Best Fuel System Cleaner Reviews 2023

As we all can agree, the sight of a struggling motor's attempt at once-effortless acceleration can be a rather heartbreaking image, which can occupy the soul of a car owner for years to come! If you happen to be experiencing these symptoms of a fuel system pollution overgrowth, so to speak, worry not, for there is a simple and effective solution—fuel system cleaners! Chuck a bottle's worth in your fuel tank every now and then, drive your car about for it to take effect, and Bob's your uncle! Check out our reviews of the top 5 of these cleaners and pick the model that suits your interests the best!
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Our Top Choice
Lucas Oil 10013 Fuel Treatment
Manufacturing a wide range of various oils and lubricants for the necessities of the automotive world, the Lucas Oil company has earned itself quite a high position on the market.
Simple and affordable formula that will keep your fuel system clean and your engine running at its full capacity!
Dropping it accidentally on your carpet will be fairly disastrous.
Gasoline & Diesel Engines
Cleans Fuel Injectors and Valves
1 Gallon (128 Ounces)
Thorough Cleaning
Neutralizes Low Sulfur Problems
Best Value
BG 44K Fuel System Cleaner
Founded over 40 years ago, the BG corporation is a business with a ton of experience in mending clogged-up fuel systems and otherwise ruined bits and pieces of the vast automotive world!
Unclogs stuck fuel injectors, combustion chambers, and valves—all without you taking out your car’s guts!
May require a funnel to introduce it to the system.
Gasoline & Diesel Engines
Cleans Fuel Injectors and Valves
11.2 Ounces
One Bottle = 20 Gallons of Gas
Improves Gas Mileage
Royal Purple Max Clean Fuel System Cleaner
Based in Porter, Texas, the Royal Purple company has been one of the most prominent companies dealing in lubricants for some time now.
Can prevent hesitation and idling, and increase horsepower to up to 2.6 percent of what you previously had.
But some customers found that the results weren’t very clear/immediate.
Gasoline & Diesel Engines
Prevents Rough Idling
20 Ounces
Thorough Cleaning
Inhibits Corrosion
Chevron Techron Plus Fuel System Cleaner
With over 100 years of experience in making machine-reinvigorating oil, the Chevron company is a business that knows its trade inside and out!
Capable of protecting your entire fuel system, including fuel injectors, carburetors, intake valves, and more!
Bottle is a bit too small for its price.
Gasoline Engines
Cleans Fuel Injectors and Valves
20 Ounces
Thorough Cleaning
Restores Lost Acceleration
Red Line Oil Complete SI-1 Fuel System Cleaner
Founded in 1979, Red Line Oil is a company that takes great pride in its milestone of having produced 100 products so far.
Can clean your carburetor, valves, and injectors. Improves mileage and acceleration.
Some have reported no difference in mileage after using this 'potion'.
Gasoline Engines
Injectors, Carburetors & Valves
15 Ounces
Cleans up to 100% Efficiency
Helps Spruce Up Vehicles

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What is the Best Fuel System Cleaner?

Believe it or not, much like us humans and various members of the animal kingdom, cars, too, are known to possess a rather complex gut flora, which needs to be taken care of every now and then. That being said, about the best way to go about this sacred duty would be to equip yourself with a top-tier fuel system cleaner, and pursue cleaning your car from the inside out by pouring the liquid straight into its fuel tank! Check out our top 5 list to learn more!
Our Top Choice
Coming from one of the biggest US suppliers of motor oils and other lubricants, the Lucas Oil 10013 Fuel Treatment is a simple formula enabling you to clean your fuel system easily and thoroughly! If you need a different sort of lubricant tackling the upper cylinder issues, get yourself the Lucas 10003 Cleaner instead!

Lucas Oil 10013 Fuel Treatment, Made in USA – 1 Gallon

Espousing a rather simple approach to owning a company which goes along the lines of: Become the best supplier of lubricants and additives! … Lucas Oil's Forrest and Charlotte wasted no time in building an enviable reputation in the market for car and trucking supportive equipment! Thanks to their hard work, a plucky marketing strategy, and a sizeable chunk of their initial resources going to research and development of new 'juices', the business took off like greased lightning. Nowadays it represents a potent force on the market, enjoying a massive customer base. In recent years, the Lucas company expanded its capacities to some other fields of work (notably agriculture and industry), where a variety of tough machines might need a problem-solving oil or a lubricant.

Perhaps the most interesting undertaking of this company is its involvement with automotive sports, where it’s also managed to make a number of connections and sponsorships with various contestants! For those of you who'd like to learn more about what these guys are all about, feel free to visit their official webpage where you may learn more about their latest undertakings, their lines of products, and schedules for sporting events!

As for the product we've chosen to feature on this list, it's a simple Fuel Treatment formula concocted to offer your car's engine a bit of a 'facelift', and also to decrease your mileage to a certain level. It also facilitates the burning of excess emissions left over in the exhaust of your car, thus saving some extra fuel in the long run!

The list of the most important features of the Lucas 10013 Fuel Treatment:
  • Cleans the Fuel System
  • Lubricates the Pipes and the Engine
  • Increases the Power of Your Car
  • Gives you more Miles per Gallon
  • Compatible with Diesel, Non-road, Locomotive, and Marine vehicles
  • Tackles the Low Sulfur Problem
  • Burns Excess Exhaust Emissions
All in all, including a bunch of 'healthy' ingredients that can make your car's engine feel like it was its heyday again, this Lucas Oil fuel cleansing solution represents an easy solution for your fuel efficiency and engine hiccups! Simply popping 2 to 3 ounces of the stuff in your fuel system every now and then should do the trick!
Best Value
As a product of a company founded by no less than 7 WWII veterans, this BG 44K Fuel System Cleaner has 'plucky' and also 'Nettoyant système de carburant' written all over it! For a couple of bucks more, you can also get yourself the BG CF5 model with a capacity of 11 ounces!

BG 44K Fuel System Cleaner for Fuel Injectors, Valves, and Combustion Chambers

With a goal to make vehicles great again, ehrm, help with their maintenance so that they may shine in their initial light, the BG Products Incorporated is a company hell-bent on propping up the automotive industry through its high-quality products regarding fuel systems, transmissions, brakes, you name it! Based in El Dorado, Kansas, the hard-working men and women at this company's production lines manage to manufacture enough automotive goods to cover the needs of as many as 100,000 shops, dealerships, and individual technicians across the US. It all started at the eve of the Nazi Germany's utter defeat, when 7 US soldiers realized that they'd soon be heading back to their home country, and that a new struggle—an entrepreneurial one—lay before them!

Since all of them dabbled in cars and the related mechanics, it was agreed that their monumental business undertaking would assume the shape of an automotive factory for lubricants and other oily matters that make cars go faster or something. The sizeable team did need some time to organize, however—26 years to be exact—but once they finally did settle in 1971, their BG Products business became an instant success, immediately selling two of their products called: Engine Tune-Up and RF-7! It was a beginning of an era in some ways.

The BG 44K Fuel System Cleaner is currently one of its best-selling products. It comes in the attractive shape of a can of beans, but woe to him that should venture to taste this combustion-improving automotive cocktail! If you decide to put it in your car's system, though, it can clean your valves, injectors, and combustion chambers so that you don't have to!

The list of features for the BG Products Inc., BG 44K Fuel System Cleaner:
  • Cleans Fuel Injectors
  • One Can Cover 20 Gallons of Gas
  • Increases the Power Output
  • Compatible with Other Fuel System Liquids
  • Removes Upper Engine Deposits
All in all, offering a rather wide range of performance-improving changes, this seemingly simple can o' oils 'n' stuff packs a powerful automotive punch, and by the looks of things, it's capable of rejuvenating your car to the point where you wouldn't recognize it! Also, it's compatible with other fuel system liquids such as alcohol-blended fuels and various fuel additives!
The Royal Purple Max-Clean Cleaner and Stabilizer is a pack o' 6 cans capable of turning your car performance around! If you'd like to buy an individual bottle instead, you can get yourself the Royal Purple 1800 Max Atomizer!

Royal Purple Max-Clean Fuel System Cleaner and Stabilizer – Available in 3 Sizes/Pack Sizes

When people hear the phrase 'Royal Purple', the first thing that springs to mind are probably ancient Romans and their unquenchable thirst for new territories, gladiators, and most importantly—the Gallic magic potion! Imagine the surprise on those people's faces when they learn that this rather magnanimous-sounding phrase is a name for a tough Texan lubricant producin' factory! Armed with the determination of ten vigorous honey badgers, and a bunch of tall silos painted in regal purple, the folks behind this company don't hide their aspirations to become the biggest supplier of all kinds of oils and lubricants this world has ever seen! So far, it’s already managed to outperform a number of the local companies, and can be said to occupy a rather enviable spot on the market for automotive and industrial goods!

Through its expansionism, the Royal Purple folks have conquered new markets for their products in countries once thought of as distant and far away such as Canada! Other nations enjoying its goods include the Japanese, Mexicans, British, and so on. You can find out more about its lines of products and recent undertakings on its official webpage.

The Royal Purple Max-Clean Fuel System Cleaner and Stabilizer is a bulky package of six cans that can cover your automotive lubricant needs for an extended period of time. Once this mixture enters the system of your car, it can greatly reduce the hydrocarbon, NOx, and pesky CO2 emissions. Also, the folks at Royal Purple claim that introducing the Max-Clean formula into your fuel system can give your car some extra horsepower as well (+ 2.6%, to be precise)!

The list of the most important properties of the Royal Purple's Max-Clean Fuel System and Stabilizer:
  • Improves Fuel Economy
  • Offers More Horsepower
  • Reduced Hydrocarbon, NOx, and CO2 Emissions
  • Prevents Rough Idling
  • Inhibits Corrosion and Oxidation
  • EPA/CARB Compliant
  • Stabilizes Fuel During Off-Season
Boasting both an impressive list of characteristics and a bulky packaging of 6 cans that can ensure you'll be safe with your purchase for years to come, this Royal Purple fuel system cleaning solution can be a great product to use whenever your engine needs a boost or your mileage goes suspiciously low!
Possessing the appearance of a hair shampoo and a certain cleaner's tenacity, this Chevron Techron model can be a proper vial of health for your battery fuel system! If you need a slightly different version of this, you can also get yourself the Techron Fuel Injection Cleaner!

Chevron Techron Concentrate Plus Fuel System Cleaner – Available in 2 Sizes

When it comes to supplying the population of the world badly in need of lubricant with, what else—top-tier lubricants, the Chevron company is definitely a leader in the market! These boys and girls claim the title of the leading manufacturer of some of the best base oils and lubricants this world has ever seen, and so far, they've garnered a massive customer base spread around all continents of the world!

It all started way back in 1907, when the first-ever lubricant was opened to the wider markets, which responded positively to the newly-emerging brand, and still continue to support it. The main driving force behind the Chevron company is the ambition to always produce top-tier lubricants and oils no matter what, concentrating along the way on innovation for its ware.

So far, the Chevron folks have successfully made their advances in a variety of fields, ranging from ones related to industry, transport, and marine contraptions—and judging from the testimonials left by their customers and respective companies, all's well in the land of Chevron! If you'd like to learn more about the specific relations it has with various companies, you can visit its official webpage where it’s displayed the information as well as the aforementioned testimonials for everyone to see.

As for the Chevron model we're featuring on our list, we've decided to go with the 65740 Techron Concentrate Plus Fuel System Cleaner which is a tough-looking substance possessing some pretty interesting properties. From restoring lost power and acceleration to unclogging the uncloggable, this fuel system cleaner seems to have it all.

The Chevron 65740 Techron Concentrate Plus Fuel System Cleaner - a list of features:
  • Protects the Entire Fuel System
  • Restores Lost Power
  • Improves Fuel Economy
  • Reduces Rough Idling
  • Lab Tested
  • Improves Cold-Start Performance
All in all, a powerful means of unclogging your entire car fuel system, and keeping it like that once it's all clean! Whether it's for reasons of fuel economy or a simple maintenance you're planning to buy one of these, chances are—you're going to be satisfied with the results and even save some money after awhile! What's not to love?
Boasting a super glue-like packaging and some pretty impressive cleansing characteristics, the Red Line Oil Cleaner is a great take on fuel de-clogging liquids! If you need a bike version of this product, you can also try the Red Line 60102 Cleaner for Motorcycles.

Red Line Oil Complete SI-1 Fuel System Cleaner – Available in 2 Pack Sizes

Having spawned in the glorious year of 1979, the Red Line Synthetic Oil has managed to establish quite a reputation for itself thanks to the reliable and relatively affordable products that it’s been selling to its growing customer base. From their official headquarters located in Benicia, California, these folks have been making one lubing product after another, and now they can proudly say that their roster of various oils, additives, and overall liquids you wouldn't want on your carpet, numbers over a hundred entries, all of which are being successfully sold throughout the automotive, industrial, and—no less—marine markets!

Originally, Red Line Oil was founded to aid the racing industry by providing them with some top-tier lubricants for their vehicles which are exposed to extreme conditions and wear! From then on, however, the company expanded rapidly and included some new markets for its products, namely: the motorcycle, marine, and industrial ones. If you'd like to find out more about what this company is all about, and what sorts of products it’s selling, we would like to direct you to its webpage, where you can find out more about its undertakings!

The Red Line Complete SI-1 Fuel System Cleaner may look like an oversized bottle of super glue, but in reality, it's got some pretty impressive characteristics going in its favor! Like the other models on this list, it's capable of cleaning injectors and carburetors, and it reduces the need for octane by up to two points! Read on to find out more of its interesting features.

The Red Line Complete SI-1 Fuel System Cleaner – a list of properties:
  • Cleans Polluted Control Valves
  • Cleans Injectors and Carburetors
  • Nearly 100% Efficiency in the First Use
  • Safe to Use with Oxygenated Fuel
  • Contains Synthetic Upper Cylinder
  • Reduces the Need for Octane by Two Points
All things considered, throwing one of these small mean bottles in your fuel tank supposedly has the same effect as drinking up a whole bottle of extra hot barbecue sauce! It will thoroughly clean the intestines of your car, so that it will almost reverse to its factory settings by the end of the day!

How Do I Choose the Best Fuel System Cleaner?

If you're a proud owner of a motor vehicle, one of the most important things to keep in mind, maintenance-wise, would be to make sure that your car's bowels are functioning properly. Cars, in general, can be affected by a wide variety of infective diseases, and the effects can be rather substantial if these are left untreated. First of all, your car's performance will go down as a hefty amount of mucus, ehrm, fuel leftovers and a collection of greasy substances start building up. Eventually, the car's tubing and injectors, among other parts, can get clogged and the car can stop working altogether.

That would be the worst case scenario—alternatively, you may experience decreased acceleration rate, poor performance on the road, as well as progressively worse fuel consumption. Aside from being supremely annoying, all of these factors can also be quite costly, so getting around to fixing them can be a great way to save money and also improve your driving experience. One of the easiest and most efficient ways to clean a clogged-up fuel system is to introduce a healthy amount of fuel system cleaner into your fuel tank, and let it do its magic!

In this buying guide, we'll mention a couple of factors indicative of a tough means of destroying that bowel grease in your car, so that you can pick it up yourself, and hopefully resolve your automotive problems in a jiffy! First of all, one of the most important parts of a well-operating fuel system is the fuel injector, as this little piece of hollow metal is directly responsible for getting the fuel into the cylinders. These wee buggers get all greasy and clogged after awhile, since they are in constant contact with the fuel, which isn’t always of the cleanest and purest kind. As a result, an injector can't inject as much fuel into the engine as it’s supposed to, which in turn means less power and poorer acceleration.

A liquid such as the fuel system cleaner is capable of cleaning all of that up, and enhancing some of the car's worsening stats! Acceleration, fuel consumption, and overall power of the motor can all be subject to massive improvements, which is not only great on its own, but can also save you a fortune in the long run. Well, okay, perhaps not a fortune, but even if it's a hundred bucks a year—we're talking about four brand new hats! Or maybe a cordless drill, those are hot nowadays—it's up to you, really!

Another thing worth mentioning would be the preventive work of these likeable plastic vials. Namely, introducing them into your car's system can be greatly beneficial when it comes to reducing hydrocarbon and CO2 emissions, a great asset for an environmentally-conscious person! Perhaps one of the most feel-good things about these fuel system cleaners, though, is the fact that they’re able to give you back some of that horsepower you lost over the years. Imagine if somebody just gifted you a couple of horses out of the blue—you would be pretty ecstatic, wouldn't you! We at TopProducts were once mistakenly sent a gerbil, and were so happy that two of our best Internet browsers had weed themselves!

While we're talking about the matters of moisture, we'd like to highlight that all the fuel system cleaners we've found come in a liquid state, and you use them by simply pouring them into your fuel tank before you take a ride. So, to wrap it all up, fuel system cleaners have a relatively low cost, can repair your engine, gift you with horsepower, and save the polar bears! What's not to love, right?

Once you've taken care of your car, you can proceed to take care of your backyard. We at TopProducts have some great news for you! Namely, we have, completely incidentally, made a bunch of reviews for exactly the sorts of products one might need to rejuvenate their garden: barbecues, bug zappers, and cat repellents! If you happen to be in need of any of these products, feel free to consult our reviews!
The pricing of fuel system cleaners mostly depends on the packaging, that is their amount, and the brand in question. Since pretty much all manufacturers producing these liquids claim that their products can offer a thorough and all-inclusive cleansing of the system, there doesn't seem to be that much variation when it comes to what a fuel system cleaner can do.

That being said, some versions boast properties such as corrosion and oxidation-resistance, which is a great property adding a couple of bucks to the overall price. If you want to save some money, you can also get yourself a big package of six (for example). One of these should have you covered for a long time, so if your finances are a concern, buying big might be a great solution—as opposed to buying a cheap version, which probably won’t give you the results you need for very long.
We at TopProducts firmly believe that even the most rugged muscle car V8 needs a bit of care and grooming every now and then. Therefore, we've devised a top 5 list of the best fuel system cleaners money can buy, and in this section, we'll list some of the most important features to pay attention to before you make a purchase!

The list of the most important features to take into consideration when buying a fuel system cleaner:
  • Fuel Economy Improvement
  • Size of the Bottle
  • Horsepower Retrieval
  • Rough Idling Prevention
  • Corrosion Inhibiting
  • EPA Compliance
  • CARB Compliance
  • Stabilizing Fuel
  • Cold Start Performance
  • Safety of Use with Oxygenated Oil
All in all, a bottle of fuel system cleaner with a well-rounded mix of engine-cleaning ingredients can really be a lifesaver in the long run, especially if you're looking for a budget-friendly solution!
Construction and Design
Even though some of the bottles containing the precious engine-invigorating liquid do possess quite weird designs, more often than not they feature the same shape. After all, a bottle is not really a product that would need some special attention on the part of the manufacturers.

Nevertheless, some have ventured to make theirs look like the fuel nozzles we commonly see at gas stations. This facilitates the pouring of the liquid into your fuel tank, and it also looks a bit cheeky, which perhaps earns it a couple of extra points with some of the more fashion-oriented customers!

As for the mixtures that actually go into them, they tend to vary quite substantially between various manufacturers, so make sure to read the contents that are printed out on the back of the bottle.
Performance and Ease of Use
Using a fuel system cleaner is probably the easiest maintenance job in the world. Once you get ahold of one of these bottles, all you need to do is unscrew its cap, pour it into your fuel tank, and voila!—job done. Of course, before you proceed to do that, please read the ingredient list that comes with it to ensure that you don't end up using a mixture that’s not compatible with your car or its fuel system.

Other than that, make sure to safely store the bottles away when you're not using them and you should be alright. Hopefully, this review helped you decide upon what sort of fuel system cleaner to buy for yourself. Good luck with your purchase!

Get the Best Fuel System Cleaner of 2023!

Performing maintenance on your car can be a demanding and pricey practice involving a lot of patience, time, and looking around for the necessary spare parts. Keeping your fuel system clean luckily isn't one of these demanding tasks, as all you need to do is introduce some of the fuel system cleaner liquid into your fuel tank, and watch the whole thing resolve itself on its own!

Our Top Choice
Lucas Oil 10013 Fuel Treatment
Best Value
BG 44K Fuel System Cleaner
Royal Purple Max Clean Fuel System Cleaner
Chevron Techron Plus Fuel System Cleaner
Red Line Oil Complete SI-1 Fuel System Cleaner