Best Football Cone Reviews 2021

As a football player, you need to always be at your best. There are standard drills you need to go through over and again to develop a higher level of agility, speed and reaction. Every football player and coach knows the importance of football training cones and has worked with them at some point. With the number of brands offering various types of these cones, choosing one that is right for you could easily get confusing. To help you, we took a close look at companies that make these cones and found five top brands that we want to bring to your attention today. These companies offer quality cones of different sizes and designs. We looked through their offerings and chose one from each brand to bring to you as a taste of what each brand can offer. Hopefully, looking through this selection will make the process of finding the right football cones easier and faster for you. Even if what we’ve selected isn't what you want, you can always look at other models offered by these brands.
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Our Top Choice
Trademark Innovations 9" Plastic Cones
Trademark Innovations designs and manufactures quality products, including sporting goods. It also delivers a great shopping experience.
Well made. Lightweight. Easy to see. Versatile. Vibrant colors. Pliable plastic. Affordable. Good customer service.
Color may fade completely with exposure and use.
Long high cone
9 inches
Info not provided
Mixed or orange
6 or 12-pack
Best Value
BlueDot Trading 9” Agility Training Cones
BlueDot Trading is a major importer of home and sporting goods, which it gets from different parts of the world and offers at very affordable prices.
Well-made. Good quality material. Sturdily built. Lightweight. Brightly colored. Good height. Visible across the field. Versatile. Affordable.
The color may fade if left in the sun.
Long high cone
9 inches
5 color options
10, 12, 20, 30, 40 or 60-pack
Cintz 9” Field Marker Cones
Cintz offers terrific products at really affordable prices. Its focus is making its customers’ shopping experiences easy and fulfilling.
Well made. Good quality. Sturdily built. Lightweight. Can be spray-painted. Color holds up. Versatile. Easy to stack and store. Great price. Durable.
They may be blown over easily if the wind gets strong.
Regular or pop-up cones
9 inches
Low-density polyethylene
Kwik Goal Mini Disc Cone Kit
Kwik Goal supplies a variety of equipment suitable for different sports. This includes field equipment, soccer goals, equipment for training, and more.
Well-made. Compact and easy to transport. Stacks nicely. Includes carrying strap. Does not interfere with play. Takes up less space. Ideal for windy locations. Durable.
May not be ideal for training on longer grass.
Disc cones
1 3/8 inches
3 color options
Flux Prodigy Training Cones
Flux Sports Co. is committed to helping athletes play like champions. To achieve this, it provides products that help athletes train the same way as the pros they want to play like.
Lovely design. Quality materials. Eco-friendly. Non-toxic. Temperature-resistant. Well weighted. Low profile. Bright colors. Versatile. Carrier bag. Durable.
These may not be best for use on longer grass.
Disc cones
2 inches
8 color options
25 or 50-pack

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What is the Best Football Cone?

From what you have read thus far, you can see that there are a few factors that will affect your choice of football cones. Knowing exactly what will be best for you depends on your specific requirements. With what you now know, determine the factors that are very important for you. Look for cones with features that satisfy these requirements as we begin to review the five products we selected.
Our Top Choice
The Trademark Innovations 9" Plastic Cone is a versatile tool that's great for exercising and running football drills. Brightly colored and standing at nine inches, these cones are very visible and can be used in various weather conditions. Would you prefer disc cones? If so, try the Trademark Innovations Plastic Disc Cone Sports Training Gear with Carrier.

Trademark Innovations 9-Inch Plastic Cones – Available in 2 Colors & 2 Pack Sizes

Trademark Innovations is a proud designer and producer of a wide variety of products that cover the sporting, outdoor, home decor, furniture, and kitchen categories. It doesn't just ensure these products are of top quality; it goes a step further to deliver an excellent shopping experience.

You don't need expensive and heavy-duty equipment to help your players run football drills and perfect their maneuvers. This simply designed Trademark Innovations 9" Plastic Cone is an effective and easy way to get this done efficiently. Just mark those boundaries, lines, and paths with this six-pack of cones, and you're set. The bright colors and nine-inch height make them easily visible even in low visibility conditions. This makes them perfect for use in different kinds of weather conditions.

These cones are versatile and can be used for all sorts of drills, including but not limited to bike drills, basketball practice, soccer drills, agility courses, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and even driving lessons. In fact, if you think hard enough, you're sure to find some uses for them that are not listed here. They are made of thick pliable plastic, which means they are not brittle and so will not break easily. They are also stackable, so you can stack them all up after use for easy storage. You have the option of going with the mixed color pack, which includes red, yellow, blue, green, purple and orange cones, or a set with just orange cones. The choice is yours. You can also choose from a 6 or 12-pack depending on your needs!
Best Value
The BlueDot Trading Agility Cones pack contains 12 brightly colored nine-inch cones. They are prefect for agility drills, interval training, and other varied functions, as they are difficult to miss on the field. If you would rather have disc cones, get the BlueDot Trading Disc Cones, Multiple Quantities and Colors.

BlueDot Trading 9-Inch Training Agility Cones – Available in 5 Colors & 6 Pack Sizes

BlueDot Trading is a leading importer of various products, including headlamps, LED tealights, shade sails, whiskey stones, and other home and sporting goods. It imports these products from several suppliers around the world, and because quality is very important to it, staff travel to every supplier's location to make certain of the quality of each product. Much more than ensuring the quality of each product, it also endeavors to offer these products at the best possible prices, giving you value. With this level of quality, backed by excellent customer support, it is no wonder that BlueDot was among Amazon's elite 25% sellers in the holiday season of 2012.

When running some types of agility drills, interval trainings, and other fitness trainings that help improve response time, foot speed and more, football training cones can clearly mark out the training area so every athlete can easily see where to go. The BlueDot Trading Agility Cones offer these and more. With a pack that contains 12 brightly colored nine-inch cones, you have enough to get started with those drills without spending a lot.

BlueDot Trading ensures the quality of this product, and also offers it in different quantities and colors. Depending on your needs and capacity, you can get the 10-pack, 12-pack, 20-pack, 30-pack, 40-pack, or 60-pack. You can also choose any of the following color options: mixed colors, blue, orange, purple, and red. Are you ready to get more out of your agility training at a really affordable price? If you are, go right ahead and get these training cones.

BlueDot Trading also offers other great sports products which include:
  • BlueDot Trading Disc Cones, Multiple Quantities and Colors – Smaller cones if you don’t need the bigger ones
  • BlueDot Trading BlueDot Trading - STRENGTH & Speed Agility Training Sled Ladder Cones Kit – A combination of training gear
  • BlueDot Trading Agility Cones – Four-inch cones
  • BlueDot Core Stability & Resistance Training Kit with Hurdles – Complete training set
  • BlueDot Trading Agility Cones – Blue nine-inch cones
  • BlueDot Trading Sport Disc Cones (100 Pack) – Value pack
  • BlueDot 60 New Orange 9" Tall Field Sport Cones Football Soccer – Value pack
The Cintz Pop-Up Marker Cones are made from low-density polyethylene that collapses when an athlete mistakenly falls or steps on it, reducing injury risk. They pop right back up when the weight is lifted. Would you be interested in some two-inch disc cones? Check out the Cintz 2" Field Cone Markers - Set of 20.

Cintz 9-Inch Field Marker Cones, Set of 10 – Available in Opaque Orange or Pop-up

From the moment Cintz opened for business in 2007, it was focused on two principal goals: delivering top-quality products, and offering them at affordable prices. It has been consistent in meeting these, and has ensured that customers enjoy an amazing shopping experience, which it backs with equally amazing customer support.

In the heat of football drills and other agility training involving football training cones, athletes have been known to fall on or step on an upright cone, injuring themselves in the process. This is not the case with the Cintz Pop-Up Marker Cones. These training cones are made from low-density polyethylene. They're highly malleable, so if athletes mistakenly fall or step on them, the cones will collapse and the athlete will escape being injured. The cones won't be damaged in the process, as they'll simply pop right back up once the weight is lifted. Very convenient and ingenious, right?

Aside from this safety feature, these cones are also brightly colored and stand at nine inches, which means they can be seen across the field, making your markings very clear so no athlete can miss them. Do not think these cones can only be used for sports. They'll fit in well wherever you need to clearly mark out a section of a field or floor. You can use them for driving practice, bicycle training, and more. If you’re not into the pop up style cones then don’t worry, you can also purchase the classic, opaque orange cones too!
The Kwik Goal Mini Disc Cone Kit offers you perfectly sized cones for when space is an issue. They're brightly colored and about 1 3/8 inches in height. This 50-piece pack will deliver bright and distinct markings on any field. If you need something bigger, look at the Kwik Goal Jumbo Disc Cones.

Kwik Goal 50-Pack Mini Disc Cone Kit – Available in 3 Color Combinations

Do you know the brand chosen by US Soccer as its technical partner and official supplier? What about the official supplier for the National Soccer Coaches Association of America? Or the official supplier of the Canadian Soccer Association? What about the official partner of the ESPN Disney's Wide World of Sports? Who is the official goal supplier of US Futsal? The answer to all of the above is ... wait for it.. Kwik Goal. With a product line that includes training equipment, field equipment, soccer goals, and seating, which it supplies both internationally and locally, this brand is easily the largest manufacturer of field equipment and soccer goals around, and clearly a highly reputable one. If these highly rated bodies can trust the brand, you surely can trust it too.

You don't always have the luxury of having all the space you need for your agility training and drills. Sometimes you need to work in a smaller space. This, however, should not stop you from achieving your training targets. The Kwik Goal Mini Disc Cone Kit offers just the solution you need. The pack comes with 50 mini cones that measure 1 3/8 inches in height and five inches in diameter. They're smaller than many regular cones, making them fit for use in smaller spaces.

These cones come in two bright colors, split into 25 pieces per color - 25 green mini cones and 25 orange mini cones - which increases the use you can put the cones to. These are also perfect for easy movement, especially with the included strap carrier, which makes carrying all 50 cones simple and stress-free. You can get this pack in three color combinations: blue/red, green/orange, and yellow/orange.

Kwik Goal offers other great products, such as:
  • Kwik Goal Small Disc Cone – Two-inch cones
  • Kwik Goal Mini Cones – 25 Pack
  • Kwik Goal Strap Cone Carrier – Facilitates easy transportation
  • Kwik Goal Soccer Mini Cones – 25 pack yellow cones
  • Kwik Goal Cone Carry Pack – Can hold up to 87 cones
  • Kwik Goal Disc Cone Carrier – Holds up to 175 disc cones
  • Kwik Goal Marker Cones - 6.5 inch height
The Flux Prodigy Training Cones are convenient and efficient. Compact and nicely weighted, these brightly colored cones will serve well for agility trainings, football drills, and more without being blown away easily. Would you love to have a bag for your gear? Check out the Flux Guardian Soccer Bag with Ball Holder.

Flux Prodigy Training Cones with Free Carrier Bag – Available in 8 Color Options & 2 Pack Sizes

When a brand makes as much impact as Flux has made in just the first few months of its existence, you know it must be doing something right. Flux believes that to change the way a team plays, the way it trains must first be addressed. To this end, it offers quality products that help players train well so they can play like champions. These products also make players look good and professional as they play the game.

Why should you choose the Flux Prodigy Training Cones for your agility training and drills? These cones are made from eco-friendly materials, so you know you are not adding to Earth's problems. They're designed to withstand heavy use, exposure to sunlight, and temperature changes, making them very durable. They are nicely weighted, so you don't have to worry about having them being blown away on the field with any slight increase in wind strength.

Despite the fact that they are very compact at two inches by four inches each, they are very visible thanks to their bright coloring. They can be used for a variety of exercises and functions, and come in packs of 25 or 50 pieces, further increasing your options depending on your needs. When you are done using them, you simply stack them and carry them with the included carrier bag. Now that's convenience. These training cones can be used at any level, beginner or pro, and you will love the results you get. You can get these cones in seven color options: yellow, red, blue, green, blue/green, red/blue, and red/yellow.

How Do I Choose the Best Football Cone?

How many times have you shouted yourself hoarse at a football game, cursing one player after another for a bad move? Considering how easy it is to shout from the stands, one would expect that more of us bleacher coaches should be on the field showing exactly what we mean.

Playing isn't the same as talking, right? There is a reason professionals are paid loads of money to play. Talk is cheap, and actual play is tough, demanding unending hours of drills and exercises in training.

These players use all sorts of fitness and exercise equipment to enable them perform at their best at all times. Surprisingly though, one of their most frequently used and highly effective exercise tools is the easily overlooked football training cone. Those critical runs you see on the field are not necessarily achieved because of the great football gear players have on. Yes, the football helmet, football rib protector, and other gear help them play at their best, but it's the drills that they run for hours every day that result in those masterful performances that you sometimes criticize.

Simple tools such as football training cones can help you change the way players train, increasing their agility and making them quicker and sharper on their feet – the stuff that champions are made of. This guide will show you simple ways of ensuring you get the best football cones. With these cones, you can really begin to aim for greatness in your football game play.
Many athletes are accustomed to spending some serious cash on high-tech equipment. Football cones do not cost anywhere near what the high-tech gear costs. They are all basically the same, apart from a few differences that can affect the price. Some of these include the cone’s size, the number of cones in a pack, quality of material, and design.

If two cones are made of the same material, but one is two inches by four inches and another is nine inches by six inches, the bigger one will surely cost more. Generally speaking, we found that with a budget of between $11 and $35, you can get good quality cones that will serve you well.

Always make sure that what you choose meets your requirements, even if you have to spend a bit more. Many people like to spend less if they can help it. While searching for budget purchases, be sure to avoid cheap football cones, because you may just end up back in the market for another set in a short while due to their bad quality.
Choosing the right set of football training cones is not rocket science. It just requires that you consider some important factors that affect your use of these cones. Once you have properly considered these factors, choosing the right one for you becomes easier. Some things to consider include:
  • Size
  • Location of use
  • Quantity
  • Color options
  • Material
  • Weight
  • Design
  • Other factors
Let’s now look at these closely.
Construction and Design
The very first thing you will want to consider is the size of football training cones you want. This will be closely related to where and how you intend to use the cones. There are high cones that stand at about nine inches, and there are low cones that stand at about two inches and even less. The suitability of each set of cones will be dependent on how and where you intend to use them.

If you train on turf, you can work with any of these. In fact, a set of mini cones or even small cones will do well. However, if you train on longer grass, you may be better off with high cones, as these will not be obstructed by the grass. Another thing to consider, especially for outdoor use, is the strength of the wind in your outdoor training location. For areas with strong winds, your best bet will be mini football cones, as these will not be as affected by the wind as will the higher cones.

Most football training cones come in packs that can contain anywhere from 10 to 50 pieces. Since this can also affect how much you pay for it, it's wise to choose a pack that contains a number close to what you need. Getting something more will be a waste, while getting something less will be inefficient.

Most, if not all, training cones are made of some form of plastic or the other. The best material to go for is the soft malleable type. The reason is that these cones do not break easily. Hard plastic will easily break should it be stepped on during training.
Performance and Ease of Use
Most training cones come in bright colors. The reason for this is simple. Bright colors allow the athletes to see the cones easily. There are some packs that contain cones of different colors. This can be very useful for some drills that involve two teams. Each team can identify its markings with the help of the colors. Once again, you will need to choose based on your unique needs.

When choosing training cones, you want something that is well weighted. They shouldn't be heavy enough to make carrying them a chore, but they shouldn't be so light that they're easily knocked down by the wind or the simplest of brushes. You need that balanced weight for convenience.

There are a few design factors that can make one set of cones stand out from others. There are cones that have holes in them. These holes can serve any number of purposes, from providing holes for linking cones for special drills, to allowing for free movement of air, reducing the risk of being blown over. Collapsible cones are made of very soft but durable plastic that easily collapses under weight and then pops back up once the weight is lifted. These type of cones help reduce injuries that arise from athletes falling on or stepping on rigid cones.

Look for simple conveniences that can make your use of a set of training cones more comfortable. Some football training cones come with carrier bags that make it easy to stack the cones for transportation. Others come with a carrying strap that the cones can be looped in for easy transportation. Look at these features and decide what is important to you.

Get the Best Football Cone of 2021!

It’s great to know you took the time to read this guide and review. We do hope you found it informative. Now that you have this information, put it to good use by ordering the football cones that caught your fancy, so you can begin to improve your agility and reaction time.

Our Top Choice
Trademark Innovations 9" Plastic Cones
Best Value
BlueDot Trading 9” Agility Training Cones
Cintz 9” Field Marker Cones
Kwik Goal Mini Disc Cone Kit
Flux Prodigy Training Cones