Best Gaming Chair Reviews 2023

If you plan on playing games on your PC for hours on end, then it is very important that you have an ergonomic gaming chair. If you do not, you will find that you often have lower back pain and posture problems. Unfortunately, a lot of gaming chairs are not ergonomically designed. And a lot of comfortable chairs are not cost effective. That is why we have put together a list of our top five brands for gaming chairs so you can find a good one at a price that is within your budget. While only one gaming chair is featured per brand, these featured brands have other gaming chairs you can look at.
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Our Top Choice
Merax Racing Style Gaming Chair
Merax is one of the largest B2C manufacturers and distributors. Its gaming chairs are of high quality and are very comfortable for people of different heights and weights.
It has a slide out foot rest, a removable head rest pillow and can be tilted back 90° to 180°. Furthermore, its height can be adjusted.
Its vertical travel is only a few inches.
Swivel chair
36 x 27 x 20 inches;87lbs
Footrest and back support
90 to 180 degree tiltable back
Best Value
X Rocker Vibrating Rocker Chair
X Rocker is a unique brand of gaming chairs. It creates “sound chairs” that easily connect to most media devices and provide improved sound quality and overall gaming experience.
It has two built-in speakers, adjustable armrests and a padded headrest. It easily connects to many media devices and is fire-retardant.
It is very heavy and requires additional cables.
Rocker chair
Vinyl upholstery
29 x 23 x 20 inches; 45lbs
Padded headrest
Vertagear Gaming Series Ergonomic Chair
Vertagear is committed to providing innovative gaming accessories that enrich the lives of gamers all over the world. Its gaming chairs are of great quality and are affordable.
It has adjustable armrests and its height can be adjusted. It has a multi-directional lumbar support and an adjustable backrest.
It is rather expensive.
Office Chair
Calfskin Leather
33.5 x 25.5 x 21.5 inches; 58.4lbs
Adjustable seat depth
Ace Bayou Video Gaming Chair
Ace Bayou is a leading brand in the furniture industry. It is committed to providing its customers with furniture made with high quality materials.
It has a built-in headphone jack, is foldable, has built-in speakers and comes with included adapter.
It may require a separate transmitter.
Rocker chair
27.8 x 18.5 x 17.5 inches; 47lbs
Full back support
Wireless audio transmission
BirdRock Memory Foam Floor Chair
Birdrock is dedicated to providing first-class and sustainable furniture for homes across America. Each piece is built uniquely and handcrafted.
It is comfortable, adjustable to 14 different positions, is easy to store and can be washed.
Its back is not high enough.
Floor foam
Soft plush fabrics with foam
41.2 x 6 x 21.2 inches; 12.5lbs
Chopped memory foam

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What is the Best Gaming Chair?

When selecting a gaming chair, it is vital that you make sure that you can sit on it comfortably for hours at a go. Several health complications can arise as a result of bad posture, the most common being back pain. This can make it hard for you to play your games, so take a look at some features that make it easier for you to sit comfortably for longer while giving due consideration to your budget.
Our Top Choice
If you spend hours seated in front of a desk, Merax has many chairs that can help you. Its Racing Style Gaming Chair is designed for people who work at computer desks for long periods. Want a floor chair instead? The Merax Folded Floor Chair is a great option and is adjustable for maximum comfort.

Merax Racing Style Executive PU Leather Swivel Chair with Footrest and Back Support Reclining – Available in 4 Colors

Founded in 1995, Merax is headquartered near Los Angeles, California. It is an accredited business of the Better Business Bureau and offers a wide variety of products such as treadmills, bikes, pet supplies, et cetera.

The Merax Racing Style Gaming Chair is a computer gaming leather office chair. It has an elegant design and can be rotated 360 degrees. Other features include;
  • Heavy duty chair base with casters for greater stability
  • Removable head rest pillow and lumbar cushion for extended comfort
  • Can be lowered down to a full 180 degrees for comfortable napping
  • Adjustable height to ensure that you are comfortable
  • Thick padded armrests for greater support
Best Value
If you want to feel your music, check out X Rocker's sound chairs. Its Vibrating Rocker Chair has AFM technology that enables you to feel every sound played through it. If you prefer to connect to your gaming chair via Bluetooth, we recommend the X Rocker Surge Bluetooth Sound Gaming Chair.

X Rocker Wireless X Rocker Pro Series Video Rocker Gaming Chair with Vibration

Since 2005, X Rocker's line of sound chairs has provided a full-sensory experience when playing games, watching movies and listening to music. Its Audio Force Modulation (AFM) technology uses the open space inside the chairs to create vibrational audio that intensifies every experience.

The X Rocker Vibrating Rocker Chair is made from sleek black and grey vinyl over a durable wood and metal frame. It measures 30.12 inches long by 17.13 inches wide and stands 29.53 inches high. More features include:
  • Two built-in speakers and a subwoofer for a multi-sensory experience
  • Connect to a wide variety of media devices including Xbox, Gameboy, iPads, laptops and many more, giving you a complete media immersion
  • Combines wireless capabilities and core AFM technology for improved sound quality
  • Made with fire-retardant foam for safety
If you are a gamer looking for the perfect chair, Vertagear is a good place to start. Its Gaming Series Ergonomic Chair is adjustable to give you the highest level of comfort. If you want a great chair that is more budget friendly, check out the Vertagear Racing Series Gaming Chair which has a lot of options you can choose from.

Vertagear Gaming Series Triigger Line 350 Ergonomic Office Chair – Available in 2 Colors

Vertagear is a highly experienced manufacturer of gaming accessories. It uses its experience to provide gaming chairs that are useful and desirable with great features.

The Vertagear Gaming Series Ergonomic Chair is a stylish chair that contains over 80 individual components that control the seat height, tilt angle, and tilt tension adjustments. Following are some of its other interesting features:
  • Constructed with an aluminum alloy frame for light weight and durability
  • Back can recline 33 degrees and can be locked into 22 different positions for optimum comfort
  • Adjustable height to accommodate users of different sizes
  • Built-in lumbar support for better posture
  • Roller bearing for smooth operation
  • Coated with automotive grade paint for a luxurious finish
This chair is available in three colors.
Need a great quality gaming chair? Check out Ace Bayou. Its Video Gaming Chair is durable and enables you to play your video games in comfort. Is the featured chair too expensive for you? Check out the Ace Bayou Xrocker Multi Media Sound Rocker. It is more of a floor chair and is more affordable.

Ace Bayou X Rocker II Wireless Video Rocker Gamer Chair in Black

Ace Bayou was founded in 1922 and is privately owned. It has offices, manufacturing and distribution facilities in the US, Europe and Asia. It is a leader in designing lifestyle furniture.

The Ace Bayou Video Gaming Chair is a stylish, contemporary chair that works with most gaming consoles and home theater centers. It is suitable for ages 12 years and up and can support up to 250lbs. Some of its other features:
  • Foldable for easy storage
  • Control panel on the side of the chair to adjust the volume
  • Built-in headphone jack so you can use your headphones
  • Built-in speakers and subwoofer for improved sound quality
Need a super comfortable floor chair? Birdrock has many you can choose from. Its Memory Foam Floor Chair is made of soft foam to guarantee comfort. Want an office chair instead? We recommend the Birdrock Swivel Office Chair with Cutout which is just as comfortable as a floor chair.

BirdRock Home Adjustable 14-Position Memory Foam Floor Chair & Gaming Chair – Available in 5 Colors

Birdrock works to provide its customers with a unique shopping experience through its high quality furniture and friendly customer support. It has a wide range of furniture pieces available.

The Birdrock Memory Foam Floor Chair is a plush floor chair that is adjustable to 14 different positions. It can be used while playing games, reading or watching TV. Its dimensions are 41.25" x 21.25" x 6" and it weighs 10.5 pounds. Don't like this color? Don't worry. This chair is available in six colors.

How Do I Choose the Best Gaming Chair?

There is a tournament on for a shooting game. It’s just the first stage of the elimination round, but there is as much tension as if it was the final round. This is the point where the real players are going to get separated from the lucky ones. The match is being played online, but all of the players are shown on the screen beside the actual game so that the audience can see their reactions as the game goes on.

There is a young man, just starting on the path of career gaming. In preparation for the match, he has spared no expense in getting the best gaming desktop, the most reliable internet connection, and the best of everything else. The match is about to begin and so he wishes his teammates well. With his gaming headset on, he focuses on his gaming monitor and the fight is on.

The match is heavy and intense. His opponents quickly make it clear that they aren’t rookies. After hours of serious gaming, the pressure gets even more intense and many more factors than the skills of the players begin to affect the game. This young man, who is a very physically active player, can be seen moving his body in ways that suggests that he is in some pain. Though he is a good player, his play begins to suffer and his reflexes appear to become sluggish as he visibly struggles with the discomfort he’s feeling. What is the likely cause of this pain and discomfort? How will this affect the outcome of the game?

Any serious gamer will tell you how important a top-quality gaming chair is. With a good-quality gaming chair, you can play comfortably for longer hours. This kind of chair provides comfortable and ergonomic support for the player.

We understand that finding the best gaming chair can be difficult. There are many factors that must be considered before determining which one is most suitable for you. For your benefit, we have provided this guide to help you find the gaming chair that is right for you.
The price of a gaming chair is an important factor for consideration. There are many features that can affect this price, such as the type of gaming chair, the material, the extra features, and more. After conducting our research, we found that a good gaming chair can be purchased for around $60 all the way up to $900. We’ve chosen to feature gaming chairs in such a wide price range in an attempt to accommodate every customer. Some may want to spend as little as possible for a basic chair, some may want no expense spared and others (probably most of us) would go for something middle range with a nice balance of price and features.

Depending on what you want and your budget, you can go way higher than this for gaming chairs with way more features. If you are, however, on a budget, the chairs on our list will serve you well. Do not be tempted to go for cheap gaming chairs, as these are likely going to be of the lowest of quality and this is not good for you.
Gaming chairs are chiefly meant to improve your gaming experience. However, in order to determine how well a gaming chair will perform for you, its various features must be considered in terms of how they fit your needs. These are some important features to consider:
  • Type
  • Material
  • Size
  • Comfort
  • Ergonomics and Support
  • Vibration
  • Adjustability
  • Mobility
  • Built-in Speakers
Let us explain these some more:
Construction and Design
A gaming chair is usually modeled after different types of normal chairs, but with designs that make them more comfortable for gamers. Gaming chairs can come in the form of swivel chairs, rocking chairs, floor foams, and more. Swivel chairs are usually mounted on wheels, and have adjustable angles. Rocking chairs can have legs or be placed directly on the floor, and they rock as you lean into them. Floor foams are usually made of comfortable foam and, as the name implies, are always placed directly on the floor.

The material a gaming chair is made of is usually very important. This determines a gaming chair’s comfort level and durability. Gaming chairs are usually made from combinations involving foam, leather, wool, padding, and so on. These are important to consider, and their quality is also of some importance to avoid early tears or rips.

A gaming chair must be big enough to accommodate the user. It’s best to avoid a gaming chair that will be too small and possibly cause discomfort. Gaming chairs also have a maximum amount of weight they can safely support. It is best to note this, so you don’t buy a chair that could ultimately be inadequate, and even unsafe.

One of the main functions of a gaming chair is to provide the user with comfort. This can be facilitated by various features, each of which is meant to provide the user with a specific form of comfort. These can be back supports, footrests, headrests, and armrests. Some gaming chairs will come with all of these, while others will only have some.

Given that most gamers spend long hours on their gaming chair, it is important to choose a gaming chair that provides good ergonomics and support. A chair that provides good lumbar support will make it easier to play for longer hours without aches and pains. Of course, this is in addition to other features mentioned earlier.
Performance and Ease of Use
Some gaming chairs can vibrate, giving you a more immersive gaming experience. Some users also treat them as massage chairs. If this is a feature you need for your gaming experience, then you must ensure your gaming chair of choice has it.

Gaming chairs sometimes have a measure of adjustability that can make using them easier. Some gaming chairs can be raised or lowered, can have detachable parts, can be tilted at various angles, or can be folded. These are all convenient and can make using the chair easier and more comfortable.

Sometimes, while gaming or even working on your computer, you will want to move around the room without getting out of the chair. Some gaming chairs are mounted on wheels to make mobility possible and easier while you are sitting on them. This type of mobility is common with swivel chairs and office chairs.

The sound of a game is very important to its enjoyment. To enable this, some gaming chairs have built-in speakers, so that you can feel like you’re in the game while you play. These built-in speakers can be easily connected to your device or console via Bluetooth. Some gaming chairs also have earphone jacks, in case you need to keep the sound of your gaming to yourself. The choice is yours to make.

Get the Best Gaming Chair of 2023!

We hope that these reviews have provided enough information to guide you to make the right choice. Already made a choice? Go on—order it, and make your gaming sessions more comfortable.

Our Top Choice
Merax Racing Style Gaming Chair
Best Value
X Rocker Vibrating Rocker Chair
Vertagear Gaming Series Ergonomic Chair
Ace Bayou Video Gaming Chair
BirdRock Memory Foam Floor Chair