Best Foosball Table Reviews 2023

Are you having a hard time choosing a suitable foosball table for your home, bar, or office? Worry no more, for you’ve found the right place! We are here to help you choose from the myriad options available out there. After investigating lots of foosball table brands, we have arrived at the top five from some of the best foosball table brands on the market today and have reviewed one table per brand. Keep in mind, however, that if none of those featured in our picks are suitable for you, these brands all offer other foosball tables that may better satisfy your needs.
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Frame Info
Surface Info
Our Top Choice
Carrom Signature Foosball Table
Carrom is a very well-known manufacturer of high-quality and great looking foosball tables that bring fun into your homes and relaxation hubs, and are designed to stand the test of time.
This table is very sturdy, looks great, and the price won’t put a hole in your pocket.
It’s really technical to put together, so you may want to consider professional assembly.
Stand alone, indoor
Wild cherry laminate
55 x 29 x 36 inches, 177 lbs
Cup holders
Best Value
Chicago Gaming Foosball Coffee Table
For several years, Chicago Gaming has been making top-grade foosball tables and arcade games that consistently meet the demands of both casual and hardcore tabletop gamers.
It’s easy to assemble and subtle enough to pass as a normal piece of furniture.
Because this table has two purposes—fun and functionality—some gamers found the handle bars to be too close to the tabletop.
Stand alone, coffee table
Solid hardwood
Wood veneer
47.6 x 28 x 20 inches, 75 lbs
Doubles as coffee table
Garlando Outdoor Foosball Table
For years, Garlando has been manufacturing foosball tables that are characterized by their premium quality and exotic designs.
Easy to assemble and very sturdy. Waterproof & washable materials. Ultra-smooth spinning of handlebars. Unbreakable plastic figures.
With such a durable table, you won’t be afraid to tilt it when your fall gets stuck in a dead spot.
Marine plywood
Marine plywood
60 x 40 x 18 inches, 140 lbs
Has vinyl cover / weatherproof
Tornado Sport Foosball Table
Tornado delivers superior entertainment with its commercial-grade foosball tables.
It’s legs are adjustable so you can set the table at your preferred height. The SureGrip plastic handles help you play your best game every time.
The players are not counter-balanced, but when you’ve got this much game, your opponent is the only one who’ll have to be worried!
Stand alone, indoor
Mahogany Melamine
56 x 30 x 36 inches, 205 lbs
Sport Squad Table Top Foosball
Sport Squad is an emerging manufacturer of foosball tables that have great performance for quality entertainment at home.
Quick set up once initial assembly is done. Compact design. Portable. Easy to store.
Assembly isn’t as easy as some would like.
Indoor, tabletop
Manufactured wood
Laminated wood
37 x 20 x 8 inches, 15.4 lbs

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What is the Best Foosball Table?

There’s no foosball game without the foosball table! Having gone through our buying guide, we sincerely hope that you’re armed with enough relevant information to make the right choice from the great foosball tables we carefully picked out just for you.
Our Top Choice
The 530.00 Signature Table features triple chrome-plated steel rods with premium bearings for ultra-smooth spinning. A beautiful Moroccan finish makes this foosball suitable for any room in your house. If you prefer a table of a similar quality, but with a fresco finish, then the beautifully designed 521.00 Signature Foosball Table is one you should definitely check out!

Carrom Signature Foosball Table – Available in 2 Colors

Carrom is a company built on responsible fun. When a concerned Sunday school teacher saw young men frequently loafing around pool halls and getting into trouble, she decided to find an alternative means of entertainment for them. For over 100 years, this brand, operating out of Ludington, Michigan, has been consistently making high-quality board and sports games for both children and adults.

The 530.00 Signature Foosball Table is a great source of entertainment for homes, bars, club houses, and arcades. It has a very flat surface for consistent ball roll and even play, and it won’t warp over time. It’s made with furniture-grade materials that make it durable and beautiful. Other features of this table that we like are…
  • The steel rods spin smoothly, and the chromium plating adds shines
  • Beautiful, cherry laminate gives a bright finish
  • Wear-resistant painted play surface
  • Black vinyl is miter-folded for added durability in the legs
  • The leg levelers add balance while chrome plating adds style
  • Well-designed players for superior control during game play
  • Cup holders to keep refreshments close by
Best Value
The Signature Foosball Coffee Table by Chicago Gaming is made from solid hardwood with hand-carved detail. While it’s a great foosball table, it’s also an awesome coffee table, which makes it a unique addition to any room. If you’re looking for even more fun, check out the Ms. Pac-Man \/ Galaga Arcade Gaming Cabinet, which is also made by Chicago Gaming.

Chicago Gaming Signature Foosball Coffee Table – Available with Assembly

Chicago Gaming Company is renowned for creating entertaining tabletop games for homes, and coin-operated arcade game cabinets that can be used on a commercial scale. This company is focused on providing fun through its products—wherever you might need it.

The Chicago Gaming Signature Foosball Coffee Table is a versatile table made out of hardwood. With its beautiful finish, glass top, and functional shelf below, this piece doubles as an elegant coffee table that’s perfect for your game room or your living room! The wood scoring beads and carved accents give this table an antique feel.

The playing field is made with furniture-grade inlaid wood veneer. It also has adjustable leg levelers.
The G-500 Weatherproof Outdoor Foosball Table is applicable for both indoor and outdoor entertainment. The waterproof coating makes it washable and more resistant to strong weather. If you’ll only be using your table indoors, go for the cheaper G-500 Indoor Foosball Table. The same great quality and fun, but at a cheaper cost!

Garlando Indoor/Outdoor Weatherproof Foosball/Soccer Game Table

Garlando has successfully infused handcrafted elements with superior technology into the manufacturing of its sport and leisure products. This has contributed to this brand’s successful history. To expand its reach and category of products, Garlando has partnered with highly-rated companies all over the world in their various fields of expertise.

The G-500 Weatherproof Outdoor Foosball Table by Garlando has a marine plywood cabinet with very solid construction, which makes it so sturdy and usable outdoors. Its leg levelers give it extra stability. Some of its other great features include…
  • Playing field is made of marine plywood and covered with plastic laminate
  • Telescopic rods ensure you don’t accidentally poke your opponent
  • Anti-rust coating protects the table against humidity
  • Table is constructed to absorb powerful UV rays
  • Waterproof glue keeps moisture from seeping in
  • Includes a weatherproof vinyl cover
Whether you’re inside or outside, you’re sure to have a blast with this table!
Tornado’s Sport Foosball Table is a high-quality, American-made table with a sleek mahogany melamine finish for added elegance. Want a table with the same commercial-grade quality, but coin-operated for public use? The Tornado T-3000 Foosball Table is the perfect option for you!

Tornado Sport Foosball Table with Mahogany Finish – Available with Assembly

Tornado was started by a professionally-ranked foosball player, which explains why the brand is so dedicated to providing excellent quality and high-performance foosball tables. Their focus is always on the control, precision, and overall enjoyment of the game. The subtle detailing is what makes their tables stand out among both casual and professional players of foosball all over the world.

The Tornado Sport Foosball Table is manufactured right in the state of Texas. It has a mahogany melamine finish on its 1-inch cabinet, which gives it a classy look suitable for homes and club houses. With adjustable legs, you can set the height of this table for taller or shorter players, allowing everyone to partake in the fun. The SureGrip handles give every player precise control, so you can impress—and beat—your fellow players every time.

This is a great foosball table for the heavy-use casual player as well as the professional ones.
The FX-40 Tabletop Foosball Table is quick and easy to assemble. Its compact design makes it convenient to store away. If you prefer air hockey to foosball, but still want the tabletop convenience, go for the Sport Squad HX-40 Air Hokey Table, which is electric-powered.

Sport Squad Table Top Foosball with 2 Soccer Foosballs Included – Available with Assembly

Sport Squad is a fairly new manufacturer of game room products, but they’ve quickly made a name for themselves by producing top-quality and high-performance products for all ages. They’ve managed to quickly build their reputation in part by partnering with world-renowned manufacturers and distributors of game room products.

The Sport Squad Table Top Foosball Table has a compact design for portability and convenient storage. It’s made of both wood and high-quality plastic, and the grooved rubber handles provide players with the best grip.

This is a great choice for small gaming areas.

How Do I Choose the Best Foosball Table?

Whether you’ve been lucky enough to catch a game over soccer at the stadium or have only been able to enjoy the action from the television, you cannot deny the passion and the tension that come along with the game. As a soccer enthusiast, you may want to watch the game over and over again or to be in the field kicking the ball and being part of the excitement first hand! Unfortunately, that’s not always possible and some factors like a rainy day can prevent you from enjoying your game of soccer outdoors, but there has to be another way.

You can assuage your hunger for the game by getting yourself a foosball table. The foosball table is a miniature soccer game with all the basic features of a real soccer game, but played on a table and with players hanging on a rod… literarily. It’s an indoor game guaranteed to keep the players occupied and amused for hours on end that, unlike other indoor table games like pool (billiard) games, can be enjoyed by players of all ages.

The foosball table is versatile in the sense that some of them have features to convert them into coffee tables allowing you to enjoy a cup of coffee with you opponent after the game has finished, discussing each other’s incredible goals! There are also tabletop foosball options available for children to keep them productively engaged in their recreation room among their other toys and games.

Before you invest in a foosball table, there are certain factors and features that you need to check out and consider, so you don’t waste your money on a piece that isn’t playable. Things like the type of table, design of the players, type of handle, frame, surface material, price, and other additional features should be examined and discussed in detail, as they will be in this buying guide.
The price of a foosball table is greatly determined by the type and size of the table. In this regard, a full-sized table costs about $500 to $1200, while a tabletop version may cost between $50 and $100. Although these price ranges may vary depending on brands and features offered, it’s highly recommended to make a one-time investment for a good quality table rather than to spend several hundred of dollars on a product that won’t last or function properly.

Cheap foosball tables are available, but are not built to last and often have dead spots on the playing surface that make smooth play difficult and sometimes, downright impossible. The products we reviewed here are made of good quality materials with classic finishes that will give you an exciting playing experience, so do yourself a favor and stay right on this page!
Now, for a hassle-free and careful selection of the right high-performing foosball table, there are some features that you should look at, to ensure that you will find the perfect foosball table for you.
The features include:
  • Type and Size of Table
  • Playing Surface Material
  • Design of the Players
  • Frame and Handles
  • Additional Features
Now let's look at each feature in more detail.
Construction and Design
Foosball tables can be placed anywhere in the home, office, fraternity houses, bars, game rooms, or gyms. They come with options of a full-sized table or tabletop model which should be determined by the age of the users and the space available.

A full-sized foosball table measures about 56 inches in length and 30 inches in width. This is excluding the space occupied by the handles that will be sticking out on either side and the space needed for the players to move around. All in all, if you’re going for a full-sized foosball table, then you will need a space of about seven feet by eight feet minimum, whereas, if intended for short-term use, children, or ease of storage, the tabletop version is a far better option. Tabletop models are portable and lightweight, store away easily, and can be placed on any flat surface that’s comfortable enough for the players, no matter their height.

Full-sized foosball tables are made of solid and sturdy wood frames, usually oak, and heavy, sturdy legs with levelers, that can withstand vigorous playing sessions. Tabletop models, on the other hand, are made from plastic materials that are lightweight and easy to move.

There are eight rods with a preferred material of hollow centered steel, allowing them to be light, fast spinning, and easy to maneuver. You should also look for tables with octagonal or wooden grip handles for easy, firm, and non-slip grip.

The playing surface is an extremely important part of a foosball table and should command plenty investigations before investing in the table. If you’re going to be using your table regularly, then you’re advised to go for a heavy table with a playing surface of at least one-inch thickness to last several years. If you’re an occasional player or you’re buying a table that weighs below 70 pounds, then be sure that the play surface has a thickness of at least ½ inch to avoid premature ware. For whatever table you buy, also ensure that the playing surface is smooth and even with no dead spots, otherwise it will be difficult to get the ball moving again when it enters those locations.
Performance and Ease of Use
Foosball tables require some patience to assemble, especially the full-size ones. Although the manufacturers try to make them as easy as possible to assemble by including an instruction manual and fewer individual parts, you may still need to spend a couple of hours or more, depending on the brand, to correctly assemble the unit – but, boy, what a reward and joy it is to see your foosball table up and ready for play!

One important feature that greatly affects the performance of your foosball table is the design of the players. This factor is often overlooked but many a game have been frustrated by poorly designed players. A well-designed player needs to be counter-balanced so it can stay put in the horizontal position when you turn the rod to prevent them from falling back down vertically when you turn the handle, thus making it impossible or dull and upsetting to play games on the table. Therefore, always check to see that the players have a counter-balanced design before purchasing. For easy score-keeping, foosball tables come with different score-keeping features on them such as abacus-style or sliding scoring systems.

For ease of use, you can go for foosball tables with adjustable legs. This feature makes it possible to adjust the table to a height comfortable for various players, eliminating back aches from hunching for hours over a low table. With an adjustable leg, you can buy a full-sized foosball table for the kids so they can enjoy quality games for years, even as they grow, instead of the limited time available with flimsy table top options.

Some brands design their table to serve dual purpose of foosball and coffee table, with a thick, glass top cover. This model is quite attractive and convenient for an intimate time or quiet discussions between people over coffee as opposed to the boisterous nature associated with the conventional foosball table. Some tables even come with cup holders to allow players the option on enjoying their favorite beverages while they play.

A foosball table surface can be slick or a little bit rough. Slick surfaces are mostly sought after by professional players who have mastered the game while novice players should content themselves with surfaces that offer more friction so they can have more control of the foosball ball.

Most foosball tables have end-pocket access to the foosballs while some have their foosball pocket access at the sides so you don’t have to keep reaching around or walking around to the end to retrieve the ball from the score chamber. Also ensure that the table is properly leveled, preventing the ball from rolling around on the playing surface unnecessarily.

Get the Best Foosball Table of 2023!

Having equipped yourself with all the necessary information you need about foosball tables, go right ahead and place an order for the foosball table of your choice. Thanks for reading!

Our Top Choice
Carrom Signature Foosball Table
Best Value
Chicago Gaming Foosball Coffee Table
Garlando Outdoor Foosball Table
Tornado Sport Foosball Table
Sport Squad Table Top Foosball