Best Foot File — Manual Rasps and Electric Foot Files and Callus Removers for a Professional Manicure at Home

Pedicures are expensive. To do your own foot care, or just keep your feet smooth in between professional treatments, consider investing in a foot file. We looked at all the brands out there and picked the 5 best foot file brands to feature here. Then we chose one of the best foot files from each, but if you don’t find quite what you’re looking for, each brand has other products to choose from. We also have a separate review for callus removers which also work as foot files to provide you even more options.

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Our Top Choice
Amopé Pedi Perfect™ Wet & Dry Foot File
Amopé makes this convenient and easy-to-use foot file that’s rechargeable and can be used in the water or out.
Includes docking station for convenient storage and charging. 2 speeds for different skin needs, preference, and use situations.
May take some time (multiple uses) to achieve desired results.
Wet/Dry Rechargeable Foot File
Exfoliating, Callus Removal
Replaceable Roller Head
Docking Station for Charging
Best Value
Microplane XL-Pro 2-in-1 File/Buffer System
This two-in-one product from Microplane features filing and buffing cartridges to tackle rough skin and tough calluses. The filing surface is durable yet gentle.
Replaceable filing and buffing cartridges. Feels comfortable to use. Works very quickly and leaves feet soft and smooth.
Flat surface area may make it difficult to access some areas of the feet.
2-in1 File/Buffer
Callus Removal, Buffing
Filing Cartridge, Buffing Cartridge
Black or Red
Mess-free Receptacle
Electric Callus Remover Pedicure Tool
If you have stubborn calluses or simply want to smooth out your feet, this multifunctional pedicure tool from Naturalico would be an excellent choice.
Rechargeable motor spins roller at 40 spins per second. Works great as a callus shaver, plus has 2 speeds for exfoliating.
Battery doesn’t last too long – needs to be recharged frequently.
Cordless Callus Remover & Shaver
Exfoliating, Callus Removal
Interchangeable Roller Head (2)
Water Resistant Design
Professional Electric Pedicure & Manicure Set
TEC.BEAN makes this reasonably priced foot file that delivers salon-quality results with interchangeable roller heads. You can even use it to file and buff your nails.
Built-in battery delivers as much as 4 hours of continuous use. 2 speed settings for comfort and to relieve irritation. Includes additional manicure tools for use on nails.
Higher speed setting might cause irritation for sensitive skin (choose the best setting for your skin type).
2-in-1 Foot File and Manicure Tool
Callus Removal + Nail Tools
3 Foot Roller, 4 Mani/Pedi Tools
USB Charger
Diane Foot File European Beech Wood
Diane by Fromm makes this simple, inexpensive beech wood foot file for those who don’t want or need a lot of bells and whistles.
Double-sided – one side removes calluses, the other buffs the skin. Easy to use and clean. Quantity discounts available.
Some users find even the smooth side too rough for their taste.
Wooden Foot File
Callus Removal, Smoothing
Natural Beechwood Finish
2-sided Design

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Some foot files are simple, single-function implements designed to shave away unwanted calluses and exfoliate the skin. Others may be mechanical, multifunctional devices capable of giving you the full pedicure experience. If you want to learn more about what to look for in a foot file and callus remover, make sure to read our buying guide below. One last thing before we get to our top 5 foot file reviews. We want to give honorable mention for the Dr. Scholl's Exfoliating Stone File. This is one of their many great foot care products.

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Our Top Choice
Amopé is a brand that’s all about feet, so it’s no wonder that their care products, including this Wet & Dry Rechargeable Foot File, have such high customer satisfaction. If you’re on a tighter budget, Amopé has a non-waterproof electric foot file and pedicure tool that’s available in blue and pink.

Amopé Pedi Perfect Waterproof Electric Foot File – Use Wet or Dry, Rechargeable, Cordless, Dual Speed


Amopé means “love my feet” in Portuguese. And that pretty much sums up the mission of Amopé, a brand known for its quality foot care items. Products include foot files, moisturizers, nail care systems, and more.

We chose to feature the Pedi Perfect Wet & Dry Foot File because it offers the convenience and versatility of being able to use in the water or dry. The ergonomic soft grip handle makes it comfortable to hold, and the 360-degree spinning head rotates at your choice of 2 speeds for gentle buffing and callus removal. The only real downside? Some users complain that the buffing action is actually a little too gentle, meaning that it may take more than one session to achieve desired results. On the other hand, this could actually be a good thing, because you know you won’t be able to file away too much skin at once – certainly not so much that it will leave your feet uncomfortable.

Besides the 2-speed spinning head and soft-grip handle, features include:

  • Specially designed roller that works on either wet or dry feet
  • Completely waterproof to allow you to use the device in the tub or shower
  • Rechargeable – store and charge on included docking station

Don’t forget that replacement rollers are also available, so this product should have a pretty long life.

Best Value
Our featured product is one of several types of foot files available from Microplane. This one is very easy to use and isn’t likely to wear out quickly. In addition to black, this paddle style foot file for super smooth feet also comes in other colors such as red, vibrant teal, hot pink and natural.

Microplane XL-Pro Dual Cartridge Foot File, Buffer and Dead Skin Remover – Several Color Options


You might be surprised to learn that Microplane makes kitchen and woodworking tools in addition to foot care implements. What would a company that sells graters know about foot health? As it turns out, they know quite a lot. Using their understanding of how zesters work on the surface of fruit, the people at Miroplane adapted the concept of grating and zesting to the thick, often rough skin on the feet.

This foot file and buffer almost looks like a grater, but you shouldn’t expect it to be rough. In fact, the XL-Pro removes calluses and rough skin quickly, effectively, and gently. The long handle makes it easy to manage, although the wide, flat shape can make accessing harder to reach areas somewhat of a chore. For the larger areas of the foot though, the XL-Pro works like a dream.

This is a simple but effective tool that includes these features:

  • Works great without presoaking
  • Receptacle catches skin as you use it

The CL-Pro is also very easy to wash and maintain. Simply rinse with soap and water after use. Under normal use, the cartridges should last a good amount of time, and they are easy to replace when they do wear out.

Naturalico makes simple products for health and personal care. This pedicure tool uses gentle rolling movement to eliminate calluses and leave your feet smooth. While you are at it, we recommend picking up a few replacement roller heads – when we looked, they were on sale.

Waterproof Electric Foot File, Callus Remover and Exfoliator – Cordless, Rechargeable Spa-Like Pedicure at Home


Naturalico products are designed to help users improve their heath, comfort, and appearance naturally. Products include gentle anti-aging serum, heated shiatsu massager, and foot care tools like the one we’re featuring.

Much more than just a foot file, this is an all-around great device for smoothing out the skin on your feet or giving yourself a complete pedicure. The battery-powered roller is gentler than a manual file and delivers results that are as good, if not better. This device can also be used for basic exfoliation, and it leaves feet feeling soft and smooth. The callus removing function is excellent for tackling large and tough calluses painlessly.

Features of the Electric Shaver and Callus Remover include:

  • Built-in 1200 Mah battery is rechargeable – charge up to 1000 times
  • Red light/green light indicators to show when charging and when fully charged
  • LED light illuminates skin so you can see what you’re doing
  • 2 different speeds for customized exfoliation
  • Easy to clean – water-resistant, 2 roller heads and 1 cleaning brush included

Users report professional-quality results with this product. And the price is excellent – for about the cost of a salon pedicure, you can get long-term results.

This compact 2-in-1 Foot File is one of the many personal care items available from TEC.BEAN. Choose this one if you like the idea of being able to use it on your nails as well. Looking for a non electric foot file? We recommend looking at the Foot Care Professional Pedicure Kit. It comes with a colossal foot rasp foot file, a large foot scrubber for removing dead skin, a cuticle remover, nail clippers, a nail brush and several other quality pedicure tools. All at an extremely affordable price!

Professional Pedicure and Manicure Set – 2-in-1 Electric Foot File and Callus Remover Plus Nail Drill, Buffer and Polisher


TEC.BEAN manufactures a wide range of products, from audio equipment to cameras to specialty beauty and personal care items. When it comes to personal care, TEC.BEAN offerings are designed with attention to versatility, ease of use, and value.

Our featured product is the 2-in-1 Electric Foot File, which also serves as a pedicure and manicure tool. The number of different attachments makes this a multi-purpose implement. More than a simple foot file, it removes calluses and buffs rough skin on the feet. It also shapes, files, and buffs nails on both feet and hands.

User satisfaction is extremely high with this device, largely owing to its versatility and ease of use. Features include:

  • Rollers are easy to switch out and can be cleaned simply by holding under running water after each use
  • Rechargeable lithium battery connects to USB charger or computer USB port
  • Roller spins 360 degrees, 50x per second
  • Comes with fine abrasive roller, coarse abrasive roller, massage roller and 4 manicure tools

The 2-in-1 Foot File comes with a yearlong warranty, which makes this multipurpose tool an all-around safe bet for foot care.

For general exfoliating and callus removal, the Diane Foot File, made of European beech, is an effective and affordable option. Looking for a metal foot file for more extensive exfoliating? Check out Diane’s extra large foot rasp.

Diane by FROMM European Style Double Sided Foot File with Beech Wood Handle – Available in Multiple Quantities for Savings


The Diane brand is a division of Fromm, which has been in the beauty business for over a century. Diane makes beauty essentials for salons and individual users alike. Product offerings range from brushes and combs to salon towels and gloves. Our featured foot file is one of a few different options.

We chose this particular foot file because of the high level of customer satisfaction, the simplicity of the product, and the overall value. If you don’t need a mechanical file, or one that serves multiple functions, this will do the trick just fine. The coarse side should be used on dry skin, while the smooth side can be used wet. To clean, you can rinse, or purchase a sanitizer for that purpose.

Features include:

  • Ergonomic handle for comfortable grip
  • Made of European beech wood
  • Double-sided construction for callus removal and buffing

If you haven’t used a foot file before, this could be a good one to start with. The price makes it a low-risk purchase, and it’s super simple to use.

Best Foot File Buying Guide - How to Choose a Professional Callus Remover for a Memorable Pedicure

Salon services can get expensive, and making the trip is a daunting task on its own. But did you know you can get a little TLC (tender, loving care) right in the comfort of your home? Whether it’s applying nail polish for your prom, using a microdermabrasion machine to improve your skin’s lustre for your high school reunion, or detoxing your body with an ionic foot spa, there’s all sorts of self-administered care on hand. And now filing and buffing your feet is just as easy with a high quality foot file.

Before you set out to buy the best foot file, it’s important to consider the functions you want and the type of skin you’ll be working with, whether wet or dry. Furthermore, you should give some thought to where you’ll be using the foot file – at home or on the road – because some models are manually powered, and others are battery driven. Bring home the pedicure tool your feet will love you for!


Video: How To Give A Salon Perfect Pedicure - Step by Step Guide - DIY

Steps Needed to Give that Basic Salon Perfect Pedicure. | Courtesy of Vivid Photo Visual

Foot files are inexpensive foot care tools for the most part, but there are a few models that are on the higher end of the spectrum. Considering it should last you for years on end, buying a cheap foot file shouldn’t cross your mind. If you don’t need a lot of bells and whistles, a model that lives up its job description will cost you roughly $8. But if you want to be the Heidi Klum of your block, you’re going to have to up your game a little and opt for a feature rich foot file, one that will pamper your feet just the way to like it, and wherever and whenever you’d like to give your feet a makeover. To give you a rough idea, the price of foot files can range between $8 and $30+ for a premium, rechargeable model that will allow you to experience luxurious, salon style treatments.


A foot file, foot buffer or foot scraper is designed to help you get the best foot treatment possible, but there’s a world of a difference between using a pumice stone and a foot file for cracked heals.

That said, here are a few factors to consider when shopping for the best foot file for your needs.

  • Functions – These are the number of things a foot file can do whether just serve as a basic foot file, callus remover, buffer, all three or any number in between
  • Speeds – Motor power rollers spin at certain speeds, and some devices allow you to adjust the speed according to your skin needs
  • Skin Type – Most common are wet and dry skin, so ensure it is compatible for the type of skin you’re looking to beautify and can be used in the bathtub or your shower
  • Battery vs. Manual – Manual foot files can generally do a good job at removing calluses and buffing your skin, but it goes without saying won’t be as effective as their battery powered counterparts
  • Interchangeable Roller Heads – This allows you to replace the roller heads with other types such as with one for fine or coarse skin
  • Battery Life – Dictates the time the respective fool file can perform for on a single charge
  • Soft Touch Handle – Provides superior grip and comfort
  • Water resistant – This allows you to easily wash and clean the foot file, as well as using it safely in the shower
  • Docking Station – This allows you to store and charge the device when not in use
  • Indicator Light – Some foot files are appointed with an indicator light to let you know when it’s charging or fully charged and others shine light to see calluses and rough patches
Construction and Design

First things first—you should decide on the type of roller you need – or will a double sided, wooden foot file be just right for your foot care needs? With regards to type of roller, common options include a dual speed system, removable and closed heads. To break it down for you, closed rollers clog easier but are ideal for exfoliating skin, whereas removable models don’t clog as much, and are easy to clean by detaching the roller from the device. You might want to opt for a dual speed system if you have a serious callus issue or want to work on both sensitive and harsh skin.

Whether manual or electric, most high quality foot file devices are easy to haul around discreetly wherever you go. Electric pedicure devices can be electric power supplied, battery powered or rechargeable, and the type you choose truly depends on what your needs are and how much time you need to service your feet for.


Video: Pedicure Techniques - Using a Foot File

Basic Use of a Foot File. | Courtesy of Homespa Beauty
Performance and Ease of Use

Foot files can be had with several accessories. Some are included in the package while others will have to be bought separately, such as additional attachments and heads. Speaking of rollers, it’s a good idea to consider their density. If, for example, you have thick calluses, you will need extra coarse rollers to tackle them well and not soft rollers. Even if you’re buying a basic manual foot file, you should buy one that’s built to last such as one made from high quality wood for long service life. Foot files generally are easy to use, and some can even nourish your feet in wet conditions like the shower. Furthermore, most high quality foot files offer the convenience of USB charging, and some even come with a docking station that does both – store and simultaneously charge the device.

Get the Best Foot File of 2022!

Now you know how many different kinds of foot files are out there. But, even though we’ve showed you a lot of options, we hope we’ve been able to simplify the process of choosing one. If you found the one that meets your needs and budget, great! If not, our 5 featured brands each have a range of options, so go check them out!

Our Top Choice
Amopé Pedi Perfect™ Wet & Dry Foot File
Best Value
Microplane XL-Pro 2-in-1 File/Buffer System
Electric Callus Remover Pedicure Tool
Professional Electric Pedicure & Manicure Set
Diane Foot File European Beech Wood

Foot File FAQs

How to use a foot file?
To use a foot file, hold it against your foot facing downwards. Use the rough side to scrap dead, hard skin followed by the smooth side. Scrap your foot until it becomes smooth throughout. To avoid injuries, do not use the foot file on tender areas.
How much does a foot file cost?
A foot file costs anything between $6 and $15. However, some high-end foot files may cost between $25 and $40. So, you can choose whether you want an affordable foot file or an expensive one.
Where to buy a foot file?
You can buy a foot file on Amazon where the variety is great and the quality high. If you are looking for a foot file to buy, we have reviewed some of the best.