Best Football Tee Reviews 2023

Are you a professional or enthusiast football player? As a first-time buyer, choosing the best football tee can be a real nightmare. Therefore, we’ve researched the best football tee brands in the market, showcasing five tees from five brands, to help you make an informed decision.
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Our Top Choice
SKLZ Universal Kicking Football Tee
SKLZ was founded in 2002 to provide sports equipment of all kinds aimed, at helping athletes to prepare for their favorite sport.
Durable and lightweight. Withstands weather elements and kicks. Holds ball firmly. Has an adjustable tee size. Ideal for high school and pro use.
It doesn’t support pee wee and smaller ball sizes.
Multipurpose tee
Molded with gripping notches
2-inch, adjustable to 1-inch
Practice and field play
Heavy-duty Rubber
Best Value
BSN Pro Down Kickoff Football Tee
BSN was founded in 1972 and is the largest distributor of sports equipment and apparel for sports teams across the globe.
Durable and colored for clear visibility. Textured surface for grip. Ideal for all ages and weather-proof. Stable legs on the ground.
Surface texturing is light, hence, it might not last.
Kickoff tee
Universal-style kicking tee
Practice and field play
Wilson Pro Kick Football Holder
Wilson Sporting Goods was founded in 1913 as Ashton, and is a renowned manufacturer of sports equipment for various sports.
Durable. Collapsible. Adjustable for any ball size. Adjusts for use at any angle. Works on any surface. Exposes ball from top to bottom to suit any kick.
The arm collapses after every kick, requiring new setup.
Kicking holder
Holds any ball size at any angle
Practice and field play
Champro Field Goal Football Tee
Champro Sports is a manufacturer of sports equipment and apparel with over 25 years of experience in the industry.
Easy to carry around. Gripping surface. Lightweight and affordable. Heavy-duty plastic for durability against harsh weather. Correct field goal tee measurement.
The ball needs to be held.
Field goal tee
heavy-duty kicking block
Practice and field play
Champion Sports Ground Zero Kickoff Football Tee
Champion Sports was founded in 1961 and produces high-quality sports and fitness equipment.
Durable. Portable. Gives good lift-off and distance. Weighted. Textured surface holds ball still in windy conditions. Suitable to use for various sports.
No groove for onside kicks.
Kickoff tee
Kicking block that holds the ball
Practice and field play

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What is the Best Football Tee?

Choose a strong and durable football tee for versatile and prolonged use. Also ensure the tee size is ideal for your football. Find out if one of our recommended football tees is what you need.
Our Top Choice
The SKLZ Universal Kicking Football Tee is built in a 4-in-1 design with multiple height options. If you are looking for something else to assist your training regime, why not try the SKLZ Great Catch Football Receiving Training Aid to make sure you’re on point.

SKLZ Universal Heavy Duty Rubber Kicking Football Tee in 4 Adjustable Size Options

SKLZ has been in business for fifteen years since its inception. The company manufactures high-quality and innovative sporting equipment. It provides the sporting gear necessary for training and playing various sports safely. SKLZ has products designed for performance training, football, soccer, baseball, basketball, golf and many other sports. It’s for this reason that the company has grown to become one of the largest, with a wide variety of sporting equipment.

The SKLZ Universal Kicking Football Tee is suitable for use in high school and collegiate or pro levels. The tee is referred to as universal because you can adjust its height to suit four different kinds of kicks. You can use the tee as a one-inch or 1.75-inch kick-off tee for onside or regular kicks. You can also use the tee as a one-inch or 1.75-inch kicking block for field goals. As a result, you get so much versatility with this product, unlike many others on the market.

Having the ball in place as you prepare to kick is also important because, if there’s wind, for instance, and the ball moves, you’ll not have a good kick. The kicking tee solves this problem, as it comes with gripping notches to hold the ball firmly in place, even when it’s windy. With support for several height levels, the tee is ideal for training; it enables kickers to slowly learn how to kick the ball off the ground.

This football tee offers you more than just functionality. It’s made of heavy-duty rubber for strength and durability. Due to the flexibility of rubber, the tee can take the abuse it’s exposed to outside on the football field. What’s more, the rubber is resistant to weather elements, so if you leave it outside or use it in any kind of extreme weather, it doesn’t affect it in any way. It’s also built to last.
Best Value
The BSN Kickoff Football Tee is a versatile, universal-style tee that doubles as a soccer-style kicking tee. Do you prefer a kicking tee made specifically for soccer instead of our versatile featured tee? Opt for the BSN Soccer Style Kicking Football Tee to allow your foot to get in contact with the ball first.

BSN Pro Down Universal Kicking Tee

BSN started out, over four decades ago, as a factory direct equipment manufacturer. Today, it’s one of the largest distributors of sports equipment in the USA and other countries across the globe. It designs and manufactures renowned brands such as Nike and Under Armour. With high-quality materials at its disposal, the company manufactures premium sporting equipment for long-lasting use.

The BSN Kickoff Football Tee is made of durable rubber and features hard, plastic legs for increased sturdiness and stability. The tee can withstand harsh weather elements and the abuse it’s put through in the field, hence, serving you a long time. If you need a tee that’s light and easy to carry around, you won’t go wrong with this specific tee. Having kids participating in sports can be tasking, especially when you have to carry their equipment.

It’s also suitable for use by people of all ages, including kids. The soccer-style kick is one of the most popular kicks, ideal for practicing or executing perfect kicks in every game. You can, therefore, relax and concentrate on accuracy, since the ball will be steadily placed, awaiting your kicks. To ensure the ball stays in place, the surface of this kicking tee is textured. This is to ensure the surface can grip the ball and keep it ready.

The tee is well-designed and colored for clear visibility; for instance, if you’re playing in a poorly lit field or at night, you’ll easily spot it. Furthermore, if you need something you can use to display your signed balls, the kick-off tee works just fine. Opt for the one-inch football tee if you want a smaller version for smaller or younger players.
The Wilson Pro Kick Football Holder is a type of football tee designed to hold any size of ball in position for a kick. Get the Wilson Junior Football Tee & Pump if you’re looking for something different, buy a complete set for your kids to start enjoying football.

Wilson Pro Kick Football Holder with an Adjustable Arm to Hold Different Ball Sizes

Wilson began over a century ago as Ashton Manufacturing. It’s a renowned manufacturer of sports equipment and apparel. The company has grown over the years to include many sporting products in its product collection. It designs and produces equipment for baseball, tennis, football, soccer, basketball, badminton and many other sports.

The Wilson Pro Kick Football Holder comes with an arm to hold a ball at the top, securing it to the ground. The tee has a metal construction, making it durable and able to stand the beating in the field. The construction is made in such a way that the tee can be collapsed when not in use for easy transportation.

The holder also comes with an arm you can easily adjust, moving it up and down to hold on a ball of any size. It can also be tilted so the ball can be set to any required angle for a good kick. With this football holder, you gain the confidence to kick the ball like a professional, whether you’re just starting out or already a pro on practice.

The tee can be used on any surface and, despite the block your ball is on, it will still hold. What’s amazing is that the tee can hold the ball firmly even if it’s windy, allowing you to focus on the kick. The ball is exposed from the top to bottom, allowing you to take any kind of kick you want at the ball. It’s ideal for players of all ages and people with different experience levels.
The Champro Field Goal Football Tee is suitable for use as a field goal tee for all levels of play. If you’re looking for a football tee you can use without holding the ball, opt for the Champro Kickoff Football Tee.

Champro 1-Inch Heavy Duty Field Goal Plastic Football Tee with Gripping Surface

Founded over 20 years ago, Champro Sports manufactures various premium sports equipment and apparel. Its products are produced in some of the best and most experienced factories around the world. The company’s products meet the required industry standards and exceed the needs and expectations of athletes globally.

The Champro Field Goal Football Tee is made of heavy-duty plastic, making it a highly durable kicking block. Durability is an important aspect of kicking tees, because they’re subjected to a lot of rugged use and harsh weather elements. You can expect this tee to serve you a long time. It’s also easy to carry around for convenience either on the field or during practice.

The field tee is ideal for use as a field goal tee. This means you can use it for professional games and all other levels of play. Kids can also comfortably use them. It’s good transition practice equipment for teaching learners how to kick the ball off the ground. The tee is raised only one inch from the ground, making it the correct measurement for a field goal tee.

On the top of this kicking tee is a textured gripping surface. The surface is deeply textured to ensure the ball doesn’t slide down when put in place. The tee is also weighted so it can hold the ball properly. What’s more, it doesn’t move easily or slide along the grass when the ball is put in place.
The Champion Sports Ground Zero Kickoff Football Tee is built in one-inch and two-inch sizes for use by players at all levels. However, if you want a two-inch kickoff tee, made of rubber, for use with a larger ball, opt for the Champion Sports 2-Inch Kickoff Football Tee in orange finish.

Champion Sports Heavy Duty Ground Zero Rubber Kickoff Football Tee - Available in 1-Inch or 2-Inch Sizes

Champion Sports started off as a two-man show in an apartment basement, over 50 years ago. The company manufactures high-quality products for sports and fitness. It also designs products covering various sports, such as football, soccer, basketball, bowling, hockey, golf and so many others. The company uses premium materials, such as rubber, to design strong bags.

The Champion Sports Ground Zero Kickoff Football Tee is the most widely used tee in colleges and NFL games. This indicates just how much you can rely on the tee. It’s made of durable rubber construction. The rubber can withstand rugged use and even all the elements it’ll be exposed to outside. Therefore, you’re assured of using the tee for a long time, be it for personal practice or team use.

The tee has a textured surface, made to grip the ball securely in place. As a result, you can have a good kick even when it’s windy. The tee also helps you achieve lift-off and distance when making a kick, by having proper foot and ball contact. What’s more, it’s a suitable tee for every level of football player. It allows learners to practice with pro-level equipment.

If you’re looking for a tee you can use to hold balls at an angle, then your needs are covered. This football tee comes with a recess rectangle on top to allow you to place the ball at different angles for a desired kick. If you have some footballs you’d like to display, use the tee to achieve just that. Weighted, the tee is sturdy and won’t move before you take a kick; it’ll stay in place until you kick the ball. It’s also easy to carry around, either by hand or just in your equipment bag for easy access.

How Do I Choose the Best Football Tee?

Football is one of the most common sports played in the US. It is a very entertaining sport, which even people who aren’t pros can play to keep fit or just for fun. A football tee, just like football helmets and football gloves, is one of the props needed to play this game. The tee is used to hold the ball off the ground for a good kick. This can be done when starting the game, or making a field goal kick or onside kick, among other kicks where the tees are allowed in the game. Make sure you don’t waste a great kick on a mediocre ball though! Check out the best footballs to impress your team mates.

Having a tee is important because it allows you to practice kicking the ball off the ground. You’ll not need to wait to get in the field with others to practice your kicks. Investing in a tee is also a great way of enjoying the sport with others at home. Football kicks allow you to engage in solo practice, so you don’t need a holder to keep the ball in place for a kick.

The best football tees, just like rib protectors, are made of durable materials, meaning you should be able to use the product for as long as you need to perfect your kick. If you have kids interested in football, then you need to buy them a tee. It’ll give them the confidence they need to practice even more. Learning how to kick a ball high from the ground takes time.

Having a football tee helps you learn how to kick a ball when it’s not on the ground. There are different sizes of football tees, giving learners of the sport a good transition while learning how to kick the ball off the ground. This is a review of various football tees you can choose from. We hope it will help you make an informed buying decision.
Football tees come at different prices, depending mostly on the kind of tee you want, since they come in various types. Some tees are multifunctional, allowing you to make different kicks with the same tee. Expect such versatile tees to cost you more. Cheap football tees available on the market can break off easily when subjected to rugged outdoor use. Avoid them at all costs.

You need to invest in a durable football tee you can use for many years, giving you value for your money. Metal football tees also cost more than their plastic counterparts. You’ll find a good tee or holder in the price range of $3 to $50.
When looking for a tee, the most important thing to check is its ability to allow you to take a kick that propels the ball high and far. A good tee is constructed using a strong material to withstand the wear and tear of being kicked and used outdoors. Available in various sizes, you also need a football tee that can hold your ball firmly, ready for kicks.

Here are some of the features to look out for when shopping for a kicking tee:
  • The material used in the construction of the tee
  • The size of the tee
  • The capability of the tee to hold the ball without assistance
  • Firm gripping of the ball
  • Firm support of the ball at certain angles
  • Free contact between the tee and the ball
With the right football tee, you should be able to enjoy your matches and make high kicks for the best performance.
Construction and Design

There are various types of football kicking tees available on the market. The types vary mostly depending on where you can use the tee during a game. They also vary by the design of the tee. Some tees are made to be multifunctional, meaning they allow you, the player, to make different kinds of kicks with the tee. Some tees are made specifically for certain kinds of kicks. For instance, there are those made for field goals and others for onside kicks.

There are other tees known as standalone tees. These use an arm to hold the ball instead of it being placed somewhere. The holders are a favorite for solo training sessions. You can practice kicking the ball without the need for someone to hold the ball for you. Most of the tees, however, perform the primary function of allowing you to kick the ball when it’s a little bit off the ground.


Tees come in different designs. These designs are inspired by the creativity and innovativeness of the manufacturers. Most of the tees have textured surfaces so they can hold the balls firmly. Some have notches to hold the ball. Some football tees can be separated into different pieces for different functions, while others are made as just one piece. Look out for a design that makes it enjoyable for you to use the tee.


Football tees come in two main sizes – one or two inches high. This refers to the distance that the ball will be from the ground. The one-inch size is most recommended because it has the ball close to the ground for good impact with the foot.
Performance and Ease of Use

Football tees are supposed to be hardy products because they’re for outdoor use. The best materials for use in football tees are rubber, plastic and metal. Metal is used to make the holder tees, while plastic and rubber are used for the universal and platform-kicking tees. The tees should also withstand weather elements, so leaving one outside in harsh weather will not take you back to the shop for a new one.


The suitability of a tee is also an important consideration. Some tees are suitable for practice only, because they might not be allowed in the field. Others are suitable for pros and not for kids, because they only hold balls of certain sizes. It’s important to look at the suitability of a tee for the purpose you intend it for. If it’s for your kids, buy one that can hold a smaller ball.

Set Up and Ease of Use

Tees are easy to use, because all that’s required of you is to position the ball in the allocated space, and you are set. The tees can hold the ball at an angle, allowing you to make your kick as required. There is no maintenance required on football tees. Just look for a durable tee built to support your fun games.

Get the Best Football Tee of 2023!

Whether you engage in football for fun, or you’re looking for tees to up your pro game, there’s one out there for you. We hope this guide was resourceful and helped you find a good football tee for your next game. If you need more football equipment, browse our football helmets review.

Our Top Choice
SKLZ Universal Kicking Football Tee
Best Value
BSN Pro Down Kickoff Football Tee
Wilson Pro Kick Football Holder
Champro Field Goal Football Tee
Champion Sports Ground Zero Kickoff Football Tee