Best Gaffer Tape – Residue Free Professional Gaffer Tape in Black, White, Brown and More

Also called gaff tape, gaffer’s tape, spike tape, or camera tape, gaffer tape is a pressure-sensitive tape, preferred for its strong adhesion properties. Recently, the demand for this tape has tremendously grown, mostly for its many applications. While it was initially made for television production, filmmaking, theaters, and photography studios, today its use has expanded to garages, homes, and more.

To help you understand gaffer tape, we have identified the five best gaffer tape brands, and here we feature a great tape from each of them. Read through and pick the best one for you. Now do keep in mind, all these brands sell more sizes than our showcased product. Additionally, gaffer tape comes in all different colors — with the most popular being black gaffer tape, white gaffer tape, and brown gaffer tape (which believe it or not, can sometimes be harder to find). And of course these brands have lots of colors to choose from besides what we pictured.
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Our Top Choice
Gaffer Power Heavy Duty Gaffer Tape
Gaffer Power has been around 4 years specializing in professional-grade gaffer tapes.
This tape is easy to tear and rips into several strips without needing scissors. It holds securely on a variety of surfaces and doesn't leave residue when taken off.
With all fairness, this is a professional-grade gaffer tape. However, it’s not electrically insulated, in case you want to use it in covering bare electrical wires.
2-Inch x 30 Yards
Cotton Cloth
Waterproof, Non-reflective
10 Colors
Endless Uses, Made in the US
Best Value
XFasten Professional Grade Gaffer Tape
Founded in 2007, XFasten believes that adhesives are one of the most important accessories for any home or workplace.
This gaffer tape delivers an impressive adhesion and is easy to remove without damage or leaving residue. It also has wide applications.
There are isolated complaints of how long it can remain intact after being applied.
2-Inch x 30 Yards
Residue Free, Water Proof
2 Colors, Black, White
Abrasion Resistant
Allstar Performance Gaffer’s Tape
Allstar Performance is a leading manufacturer and supplier of rodding, racing, and street performance parts and equipment.
This vinyl-coated tape delivers excellent adhesion on numerous surfaces, is easy to remove, and doesn’t leave adhesion residue. Also, it doesn't cause reflection or glare.
This gaffer tape is not heat proof, limiting its use.
4-Inch x 165 Yards
Abrasion resistant. No Glare
4 Colors
Matte Finish,
Pro Tapes Pro Gaff Premium Gaffers Tape
Pro Tapes and Specialties is a leading manufacturer of tapes, among them cloth tapes, double coated tapes, specialty tapes, vinyl, foam, reflective, and filament tapes.
The tape has numerous applications and is feature-packed. It is best on irregular surfaces and has high-performance adhesive properties.
Judging from what this tape if made for, it is a great pick. However, it is pricey.
3-Inch x 50 Yard
Cotton Cloth
Abrasion Resistant
18 Colors
Great for irregular surfaces
J.V. Converting Premium Grade Gaffers Tape
J.V. Converting is one of your ultimate sources for various types of adhesive tapes. The company manufactures a wide range of tapes, including duct tapes, paper tapes, and vinyl tapes.
This vinyl-coated tape tears easily and neatly. It has numerous applications. It is non-reflective and doesn't fail.
Despite the manufacturer stating that it releases easily without leaving adhesion residue, there are isolated complaints of it failing in this.
2-Inch X 30 Yard
Vinyl Coated Cloth
Matte Finish

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What Is the Best Gaffer Tape to Use Without Sticky Adhesive Residue? Read Our Gaffer Tape Reviews!

There are several reasons why people forego all other types of tape, including duct tape, to pick a gaffer tape. And that is the best basis to judge the best gaffer tape from. First, gaffer tape is preferred for its powerful adhesion feature. Secondly, apart from holding securely to different surfaces, it releases easily without leaving residue or causing damage. And finally, the best gaffer tape should be non-reflective, weather resistant, and abrasion resistant. To help you strike a balance between all these factors and pick the best gaffer tape, we've identified the leading gaffer tape brands. And to give you a good picture of these brands, we have featured a unit from each. Read on and pick one that impresses you.

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Our Top Choice
Gaffer Power Heavy Duty Gaffer Tape is made for endless uses, anywhere! The premium-grade tape is now the industry standard in terms of versatility and performance. It is a must have for DYI enthusiasts! If you’re looking for a 1-inch gaffer tape, try out this 1-Inch x 60 yards Gaffer Power Professional Grade Gaffer Tape

Gaffer Power Professional Premium Grade Gaffer Tape – 2-Inch x 30-Yards, Available in Many Sizes and Colors


In 2012, Marty Gage, a seasoned filmmaker, decided to fill a market gap he had always noticed; to design and manufacture a special tape, better than what was on the market. And that’s how Gaffer Power Company was started. In a record of 3 years, the company has created one of the world’s most popular gaffer tapes - Gaffer Power Heavy Duty Gaffer Tape.

If you’re looking for a professional-grade gaffer tape, better than a duct tape, Gaffer Power Heavy Duty Gaffer Tape is one of our recommendations. The tape is made for endless uses, at homes, in schools, workshops, theaters, anywhere! You can use it to secure your computer, cables, boxes, car repairs, and when fixing appliances.

Adding to its ease-of-use is the fact that the tape tears and rips easily. When you need several strips, you don't need scissors. Just use your bare hands to rip it into whatever number of strips you want. Apart from that, it’s water-resistant so you can even use it in the outdoors, for example, to show workshop directions. It is non-reflective, making it ideal for studios and theaters, and no one can notice it.

What makes this gaffer tape a great deal is being tough and strong, without being hard to use. The pressure-sensitive tape is made from cotton cloth and delivers an impressive adhesive. You’ll also love how easy it is to take off without leaving residue. If the stellar reviews, bestseller status, and the ratings of this gaffer tape are anything to base an argument on, then this tape is a “king” in the gaffer tape arena.

In this review, we have featured the black version. But if you want a brighter color, there are nine other colors to choose from.

Best Value
XFasten Professional Grade Gaffer Tape is an abrasion and water-resistant gaffer tape, made for numerous applications. The tape is easy to use, and when taking it off the non-reflective tape leaves no residue. If you’re looking for a longer gaffer tape, try out this XFasten Professional Grade Gaffer Tape. It's a 2-inch x 60 yards roll of cloth tape.

XFasten Professional Grade White Gaffer Tape – 2-Inch x 30-Yards, Available in Many Other Sizes and Colors


XFasten believes adhesives are one of the most critical essentials in homes and in different working stations. This is evident in the brand's collections of adhesives for use in homes, for home improvements, and for industrial and scientific applications. The brand holds that adhesives make homes and workplaces safer and come through during times you can’t count on anything else.

XFasten Professional Grade Gaffer Tape is unlike any other tape on the market. The cotton cloth-made tape, with rubber adhesive, delivers unmatched performance on anything the tape is applied to. On top of that, the tape is abrasion-resistant and water-resistant. This allows you to use it outdoors.

The non-reflective and residue-free properties of the tape explain its wide usage and high preference in theaters, TV studios, photography studios, and automotive industries. When used in theaters, it is not noticeable, as it blends easily with different backgrounds. Another win is its great adhesion power, without needing to be removed or ripped apart. It removes easily without leaving residue or causing damage, meaning no mess to clean after taking it off.

While it is great for use on video and audio equipment and by professional artists, it has been used on some models to tape their breasts during photo shoots! We're serious. However, this is not one of the intended uses.

The tape we have featured here is the black version. But if you’d like a different color, white is available.

Multipurpose and functional, Performance Gaffer’s Tape is made for use in different settings from homes to photography studios, theaters, and auto racing settings. If you want fluorescent gaffer tape with a matte finish, try out this Allstar Performance Fluorescent Green 2" x 45' Gaffer's Tape, available in four colors.

Allstar Performance Gaffer’s Tape – Adhesive Removes Cleanly from Most Surfaces, Available in Many Colors and Sizes


Allstar Performance is a reputable manufacturer of high performance and racing auto parts, specialty tools, and accessories. The brand has 18 products lines, among them engine cooling accessories, aluminum tanks, engine accessories, tire and wheel accessories, and others.

If you’re looking for a gaffer tape that is best suited for motorists, then Allstar Performance Gaffer’s Tape is our recommendation. It is vinyl-coated and stronger than normal racer tapes. The tape is highly recommended in different settings including pit stops, photography, stage sets, theaters, and by motorists. You can also use it at home to do repairs, to add a firm grip on tools, and when suspending light strings.

When using the tape, you won't struggle with adhesion residue or damage. It is usable on a variety of surfaces, delivering impressive adhesion. Allstar Performance Gaffer’s Tape resists abrasion, which adds to its usefulness. Using it is pretty easy, as well as taking it off. You don't need scissors to rip it into several strips.

Another impressive feature of this tape is that it doesn't cause reflection and glare. This makes it ideal for use in studios and theaters. On top of that, it’s easy to write on, making great for labeling tasks and showing markings on audio and video gears. The Allstar Performance Gaffer’s Tape we have featured in this review is white, with a size of 4” x 165’. However, if you’re looking for a different size or color, they are available.

Pro Tapes Pro Gaff Premium Gaffers Tape is a matte cotton cloth tape, with synthetic rubber-based adhesion. The 11 mm-thick tape is abrasion and weather-resistant. Want a little more flair in your tape? Take a look at Pro Tapes' Cool Camo Gaffer Tape which is available in both full size widths and pocket sized rolls.

Pro Tapes Pro Gaff Premium Matte Cloth Gaffer's Tape with Rubber Adhesive – 3-Inch x 50 Yards, Available in 18 Colors and Many Sizes


Pro Tapes and Specialties just celebrated 40 years of success in the adhesive arena. Founded in the late 1970s, Pro Tapes is now the largest manufacturer of premium tapes for use in arts and entertainment industries in the US. Apart from innovating and manufacturing adhesive, the brand also offers other services such as wide web slitting, narrow web slitting, lathe slitting, flexo printing, among others.

Pro Tapes Pro Gaff Premium Gaffers Tape is an 11 millimeter-thick tape made for endless applications. The fluorescent tape is made of cloth and has a matte finish, meaning it is non-reflective and doesn’t cause glare. One of the greatest features of this tape is that it is great on irregular surfaces, unlike most other gaffer tapes. It is also strong to withstand outdoor conditions, even in places with temperatures ranging from 50-200 degrees F.

It is made for numerous applications including labeling, sealing, and temporary securing of surfaces. It works well on numerous surfaces, delivering impeccable adhesion, without leaving dirt when removed. Despite being hard to break, it tears easily into regular splits, even when using bare hands.

If you are looking for a strong, professional-grade gaffer tape, which is weather-resistant and great for irregular surfaces, we recommend Pro Tapes Pro Gaff Premium Gaffers Tape. Some of its applications include dance floor marking, decoration, seat repair, splicing, color-coding and labeling, camera tape, and holding down wires, among others.

In this review, we featured the fluorescent yellow color version with a 1-inch width, if you’d prefer a different color, there are seventeen other color options for you.

If you're looking for a convenient, budget-friendly, yet premium-grade gaffer tape, J.V. Converting Premium Grade 30-Yard Gaffers Tape is our recommendation. If you want a gaffer tape with a smaller width, try out this 1/2-Inch x 60 yards, J.V. Converting Stage-Set Tape, great for marking stages and available in 19 colors.

J.V. Converting Premium Grade Black Gaffers Tape - 2 –Inch x 30-Yards, Other Colors and Sizes Available


J.V. Converting Company is all about adhesive tapes. With 15 years of experience, the company manufacturers a wide collection of tapes including glow-in-the-dark, strapping, paper tapes, foil tapes, among others.

J.V. Converting Premium Grade 30-Yard Gaffers Tape is made of a vinyl-coated cloth and has a strong natural rubber adhesion. It is made to deliver impressive adhesion to a variety of surfaces, without leaving residue after removal. This premium-grade gaffer tape has wide applications such as TV, A/V, motion pictures, and photography.

The greatest deal in this tape is not just performance; it is also in its price. If you are looking for an inexpensive gaffer tape that will deliver just as much as the pricey tapes would do, this is one of our recommendations. It is 12 mm-thick and 30 yards long.

The tape has a matte finish, so it non-reflective making it great for use in studios and theaters. Adding to its durability and strength is the fabric backing. Currently, the product enjoys impressive ratings and reviews, and if this is enough evidence to judge this tape from, then this should be a best-kept handyman secret!

Professional Gaffer Tape Buying Guide — What Is Gaffer Tape and Why Should You Use It?

Gaffer tape got its name from a film crew chief lighting technician who is known as a gaffer. Basically, this tape was purposely made for use in film, TV and theater applications but has, over the years, become a household item. Before gaffer tape was invented, people in these industries used duct tape. But it had a downside. First, duct tape is best suited for permanent repairs rather than temporary fixing, as it leaves residue after removal.

In the film industry, gaffer tape is used to label control boards, mark locations, secure cables, repair sandbags and prepare lighting gels. That’s not all; it’s also used in marking positions during acting rehearsals, attaching microphones and fixing broken equipment handles. Outside the theater and film industries, gaffer tape can be used pretty much anywhere. It’s a perfect replacement for duct tape, masking tape, carton-sealing tape, etc.

In this post, we’ll take you through what makes gaffer tape unique, its different applications and what to consider when shopping for one. We will also reveal our picks for the five best gaffer tapes on the market.


Video: What is Gaffer Tape?

What is Gaffer Tape Used For? | Courtesy of Shutterstock Tutorials

The price of a roll of gaffer tape ranges from $10 to $20 depending on the quality and the length. We also came across gaffer tape that cost hundreds of bucks and cheap gaffer tape, which we’ve not featured in this review since the quality may be lacking. The major determinants of price include the brand, material and unique features. There has also been emergence of various grades of gaffer tape targeting different industries. You’ll find models that are purposely for the film industry and lower grades for home applications.


Because of the different properties of gaffer tape, you’ll need to keep your intended applications in mind and choose the one that is best suited for such use.

Here is a list of critical features to check before making a purchase:

  • Material
  • Size
  • Applications
  • Non-reflective Feature
  • Weather Resistant
  • Abrasion Resistant

Let’s go deeper and see how these features affect the construction and performance of gaffer tape.

Construction and Design

To get a clear picture of gaffer tape construction, let’s see the similarities and differences between it and duct tape. First, duct tape is best for permanent repairs since it uses either semi-permanent or permanent adhesive. On the other hand, gaffer tape uses removable adhesive, making it great for temporary fixes. Secondly, after removal, duct tape leaves traces of adhesive on the surface, unlike gaffer tape, which leaves a completely clean surface after removal.

Another big advantage of gaffer tape is the ease of tearing apart into several strips without using scissors unlike duct tape, which can be hard. Most duct tape is weather resistant and waterproof; however, it’s not heat resistant. Duct tape is also waterproof, weather resistant and abrasion resistant and can withstand high temperatures found in theatres; it is best in covering cables and cords.

Something else that distinguishes gaffer tape from other types of tape is that it’s available in colors that don’t reflect light when used in the background. This feature of blending nicely makes it the best for the film industry. However, not all gaffer tape comes in non-reflective materials and colors; there are others available in highly visible fluorescent colors, while others glow with the glowing ability diminishing over time. Others are available in highly visible colors and are writable, making them the best for marking and labeling.

When it comes to materials, most gaffer tape is made using fabric or vinyl, with the adhesive made of rubber, explaining its strong adhesive power. The best thing about rubber is that it can take a lot of heat and doesn’t cause damage to the material. This also makes it ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Video: How to Use Gaffer Tape

How to Use Gaffer Tape Like a Pro | Courtesy of Film Riot
Performance and Ease of Use

To assess the performance of a gaffer tape, check the three features that make gaffer distinct from other types of tape: ease of splitting, leaves no residue, and non-reflective finish. We also advise you to have your intended application in mind. For instance, if you want one for labeling and marking, go for one in bright colors and which is writable on the top surface. For serious applications, like theatre application, ensure it is made of vinyl-coated cloth, is non-reflective and abrasion resistant and, of course, residue free. Performance also depends on the thickness of the gaffer tape.

Get the Best Gaffer Tape of 2023!

We hope you are now armed and ready to pick the best gaffer tape. The gaffer tape brands we have featured in this review are reputable and known for quality offerings. Shop confidently!

Our Top Choice
Gaffer Power Heavy Duty Gaffer Tape
Best Value
XFasten Professional Grade Gaffer Tape
Allstar Performance Gaffer’s Tape
Pro Tapes Pro Gaff Premium Gaffers Tape
J.V. Converting Premium Grade Gaffers Tape

Gaffer Tape FAQs

What is a gaffer tape?
Gaffer tape is one that is made from heavy cotton and is pressure sensitive. It has tensile properties and a strong adhesive. The other names for a gaffer tape include gaff tape, duct tape, spike tape, or gaffer’s tape.
What is gaffer tape used for?
Gaffer tape is used for taping down cables during the production of TV programs, film, and music videos. Even though it holds the wires down, it doesn’t damage materials when removed. It is excellent for attaching props, repairing broken production equipment, or making ad hoc fixes. One of the reasons production crews love gaffer tape is its waterproof nature.
Where to buy gaffer tape?
You can buy gaffer tape from Amazon and the other online stores. Like millions of other shoppers, you would like it when you enjoy great deals and a wide variety of products. If you are looking for a gaffer tape to buy, we have reviewed some of the best.