Best Football Gloves Reviews 2023

American football is all about catches and touchdowns for the most part, and to perform both plays like a superstar on the gridiron, you need the right pair of gloves. When shopping for football gloves, it is easy to make a rash decision, given the myriad of options available. But we’ve gone ahead and done the homework and now present you with what we feel are five of the best football glove brands, which will help you improve your performance. And since we’re avid fans of the game too, we’ve also got the lowdown on the best football helmets, football knee pads, football shoulder pads, football rib protectors and football tees, so be sure to check them out.
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Our Top Choice
Nike Vapor Jet 4 Lightspeed Gloves
Formerly known as Blue Ribbon Sports, Nike is possibly the most reputable name in the sports equipment business, with a net value today of over 19 billion.
Full-length, silicone-made palm. Breathable mesh rear resulting in a lightweight feel. Adjustable closure for superior comfort. Choice of five different sizes and 11 colors.
Fit may be tighter than expected during initial use.
Adjustable closure/mesh knuckles
4 sizes; small – X-large
Silicone with mesh back
11 colors
Best Value
adidas TechFit Adult Football Lineman Gloves
Conceived over 90 years ago, adidas is claimed to be the largest sportswear manufacturer in Europe and number two in the world.
Performance grade lycra and mesh at the back. Robust synthetic leather palm area. Heavy duty elastic wrist closure that is fixed with a Velcro strap for a secure fit.
Lacks padding on the knuckles and thumbs.
Velcro closure, impact jam pad
2 sizes; small or medium
Lycra, mesh, synthetic leather
2 colors
Cutters Gloves REV Pro Receiver Gloves
Pioneers of the revolutionary C-TACK™ grip technology, Cutters is a preferred name for several leading athletes, most notably for its sheer quality and durability.
Designed for receivers. Crafted from synthetic material. Panels at the front for enhanced fit, support and durability. C-TACKTM material in the palm and wrist area.
Strap may be a little too high for some users.
Machine washable, flexible back
15 sizes; youth S – adult XXXL
Synthetic with C-TACKTM material
50 colors
Wilson MVP Adult Linemen Gloves
The Wilson Sporting Goods Company is a premier designer and manufacturer of a wide range of sporting gear for several different sports, from badminton to baseball.
Silicone grip for all weather conditions. Rich padded construction. Fixed with a reverse hook and loop closure for a secure yet comfortable fit.
Only available in two sizes—medium and XX-large
Durable rich padded construction
2 sizes; medium or XX-large
Silicone grip with poly backhand
Under Armour Men's Nitro Football Gloves
Under Armour started out in 1996 with a mission to make a highly absorbent T-shirt, but today offers a wide assortment of products, including backpacks and compression gear.
Made of lightweight and breathable stretch-woven fabric. Meets NFHS/NCAA/NOCSAE standards. Powered by power-catch technology to greatly reduce twisting.
May have to opt for a bigger size for a comfortable fit.
Power-catch technology
3 sizes; small, medium or large
Stretch woven fabric

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What is the Best Football Gloves?

There are a few questions you need to answer before making a move to buy the best football gloves. First, you should consider the position you’re playing, the size, and your preferences on the gridiron. But now that you’ve read our football gloves buying guide, you should be able to easily spot the perfect pair among our top five picks, so let’s get right to them!
Our Top Choice
The Nike Men's Vapor Jet Lightspeed Football Gloves feature a silicone palm that offers a great grip on the ball. However, if you’re playing against the pros, you should be looking at gloves that offer you extra grip and great control over the ball, such as with the Nike Vapor Knit Magnigrip Football Gloves. They are equipped with mesh vents that keep your hands cool in high heat zones, and textured leather at the thumbs.

Nike Men's Vapor Jet Lightspeed Football Gloves - Available in 5 Sizes and 11 Colors

Founded in 1964 and formerly known as Blue Ribbon Sports, Nike is one of the leading sportswear and apparel companies in the world, with revenue exceeding $24 billion in 2012 alone. Their high quality has made them a favorite with professional sportsmen and women.

The palm of the Nike Men's Vapor Jet Lightspeed Football Gloves features full-length silicone, and is bonded with a mesh back and knuckles for a lightweight feel and a superior grip on the ball. Furthermore, it is fitted with an adjustable closure for added comfort and a custom fit, and can be ordered in five sizes, from small to X-large, and 11 colors, including tour yellow, black camo, university red and vivid pink.
Best Value
The adidas TechFit Adult Football Lineman Gloves provide great comfort and protection, owing to its impact jam pad. But if you’re on the receiving end, the adidas adiZERO 4.0 football gloves are worth considering. They feature a compression fit with a 3D overlay for a lightweight, comfortable fit and feel.

adidas TechFit Adult Football Lineman Gloves - Available in 2 Sizes and 2 Colors

Headquarted in Herzogenaurach, Bavaria and conceived in 1924, adidas is regarded as the largest manufacturer of sportswear in Europe and ranks at number two in the world. Part of the adidas group, which includes the Reebok Sportswear Company, the adidas product portfolio is geared toward several different sports, and includes a wide range of accessories as well.

The adidas TechFit Adult Football Lineman Gloves are engineered to allow you to give it your best shot at the line of scrimmage. They are outfitted with a blend of performance-grade lycra and mesh at the rear, and a robust, synthetic leather palm along with grip tack for improved grip in a variety of playing conditions. In addition to this, the palms of the gloves are partly equipped with impact jam pads at the base for enhanced comfort and protection. When it comes to fit, this pair of gloves doesn’t disappoint, with a heavy-duty elastic wrist band with a low-profile Velcro closure for a secure fit. The TechFit football gloves are available in two sizes, small and medium, and two colors – black/gray or black/white.
The Cutters Gloves REV Pro Receiver Gloves, just as the name suggests, are designed to help you deliver great performance at the receiving end. But if you’re going to be playing multiple positions, the Cutters Gamer All Purpose Gloves are perhaps a much better option. They feature C-TACK material on the palm for a solid grip and boast compression-molded foam along the thumb and fingers for lightweight and versatile protection.

Cutters Gloves REV Pro Receiver Glove - Available in 15 Sizes and 50 Colors

When shopping for the best football gear, Cutters Sport is a name that you will probably hear often, mainly for their innovative range of products that includes high-quality gear for several different sports. Their products are used by professional, college and amateur athletes alike.

The Rev Pro Receiver Gloves offer an excellent grip, thanks to their C-TACK palms. Further, the rear of the gloves is extremely lightweight, even though the gloves are outfitted with synthetic panels that provide even more support and long service life. One of the key features of these gloves is the ability to restore grippage by simply wiping with a damp cloth or washing them in the machine. Finally, this pair of all-weather football gloves can be bought in 15 Sizes and 50 Colors, and are designed to meet NOCSAE (National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment) standards.
The Wilson MVP Adult Linemen Gloves feature dual-padded construction that is complete with a silicone grip for any weather play, and reverse hook and loop closure. However, if you’d like a pair of gloves for the receiving end, the Wilson Adult Special Forces may serve as a better option. The backhand is crafted from breathable, stretch polyester for superior ventilation, while the reinforced index finger provides unmatched durability.

Wilson MVP Adult Linemen Gloves with Plush Padded Construction - Available in 2 Sizes

Based in Chicago, Illinois, and founded way back in 1913, the Wilson Sporting Goods Company is an esteemed all-American sports equipment manufacturer that boasts a wide spectrum of products geared toward several different sports, including tennis, squash, soccer and American football.

The Wilson MVP Adult Linemen Gloves feature strategically placed, rich padding on the back of the hand and fingers. In addition, the pair can be ordered in two sizes, medium or XX-large, and features a silicone grip for play in all weather conditions, and a reverse hook and loop closure to ensure a superior grip and fit.
The Under Armour Men's Nitro Football Gloves showcase great design and technology, and meet NFHS/NCAA/NOCSAE standards. If you’d like a different color and possibly a smaller or bigger size, the Under Armour Men's F5 Football Gloves may be a better choice. They are crafted from HeatGear fabric to keep your hands dry, cool and light, and can be ordered in five different sizes and 17 colors.

Under Armour Men's Nitro Ultralight Super-Breathable Football Gloves - Available in 3 Sizes

Founded by Kevin Plank, a former University of Maryland football player, in 1996, Under Armour is a renowned designer and manufacturer of performance apparel geared toward, men, women and youth, and features a large product portfolio that includes backpacks and school uniforms.

The Under Armour Men's Nitro are an ultra-light, extremely breathable pair of all-around football gloves, owing to their stretch-woven fabric craftsmanship that provides great mobility. Furthermore, they feature power-catch technology, which keeps the thumbs and index fingers in place and prevents twisting. The palms of the gloves feature perforations for excellent ventilation, and are ultra-sticky for unmatched ball control. You should get the right fit with these gloves as you can choose from small, medium or large.

How Do I Choose the Best Football Gloves?

You’ve got it all—physical attributes that are harmonious with the sport, top-notch footwork and ball skills, technical prowess and a strong mental game, but does this make you a great football player? Absolutely, as long as you’re packing the essential gear for optimum safety and performance, such as the best football helmet, football rib protector, top of the line football and football gloves. The benefits of wearing football gloves are twofold—you get a good grip when catching or throwing the ball, and greatly reduce the risk of hand injuries. But in order to buy football gloves that provide you with both form and function, it is important to first determine the right size, because in this case, the “gloves should fit” well. Read on for a few factors to consider when in the market for the best football gloves.
The price of football gloves varies considerably, and mostly depends on the materials used in their construction and features. For example, cheap football gloves won’t offer you the same sheer performance, grip and durability as ones made of high-end material and with silicone patches or rubberized bumps. The features of a good pair of gloves, such as perforations on the palm for enhanced breathability and extra padding to reduce impact, could greatly enhance your performance and, consequently, spike up the price. Adding to this, buying from a reputed brand will cost a few $$$ more but, as a tradeoff, you can expect unmatched ball control and long service life. To give you a rough idea, prices for football gloves can range between about $20 and $100, for ones that will make you the next Roethlisberger on the gridiron.
There are a few, simple qualities that should be present in any good pair of football gloves, such as their tackiness, meaning how sticky the surface of the gloves are.

That said, here are few important factors to consider when shopping for the best football gloves:
  • Play Position –Common choices are receiver gloves, lineman gloves and all-around.
  • Size –It is important that you select the right size from the manufacturer size chart.
  • Fit –The gloves should offer a comfortable yet tight fit.
  • Closure –This is the tab that secures the gloves, and is usually made of Velcro or adjustable elastic.
  • Protection –Several features that increase protection and reduce impact include mesh knuckles, impact jam pads and synthetic leather palm areas.
  • Grip –Depending on your position on the gridiron, you may want gloves with more or less grip.
  • Padding –Football gloves can be found with rich padding or light padding.
  • Ventilation –Gloves need to air out for optimum performance, hence, some come with perforations, and others, mesh material at the back.
  • Materials –Several materials can be used in the construction of football gloves, most commonly silicone, synthetic leather, lycra and woven fabric.
  • All-Weather Design –If you’re going to be playing in winter and rainy weather, it only makes sense to buy gloves that are waterproof.
  • Colors –This is truly a matter of personal choice. Some manufacturers offer a single color, and others, an assortment of colors to choose from.
Construction and Design
The first thing to determine before buying the best football gloves is whether they will be used by youth or adult players, in order to get the perfect size. Next, gloves can be constructed from several different materials, each with its own set of advantages, such as faster drying times, more ventilation, better stretch, and lightweight footprint. With regards to ventilation, the best football gloves should keep the airflow moving through them, so your hands stay dry, comfortable and cool. The protection and grip levels they offer vary considerably – a quarterback or receiver will most likely require extra padding and superior grip performance. Lineman football gloves also need to offer great grip and rich padding to protect against impact, along with great flexibility. Choosing between the different types of closures is a matter of personal preference – where some prefer Velcro, and others, elastic, adjustable designs.
Performance and Ease of Use
For competitive play, you will probably want gloves that meet NOCSAE (National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment) standards, which are standards set for protective equipment. Some gloves feature perforations in the palm or are made of HeatGear material to improve ventilation. Football gloves are inevitably going to get dirty, so look for gloves that are machine washable for easy maintenance. Remember that rich padding is not always the best option, because some positions are better served by lightweight football gloves than by ones with a heavier build.

Get the Best Football Gloves of 2023!

We’ve provided you with premium football glove buying advice, along with five great options available in the market, so gearing up for game day with the best grip and protection is just a few clicks away.

Our Top Choice
Nike Vapor Jet 4 Lightspeed Gloves
Best Value
adidas TechFit Adult Football Lineman Gloves
Cutters Gloves REV Pro Receiver Gloves
Wilson MVP Adult Linemen Gloves
Under Armour Men's Nitro Football Gloves