Best Fruit Bowl Reviews 2022

It can be difficult not to stare in awe when looking at the variety of sturdy, stylish fruit bowls in today’s market. For the sole purpose of helping you find your ideal fruit bowl, we have researched and now present to you the 5 top fruit bowl brands and one fruit bowl from each. If you’d like to consider more options, feel free to check out these brands’ other offerings.
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Our Top Choice
Lenox 365-Surface Pattern Fruit Bowl
The Lenox brand was established with the vision of creating "the finest American porcelain dinnerware". Its products include tabletops, giftware, and collectibles.
This fruit bowl is dishwasher and microwave-safe. With a measuring capacity of 16 ounces, it can hold a lot of fruits.
A slight issue is that the color isn’t as white as depicted.
4.5x4.5x2.5 inches; 0.5lbs
White; textured design
Can store other things
Best Value
Mikasa Gourmet Basics Fruit Bowl
Mikasa, one of the world's finest tabletop designers, utilizes the most advanced technology to create products that are beautiful, well-made, and affordably priced.
Its small footprint makes it portable and space-saving, and the acacia wood has a superb finishing that is fade-proof.
None recorded at the time of writing this review.
Acacia wood
12.2x9.8x14.6 inches; 5.3lbs
Hand wash
Natural color; spray finish
Banana hook
Lipper International Wavy Fruit Bowl
Lipper International offers great items for the house and office, with the best prices for its uniquely styled, top-quality products and collections.
The roomy interior holds a relatively large quantity of fruits and vegetables comfortably, and the wave design brings elegance to your kitchen or tabletop.
On the other hand, there’s been reports of minor leakages from the bottom.
Acacia wood
12x12x7 inches; 2.1lbs
Hand wash
Natural color, not a stain
Can store other things
Spectrum Diversified Starburst Fruit Bowl
Spectrum is dedicated to designing and developing dynamic storage and organization solutions for its customers, and providing functional, consumer-oriented products built to last.
Its open design ensures even ripening and freshness of fruits and vegetables while showcasing the fruits in an elegant, eye-catching way.
One very minor issue is that the base might be a bit wobbly with some items.
12.2x12.2x5.5 inches; 2.8lbs
Hand wash
Satin nickel; open design
Can store other things
Francois et Mimi Fruit Tree Bowl
Francois et Mimi is the brand to go for when you want products made with attention to details that won’t disappoint you.
Its chrome finish gives it a clean, crisp, and high-end look, and its decoratively designed body is supported on a stable, round base.
There have been isolated reports of the base not being included in the pack; but this can be easily resolved once reported.
Stainless steel
11.1x7.5x5 inches; 1.5lbs
Hand wash
High polished finish
Banana hook

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What is the Best Fruit Bowl?

Fruit bowls come in various designs and sizes, each of them promising an attractive way to store your fruits. In this review, we’ve featured different fruit bowls and their features; hopefully after reading our reviews, making a choice will be less of a hassle. So, let’s look at the individual reviews…
Our Top Choice
The Lenox 365-Surface Pattern Fruit Bowl has a Lenox Lifetime Breakage Replacement warranty and is molded from durable, chip-resistant porcelain. For a bowl crafted with ivory fine china and accented with 24 karat gold for a sophisticated look, go for Lenox Eternal Gold Banded Ivory China Fruit Bowl.

Lenox 365-Surface Pattern Porcelain Fruit Bowl – Matching Tableware Available

The Lenox brand was established by Walter Lenox with the vision of creating "the finest American porcelain dinnerware". More than 125 years later, that vision is still the driving force behind the most trusted tabletop name in the U.S. market today. Its mission is to innovate and expand into new product categories, create and develop artistic American porcelain products, and then precisely execute its high-quality products into the market at competitive prices. Its products include tabletop wares, giftware, and collectibles, and are marketed under the brands Lenox, Dansk, and Gorham.

The Lenox 365-Surface Pattern Fruit Bowl (Selling for $20.00 – Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) is part of the Entertain 365 durable dinnerware collection that’s designed to fit all your dining needs with different shapes and exceptional textures. Its features include:
  • Molded from porcelain which is durable and chip-resistant
  • Dishwasher and microwave-safe
  • Has a measuring capacity of 16 ounces
  • Can be mixed and matched with other Entertain 365 pieces to give a great and personalized look
  • Comes with a Lenox Lifetime Breakage Replacement Warranty that ensures many years of worry-free enjoyment
Best Value
The Mikasa Gourmet Basics Fruit Bowl is handcrafted from easy-to-clean acacia wood, and has two wrought iron banana hooks with a roomy interior. For a handcrafted, wrought iron basket with a flat back design that lays flush against a wall/counter, see the Gourmet Basics by Mikasa Lattice 2-Tier Metal Fruit Basket, Antique Black.

Mikasa Gourmet Basics Vienna Fruit Bowl with Double Banana Hook

A division of Lifetime Brand Inc., Mikasa is proudly known as one of the world's finest tabletop designers. It works with some of the best factories and utilizes the most advanced technology in the industry to create products that are well-made, beautiful, and suitably priced for everyone's lifestyle. Its tabletop fashion products are all made with top-quality and superb designs that are unique to its brand. Although it boasts the largest dinnerware collection, which may be as many as 500 at any one time, the materials and manufacturing processes are both monitored to ensure strict compliance with regulations.

The Mikasa Gourmet Basics Fruit Bowl (Selling for $18.01- Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) is a Chinese fruit bowl designed with two banana hooks. It’s stylish and a convenient way of storing your fruits in an appealing way. Some of its unique features include the following:
  • Handcrafted from acacia wood and dual wrought iron banana hanger for durable beauty
  • It has a small footprint which means it doesn’t take a lot of table space
  • The acacia wood does not absorb water easily, making it easy to clean; just wipe down with a wet towel and dry
  • It has a roomy interior that can easily accommodate a good number of fruits
  • The classy black banana hook firmly centers the bowl, has a large capacity that can hold 2 bunches of bananas and keeps them firm, evenly ripe, and non-bruised
  • Superb wood finishing that is fade-proof
  • Heavy, balanced and well-built, the banana hook can comfortably hold bananas in place even when there is no fruit in the bowl to counter-balance it
The Lipper International Wavy Fruit Bowl is made with naturally-colored acacia wood with a contemporary wave design and roomy interior. If you need a larger flared bowl stained with a rich, food-safe cherry finish, then the Lipper International 264 Flared\/Footed Bowl, 14-Inch, Cherry Finish will suit your needs.

Lipper International Large Wavy Acacia Wood Fruit Bowl

Lipper International offers great items that are functional and beautiful. These products are all carefully crafted from the finest materials, including stainless steel, bamboo, acacia wood, chrome, and powder-coated metals and other fine hardwoods.

The Lipper International Wavy Fruit Bowl (Selling for $39.99 – Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) is made from beautiful acacia wood with its natural color retained. It’s very easy to clean with a wet, soapy towel and thorough drying. It has a contemporary wave design and is generously sized to hold a good quantity of fruits or vegetables.

Here are more fruit bowls from Lipper International for your consideration:
  • The Lipper International 1154 Acacia Round Flair Bowl is carefully crafted from acacia wood, with its natural color (not a stain), large round rim, and a base that sits flush on any surface. It’s also very easy to clean with mild soap and water
  • The Lipper International (294-3) Large Cherry Wavy Rim Bowl with Salad Hands is made from cherry wood and comes with 2 salad hands and a wavy rim
  • The Lipper International 3173 Wavy Rim Bowl, Oak Finish, Small is crafted from durable acacia wood and stained with a food-safe oak color. With its contemporary wave design, its size is perfect to be used as a serving bowl for fruits or salad
  • The Lipper International 1145 Large Straight Side Bowl, Acacia is a straight-sided and large-rimmed bowl made from acacia wood without a stain. Its interior is roomy enough to hold fruits and vegetables comfortably
  • The Lipper International Bamboo Wood Salad Bowl is a 14-inch salad bowl made from bamboo wood with a lattice work design
The Spectrum Diversified Starburst Fruit Bowl is a classy fruit and vegetable display unit made with sturdy steel and an open design for even airflow. For a piece that can be used as either a fruit bowl or centerpiece, with an open circle shape design, check out the Spectrum Diversified Shapes\/Circles Round Fruit Bowl.

Spectrum Diversified Satin Nickel Euro Starburst Fruit Bowl

Spectrum is dedicated to designing and developing dynamic storage and organization solutions for its customers. As a renowned design and manufacturing brand in the houseware industry, it’s committed to listening to its customers and providing them with functional, consumer-oriented products that are built to last. Its products can be found in homes in nearly every continent.

The Spectrum Diversified Starburst Fruit Bowl (Selling for $19.99 – Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) is a budget-friendly fruit bowl made with sturdy steel and features an open design that lets fruits and vegetables breathe, ripen evenly, and stay fresh for longer. It’s a classy fruit and vegetable display unit designed to be the focal point of your kitchen or table, and has a large holding capacity which is great for fruits, vegetables, or bread.

Other unique fruit bowl from Spectrum that might interest you include:
  • The Spectrum Diversified Yumi Fruit Stand, Tiered Server, Fruit Baskets, 2 Tier, Satin Nickel features a stacked bowl arrangement for easy access to its content, and gripped feet to protect delicate surfaces
  • The Spectrum Diversified Scroll Fruit Bowl is made from heavy-duty steel, sturdy ball feet, and an elegant scroll design
  • The Spectrum Diversified Pantry Works Ellipse Fruit Stand and Banana Holder features an elliptical shape and open wire design for sufficient airflow. The extended hook serves to hold up bananas or grapes, and prevents them from bruising
  • The Spectrum Diversified Euro Fruit Bowl has a cool, spiral, and modern design. It’s made from high-grade steel and is suitable for table or countertops
  • The Spectrum Diversified Bloom Arched 2-Tier Server, Satin Nickel is constructed from high-grade steel and comes with a dual carriage airy design that makes for proper airflow to the fruits and vegetables inside, and is also pleasing to the eye
The Francois et Mimi Fruit Tree Bowl is a handmade unit with a crisp and clean chrome finish and is amazingly cost effective. Looking for a slightly more expensive fruit tree with a banana hook? Then you should take a look at the Francois et Mimi Fruit Tree Bowl Basket with Banana Hanger.

Francois et Mimi Chrome Swinging Fruit Tree Bowl Basket

Francois et Mimi, with an extensively developed network of international factories and brokers, specializes in overseas sourcing and distribution of consumer goods. If you’re looking for a fruit bowl from a brand that won’t disappoint you, then this is it. The Francois et Mimi Fruit Tree Bowl (Selling for $12.99 – Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) is a great showcase of the quality and attention to detail this brand stands for.

If you’re looking for a small-sized fruit bowl where you can keep your fruits without their getting rotten, then you’ve found your bowl. This is because its design allows for proper aeration of the fruits or vegetables it holds. We all know that the better the air circulation around fruits, the longer they’ll last.

It’s handmade, ensuring strong attention to detail. Place it on your kitchen or dining table and it adds an elegant look with its highly polished, crisp, and clean chrome finishing. Yes, it can hold its own as a purely decorative piece. Its beautiful assortment capabilities are sure to help you get your entire family eat more healthily by having great fruits and vegetables always in plain view. When folks see stuff they should do right before them all the time, the likelihood that they’ll do it goes up. This fruit bowl makes healthy eating easier to encourage.

For its relatively small size, it holds quite a lot. Yes, it is not the largest fruit bowl out there, but it is designed to contain quite much for its size. And considering its small footprint, it won’t take up too much space wherever you want it to adorn as an eye-catching centerpiece.

How Do I Choose the Best Fruit Bowl?

A fruit bowl is a beautiful way to bring any table or countertop alive. It’s already quite difficult to resist the allure of ripe fruits, so imagine how good they’ll look when they’re attractively packaged in your new bowl. Also, if you’re looking for a way to store fruit that won’t fit in your refrigerator, we recommend a fruit bowl. Not only does it free up space in your refrigerators, it also helps to solve the problem of fruits lying on the countertops.

It can also be used as an eye-catching centerpiece for your dining and living room tables; imagine it as an edible work of art. A fruit bowl is also a great way to encourage the healthy habit of snacking on nature’s untouched and undiluted goodness. They can last a long time if properly maintained, which can be as easy as wiping it with a damp kitchen towel.
What’s more, there are lots of elegant style options for fruit bowls so that whatever your budget, you’re sure to find one that’s good for you. When you do find one, it’ll make healthy snacking as easy as reaching for any fruit and taking a bite, or slicing it into smaller bits with a knife to be enjoyed in style.
The price of a fruit bowl is basically determined by its constituent materials, the brand, and sometimes, the complexity of its design. There are fruit bowls that are carved from marble, and others that are made from steel; in this case, the marble fruit bowl is likely pricier than its steel counterpart. The good news is that no matter your budget, there are lots of refreshingly dainty, classic, and elegant fruit bowls for you.

Usually, a fruit bowl sells for as low as $9, but can get as pricey as $78. Remember, there’s no pressure to pick a fruit bowl that’s outside of your budget; as a matter of fact, we’ve deliberately left out cheap fruit bowls. We have presented to you only those fruit bowls that give you real value for every dollar you spend. Now, you can invest in an enduring piece that’ll have you reaching for a fruit whenever you lay your eyes on it.
It’s our desire that you get true satisfaction from using your fruit bowl; it all begins by paying attention to certain details when you go fruit bowl shopping. Seeing that there are many options to choose from, it’s easy to end up with a fruit bowl that’ll leave you less than satisfied despite its good looks. So, we’ve compiled a short list of features to look out for when you’re shopping:
  • Material
  • Size
  • Maintenance
  • Finish
  • Style
Construction and Design
The fruit bowl is basically an open vessel that keeps fruits off counters and tabletops, keeping them arranged in an attractive manner for ease of reach. It can be made from wood, steel, wrought iron, porcelain, stoneware, or any combination of these. They can weigh from as little as 8 ounces to as much as 5 pounds or more. Of course, the material it’s made from has a lot to do with its weight.

Some are deep and wide enough to hold lots of fruit, while others are built to carry much less. You can also look out for fruit bowls that have hooks for storing bananas in a way that’ll facilitate their ripening in a natural, bruise-free manner. Some fruit bowls come in tiers; these provide more fruit storage and arrangement options, which are nice features for a fruit bowl.
Performance and Ease of Use
Your fruit bowl should be able to hold as many fruits as you desire; but you should bear in mind that fruit is super perishable so you don’t want to leave them in the bowls for more than 3 days (depending on how ripe they are). That said, if you and your family enjoy munching on fruits, then you can opt for larger fruit bowls.

Caring for your fruit bowl is another factor that should guide you in your selection process. While some of them are low-maintenance, requiring only a wipe with a damp cloth for cleaning, others may require more care such as washing with warm soapy water and drying thoroughly. Seeing that fruits transpire and secrete fluids when they’re undergoing spoilage, you’ll really need to pay attention to cleaning instructions as they might determine the lifespan of your bowl.

Some fruit bowls might need assembling, especially the tiered ones. Ensure that you’ll be able to put the parts together correctly to enjoy maximum fruit bowl service. You should also consider the finish on the bowls; some of them have a powder coating and some are polished; be sure to find out which is on the fruit bowl you’re getting.

Get the Best Fruit Bowl of 2022!

Now that you know even more about fruit bowls, we hope you’re able to determine which you like best. If so, go ahead and make that purchase.

Our Top Choice
Lenox 365-Surface Pattern Fruit Bowl
Best Value
Mikasa Gourmet Basics Fruit Bowl
Lipper International Wavy Fruit Bowl
Spectrum Diversified Starburst Fruit Bowl
Francois et Mimi Fruit Tree Bowl