Best Football Cleat Reviews 2022

Football is easily the United States’ national sport (if baseball fans will accept). Almost every young player dreams of the NFL, and it all begins from the youngest of ages. Whether you are a pro-level player or an amateur, one thing that you need is a pair of good football cleats. This is so important to your game that you cannot just pick the first cleats you find. We are here to simplify this process. We took the time to conduct some research and came up with five of the best football cleats brands, with a product to feature from each! Since each of these brands has a wide selection of football cleats, you can choose one of these, or browse through other models the brands offer. We hope this narrows down your search. Aside from football cleats, you need other important accessories, so you can look through our reviews on football shoulder pads, football helmets, football gloves, football knee pads, football rib protectors and football tees so you can be fully and well kitted.
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Our Top Choice
Nike Vapor Shark 2 Football Cleat
Nike understands the athlete’s desire for success and is constantly providing innovative and top-quality products, designed to inspire them to pursue and fulfill their ambitions.
Great quality. Comfortable. Perfect fit. Affordable. Lightweight. Durable. Great feel. Good traction. 29 color options. Good size options.
It appears to be a little tight on the sides, making it ideal for slim-footed users.
30 sizes; kids - adult
Synthetic leather
Best Value
Under Armour Highlight MC Football Cleats
. Under Armour understands the competitive nature of sports and constantly provides innovative products to improve athletes’ performance and guarantee superb delivery all the time.
Good quality. Great look. Good traction. Great support. Lightweight. Flexible. Maximum comfort. Extra protection. Good size options. Durable. Great customer support.
The size may run small, requiring that you get a size bigger.
14 sizes; 7.5 D(M) - 16 D(M)
Adidas Women’s Firm Ground Cleats
Adidas remains committed to their goal of harnessing the life-changing power of sports and providing innovative products that inspire athletes to attain success.
Good quality. Maximum comfort. Snug fit. Lightweight. Great support. Good traction. Good size options. Durable.
These are designed exclusively for women.
11 sizes; 5 B(M) - 10 B(M)
PUMA King AllRound TT Turf Trainers
PUMA is, no doubt, a leading sports brand in the world today. It has designed and produced some of the best sporting gear available today, demonstrating why many top athletes trust it.
Well built. Good quality. Excellent traction. Great support. Superb grip. Durable. Comfortable. Great for wide feet. Good size options. Affordable price.
You may find these a little heavier because of the turf sole plate.
10 sizes; 6 D(M) - 13 D(M)
Dream Pairs Kids Lace Up Soccer Shoes
Dream Pairs has one clear objective, which is to make top-quality footwear with the finest designs for men, women and children, at the best prices possible.
Well made. Good-quality materials. Stylish. Comfortable. Lightweight. Good support. Great traction. Good size options. 25 color options. Affordable price. Durable.
Kids with extra-wide feet may find these not a good fit.
16 sizes; toddler - big kid

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What is the Best Football Cleat?

We’ve tried to explain some factors that you should consider when choosing football cleats. It is now up to you to decide which features are important to you, so you can watch out for them as we review the five products we selected for this review.
Our Top Choice
The Nike Vapor Shark 2 Football Cleats are highly functional, lightweight and comfortable. Their fast flex technology facilitates quick movements, while the cleats enable quick changes in direction during play. Would you prefer a mid-cut cleat from this brand? Try the Nike Men’s Alpha Shark Football Cleats.

Nike Vapor Shark 2 Football Cleat – Available in 29 Colors

Nike has worked long, hard years with athletes from different sporting fields to understand the passion that drives them to fight to reach their goals. With products from Nike, athletes can confidently rise up against challenges on the field of play and overcome them. Constantly innovating with a view to improving performance and delivery, it offers products that are not just tastefully designed, but also quite functional and durable. It caps it all off by providing exceptional customer service.

The Nike Vapor Shark 2 Football Cleat is one of the top-quality products offered by Nike. It is durable and provides a great fit. With its sensational fast flex technology, it facilitates lightning-quick movement, balance and swift changes in direction during play. In addition, the synthetic leather embedded within gives utmost comfort and provides a lightweight feel that helps generate speed, reducing the tension and stress experienced after a game. This product also offers you multiple size options. You can choose from several sizes between 6.5 and 14. Sizes are also available to suit women and children so everyone can find what fits, enabling them to play with more comfort. This product has a unique fabric lining, which provides a great cushion to suit your style of play and enhance performance.

Another fascinating feature is the lace-up closure, which ensures that it is firmly secured, while heel slippage and loose-fitting during play is greatly reduced thanks to the padded tongue embedded within, which also helps eliminate any form of discomfort usually posed by the tongue of the shoe. In addition to all this, you’ll also look good, as these shoes are stylishly built, further contributing to an all-around amazing sporting experience. This product offers different colors to suit different fashion tastes or team colors. You can choose black/white/metallic silver or 28 other lovely color combinations.
Best Value
The UA Highlight MC Football Cleats are elite-class sporting gear. The UA ClutchFit provides your feet with firm support, while the 3D molded tongue takes the protection and comfort your feet enjoy to an all-new high. Would you prefer a low-cut design from this brand? Try the Under Armour Men's Speed Phantom Low MC Football Cleat.

Under Armour Highlight MC Men’s Football Cleats and Spike – Available in 15 Colors

Right from the start, Under Armour was consumed by the desire to deliver products that go above and beyond what is regularly acceptable. Founded by a former athlete who has had firsthand experience of the demands of sporting activities, it understands what athletes need to execute impressive performances with a passion that motivates them to be the best. With products from Under Armour, athletes can compete strongly at the highest level and exceed their personal and given expectations. It offers innovative products that are top-notch, durable and unique in style. Besides, its effective customer service also makes the shopping experience worthwhile.

The UA Highlight MC Football Cleats offer you the unique opportunity of making use of elite-class sporting gear. The first thing you notice about this cleat is the way it envelopes your foot, giving it immense comfort and support. This is due to its UA ClutchFit™ feature. It just wraps around your feet like you were born with it. That’s just one feature. You know how sometimes the cleats under the shoes can cause some discomfort to the soles of the feet? Well, with these cleats you have no such issue. The foot bed is made of 4D foam, which effectively reduces the pressure from the cleats, resulting in increased comfort.

Another intriguing feature of this product is the 3D molded tongue embedded within which, again, guarantees increased comfort and added protection. With these cleats, you are protected from toe hyperextension because the V56 technology is specifically designed to reduce its occurrence, making it a much safer cleat than most. Every speed player understands the need for proper traction and stability, without which you will be falling all over the field. The UA PlasmaX plate that comes with this football cleat provides your feet with the right combination of traction and balance you need to comfortably and confidently race around the field. Put all these features together and you will understand why this is elite-class gear and why the likes of Eddie Lacy, Kyle Fuller, Aqib Talib, Ryan Mathews, and Vontaze Burfict both trust and have worn these football cleats. This product is offered in a wide range of sizes. You can choose from several sizes between 8 and 16. You also have the opportunity of choosing this product in 15 different colors, depending on your taste. You can pick black/white, red/white, black/black and other beautiful color combinations.
The Adidas Women’s Firm Ground Cleats are designed for speed. With its sock design that facilitates a snug fit and the techfit® upper that provides incredible support, you can race freely and comfortably around the pitch. Would you rather opt for a low-cut design for men? If so, try the Performance Men's Freak X Carbon Low Football Shoe.

Adidas Women’s x 17.1 Firm Ground Cleats – Black

Adidas is a global brand that is focused on harnessing the huge power that can be found in sports. It works tirelessly to design and manufacture top-quality products that raise the performance of athletes, enabling them to rise above whatever obstacles they encounter on the field of play. Its products are not just top quality and highly functional; they are also tastefully designed and built to last, with excellent customer support backing it all up. With these innovative products and support from Adidas, athletes can find the courage and the drive they need to not only reach their goals but also exceed them.

When you cannot afford to compromise on your speed during play, you turn to the Adidas Women’s Firm Ground Cleats to provide the necessary support needed to achieve optimal speed without discomfort. In most of the world, the word “football” refers to what Americans call “soccer,” and these cleats were designed with soccer in mind, but they work well for both varieties of “football.” The first thing you’ll notice about these cleats is the sock top design. This construction ensures the cleats fit the wearer snugly. With this second skin-like fit, you can achieve top speeds because you never feel that discomfort that comes from knowing you’re wearing something that could fly off your feet at any time.

Aside from the comfort and fit these cleats offer, they do not require any time to break them in. This is because the techfit® upper wraps around your feet to provide serious stability which, when combined with the SPRINTFRAME outsole and the awesome traction it offers, means you have a set of cleats that offers you the basis for an explosive performance. These particular cleats are specifically designed for women and, aside from the functionality they offer, they are also really fashionable. Who says your cleats cannot make you look good? With about 11 size options available, you are sure to find one that will fit you perfectly, regardless of your sizing needs. Don't just take your performance up a notch, take it all the way up with these Adidas Women’s Firm Ground Cleats.
The PUMA King AllRound TT Turf Trainers are perfect for any surface. Its EverTrack outsole offers good control on artificial and natural turf, while its leather upper provides the comfort you need to play at your best. Would you rather have something specially designed for women? If so, try the Puma King XL i FG Women’s Leather Soccer Boots \/ Cleats

PUMA Men’s King All Round TT Soccer Cleat – Black/White/Gold

PUMA is a household name when it comes to sports brands. When you think PUMA, you don't just think sporting gear; you think top-quality, top-performing sporting gear. With over 65 years of experience under its belt, it has consistently remained at the top of the industry, maintaining its position as a leading sporting brand. This is, no doubt, a brand for top-performing athletes and athletes who want to perform at their best. Jamaica's Usain Bolt, Argentina's Sergio Agüero, Germany's Marco Reus, Italy's Mario Balotelli, France's Antoine Griezmann, Spain's Cesc Fàbregas, U.S.A's Michael Bradley and many other top athletes trust PUMA for their gear. Aside from these world-class athletes, top sports clubs like Borussia Dortmund, Arsenal FC, Newcastle United FC and the National soccer teams of Italy, Chile, Austria, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Uruguay, Slovakia, and many others also rely on PUMA. If all of these have continued to trust PUMA, your sporting gear needs can surely find full satisfaction with the PUMA brand.

There are two critical things the perfect cleat has to provide on the pitch of play. The first is comfort and the second is good control or traction. If the cleats are uncomfortable, nothing else matters, as the player will not be able to play to the best of his/her ability. If, on the other hand, they are comfortable but lack good control or traction, then the player will comfortably be skidding around the whole pitch, missing important passes and shots. The PUMA King AllRound TT Turf Trainers were designed to provide these two critical features.

It does not matter if you are playing on artificial turf or a natural surface, the EverTrack outsole, which is multi-studded, gives precise control on any of these surfaces, so you are in control of your runs and play, and not the surface on which you are playing. So now you have control, what about comfort? This cleat’s tongue is made of PUMA Lite leather, which delivers amazing comfort. This is aside from the cell cushioning offered by PUMA, which further increases the comfort offered by these cleats. Unless you are accustomed to this quality of cleats, you may feel undeserving of this type of comfort while on the pitch. Did we mention that these are pro-level cleats? You may have already guessed so, but just in case you did not, these are pro-level cleats that will elevate your game.

PUMA understands that the right sizing is important if a good fit will be achieved. Many users with wide feet complain that the cleats they get do not accommodate their wide feet, even when they are supposed to be the right size. Well, these cleats from PUMA will fit your wide feet nicely. Choose from any of the 6 sizes available: 6D, 6.5D, 7D, 7.5D, 11.5D and 12D (all US sizing) – and see your performance hit the ceiling.
The Dream Pairs Kids Athletic Lace Up Soccer Shoes provide perfect control for improved performance. Rubber molded cleats provide perfect traction, while a lightweight upper and padded cushion provide support and comfort. Are you looking for men’s models? Try the Dream Pairs Men's 160860-M Cleats Football Soccer Shoes.

Dream Pairs Kids Athletic Lace Up Outdoor/Indoor Light Weight Running Soccer Shoes – Available in 25 Colors

For Dream Pairs, the mission is clear and unambiguous – create quality footwear, make them available at the best prices and provide awesome customer support to make the shopping experience easy and memorable. Truth be told, anyone can come up with wonderful mission statements and fancy marketing lines. What matters to the end user is the results delivered. Dream Pairs has gone beyond mere rhetoric to actualizing its mission. The process begins with the design team that keeps in touch with the latest designs and trends as seen internationally, from which it then creates its own unique designs that are not just stylish and fashionable, but very comfortable.

With the design done, the ball moves to the court of the manufacturing team, where no detail is overlooked or quality compromised. Using the best of technology in concert with the best of materials, the best quality is always assured. You would think the brand would be satisfied at this point and let down its guard, but no! It understands the marketing process and how some of these add to the final cost borne by you, the end user, so it cuts out the middle men and ships the product directly to your doorsteps from its factory, allowing you to get this top-quality footwear at the best possible prices. What’s more, its amazing customer support will be there all the way to guide you through the entire process. With Dream Pairs, dreams come true.

It is not appropriate to raise hell when your kid is not chosen by the coach. It might actually be in bad taste and you might end up embarrassing your child. Every coach wants to play the best in his or her team. Yes, you believe your child is a star; so does every parent. You need the coach to not just believe, but to see that your child is a star, and a good way to do this is by providing your child with the gear that will help him or her perform at his or her best. The Dream Pairs Kids Athletic Lace Up Soccer Shoes might just be the answer you’ve been searching for.

Designed to improve performance, these cleats will also offer your child utmost comfort. The cleats are rubber molded with a traction configuration that is rotational, providing your child with the level of control and traction s/he needs to be in control, even on a damp and soft pitch. As your child takes charge on the pitch, racing around, receiving, giving passes and taking some shots, the cushioned insole will ensure the cleats do not cause any discomfort to the child’s feet, while the collar, which is well padded, will provide good support, increasing the efficiency of the cleats.

Dream Pairs is proud to offer you this lightweight, top-performing pair of cleats that are sure to help your child be the best s/he can. It understands how much parents want their kids to look great so, in addition to its functionalities, Dream Pairs has ensured your child will also look great in these cleats. With about 25 lovely color combination options, you can match your child’s cleats with his or her outfit or team uniform, ensuring they are always fashionable. Now it’s time to place your order. Thankfully, the brand offers good size options to fit your child perfectly. Check the size chart to be sure you’re choosing the right size. They are available in several sizes for toddlers, little kids, and big kids. Let the star in your child shine with these cleats.

How Do I Choose the Best Football Cleat?

The players step onto the field looking like gladiators with the ferocious appearance their football helmets give them and the thoroughly intimidating aura of their well-padded bodies. The crowd erupts into a frenzied roar as their champions strut around, the crowd and exuberant cheerleaders cheering them on. The crowd expects nothing short of victory from these heroes and the heroes themselves know this.

When the football players are on the field, everyone sees tough-looking and immensely strong athletes. This is true at least for the most part. However, these athletes are only human and must have the right gear to be able to perform optimally. Everyone sees the major gear such as the helmet and the like. Most people, however, do not pay any attention to some very important gear, without which the players cannot perform well. Some of these pieces include football rib protectors, football knee pads, and lastly, football cleats, which we will be discussing today.

Football cleats are one of the most important things a player needs to be able to play at his best. The ability to run smoothly and with the best of control is largely determined by the quality of the cleats. In this guide, we will show you how you can get the best football cleats for yourself or any player.

We will look at some factors to consider to ensure you choose correctly. If you, like us, understand the importance of football cleats and want to know more about how to choose the pair that is right for you, continue reading this guide.
Football cleats are one of those products that have a wide price range. The prices you will usually find will be determined by mainly the material used, the quality of build and, in some cases, the brand name. We found that cleats made of leather are usually more expensive than those made of synthetic materials.

During our search, we discovered that, with between around $12 and $200, you can get a good pair of football cleats. As we already noted above, what you pay will likely reflect the overall quality of the cleats. It is safer to pay a bit more for better quality and more features than to go for cheap football cleats that will not serve you at all, due to their low quality.
Getting the correct football cleats is very important to your game. The only way to correctly choose your cleats is to know exactly what you need from them. In this guide, we will show you a few things to consider when making a choice. Considering that these factors will make it much easier for you to identify the features you need in football cleats and, once you have done this, the rest becomes easier. Some of the factors that need to be considered include:
  • Type
  • Position
  • Playing Surface
  • Material
  • Size
  • Type of Cleats
  • Support
  • Comfort Level
  • Color Options
Let’s now take a closer look at these.
Construction and Design
The first question you need to ask is what type of football cleats you need. There are three basic kinds based on cut types. These include low-cut, mid-cut and high-cut cleats. Now, you don’t just choose based on a whim. You need to choose based on your needs. What would these needs be?

The first and maybe most important need is the position you play. If you are a lineman, you will probably do well with high-cut cleats, as these will give your ankles the support they need to pull off those quick side-to-side movements. Are you a defensive back, running back, wide receiver, or quarterback? You can go for mid-cut cleats, as these will provide some support while also allowing for speed. However, if you really need to run at your top speed, then simply choose low-cut cleats, as these will allow you to run better than the other two. You will, however, have to sacrifice on the support they provide.

Aside from the cut of the football cleats, you also have different types of cleats. Your cleats can be molded in or detachable. Which one you choose should be determined by two things – your budget and the surface you will be playing on. Molded (permanent) cleats are more budget friendly and also better for playing on hard surfaces. They will provide good traction on those hard turfs. If, however, you can raise your budget, you may consider detachable cleats, as these offer you the luxury of customization. You can change the cleats according to the surface you are playing on at the time. Once again, these are usually more expensive.

What usually separates one cleat from another is the quality of material used and the quality of work done. If you want the most comfortable, durable and surely more expensive cleats, then get leather cleats. The best cleats are made of leather. If you, however, are on a budget, you can go for those made with synthetic material. There are varying levels of quality, even with synthetic materials, which you may need to confirm.
Performance and Ease of Use
As we briefly stated above, while playing, having the right support is very important. Every football cleat must provide some level of support. Without the right amount of support, you could easily get hurt. This works closely with the comfort level provided by the cleats. The padding, the upper, the outsole, and more all have to work together to provide good comfort. In some cheap football cleats, the cleats underneath cause discomfort to the soles of the feet because the sole of the shoe is not well padded. You would not want to be running and have the cleats causing you discomfort. It is, therefore, important that you choose a set of football cleats that takes care of this.

Choosing the right size, especially when buying online, is very important. The football cleats must hug your feet without being too tight. A lot of football cleats are best for people with regular feet. If you have wide feet, you should look out for cleats that are specially built to accommodate wide feet. If you choose just any cleats, you may find that the length fits but not the width.

Finally, athletes today are getting more and more fashion conscious, even on the pitch. If you are one of these, then you will want to look at cleats that offer you good color options. If you are shopping for your child, you need something that will match his or her other gear. Having sufficient color options is surely a good addition to watch out for.

Get the Best Football Cleat of 2022!

Thanks so much for taking the time to read through this guide and review. We do hope you found it informative. It is now time to take that next step. With the information you have received, pick one product that offers the best fit and place your order right away.

Our Top Choice
Nike Vapor Shark 2 Football Cleat
Best Value
Under Armour Highlight MC Football Cleats
Adidas Women’s Firm Ground Cleats
PUMA King AllRound TT Turf Trainers
Dream Pairs Kids Lace Up Soccer Shoes