Best Garage Mat Reviews 2022

Your garage can look both beautiful and new if you have the right kind of garage mat. The challenge is that there are so many garage mat brands, each boasting of mats with impressive features. How do you know which one to go for? That is why we have taken time to research five of the best brands of garage mats and featured one from each. You should also note that beyond the featured garage mats, these brands have other amazing mats that may interest you.
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Our Top Choice
G-Floor Ribbed Garage Floor Mat
G-Floor, an American mat maker for over a decade, has demonstrated expertise that enables them to make mats you can count on, exceeding customers’ expectations.
It lays flat on your garage floor, can be cleaned easily and is durable, serving for a long time.
It has low ridges.
Available in 6 sizes
Available in 6 colors
Info NOT provided
Best Value
Oil-Dri Garage Guard Industrial Rug
For over 60 years, this proudly American company, Oil-Dri, has been committed to the continued development of innovative absorbent solutions as well as its distribution.
It is made of high quality material, protects your concrete well, can hold plenty of liquid and is lower priced compared to other brands.
It slides around too easily.
24 x 36 inches; 0.5lbs
Needle punched
Auto Care Products Heavy Duty Garage Mat
Auto Care Products Inc. is dedicated to the manufacturing of a wide range of unique and innovative automotive accessories that impress and delight customers all over the world.
It is durable, absorbs large amount of dirt and does a good job of preventing slips and falls
Strips wouldn’t stay unless you apply some adhesive. Furthermore, strips are not thick enough.
95 x 5 x 5 inches; 45lbs
Vinyl sheeting
Heavy duty
Helps prevents slips and falls
Armor All Garage Floor Mat
Armor All is an American-based manufacturer of quality products such as garage mats. It prides itself as a customer-focused company that delivers within very tight deadlines!
It is well made, holds lots of water, is easy to vacuum, roll-up and unroll.
It gets moldy when wet and can bunch up or even tear if you turn your wheels on it.
240 x 0.1 x 88 inches;14.3lbs
Polyester with PVC
Maxsa Park Right Garage Mat
Maxsa is committed to creating innovative products. It is highly customer centered with mats that come in various colors while protecting your wooden and concrete floors.
This mat sticks well to your garage floor, can be used with any type of vehicle and is water resistant, which allows for good washing.
It's a parking mat so doesn't cover the whole floor.
11.5 x 21.3 x 0.7 inches; 1.5lbs

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What is the Best Garage Mat?

Selecting the right kind of garage mat has to do with a lot of factors that depend on your preferences such as its size, thickness, ability to absorb liquid, etc. Therefore, keep in mind the main reason you need a garage mat when selecting one.
Our Top Choice
The G-Floor garage floor mat, made of good quality material, protects your garage floors without breaking down the subfloors. It also comes in a variety of colors. Not what you want? You may check out the more expensive G-Floor NEW Small Coin 60 Mil 10ft x 24ft Slate Gray with coined pattern which allows for easy traction.

G-Floor 55 Mill Ribbed Garage Floor Mat – Available in 6 Sizes & 6 Colors

G-Floor is a manufacturer of quality floor mats borne out of inspiration. Its over ten decades of experience in the industry gives it an edge in the production of reliable garage mats to meet various customer expectations. G-Floor is the only rollout vinyl flooring on the market that comes in widths of up to 10 feet.

The 7.5 x 14 G-Floor 55 Mill Ribbed Garage Floor Mat has many color variants to suit different customer’s tastes. It is easy to install. This mat has other features that make it a good buy:
  • Can be cut easily to fit
  • It helps protect your concrete floor from stains
  • It reduces deterioration of the subfloor
  • It adds beauty to cracked floors
This mat will lock-in debris and keep it from spreading.
Best Value
The Oil-Dri Garage Guard industrial rug defends and protects floors by taking in fluids without letting them penetrate the non-slip poly backing. If this does not suit you, don’t worry; you can check out the Oil-Dri L90908 15" W x 60" L Universal Heavy Weight which absorbs a wide variety of liquid stains. It is also available in different sizes.

Oil-Dri Needle Punched Polypropylene Mini Garage Guard Industrial Rug - 3 Foot x 2 Foot

Established in 1941, Oil-Dri surely trumps many other mat makers in experience. It has dedicated itself to the development of quality and innovative products. Oil-Dri prides itself as the largest manufacturer of absorbent floor products in the world. It has gained the trust of the market over the years through its development of quality and versatile product lines.

The Oil-Dri Garage Guard industrial rug comes in 12 rolls per box. Following are some of its other features:
  • Made of durable, needle punched polypropylene
  • Has excellent liquid absorption
  • Is easy to cut into any shape and size
  • Very good for foot traffic
This heavy duty garage mat by Auto Care Inc. has a 50-mil vinyl protector strips that helps prevent slip by trapping oil spills and other liquids in your garage. Auto Care Products Inc. has other products if this featured one does not suit you. The 70091 7.5-Feet by 23-Inch, which is more affordable, also offers heavy duty 50-mil vinyl protector strips that preserves your expensive floor.

Auto Care Products Clean Park Heavy Duty Garage Mat – Available in 2 Widths & 16 Sizes

Auto Care Products Inc. is a customer friendly manufacturer of high grade products through years of experience and research. In line with its focus on customer satisfaction, Auto Care offers free shipment of all domestic orders.

The Auto Care Inc. Heavy Duty Garage Mat with 50-mil vinyl protector strips not only protects your garage floor, but will absorb large amounts of snow, water, grit and grime that compromise the beauty of your garage floor. Here are some of its other features:
  • It can even trap mud
  • It is well-made
  • Helps prevent slips and falls
  • Has a three-year limited warranty
The Armor All garage floor mat works excellently by trapping melting snow, oil drips and other liquids. It simply keeps your garage floor looking new. Not what you hoped for? Check out the Armor All AAGFRC299 Charcoal 29" x 9' Garage Floor Runner Mat which is lightweight and easy to move and clean.

Armor All Charcoal Garage Floor Mat – Available in 3 Sizes

Armor All is another American grown company with a high commitment to quality. Founded in 1980, it has increased its presence in the USA, Canada, Japan, Mexico, etc. Armor All has a high drive to create jobs for people in the States. It prides itself as the original inventors of the Key-Rock (the perfect place to hide a key).

The Armor All garage floor mat with waterproof backing is well made and absorbs all kinds of liquid. It is carpet-like in nature and has the ability to hide cracks and stains well. This floor mat has other features:
  • It is easy to install and uninstall
  • It is easy to move
  • It is easy to vacuum
  • It has rubber backings
  • Good protection from stains
The Maxsa Park Right Parking Mat is designed with an innovative anti-skid tape to ensure that you avoid even the least damage to your car. It works well with any vehicle and its two-bump design feature lets you know when to move and when to stop. If this mat is not exactly what you want, feel free to check out the Maxsa 37350 Park Right mat, made of metal.

Maxsa Park Right Black Parking Mat with Anti-Skid – Available in 3 Colors

Maxsa is highly committed to ensuring that its customers remain its number one priority all the time. Its growth over the years has led to the creation of many products that are distributed efficiently through a variety of retail chains, specialty stores, and websites throughout the United States and Canada.

The Maxsa Park Right Parking Mat is designed to ensure that you do not necessarily have to come down to inspect your bumpers against your garage walls and doors. Made from quality materials, this mat does not allow liquid penetration to your elegant wooden or concrete floors. This Maxsa parking mat has other features that make it unique:
  • Anti-skid tape so the mat does not move
  • Built-in drip tapes to prevent water from reaching the floor
  • Mounting holes for a more permanent hold
  • Comes with two-sided bumps
  • Comes in different colors

How Do I Choose the Best Garage Mat?

It’s the weekend, and Tom (let’s call him Tom), is super excited to finish the chore to-do list so he can get into his happy place (the garage) and carry on working on his car. It’s a classic Chevy, he bought it on the cheap, and he’s restoring it, bit by bit. He enjoys the work; he isn’t even looking forward to finishing, but enjoys showing off his progress.

Today, he takes his time to entirely strip the car. The car seats and car mats and all are removed. The car tires are removed and the car is raised. First, he takes his time to clean the entire car, dusting its interior and then washing its exterior. He has been working on the engine, loosened screws litter the floor, various kinds of liquids and semi liquids have been emptied onto the floor, all in the process of restoring the car.

Looking at the vehicle, he gets out the paint sprayer and decides to spray paint some parts of it. When he's done making changes for the day, he puts the car back together. By the time he’s done, it's already night. The car looks great, but the garage floor is a mess; oil, sand, and paint are all over it. With a sigh, he gets on his knees and starts cleaning. There he stays till midnight until finally his wife asks if he’s coming inside. Even as he leaves, it’s obvious the floor is still a mess - oil and paint doesn’t come off cement easily you know.

Garage mats have become available because of an understanding of what happens in garages. They are designed to absorb liquids, a great way to keep the garage a safe working space. They also add beauty to your garage, give an extra layer of protection to the garage floor, and are much easier on the foot, knees, and back than the bare floor.

For anyone who spends considerable time working in a garage, a garage mat is clearly an invaluable item. Because of this, we have written this guide to help you find the best garage mat for you.
One of the factors that must go into consideration when buying a garage mat is its price. We conducted a research and discovered that a good garage mat can be bought for between $20 and $270. These prices vary based on various features such as size, the material, and its design.

You probably don’t want to go for one of the most expensive brands, but choosing a cheap garage mat should also be avoided. They are often of poor quality and usually have poor durability, getting damaged easily and ending up being a waste of your money.
All garage mats perform similar functions. However, when choosing a garage mat, it's essential to consider the features it possesses that make it right for you. Here are some important features to look out for:
  • Size
  • Material
  • Colors
  • Design
  • Installation
  • Waterproof
  • Absorbent
Let us explain these some more…
Construction and Design
The size of a garage mat is an essential factor to consider when making a choice. There are three general size ranges available out there. Small garage mats occupy only a little space for your tires, medium sized garage mats are usually big enough for most of your car to fit atop, and large garage mats are able to cover the entire garage with ease. Note how much surface area you need covered before choosing a garage mat.

Next, consider the material of the garage mat, as it will determine how comfortable, absorbent, and durable it will be. These are all important because this is a product that you will be coming into contact with regularly. Garage mats can be made of plastic, PVC, vinyl sheeting, and the like.

Color may not be too much of an issue for you in a garage mat. Even if it is not, while some brands can have just the one color, some others can offer various options that some may find useful. Choose a garage mat with a color that will serve you best. In general, garage mats with dark colors work great when it comes to hiding stains.

Garage mats come in various designs that often indicate how it will work and how well it will work. For instance, heavy duty garage mats are usually thicker and better at withstanding abuse, while carpet-like mats are bigger and able to cover a wider surface area.
Performance and Ease of Use
Installing a garage mat should usually be no more difficult than laying it on the ground. However, there might be problems related to its size, an inability to stay in place, and objects that need to be moved. Certain garage mats make these easier by being simple to cut to an appropriate size, and having adhesives underneath to keep them in place.

Certain garage mats can repel water and other liquids. A waterproof garage mat might be a good option for those in snowy or rainy areas who want to keep their grounds from being wet and channel water away.

For people who want to work with the vehicle atop the mat, a highly absorbent garage mat is advisable, because there might be spills of water, oil, fuel, and other liquids. An absorbent garage mat will help to soak these up and keep them out of the way until the mat is cleaned.

Get the Best Garage Mat of 2022!

Having gone through these reviews, we believe you have more clarity to choose a garage mat. You can now go ahead and place that order with confidence.

Our Top Choice
G-Floor Ribbed Garage Floor Mat
Best Value
Oil-Dri Garage Guard Industrial Rug
Auto Care Products Heavy Duty Garage Mat
Armor All Garage Floor Mat
Maxsa Park Right Garage Mat