Best Garbage Disposal Reviews 2023

If you are in search of an affordable garbage disposal for your home, you are going to want one that fits nicely under your sink, has the power to handle all kinds of food waste without jamming and will still run quietly. There are a lot of different options to choose from, but we think that these are 5 of the best waste disposal machines out there.
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Our Top Choice
InSinkErator Evolution Excel® Household Garbage Disposer
An efficient, quiet and durable disposal system that can grind even the toughest food waste.
1 HP (1725 RPM). Mulitple technologies for better grinding -SoundSeal®, Quiet Collar®, MultiGrind® & exclusive Jam-Sensor® Circuit.
No power cord included. Some reports of cracking on bottom plastic outer rim.
Best Value
Waste King Legend 8000 Garbage Disposer
Great value for money. Powerful, yet quiet grinding performance. Fast and Easy mount system.
1 HP (2800 RPM) Permanent Magnet Motor. Stainless steel grinding components. Sound insulation. Lifetime corrosion and in-home service warranty.
Does not fit certain cast-iron sinks
KitchenAid 3/4 HP Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal
Excellent for normal food waste disposal. Perfect for small families.
3/4 HP motor (1725 RPM). Continuous feed for faster clean-up. SoundSeal™ Technology.
Power cord with 3-prong plug sold separately
InSinkErator Badger® 1/3 HP Garbage Disposal
Budget friendly, affordable disposer; durable enough for regular food waste grinding.
Compact design. 1/3 Horsepower Dura-Drive® Induction Motor. Galvanized Steel Construction for extra durability
Not for use with hard wastes like bones and corn husks. Not as quiet as the other systems on this list.
GE® GFC320V 1/3 HP Continuous Feed Disposal
Affordable and efficient regular food waste disposer. Quiet and perfect for small households.
EZ Mount installation. Power grinding 1/3-HP motor (2500 RPM). Drain Boost technology. Manual overload reset.
Doesn’t come with a power cord . Won’t fit all sinks so check before buying.

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What is the Best Garbage Disposal ?

Ok, so now we know what to look for when shopping for a garbage disposer, let’s see how our top 5 list stacks up on all of these factors. We think you will see that each and every one of them was chosen for a good reason.
Our Top Choice
The powerful 1 Horsepower motor of the Evolution Excel® by InSinkErator is engineered for quite operation and durability. The Jam-Sensor® Circuit will automatically increase power when needed to get through the tough stuff. InSinkErator also makes a waste disposal machine designed especially for homes with septic systems.

InSinkErator Evolution Excel® Garbage Disposal - Continuous Feed with 1.0 HP Dura-Drive® Induction Motor

The InSinkErator 76336A Disposer comes in a striking silver-chrome/stainless steel color that it's difficult to miss when browsing through food and waste disposal systems. It provides super quite operation so there’s no talking over it while it’s running.

If you are looking for a state of the art home garbage disposal, you cannot go wrong with InSinkErator Evolution Excel®. As the company who brought InSinkErator to the market puts it, "they are the best grinding, quietest line of disposals we have ever made."

The main features include:
  • 1 Horsepower Dura-Drive® Induction Motor
  • Jam-Sensor® Circuit automatically that boosts torque to break through the tougher jams
  • Auto-Reverse grind system technology reverses grind direction automatically
  • 40 oz. Stainless Steel Grind Chamber (as well as solidly constructed components) for durability and long life
  • InSinkErator 7-Year We Come To You® In-Home Full Service Limited Warranty
  • MultiGrind® Technology which delivers three stages of grinding for better performance
  • SoundSeal® and ®, Quiet Collar® technology for super-quiet operation
Construction and Design
More than its looks, what makes the InSinkErator 76336A stand out from the crowd is its construction. It is built with a three-stage grinding system that is sure to handle any amount and type of food waste that's put into it. It has a 1 horsepower motor that spins at 1725 RPM.

It has built in sound reducing technology which makes it a very desirable garbage disposal. Now, who wouldn't want a sleek, beautifully and efficiently constructed garbage disposal that runs super quietly in their home?
Performance and Ease of Use
When we looked, the InSinkErator 76336A Disposer has over a thousand reviews on Amazon and had an overall rating of 4.7 at the time that this review was written. Out of all the reviews, a whopping 86% of all the reviewers gave it a 5-star rating. The critical reviews seem to generally refer to a few manufacturing defects as well as a some people reporting that they felt the rubber sink flange is too tight which means manually pushing food is sometimes necessary. Other found it a bit slow to drain.

If you're thinking of getting a food and waste disposal system, you may want to consider InSinkErator Evolution Excel. It has a wall switch for on and off control. It comes dishwasher drain connection-ready. If you're someone who has had problems with your previous garbage disposal system not being able to handle the amount of food waste you're putting into it, the InSinkErator might just be what you need. Its MultiGrind® technology delivers three stages of grinding versus the usual one stage grind provided by standard garbage disposers.

The Quiet Collar® sound reducing sink baffle and SoundSeal® technology delivers extremely quiet grinding performance. You'll now be able to hold a conversation in the kitchen without having to speak loudly while grinding food waste.

All set up parts are included with the purchase of this model for added convenience. Customers will only have to purchase one extra part for the unit which is the InSinkErator CRD-00 Power Cord Kit. And for customers' peace of mind, InSinkErator also comes with a 7-Year We Come To You® In-Home Full Service Limited Warranty which covers parts and labor for the entire warranty period.
Best Value
Made by Anaheim Manufacturing Company, the Waste King L-8000 Garbage Disposal has a powerful horsepower motor that spins at 2800 RPM. Waste King also makes commercial garbage disposal machines.

Waste King Legend EZ-Mount 1.0-Horsepower Continuous-Feed Garbage Disposal

The L-8000 Garbage Disposal by Waste King is compact enough to fit under pretty much any kitchen sink. It has an EZ-Mount for easy, fast and hassle-free installation.

For a garbage disposal that does the job efficiently and offers great value for money, check out the Waste King Legend EZ-Mount 1.0-Horsepower Continuous-Feed Garbage Disposal. This food waste disposal system offers the following features:
  • Stainless steel grinding components
  • Sound insulated for quiet operation
  • LIFETIME Corrosion Warranty
  • 1.0-horsepower motor with a high speed of 2800 RPM Permanent Magnet Motor
  • Removable splash guard included
Construction and Design
The dimensions of the Waste King Legend Series garbage disposer are 14.25 inches tall and 9 inches wide. It has a high speed 2800 RPM Permanent Magnet Motor and 1 horsepower disposer, which makes it one of the most powerful food and waste disposers on the market.

And if you're looking for a long lasting disposer, this may just be what you're looking for. It has rust free grinding gears and comes with a lifetime warranty against corrosion.
Performance and Ease of Use
With a more affordable price compared to the InSinkErator, the Waste King Legend EZ-Mount 1.0-Horsepower Continuous-Feed Garbage Disposal has over 4,500 reviews on Amazon and has an overall rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars. Of the critical reviews, the more frequent ones include leakage from the bottom, some reports of poor customer service, and isolated manufacturing defects.

With its powerful 1 horsepower motor, expect the Waste King Legend 8000 Garbage Disposer to be a beast when it comes to food and waste grinding. It runs at 2800 rpm and has a heavy-duty, stainless steel and tarnish free grinding components that will never rust. All of the components are designed to reduce noise and jamming. And with its continuous-feed disposal element, it means you can add waste while the unit runs.

This model has a splash-guard and the opening is noticeably smaller than other units which is actually beneficial in preventing things such tea spoons and other small kitchen utensils from getting in the grinder. This also makes the model easier to clean.
This Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal by KitchenAid has a 3/4 HP motor that spins at 1725 RPMs making it powerful and efficient. This waste disposer is also available with a 1 HP motor.

KitchenAid 3/4-Horsepower Continuous Feed Food Waste Disposer

The KitchenAid KCDS075T is a 40-ounce and has motor that rotates at 1725 RPM for efficient grinding performance. This 3/4 hp continuous-feed food waste disposal system by KitchenAid offers a powerful solution to daily disposing challenges. It is a 40 ounce food and garbage waste disposer designed with a two-stage grinding process and sound insulation for better performance.

Get the KitchenAid 3/4-Horsepower Continuous Feed Food Waste Disposer and take advantage of the following features it has to offer:
  • Motor that rotates at 1725 RPM for efficient grinding
  • Overload protection with a manual reset
  • Continuous Feed feature for constant grinding and quick cleanup after meals
  • MultiGrind® Technology which allows for more food waste options
  • SoundSeal™ Technology which makes for a quieter kitchen while in use
Construction and Design
The KitchenAid KCDS075T boasts a two-stage grinding and sound insulation helps enhance this system's performance. Built with a stainless steel grinder and hopper, you are sure to get a reliable and long lasting garbage disposal with this one. When we took a look at the current Amazon ratings, the KitchenAid 3/4 HP Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal had an average user rating of 4.5 – with 80% of people giving it 5 stars. Of the critical reviews, the most common that we saw was that from time to time some users had to remove food that was ground down, but didn’t get small enough to get through the system's grinding holes.
Performance and Ease of Use
At 3/4 horsepower, the KitchenAid KCDS075T Garbage Disposal is definitely less powerful than other units on our list but that's enough to handle the food waste needs of a typical family of 4 persons. As one of those continuous-feed disposers, you can use while it’s running - there's no need to wait until the waste is ground up to feed more food garbage into it. It can also grind food wastes in two stages, so you can dispose of a wider variety of foods with reduced jamming.

This garbage disposer by KitchenAid boasts of a sound seal feature that is said to be 40% quieter than a standard food disposal system of lesser quality.
The Badger® 1 by InSinkErator is a 1/3 HP compact food and waste disposal machine with a 26 ounce grind chamber made of galvanized steel. Need more horsepower? Check out the InSinkErator Badger 5XP.

InSinkErator Badger® 1 Garbage Disposal - Continuous Feed, 1/3 Horsepower Household Garbage Disposer

The InSinkErator Badger® 1 Garbage Disposal offers a space saving compact design coupled with a heavy duty motor. With their compact, space-saving design, garbage disposals in the InSinkErator Badger® Series are a reliable and functional option when price and budget are a concern

For your next food and waste disposal system, if affordability and durability are top priority, check out the InSinkErator Badger® 76039H. Here’s an overview of the great features that it offers:
  • Rugged Galvanized Steel Construction for durability with two stainless steel 360° swivel lugs
  • 1/3 Horsepower Heavy Duty Motor
  • Quiet Dura-Drive® Induction Motor (better than many, not as quiet as others)
  • Space-Saving Compact Design
  • 1-Year warranty for parts and product defects
  • We Come To You® 1-Year In-Home Limited Warranty
Construction and Design
Although the motor is only 1/3 horsepower, it has enough power to handle the most of your food disposal needs. It can’t handle hard waste products like bones and corn cobs though. The internal components are constructed from galvanized steel and the machine itself is known to be very hard-wearing.

In terms of noise when grinding, expect a little more noise from this one than you would for other systems or brands that are on the higher-priced side of the spectrum (and use the latest technology in noise reduction). But, if you are looking for a more affordable food disposal option, it’s one of the expected trade-offs.
Performance and Ease of Use
If you want a disposer that will do the job efficiently and don’t want to spend a huge amount of money, this is a model you should consider. The InSinkErator Badger® 1/3 HP Garbage Disposal is an affordable disposer that can last for a long time with proper use. The Badger 1 features a Quick Lock Sink Mount which makes it very easy to install. It comes with a stopper, tailpipe gasket, tailpipe, a “Jam-Buster” wrench and instructions for installation.

The one-stage grind technology works to grind even tough food waste (just not things like bones) so it safely flows into your sewage system. The InSinkErator Badger® 1 Garbage Disposal already has over 400 reviews on Amazon with a fantastic overall rating of 4.7 out of five stars – for a budget friendly model, that’s pretty amazing. There are some critical reviews for this product - mostly are about water leaking from the casing/cracked case after a period of time.
This Continuous Feed Disposal by GE® features dual stainless steel, jam-resistant swivel impellers that are powered by a 2,500 RPM, 1/3 horsepower motor. GE® also makes a 1 HP version if you need more power.

General Electric® 1/3 HP Continuous Feed Disposal - Non-Corded Large Capacity Waste Disposer

The 1/3 HP Continuous Feed Disposal by General Electric is a relatively small unit at 12.7 inches in height but it boasts a grind chamber capacity of 27 ounces. This food waste disposer comes with safety features such as a manual reset overload protector.

The GE® GFC320V 1/3 HP Continuous Feed Disposal is a hardworking and affordable disposer. Let’s checkout the features and benefits this model offers:
  • Motor spins at over 2500 RPM for fast and fine grinds
  • Power grinding 1/3-HP motor that hits max speed quickly so food are less likely to clog
  • Drain Boost technology means quicker draining and less chance of clogs
  • Galvanized steel grinding blades for efficiency and durability
  • 2 level precutter for better processing of waste
  • Stainless steel sink flange
  • 27-oz. grind chamber capacity
Construction and Design
The GE® GFC320V 1/3 HP model is carefully constructed with a two-level pre-cutter, manual-reset overload protector, an on/off wall-switch with a sink stopper, a splashguard, and a direct-wire power connection. It features stainless steel dual-swivel impellers that are jam-resistant. Other design highlights worth noting include an armature shaft made from cold-rolled carbon-steel, a stainless steel sink flange and galvanized steel blades.

This is a non-corded model which gives you the option to either purchase the power cord separately or to hard wire it in to your electrical system.
Performance and Ease of Use
The GE® GFC320V Disposal's powerful grinding action cuts food waste into small particles so that they can go down your drain easily and safely into any properly sized septic system. Moreover, the food waste disposal possesses an advanced insulation package that helps guarantee a quiet operation. This model comes with an EZ Mount installation kit and instructions so there are not only fewer parts, but also less steps. Reliable, easy to install and ultra-quiet, the GE® 1/3 HP Continuous Feed Disposal makes a functional addition to any kitchen.

When we checked, the General Electric® 1/3 HP Non-Corded Continuous Feed Disposal had over 50 customer reviews on Amazon and has an overall rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars. There are a few critical reviews which include some people who discovered the disposal didn’t fit their mounts as well as some difficulty finding replacement parts.

How Do I Choose the Best Garbage Disposal ?

There are many benefits to having a food and waste disposal system attached to your kitchen sink. You won’t be filling up your trash can as quickly, saving you money on garbage bags (as well as removal fees if that’s something you pay for). Less trash in the can means less frequent trips to the curb or dump too. Another benefit is that by disposing of your food garbage down the sink, you have less odor and bacteria in your kitchen – especially on those hot summer days.

Garbage disposal machines are easy to use, and basically all operate the same way. You turn on the faucet so there is water running, turn on the disposer (usually with a simple press of a button) and scrape the waste down the sink. Where the differ is in terms of things such as how much power they have, what kinds of food waste they can handle and the capacity they hold.

Whether you are buying a low-cost affordable disposer or a commercial-grade garbage disposal, they all come with a minimum amount of safety measures -- but some will have some nice “extras.” Another way they may differ is how often you need clean them, and whether you should use special cleaners made for garbage disposal systems.

Choosing the best garbage disposal for your needs will have a lot to do with the amount of space you have under your sink, or more specifically how much you want to give up to this handy-dandy kitchen appliance, as well as how much power you need it to have.

Let’s take a look some of the factors that you need to consider.
The price of a garbage disposal will depend upon the size of the motor, the materials it is constructed from and the capacity that it has. While there may be “cheap” garbage disposals out there, this is an area where quality and durability matter – especially concerning safety. For our review, we are looking ones that have a known reputation for quality – at a mixture of price ranges so there should be something for every budget.
In addition to the features like type, power, size and speed that will impact how efficient a garbage disposal is, there are some nice “extras” available. These are things like a cover for safety, a cord so that it doesn’t have to be hardwired in to our home’s electrical system and options like auto-reverse to clear any jams (or better yet, technology or features to avoid them in the first place).
Construction and Design
Besides the obvious issue of whether or not there is enough room under in your kitchen cabinet for a disposal, one of the first things you are going to need to decide is what type of disposer you want – there are two:
  • Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal – This type of disposer is the easiest to operate because you don’t have to stop between additions. You can continue to add new food waste in as the old is ground and washed away with the water down the drain. While these are easy to use, they do have open filler neck which can pose a risk if you have a curious child with small hands. Scraps can also fly out while the machine is operating, which is not a big deal – unless it’s a sharp bone shard. There are things you can do to minimize these risks When it comes installing a continuous feed disposer, most likely you will need an electrician to mound and hard-wire the switch because most are not corded.
  • Batch Feed Garbage Disposal – A batch feed disposer operates differently – you load the waste into it and then you turn down a stopper to activate the blades. This makes them safest, especially if you have small children, because the stopper prevents food from flying out and fingers from reaching in. Most batch feed can be installed without the assistance of a professional because they come with easy mount systems and plug it in. Of course if there is no outlet close enough, then you will need to get an electrician because we don’t recommend using an extension cord for an appliance like this. Batch Disposals typically take a bit longer to grind up the food and tend to cost more, but if safety and easy installation is your priority, this is probably the type of disposer you want.
Once you have decided on the type of garbage disposal you want, it’s time to look at power – the more powerful the motor, the more types of waste it can handle. Solid waste like bones, nut shells and apple cores, require much more power than the leftovers that you scrape off your plate at the end of a great meal. Grinding speed is another construction and design factor that will impact how effectively a garbage disposal can do it’s job. Grinding speed is connected to the horsepower of the motor. A more powerful motor can spin the grinder faster (more RMPs).
Performance and Ease of Use
In terms of performance and ease of use, there are three main things to consider – installation, noise level, and of course how well the appliance actually disposes of the food and waste you put down the drain (and how much water you need to run to get the job done).

If you are going to be installing your garbage disposal yourself, you may want one that clearly says it is easy to install – or you could hire a professional, which usually costs around $100 for a basic install. If there is electrical work to be done, it may cost a bit more.

Better quality garbage disposals will have special features, such as anti vibration components or sound installation to reduce the noise level while they are in use.

Get the Best Garbage Disposal of 2023!

Hopefully this overview of 5 of the best home garbage disposal machines has given you some useful information. We think that you would be quite pleased with the results that you get from any one of them.

Our Top Choice
InSinkErator Evolution Excel® Household Garbage Disposer
Best Value
Waste King Legend 8000 Garbage Disposer
KitchenAid 3/4 HP Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal
InSinkErator Badger® 1/3 HP Garbage Disposal
GE® GFC320V 1/3 HP Continuous Feed Disposal