty much anything else you find yourself cooking. They offer better grip and a tighter hold, and will stop you from dropping that pork chop on the floor when dishing it up!

Finally, the last feature we suggest investing in is a product that’s dishwasher-friendly. This one is pretty self-explanatory…we just don’t like having to do the washing up. Chances are if you’re cooking up a storm in the kitchen, there is going to be a fair amount of cleaning to do afterwards. Save yourself the hassle of washing up your tongs by investing in a pair that can be thrown in the dishwasher. Simple!
Performance and Ease of Use
When it comes to caring for your new kitchen tongs, there isn’t a whole lot to it (these products just get better and better, don’t they?). They require zero setup and are good to go as soon as you take them out the box. If you invest in a pair of tongs that are dishwasher-friendly, then throw them in and have a cup of tea. If you haven’t, you can simply wash them like you would any normal cooking utensil, with hot water and soap. Depending on what you’re cooking, kitchen tongs can get a bit greasy so make sure you give them a good scrub. Make sure you don’t leave them resting on any open flames or hot pans for too long either; although they are durable, they aren’t that durable and no one likes a kitchen fire.

If you’re searching for a pair of kitchen tongs that will outshine your neighbors’ and make them jealous at your next BBQ, then how about investing in a pair that include a stand? This will ensure your tongs won’t touch any surfaces, which is perfect if you’re handling raw meat. It also keeps your sides nice and tidy and your tongs free from any lingering bacteria. Plus, it looks pretty cool!

Get the Best Food Tongs of 2022!

We hope that by now you’ve selected your favorite kitchen tongs and are now planning your next BBQ in the garden to show off your new tong skills. If this isn’t the case, don’t give up! Here at, we have you covered. All you have to do is browse through the other products our top 5 brands have to offer and find something that’s ideal for you!

Our Top Choice
StarPack Home Silicone Kitchen Tongs
Best Value
OXO Good Grips Locking Tongs
GEEKHOM Stainless-Steel Silicone Tongs
DRAGONN Locking Kitchen Tongs
Progressive Prepworks Food Tongs