Best Football Rib Protector Reviews 2022

Are you an amateur football player or seeking to usher in your career in the sport? As a beginner, you might find it difficult to choose the best football rib protector from the thousands available on the market. For this reason, we’ve researched the best football rib protector brands on the market, showcasing one product from each of our five top brands, to help you find one for you. Also check out our other reviews of football gloves, knee pads and shoulder pads.
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Our Top Choice
Schutt Air Maxx Rib Protector
Schutt has been in existence since 1918, and is dedicated to providing innovative protection for athletes.
Durable. Breathable. Comfortable. Has straps for shoulder pads. Comes with a harness.
Shoulder pads are needed for complete protection.
With harness and straps
Traditional style
Small, medium and large
EVA material
Best Value
Cutters Sports REV 5-Pad Football Shirt
Cutters Sports was founded in 1997 and is highly renowned for its gloves with the revolutionary C-TACK technology.
Absorbs moisture. Offers all-around protection. Protects the lower back. Easy to put on and take off. Allows easy movement. Well ventilated.
Pads aren’t as thick as traditional protectors.
Padded shirt
Compression style
Small, medium, large, XL.
Composite material
Nike Pro Hyperstrong Rib Protector
Nike was founded in 1964 to manufacture high-quality sports equipment, apparel and accessories for use by various athletes.
Material absorbs moisture. Comfortable and breathable. Flat seams to minimize discomfort. Offers complete protection. Easy to wear.
Might be tight for players with large bodies.
Padded sleeveless shirt
Compression style
Composite material
TAG Adult Compression Shirt Rib Protector
TAG was founded in 1970 and is dedicated to providing high-quality and innovative sporting equipment and apparel.
Keeps you cool. Comfortable and easy to wear. Protects spine. Highly ventilated. Durable. Strong padding.
Pads aren’t as thick as other rib protectors. .
Padded shirt
Compression style
Small, large, XL, 2XL, 3XL
Composite material
Champro Air Tech Rib Vest Football Protector
Champro Sports is a manufacturer of sports equipment and apparel, with at least twenty years of industry experience.
Highly ventilated. Dual-density foam padding. Conforms to body shape. Lightweight and elastic tail pad. Protects the back.
Doesn’t offer protection for the shoulders.
Traditional style
Small, medium, large

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What is the Best Football Rib Protector?

Choose a football rib protector of the right size to fit your body. Make sure it’s well padded to offer your vital body parts sufficient protection from high-impact energy. Find out if one of our recommended football rib protectors is what you need.
Our Top Choice
The Schutt Air Maxx Rib Protector wraps around your ribs to offer maximum protection when playing football. If you prefer a rib protector in a vest-like design and made with perforated padding on the interior to protect your entire back, ribs and lower back, opt for the Schutt Hard Shell Football Vest Rib Protector.

Schutt Air Maxx Rib Protector with Harness & Straps to Attach Shoulder Pads – Available in Medium or Large

Schutt Sports has been in business for almost a century now. The company is renowned for designing and manufacturing innovative and high-quality protective equipment for athletes all over the world. The company makes helmets, rib protectors, faceguards and so much more. It prides itself on providing the most advanced impact absorption system developed after years of research and testing.

The Schutt Air Maxx Rib Protector is made of heavy-duty EVA material that’s durable and can last long. Football is a game that breaks a sweat, and wearing so many things on your body can become uncomfortable. This is why the material used in the construction of this rib protector is breathable. Inside it is a lining that’s breathable and soft on the skin, ensuring you’re comfortable throughout the game.

The rib protector comes with a high-density, shock-absorbing material to enable you take hits without any problem. A good rib protector should offer you complete protection of the sternum area. As such, this rib protector comes in a design that surrounds the sternum completely from the front to the back. On the front and back areas are pads meant to protect you from the high impact experienced while playing.

The Air Maxx is also a favorite for many because it comes with straps and a harness. With the harness, you’ll be able to wear the rib protector properly under your football jersey. It increases comfort and holds the rib protector in place during high-intensity football play. There are also straps you can use to attach the rib protector to shoulder pads for total protection. What’s more, you can attach shoulder pads to the straps at different points according to your height.

Available in different sizes ranging from small to large, there’ll be a size for you to enhance your football experience and safety. The rib protector can also be used without shoulder pads, if you don’t have the latter. Built in a sleek and lightweight design, the rib protector reduces bulkiness under your jersey while enhancing performance.

Here are some other Schutt rib protectors you might be interested in:
  • Schutt Varsity Rib Vest Protector - Vest-like design
  • Schutt Youth Ventilated Rib Protector - For youth
Best Value
The Cutters Sports REV Impact 5-Pad Shirt Football Rib Protector provides a comfortable compression fit for any body size and shape. Do you also want a pair of lightweight, durable and machine-washable gloves? Opt for the Cutters Sports REV Pro Receiver Glove for extreme grip and flexible use.

Cutters Sports REV Impact 5-Pad Shirt Football Rib Protector - Available in 2 Colors & 4 Sizes

Cutters Sports was established two decades ago and is popular for its innovative technology used to make the famous Cutters Gloves. Dubbed the C-TACK technology, it gives the gloves maximum grip. The company also manufactures other sports products aimed at providing athletes maximum performance and confidence when playing in the field.

The Cutters Sports REV Impact 5-Pad Shirt Football Rib Protector is designed in a compressed style using composite materials. This means the shirt can conform to the shape of your body, making it highly comfortable and suitable for all body shapes. The rib protector is built with five pads, strategically positioned on the shoulders, ribs and the lower back. As a result, you get the confidence you need to participate in football without holding back, knowing you’re completely protected.

The composite material used in the construction of this protector is durable, meaning you can use the shirt season after season. Lower on the shirt is a drop-tail hem to ensure you’re comfortable during play, keeping the shirt in place as you engage in the sport. Wearing so many protective items during a game can become cumbersome. Therefore, the shirt comes as just one item with many integrated protective layers. This takes away the need for cumbersome protective gear.

Designed for you to easily put on and remove, the shirt is even better than other protective gear with straps and harnesses that can take time to put on. Some protective gear can easily hamper your movement, but that’s not the case with this shirt, as it anatomically adjusts to your body shape and size. The pads are positioned where they’re supposed to be, allowing you to move quickly and easily. The pads are ergonomically made and positioned to allow maximum movement.

With this moisture-absorbent rib protector, you’re guaranteed comfort while playing because the material used absorbs sweat to keep you cool. Furthermore, the shirt has mesh under the arms and on the pads to enhance ventilation of your body. You can choose between black and white, and from four sizes: small, medium, large and extra-large.
The Nike Pro Hyperstrong Compression Rib Protector is built in an ergonomic design to allow for easy movement. Do you want a similar rib protector in five size options and in white, but with two pads instead of four? Opt for the Nike Pro Combat Hyperstrong Football Rib Protector with a compression fit for custom support.

Nike Pro Hyperstrong Compression 4-Pad Football Rib Protector with an Ergonomic Design

Nike is a multinational company founded over five decades ago, and is renowned for providing high-quality, innovative and fashionable sports apparel. The company also produces and distributes sports equipment, accessories and footwear. Among top sports businesses worldwide, the Nike brand is the most valued, a true testament to the reliability of its products and services.

The Nike Pro Hyperstrong Compression Rib Protector features four pads to offer protection for your shoulders and ribs. Wearing it, you can withstand high impacts during football games with complete ease and confidence. Available in a combination of attractive colors, the protector ensures you play in style, leaving you looking macho and into the sport. When it comes to comfort, you’re bound to enjoy playing the game without the shirt getting in your way.

The shirt is made in an ergonomic design to fit your body size and shape. This means you can move freely and easily during a match. What’s more, the compression fit conforms to shape of your body, quickly positioning the pads where they’re required.

Breathability is an important feature of all sports apparel because it allows your skin to release moisture to the environment as soon as it accumulates. This rib protector is designed with a mesh fabric all over to offer you maximum breathability. The seams of the shirt are made flat to ensure you don’t get irritated by the seams if chafing occurs. The shirt is easy to wear and remove after a game. You can also use it with other football protective gear such as shoulder pads.

Here are a few other Nike rib protectors you might like:
  • Nike Pro Hyperstrong Core Football Rib Protector - Protects the core
  • Nike Hyperstrong Rib Protector – For targeted impact protection
  • Nike Pro Hyperstrong 4-Pad Rib Football Protector – With sleeves, side and lower back protection
The TAG Adult Compression Shirt Rib Protector is five-padded for complete protection in high-impact football. Opt for the TAG Youth Compression Shirt Football Rib Protector if you’re looking for a compression-style protector for young athletes.

TAG Adult Compression Shirt Rib Protector with EVA Padded Back for Spine Protection - Available in 5 Sizes

TAG has been in business for almost five decades now. The company is one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of highly innovative sports equipment and apparel. It aims at providing athletes of all ages a safe and comfortable platform in the sport they engage in. It uses premium materials to design durable sporting gear you can use for many years.

The TAG Adult Compression Shirt Rib Protector is made of a composite material that’s 80% nylon and 20% Spandex. This combination makes for a good compression shirt, as it’s elastic and can absorb moisture. Therefore, the shirt keeps you dry and comfortable throughout the game or exercise sessions. With a mesh fabric, you can be sure to stay cool when playing football. The mesh fabric is strategically positioned on the chest and the back of the shirt for increased functionality.

The mesh fabric isn’t just lightweight, but also sturdy enough to maintain the durability of the entire shirt. Moreover, the composite material is strong, durable and can withstand rugged use without tearing easily. The spine is prone to injury when playing football, just like the shoulders and ribs. Built with five pads, the rib protector shirt ensures you’re completely protected where it matters. The shirt comes with five pads strategically positioned to protect your ribs, shoulders and spine from the high impacts of the game.

The padding on the shirt is EVA-made; this not only supports high duty, but also lasts long. With an ergonomic design, you have the ability to move freely and easily, as required during football games. This means you won’t feel left behind during play. Since the shirt fits you well and holds on to your body, it should allow free movement. Choose from small, large, x-large, 2x-large and 3x-large sizes.

Here are some other football rib protectors offered by TAG for your consideration:
  • TAG Youth Alt II Padded Compression Shirt – For youth; microbial, 5 padded
  • TAG Adult Blocking Vest Rib Protector – Vest style, traditional type
The Champro Air Tech Rib Vest Football Protector is built with shock plates to protect youth players from high impact. Opt for the Champro Adult Air Tech 3 Rib Football Vest Protector if you’re looking for similar protective gear with adjustable closure and designed specifically for adult players.

Champro Air Tech 3 Rib Vest Football Protector with High Impact Shock Plates - Available in Small, Medium or Large

Champro Sports has been in existence for over two decades. The company manufactures various high-quality sports equipment and apparel. With its products produced in some of the best and most advanced factories around the world, the company prides itself on delivering unique gear. It doesn’t just ensure that its range of products meets set industry standards, but exceeds the needs of its consumers worldwide.

The Champro Air Tech Rib Vest Football Protector comes with shock plates to absorb high-impact energy exerted on players who often get tackled, risking rib injuries. It’s integrated with dual-density padding on either side to enhance protection of your ribs. You’re also guaranteed back protection, as the vest comes with a tail pad to protect you from back falls. What’s more, you can move freely on the field, thanks to the elastic nature of the tail pad.

The Air Tech vest is also highly ventilated. It’s bound to keep you cool, as the ventilation promotes free flow of fresh air around your body, letting you play for a long time. The top of the vest is made of a mesh material that’s lightweight. This ensures you don’t have excess weight dragging you down. Designed with shock plates, the vest contours to your body shape for a perfect fit. Apart from protection, you also enjoy sufficient comfort.

With loop and hoop closures, you get a custom fit of the vest regardless of your body size. The vest can be worn with shoulder pads to offer you total protection. Choose from three sizes: small, medium and large.

Here are other football rib protectors from Champro that you might be interested in:
  • Champro Pro Plus Rib Vest Protector – For adults; loop chest adjuster
  • Champro Sports Pro Plus Football Rugby Lacrosse Rib Pads Vest, Adult XL-4XL – Larger sizes

How Do I Choose the Best Football Rib Protector?

American football is one of the most-played and watched games worldwide. It’s also, however, one of the most dangerous games, as players get tackled and are involved in high impacts, which can cause serious injuries. It’s, therefore, imperative that players are well protected as they engage in the sport, using protective gear such as a helmet. It’s essential to have a rib protector as well, as the ribs are vulnerable body parts for football players, as they get tackled and fall during play.

Since football is a high-impact game and collision is inevitable, it only makes sense to protect your ribs completely. Besides offering you protection, a football rib protector gives you confidence during play. You can face your opponents with courage, knowing your body is completely protected. The best rib protectors do more than just protect the ribs, with most offering protection for the spine and the lower back. You can also use them with shoulder pads for added protection.

Staying in playing mode all year round is the dream of every athlete. You don’t want to be left out of a game because of injuries. Furthermore, using protective equipment, such as rib protectors and football gloves, ensures you don’t incur medical expenses or injuries that could keep you out of the sport for good. Having a rib protector is also a great way of encouraging children to take part in the sport, because they can engage in the sport without fear of getting injured.
Football rib protectors retail at different prices, mostly based on the features they come with. A rib protector with features such as good padding, comfort and breathability, among others, will definitely cost more than one without such features. Cheap rib protectors on the market might not be sufficiently effective in keeping your rib cage safe during play. Therefore, avoid them at all costs.

Since your health comes first, go for high-quality rib protectors from popular brands known to be effective. Rib protectors made of strong, durable and comfortable materials can also cost you more. You’ll find a good rib protector in the price range of about $10 to $100, or more. You should be able to merge your budget with good rib protection.
The most important feature of football rib protectors is the padding that’s meant to protect the ribs. Ask yourself a number of questions before opting for any given protector. For instance, is the padding adequate to offer protection to the ribs from high impact? Is it comfortable? Does it have the capability to absorb your body sweat to keep you cool while playing?

Here are some of the features that’ll go a long way in enhancing your safety and performance during play:
  • Ability to use the rib protector with shoulder pads
  • Moisture and sweat-absorbing fabric
  • Breathability of the material
  • High ventilation for proper flow of air
  • Straps and harnesses, for traditional-style rib protectors
  • Ergonomic design for easy movement
  • Durable material for long-term use
  • Adequate padding for comfort and protection
  • Shock-absorbing pads
With the right football rib protector, you won’t just protect yourself from possible injuries to your vital body parts and organs, but also gain the confidence you need to play well.
Construction and Design
When it comes to the construction and design of your football rib protector, there's a few main things to consider. Let's take a look at what they are...


There are several types of rib protectors available on the market. There are those built with harnesses or straps, vest types and integrated shirt types. The harnesses and straps are used to hold the rib protecting plates and pads in place during play. The vest type comes as a vest that the player puts on, just like a normal vest.

The top of the vest doesn’t offer protection for the shoulders, calling for shoulder pads to be used for complete protection. The integrated shirt types are made as complete T-shirts with pads at designated areas. The pads could be at the shoulders, back and the sides, or on all those places.


There are two styles of football rib protectors you can find on the market. There’s the compression shirt style and the traditional style. The compression shirt rib protectors are designed as shirts with or without sleeves. The shirts are padded with two, three, four or five pads. The more pads a shirt has, the greater the protection offered.

Rib protectors with four pads usually feature two on the sides, at the ribs, and two on the shoulders. Those with five have an extra pad placed on the back to protect the spine. Those with two pads protect only the ribs but not the shoulders, while those with three protect the ribs and the back. Compression shirts are easy to wear and take off. They also come with materials that wick sweat away, keeping you cool.

Another type of football rib protector is the traditional style. These have pads around the ribcage, held in place using harnesses and straps. The straps allow the rib protector to be attached to the shoulder protectors. These kinds of protectors don’t have protection for the shoulders, but are easy to attach to the shoulder protectors with the straps.

They are worn under football jerseys and offer protection starting from the end of the shoulder pads. The padding used on these rib protectors is usually thicker than that used on compression variants.


Rib protectors come in different sizes to cater to different body sizes and heights. The sizes might be labeled as small, medium, large, XL, 2XL and 3XL. The suitable size for you depends on your body size, especially your torso and chest area.


Rib protectors should be made of materials that can withstand rugged use. Besides being durable, the materials used should also be kind to the skin without causing irritation. The material should be breathable and able to absorb moisture, to keep you cool during intense football play.


Rib protectors come in various colors, with the most common being black, grey, white and camouflage. The color choice depends largely on personal preference, but black and camouflage are easy to wash and won’t get easily stained whenever you play.
Performance and Ease of Use
Traditional-style rib protectors come with harnesses and straps to make it easy for you to attach the protectors to shoulder pads. They should also have hooks and loops to give a customizable fit. The compression types are easy to use because they are worn just as a normal shirt. Football rib protectors need to be washed just like any other apparel, using machines.

Most have ventilation to allow you to have air circulation, so you can stay cool during play. Also make sure the material your rib protector is made of is strong and durable enough to last you years of safe play.

Get the Best Football Rib Protector of 2022!

Whether you’re a professional or beginning football player, there’s a football rib protector out there for you. We hope this guide was helpful and you were able to find a suitable rib protector. If you need something different, check out our other football helmet and tee reviews.

Our Top Choice
Schutt Air Maxx Rib Protector
Best Value
Cutters Sports REV 5-Pad Football Shirt
Nike Pro Hyperstrong Rib Protector
TAG Adult Compression Shirt Rib Protector
Champro Air Tech Rib Vest Football Protector