Best Garden Scooter Reviews 2023

Are you a keen hobby gardener that finds it difficult to move your gardening supplies around? Are you a gardening professional that has no clue which garden scooters to choose? We’ve researched five of the best garden scooter brands on the market, showcasing a scooter from each to help you find that perfect one.
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Our Top Choice
Suncast Garden Scooter
Suncast is an American brand with over 25 years of industry experience in designing top-quality resin products and custom wood structures, with the aim of improving space in your home.
The garden scooter is convenient, with a solid resin construction and large storage space. It’s also highly affordable and easy to pull.
Some users reported that the seat support breaks easily, as it’s made of plastic.
Rolling cart with seat
225 lbs
12.25 x 22.5 x 13 in, 7.7 lbs
Green, orange, tan and blue tan
Best Value
Step2 Garden Hopper
Step2 is the largest manufacturer of plastic toys for toddlers and preschoolers in the U.S. It’s aimed at promoting development and learning via creative play.
The scooter comes fully assembled. It's lightweight, weatherproof, and easy to use, and has a comfortable grip. The sturdy double construction of the walls is strong and durable.
Some users reported that the garden scooter breaks easily.
Rolling cart with seat
12.5 x 23 x 13 in, 9lbs
Tan and green
Gardeners Supply Company Tractor Scoot
Gardeners Supply Company is based in Vermont and owned by gardeners. The company aims to empower gardeners with knowledge and tested supplies to succeed at what they do best.
The Tractor Scoot is easy to use and comfortable. It’s also convenient, durable, and affordable, and the wheels don’t stick in soil. The scoot is also versatile for use in various settings.
Some users reported that the scoot doesn’t come with sort of brake to stop it from moving around unnecessarily.
Tractor scoot with seat
400 lbs
44.5 x 18 x 22 in, 38 lbs
Red, blue and green
Best Choice Products Rolling Cart
Best Choice Products is a brand with a focus on designing and manufacturing high-quality products with ease of use, comfort and convenience.
The Garden Rolling Cart is convenient, easy to use, come with a large storage capacity and is mobile for use in different parts of your garden. It’s also sturdy and durable.
Some users reported that the garden scooter isn’t easy to assemble and takes a lot of time to set up.
Rolling cart with seat
300 lbs
17.5 x 33 x 23 in, 33 lbs
Pure Garden Rolling Garden Scooter
Pure Garden is a brand with a focus on manufacturing gardening tools and equipment to ease gardening while providing comfort.
This garden scooter is high quality, low cost, comfortable and highly functional and versatile. It helps prevent knee and back pain.
Since the garden scooter is made of PVC, it can break easily if excess weight is put on it.
Rolling garden seat
300 lbs
17.5 x 19 x 13 in, 7.6 lbs

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What is the Best Garden Scooter?

Choose a garden scooter that is the ideal type, material, storage, size, and color, and carefully consider any of its other features. A good size will also ensure that you can use your scooter both as a seat and a mobile storage kit. Your choice of a garden scooter should come with a warranty to protect you from manufacturing defects. Find out if one of our recommended garden scooters piques your interest.
Our Top Choice
The Suncast Garden Scooter is designed to ferry you and your supplies, tools and/or produce around your yard or garden with ease and less effort. Opt for the Suncast Cascade if you want a gardening scooter with more storage capacity. It comes with a storage shed at a higher cost.

Suncast Garden Scooter with Foam Seat – Available in 4 Colors

Whether you have a garden in your backyard, or own big tracts of land for large-scale farming, this gardening companion comes in handy. Trundle yourself, your supplies and your tools around your yard or garden with ease. Organize your supplies or produce in the small accessories bin inside the scooter. With this garden scooter, you can begin and end your gardening errands in style.

Suncast Garden Scooters come fully assembled, with a removable kneeling pad that doubles as a sitting foam cushion. The scooter is available in four colors, and has two built-in cup holders, a removable accessories basket and a pull-strap to enable you to transport your garden supplies easily and conveniently. The scooter has an internal capacity of eight gallons and a 225-pound maximum seating capacity.
Best Value
The Step2 Garden Hopper is designed to transport your gardening tools and supplies, and it doubles as a toy your kids can ride around your yard when it’s not in use. Try the Step2 Garden Kneeler if you’re looking for a garden seat or kneeler at a slightly lower price.

Step2 The Garden Hopper Rolling Storage Container

Begin your gardening tasks with this scooter that provides storage and easy access to your tools and supplies as you mulch, do maintenance or even harvest in your garden. Why put pressure on your knees when you can sit on the mobile seat as you trim or weed your garden?

The Step2 Garden Hopper comes with a spacious storage compartment located beneath the seat for ease of reach. Use the carry handle molded inside the scooter to easily move it around your garden or yard. During summer, take advantage of the built-in beverage holder to carry around a cold drink to keep you cool in the hot weather. This scooter has a 225-pound maximum seating capacity.
The Gardeners Supply Tractor Scoot is designed to help you work from anywhere in your garden while seated. It's available in the design of a tractor, and you can easily pull it like a wagon using its long handle. Consider the Garden Tool Pouch if you want a kneeler with five pouches for storage at a low price.

Gardeners Supply Company Deluxe Tractor Scoot with Bucket Basket – Available in 3 Colors

The Tractor Scoot from Gardeners Supply makes gardening easier, enabling you to work on your garden while seated. Pull the scoot along as you traverse your garden or lawn using the long handle it comes with. You can easily adjust the handle to a comfortable length. Whether you’re harvesting or planting, adjust the scoot’s seat for easy access to your plants. Conveniently pull the scoot as you work on your garden and access the tools you need easily.

The Tractor Scoot features heavy-duty construction, an adjustable seat and handle, and pneumatic tires for durability, flexibility, comfort and convenience. Ease your knees and back by working on your garden while seated. Bring along as many tools as you need with its maximum capacity of 400 pounds. It also comes in handy when working on low-spot jobs such as painting and washing.
The Best Choice Garden Rolling Cart is designed to provide ease and comfort as you till your garden and maintain your plants. Its tool tray capacity of up to 300 pounds accommodates as many of your garden supplies and tools as possible. If you want a garden scoot with a wagon carrier, get the Best Choice Products Dump Cart.

Best Choice Products New Garden Cart Rolling Work Seat With Tool Tray Heavy Duty Gardening Planting

Do you need to work on your garden or lawn, but worry about putting too much pressure on your knees and back? Whether your garden or lawn is big or small, the Best Choice Rolling Cart will come in handy to help you move your gardening tools from one point to another. It also comes with a seat to enable you to work while seated. The cart offers the convenience, efficiency, comfort and effectiveness you need when working on your garden.

The Rolling Cart comes with four wheels of 10 inches each to let you pull it along from one section of your garden to another as you work. Keep more tools in the utility basket to help you work on your lawn or garden and sit while getting every task done. Enjoy better mobility and easy steering, thanks to the solid axles made of steel. It has a load capacity of up to 300 pounds.
The Pure Garden Rolling Scooter is designed to offer you a gardening seat and the storage you need for your tools while working on your garden. Check out the Pure Garden Storage Cart if you need a scooter with a smaller storage capacity.

Pure Garden Rolling Garden Seat Deluxe Gardening Seat with Tool Tray with Medium Wheels

Do you need to work on tasks close to the ground that require you to bend for a long time? Whether you want to paint, garden or fix your broken tools or equipment, this scooter will come in handy. Begin and end all your low-to-the-ground tasks with this rolling scooter and enjoy the comfort, convenience and efficiency that comes with it.

The Pure Garden Rolling Scooter comes with a 12 x 16-inch tool tray to accommodate your gardening tools and supplies. Move easily around your garden, thanks to the three-inch wheels the scooter comes with.

How Do I Choose the Best Garden Scooter?

Working outdoors in the garden can be, quite literally, back breaking work. Those trips back and forth from the garden to the house to fetch forgotten tools or desired refreshments can feel like a real waste of time. That’s why a garden scooter would be an important addition to your tool shed. As they are designed to support gardening, garden scooters help gardeners by giving them a place to store their supplies and a seat for when they’re tired.

Garden scooters have a wide range of features and come in all sorts of types, brands, storage capacities, and color finishes. While some are tractor garden scooters, others come in the form of rolling carts and kneelers. Some garden scooters come with large storage trays to hold many tools and supplies, while others come with pouches. High-capacity garden scooters can accommodate more tools and supplies than their smaller counterparts.

As it allows you to carry all the gardening tools you will need, such as garden rakes and shovels, a garden scooter is an important piece of gardening equipment. In the end, by using this equipment, you won’t waste precious gardening time going back to the shed for that long, stick-like tool you just can’t recall the name of that removes weeds. Eliminating unnecessary back-and-forth trips also means that you won’t get as tired as you normally do. What’s more, carry all the water, snacks, or meals you need with a gardening scooter. Aside from being a handy-dandy carrying cart, it’s also a great way to organize all your tools in one place where you can easily access them.

Do you have muscle weakness or back problems? Do you have issues when standing for long periods? Then, the garden scooter is the answer to your problems. The best garden scooters allow you to work in the garden while seated which takes the strain off your back and the knees. They’re a favorite among seniors and the movement impaired. With a garden scooter, you’ll also be able to move throughout the garden without the need to stand up because it has wheels specifically made for outdoor use.

Whether you work on raised garden kits, garden trellis or traditional gardens, a garden scooter makes gardening work easy and enjoyable for the entire family. If you have kids that want to learn how to garden, a scooter is a kid-friendly cart that makes gardening even more fun for little people. What’s more, this useful gardening cart is not only limited to outdoor use. It can also be brought indoors for a multitude of other uses that require you to be down on the ground.
What really influences the price of a garden scooter is the multifunctionality of that particular model. Those with a comfortable seat, big tray for carrying tools, and large, all-terrain wheels do cost more. Some cheap garden scooters on the market should be avoided because they aren’t sturdy and might not move well outdoors, especially in poor weather conditions. Clearly, if you’re looking for an outdoor cart that will serve you well, you should avoid these.

Invest in a garden scooter that can provide exactly what you require. For regular gardening, go for a basic garden scooter model. However, if you’re a professional landscaper, you’ll want a more advanced, multiple bells-and-whistles type of gardening scooter. You’ll find a good gardening scooter in the price range of $20 to $1000.
There are features that make garden scooters functional equipment for gardening. One of those is the tray where the tools are carried. It should be spacious and sturdy enough to hold as many tools as you might require. You also need to find a scooter with strong wheels that can move easily on various terrains such as muddy ground. Furthermore, it should have a seat that you can use while working in your garden.

Here are some of the features that you should look out for in a garden scooter:
  • Adjustable seat to use at varying heights
  • Rotating seat so you can work on your garden from different angles
  • Wide and tall wheels to easily maneuver your garden terrain
  • Enough tool space to hold as many gardening tools as you’d need
  • Rear basket for extra storage
  • Kid-friendly and easy steering
  • Premium materials used in construction of the scooter
  • Sturdy design with a good steering axle
With the right garden scooter, you’ll be able to accomplish various tasks such as carrying your gardening supplies and working while seated to prevent back strain.
Construction and Design
  • Type – Garden scooters can be categorized into two types, depending on the specific design. There are those with an enclosed design and others with an open design. The enclosed type models entail having a compartment on the wheels that’s covered using the seat. Although the seat cannot rotate or adjust in this version, it is very child-friendly. The open type scooter version basically looks like a small tractor. These garden scooters have an adjustable or swivel seat. Typically, they have a utility tray situated under the seat and most will also have a steering axle and rear basket. Choose the type you want depending on the kind of things you want to achieve with a scooter.
  • Material – The materials used in the construction should withstand the ruggedness of outdoor use. Most garden scooters are made of several materials with the most common being metal, rubber and hard plastics. If you want a garden scooter with a high weight capacity that can hold many garden tools, consider one that is made with a steel frame and big rubber wheels. These materials are also durable and make for a stable scooter. If you’re looking for a light scooter you can carry or pull easily, then opt for one with a plastic construction.
  • Storage – The garden scooter should come with enough storage for the tools, refreshments and whatever else you might want to take home after your gardening session. If you need a lot of storage, check that the utility tray on the scooter is big enough and can carry the weight of all your tools. Also, look to see if the scooter has a rear basket where you can put your refreshments or other necessities.
  • Size – Size is an important consideration for a garden scooter. If you have to maneuver through small spaces in the garden, go for a scooter that’s narrow enough to fit. Garden scooters have varying weights, so you should consider one depending on your physical capabilities. If you’re obliged to carry around heavy tools, you might require a lightweight scooter so you don’t get easily fatigued. However, if you want one that’s stable then a heavy scooter will be a great option.
  • Color – For all outdoor equipment, it’s important to have a color that’s easy to clean. The color should also conceal scratches and dents that the garden scooter might acquire during service. An outdoor cart with neutral colors such as brown, black, green and gray will be favorable because they blend in nicely with nature.
Performance and Ease of Use
Garden scooters make it very easy and comfortable for you to engage in gardening activities. They come with adjustable seats that you can modify to reach your desired height and swivel seats that support maximum mobility. With swivel seats, you can work on both sides of your garden or greenspace without having to stand and turn. Maintenance of the scooter involves washing it clean and ensuring the moving parts are often greased.

Do not exceed the weight limit of a garden scooter as that may cause it permanent damage. To get out in the garden faster, purchase one that is easy to use with an uncomplicated setup.

Get the Best Garden Scooter of 2023!

Whether you need to engage in painting, gardening, washing or any other manual, outdoor job, there’s a garden scooter out there that will make your tasks all that much easier. We hope that with our review of the five top garden scooters, you’ll be equipped to pick a great scooter or kneeler to use for outdoor labor or your garden. In case you need something different, check out our other gardening product reviews.

Our Top Choice
Suncast Garden Scooter
Best Value
Step2 Garden Hopper
Gardeners Supply Company Tractor Scoot
Best Choice Products Rolling Cart
Pure Garden Rolling Garden Scooter