Best Garden Rake Reviews 2023

Garden rakes are the perfect way to ensure your garden looks fantastic whatever the weather. This overlooked tool is easy to use and super affordable too! To help you choose the perfect product for you we’ve selected the best garden rake brands available today as well as a product to feature from each to give you a better feel for what different brands have to offer. So, strap yourselves in and let’s get browsing!
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Head Info
Our Top Choice
Fiskars Garden Shrub Rake
Founded way back in 1649, Finnish brand Fiskars creates gardening tools and accessories with superior designs and modern solutions.
This garden rake has a resin and aluminum design making it both lightweight and durable. Its long design also prevents backaches and improves posture.
Some customers found that the head of the rake wasn’t strong enough
Shrub Rake
2”x 8.6”x 63.3” 1 pound
Extra-long design
Best Value
Gardenite Garden Leaf Rake
American brand Gardenite is the manufacturer and designer of a huge range of garden tools and accessories, all at a wonderfully affordable price.
This rake has a durable, adjustable design allowing you to cover areas of all sizes. It’s also plated with zinc to prevent rust.
This rake’s only suitable for raking leaves.
Leaf Rake
1.97” x 0.39” x 43.31” 2 pounds
Anti-rust technology
The AMES Co. Garden Thatch Rake
Founded in 1808, The AMES Companies Inc creates some of the most trusted gardening tools in America, constantly putting a twist on classic tool designs.
This rake has a large 15 inch head size with both curved and straight teeth for cultivating soil and thatching lawns.
Some customers found that grass kept getting stuck in the rake’s head.
Thatch Rake
5” x 14.75” x 61.88” 4 pounds
Corona Garden Shrub Rake
Created in the early 1920’s, Corona is the leader in the marketing and manufacturing of both professional and consumer garden tools for landscaping, irrigation, agriculture and much more.
This rake has a BI-curved bow that gives even pressure on all of its tines allowing it to effectively remove debris without damaging plants or roots.
Some customers found, however, that the rake was easily damaged.
Shrub Rake
7.5” x 6.5” x 61” 1 pound
Anti-slip handle
Truper Garden Shrub Rake
For over 50 years, Mexican based brand Truper has been manufacturing and distributing tools and merchandise for every aspect of the hardware industry.
This rake has a strong, durable handle made from North American Ash as well as an 8 inch wide head for quick and easy clean up.
Some customers found the rake to be too small.
Shrub Rake
North American Ash
1.5” x 8” x 55.2” 1 pound
Extra wide head

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What is the Best Garden Rake?

Fingers crossed, after reading through our buying guide you should have a better idea about what different garden rakes are out there and which one will be most beneficial to you and your garden. This will make it a lot easier when it comes to selecting your favorite as you can narrow down your options significantly. If this is the case then let’s get looking through our top 5 picks shall we?
Our Top Choice
Fiskars Garden Rake is perfect for flowerbeds, between shrubs and for particularly tight spaces. If, however, you are after a slightly larger and stronger product then you might want to check out the Fiskars Leaf Rake instead.

Fiskars 8 Inch Lightweight Aluminum Garden Shrub Rake

Fiskars has been creating gardening tools since 1649, providing superior design and modern solutions. Fiskars believes that even the simplest products can be made smarter and better through study and testing, something that Fiskars does brilliantly. The Finnish brand has grown marvelously since its humble beginnings and is now a leading global supplier of gardening tools and accessories.

We wanted to feature the Fiskars Garden Rake due to its sturdy construction that’s both lightweight and durable. This product is ideal for raking around flowerbeds, between shrubs and tight places. The rake’s lightweight, aluminum design includes resin which reduces weight and makes the product easier to use. The tines of the rake are designed to flex under pressure which prevents breakages or cracks. This Fiskars rake also has a super-long design which reduces the likelihood of backaches and improves posture. We loved the teardrop-shaped shaft in this product too, as it provides extra comfort and control.
Best Value
If you’re after a garden rake that’s easy to store as well as easy to use then Gardenite’s Garden Leaf Rake is the product for you! If you’re after more tools to help you transform your garden this summer, then take a look at Gardenite’s Anvil Hand Pruning Shears too; they’d be ideal for trimming those bushes that never seem to stop growing.

Gardenite Adjustable Expandable Garden Leaf Rake from 7 Inches to 22 Inches

Gardenite is an American brand that manufactures a HUGE range of garden tools and accessories. All of its products are tested by real gardening enthusiasts for top quality and durability. If you’re after an affordable way to maintain your garden this year then look no further than Gardenite!

We’re big fans of Gardenite’s Garden Leaf Rake due to its lightweight, adjustable design, ranging from 7” to 22”. This products’ 15 flat tine head is expandable for both tight and larger areas, and is ideal for storage purposes too. The rake’s ¾ inch steel handle is plated with zinc to prevent rust and adds to the products overall strength.
If you’re on the hunt for a garden rake that’s multifunctional and has a comfortable, durable design, then look no further than The AMES Companies Inc Garden Thatch Rake! If you’re looking to get your kids involved in gardening this summer then make sure you check out AMES Kids’ Poly Leaf Rake too. An extra hand is always helpful, even if it’s a smaller hand!

The AMES Companies Inc True Temper 15-Inch Thatch Rake – Available in 5 Styles

American brand The AMES Companies Inc has been creating some of the most trusted gardening tools since 1808. The brand enjoys putting a twist on classic tool designs, making them easier to use and longer lasting. Every year, AMES sources new materials that are rigorously tested to help the brand continue to be the best at what it does.

We decided to feature The AMES Companies Inc Garden Thatch Rake due to its large 15 inch head size and impressive 15 year warranty! This thatch rake has curved steel teeth in order to cultivate soil as well as straight steel teeth for thatching lawns. The handle of this rake is made of hardwood for added strength and durability as well as a cushion end grip for comfort and control.
Corona’s Garden Shrub Rake is the perfect tool for raking up clippings, leaves and any other debris you may have floating around your garden. If you’re after a slightly higher end product, however, then check out Corona’s Fixed Tine Leaf Rake instead; its tempered spring steel head will undoubtedly last you a real long time!

Corona 8 Inch Fixed Tine Garden Shrub Rake

Corona is a garden and landscape brand that sells a large variety of useful products for home and professional use. The focus of the brand is to create affordable, high-quality products that are a joy to use. If you have a passion for gardening then Corona are the brand for you!

We LOVED Carona’s Garden Shrub Rake due to its easy-to-use design. This rake is ideal for raking up clippings, leaves and other debris with its BI-curved bow that gives even pressure to all of its tines. The 11 inch tines in this rake remove debris efficiently without damaging plants or plant feeder roots. The product’s lightweight aluminum handle has an anti-slip vinyl sleeve that allows for safe and secure use.
If you’re searching for high quality at an affordable price then Truper’s Garden Shrub Rake is the product for you! If, however, you’re after a bigger rake that’s a bit more heavy duty then check out Truper’s Tru Pro Heavy Duty Road Rake instead!

Truper Tru Tough Plastic Garden Shrub Rake – Available in 9 Styles & 3 Sizes

Created over 50 years ago, Truper is a Mexican company that manufactures and distributes tools and merchandise for every aspect of the hardware industry. Its catalogue features more than 5,000 articles and is constantly being reassessed and improved upon. The aim of the brand is to bring its customers a wide range of high quality products that are guaranteed to have the best quality and price ratio on the market today.

We decided to feature Truper’s Garden Shrub Rake as it’s a best seller on Amazon and has superior strength and durability too. The handle of this rake is made from North American Ash with a lacquered handle for added support and ease of use. The 8 inch wide head of this product allows for quick and easy cleanup.

How Do I Choose the Best Garden Rake?

Imagine pottering around your garden, planting flowers in your gloves, moving soil with your wheelbarrow and replenishing your grass with lawn fertilizer. You have all the tools you need to create the perfect garden. But do you? One simple but effective tool that’s often overlooked amongst even the most avid gardeners is the trusty garden rake. This indispensable tool is an affordable and efficient way to clean leaves and other debris from your yard whilst leveling landscaping areas, ideal for when you are planting vegetables or flowers. Rakes are also a great way to spread products such as fertilizer and mulch and will help you create a garden that really flourishes. Moreover, garden rakes are perfect for cleaning storm drains and removing snow off the roof when the weather takes a frosty turn.

Rakes are available in a variety of styles including metal, plastic, wood; there are adjustable models too. When choosing the best garden rake for you it’s important to select the right rake for the job as this will make your task much easier to accomplish. Gardeners often make the mistake of selecting a traditional rake which then becomes clogged with debris and therefore unusable. Many gardeners find that a rake with a thicker handle prevents their hands from aching, with many models now designed with comfort grips to prevent sores and blisters too. If you have a weak back you should also keep an eye out for an ergonomically styled or adjustable rake to prevent backaches and general soreness.

Here are some different rake styles to help you get an idea of which rake you’re after:
  • Garden Rake - Garden rakes have a geometric shape with a straight, rectangular head section. The tines in a garden rake are evenly sized and run across the length of the head. This style of rake is ideal for creating flowerbeds and garden areas due to their unbending design.
  • Thatch Rake - Thatch rakes have a T-shaped design with sharp lines. A thatch rake is ideal for digging into grass to remove thatch and harmful overgrowth without damaging the lawn itself. They’re also great for removing moss from your mulch beds.
  • Shrub Rake - Shrub rakes are designed to clean flowerbeds due to their gentle design. They also have short handles and small tines which allows you to maneuver the rake around tight spots and smaller areas such as shrub plots.
  • Leaf Rake - The clue is in the name with this one. Leaf rakes are ideal for getting rid of dropping leaves. Often made from steel with large heads, leaf rakes remove debris without destroying your garden’s turf.
When it comes to the cost of your brand new garden rake this is going to come down to a few factors. The majority of garden rakes can be purchased between $17 and $30. Garden rakes at the top end of this scale tend to have more features such as adjustability, anti-rust technology and durable construction (steel or aluminum rather than plastic). This isn’t to say that rakes at the lower end of this scale aren’t as effective: they are just as strong and work just as well; they simply don’t include as many features. The style of rake you choose will have nothing to do with pricing. More economical garden rakes are available ($16 or less) but just be aware that these products may not last as long due to their weaker designs and may not work as efficiently either.
The type of rake you eventually go for will usually effect the type of features included in the product. There are, however, a few features that we recommend keeping an eye out for to ensure you pick a product that will work effectively and last the test of time.

Here are some important features to look for:
  • Wide space tines
  • durable material
  • Sturdy handle construction
  • Telescoping handle
Construction and Design
When it comes to selecting the best garden rake possible we recommend selecting a product that has wide space tines. The spacing in-between tines will determine how much debris and fine materials a rake is able to pick up. Rakes with a wider tine space are great for a variety of gardening tasks as well as raking up a substantial amount of large leaves!

Another feature we suggest keeping an eye out for is a product made from durable materials. Rakes made from plastic are more likely to crack than those made from metal or wood. Be careful, however; wooden rakes are easily effected by the elements and some metal rakes are prone to rust. If you select a rake made from steel or aluminum then try picking a product with anti-rust technology.

A sturdy handle will make all the difference when selecting your new garden rake. There is nothing worse than a wonky or loose handle! So, we suggest picking up a product where the head of the rake is either bolted or screwed in. Bonus points to you if you find a rake with a hole in the handle, since this means you can even hang it up!

Finally, we suggest picking up a garden rake that has a telescoping handle. As well as collecting debris, rakes are great at helping you accomplish hard-to-reach tasks such as cleaning drains and removing snow or leaves from your roof. A telescoping handle makes this task much easier. Telescoping handles are also ideal for those with back problems as they mean you have to hunch less when raking your garden of flowerbeds.
Performance and Ease of Use
Garden rakes are the ultimate tool as they require absolutely no installation or set up. They’re good to go when you are! When it comes to caring for your new rake, however, this is going to depend on the material your rake is made from. Metal or plastic rakes can be hosed down with your garden hose to remove excess dirt and debris. Be careful, however; some metal rakes are prone to rusting so make sure you give it a thorough wipe down after to remove excess water. Wooden rakes can also be hosed down with water but be aware that wood is prone to mold growth and decay. If you’re going to clean your rake we suggest saving it for a sunny day so you can let your rake dry effectively before packing it away.

If you’re after a garden rake for its ease of use then we suggest picking up an adjustable or telescoping model. This will allow you to gain access to a variety of hard-to-reach areas both in your garden and around the rest of your home. We also suggest picking up a product with gripped handles as this will protect your hands from blistering when you’re out beautifying your garden!

Get the Best Garden Rake of 2023!

We are hoping that by now you have found your dream garden rake and are now rummaging through your garden shed preparing for an afternoon pottering away in your garden. If this isn’t the case, however, there’s still no need to panic. We have purposefully selected brands that have a large range of garden rake products to choose from, so simply browse through their other collections to find the right garden rake for you!

Our Top Choice
Fiskars Garden Shrub Rake
Best Value
Gardenite Garden Leaf Rake
The AMES Co. Garden Thatch Rake
Corona Garden Shrub Rake
Truper Garden Shrub Rake