Best Garlic Peeler Reviews 2020

Ah! The sweet smell of garlic…uh no, not really. While garlic is delicious and a flavorful addition to so many wonderful meals, there is no doubt that there are a couple of obstacles in working with this pungent root vegetable. One is the strong smell of raw garlic, and the other is getting the extra-thin and delicate paper skin off of the cloves. Thanks to us and a few of the best garlic peeler brands who know how to make cooking a little easier, you’ll have a pile of peeled garlic in no time with one of our top five garlic peelers. While you’re here, you may also want to check out our review for garlic presses.
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Our Top Choice
OXO Good Grips Garlic Peeler with Case
Hugs and kisses from OXO, who feature over 1,000 products designed specifically to be ergonomically sound and user friendly.
This garlic peeler keeps the garlic and thin-paper shells off the counter and off of your hands when peeling. It’s a soft silicone roller that works quite nicely.
Just for removing the garlic skin.
Firm tube roller peeler
Medium-large cloves
Dishwasher safe
Best Value
Zyliss Garlic Peeler
Zyliss is a Swiss company with over 50 years’ experience in delivering finely crafted kitchen tools.
Traps the garlic skin once it’s shed very neatly. Works in seconds, just place the garlic cloves inside the sleeve and press and roll. Voila!
Just for peeling, not for slicing or mincing.
Tube roller peeler
Small-large cloves
Dishwasher safe
Zak Designs Embossed Garlic Peeler
A contemporary design company, Zak has bright, vibrant colors to choose from, and innovative designs in their kitchen tools.
Peel a pile of garlic cloves in seconds and still smell like a million bucks. Fast, easy, and efficient, this embossed silicone peeler is also rather pretty.
Only removes the peel; you’ll still have to cut the garlic and prepare the meal yourself.
Tube roller peeler
Embossed silicone
Small-large cloves
Dishwasher safe
3 color options
Chef Hessler Garlic Peeler with Recipes
Offering fun and vibrant kitchen tools for the busy chef, Chef Hessler has a whole range of colors on offer in silicone garlic peelers, as well as tongs and spatulas.
Comes with a free e-book featuring 50 recipes for garlic lovers to expand their cooking repertoire. Quick and easy classic peeler. 100% money back guarantee.
Just removes the peel.
Tube roller peeler
Medium-large cloves
Dishwasher safe
5 color options
Norpro Garlic Peeler
Norpro thinks of everything in their kitchen designs; from 3-sided splatter guards to attractive glass honey and syrup dispensers, they have something for everyone.
A free-form mat that allows you to peel all shapes and sizes of garlic cloves. If you like to salvage those extra small cloves, this custom-shaped peeler is a good pick.
Doesn’t contain the cloves and peel as well as the tube-style.
Sheet roller peeler
FDA approved rubber
Extra small-extra large
Hand wash

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What is the Best Garlic Peeler?

Our top five garlic peelers do the job so fast, you won’t have to pull a muscle or get your hands dirty to prep your garlic for cooking. The efficient design of these peelers incorporates a malleable cylindrical tube that houses your cloves and, with a little pressure, removes the skins quite nicely. We also have a review of a free-form garlic peeler in our top five picks that is great for those tiny, odd-shaped cloves that are tough to peel.
Our Top Choice
A great little gadget for garlic lovers, this peeler makes removing the garlic skin efficient and easy. Need something to mince your garlic after it’s peeled? Add the OXO Good Grips Soft-Handled Garlic Press to your kitchen collection.

OXO OXO Good Grips Silicone Garlic Peeler with Stay-Clean Storage Case

OXO is so creative in their product designs that they have won numerous awards for their products. With over 1,000 products on offer that are tested by a wide range of users to deliver universally friendly designs, they have many kitchen tools to choose from.

A great little addition to your kitchen, this silicone garlic peeler by OXO neatly traps and rolls your garlic cloves to remove the peel, all the while keeping your hands and kitchen counter clean and clear of that strong garlic smell. It comes with a vented plastic box to store it neatly away when not in use, and is safe to use in the dishwasher.

One of the neat features of this garlic peeler is that it traps that hard-to-clean thin-paper lining of the garlic clove, so you won’t have loose garlic paper floating all over your counter after peeling the cloves.

OXO makes lots of other kitchen aid tools to help you prep your food that you might like, such as:
  • Garlic press
  • 3-piece vegetable peeler set
  • Tot food masher
Best Value
Zyliss makes lots of kitchen tools to simplify your life, such as this garlic peeler that works in seconds. Need finely sliced garlic for your recipe? Take a look at Zyliss’s mandolin-style garlic slicer. It features a non-slip base and a handle for safety, providing you with consistently thin slices of garlic with ease.

Zyliss Garlic Peeler with Silicone Ridges - 5 Year Guarantee, Dishwasher Safe

Zyliss is a Swiss company that is known for the great quality and durability of their products. Engaging in modern production techniques, their product line features the use of well-thought out materials and undergoes thorough inspection before hitting the market.

Handle a lot of garlic, and don’t like to fuss with that difficult to remove paper-thin lining? You can remove the peel of garlic cloves in just seconds with this garlic peeler. It is made of silicone, is dishwasher safe, and gets the job done. Just put your cloves of garlic inside the small cylindrical tube, press down and roll, and your garlic cloves are ready. Plus it traps the peel inside the tube, so you can discard it easily.

If you’re a garlic lover, you might want to check out a few more tools for your kitchen by Zyliss, such as:
  • Zyliss Susi 3-in-one garlic peel, press, and mince
  • Zyliss garlic slicer
  • Zyliss quick-n-easy garlic press
  • Zyliss jumbo garlic press
Made of 100% embossed silicone in a vibrant red, you can peel a pile of garlic in just seconds with this garlic peeler by Zak Designs. Don’t want the embossing? Prefer rubber instead? Zak Designs offers the E-Z-Rol Garlic Peeler with a smooth finish in blue and green.

Zak Designs Embossed E-Z-Roll Garlic Peeler – Silicone Garlic Peeler, Available in a Variety of Colors

Bringing contemporary design to the kitchen counter and dining room table, Zak Designs is an innovative and fun brand. From confetti mixing bowls to playful children’s utensils, they offer a modern take on classic items for your home.

This garlic peeler is an attractive embossed silicone that makes removing the paper coating on each garlic clove easy to do. Just pop the cloves in, press and roll. No need to advertise your love of garlic by wearing it on your hands, this peeler keeps your hands smelling fragrant while the garlic bumps up the flavor in your dishes.

This garlic peeler comes in three vibrant colors, select your favorite - red, kiwi or grape.
A fun item for the kitchen, these colorful garlic peelers by Chef Hessler will brighten up your day, and make a great gift for anyone who loves to cook with garlic. Need some great silicone tools for cooking? Check out the Chef Hessler Kitchen Silicone Tongs and Spatula Set.

Chef Hessler Kitchen Utensils Garlic Peeler - Silicone Tube Roller for Peeling Garlic, Available in 5 Colors, 50 Garlic Based Recipes E-Book Included

Chef Hessler makes vibrant tools to simplify your day and assist you in the kitchen, such as a wide range of garlic peelers, as well as tongs and spatulas.

If you love garlic, and can’t think of enough ways to incorporate this healthy, flavorful root vegetable into your dishes, this garlic peeler comes with a cadre of garlic-infused recipes. Featuring a bonus e-book from Chef Hessler, you can expand your cooking repertoire into new territory by selecting from one of the 50 recipes that comes with the recipe book.

A ribbed garlic peeler, this 100% food grade silicone peeler is FDA approved. Large enough to accommodate cloves of elephant garlic, it will save time in the kitchen, keep your hands free of that garlic smell, and is dishwasher safe and heat resistant.

With a rainbow of colors to choose from, you have lots of options when you buy this Chef Hessler garlic peeler - black, sky blue, navy blue, green or yellow.
Peel the garlic skins from even the smallest cloves in the bunch with this garlic peeler by Norpro. Cooking onions with that garlic? Need a tool that will not only help you cut evenly, but keep your hands from smelling like onions all day? Take a look at the Norpro Onion Holder and Odor Remover.

Norpro Garlic Peeler and Roller – Made From FDA Approved Rubber

If you love to cook, and there is no end to the types of tools that catch your eye, you will definitely want to check out the products that Norpro offers. From colorful off-set spatulas, to ravioli makers, and kitchen splash-guards for your stovetop, they truly offer unique kitchen items.

Garlic cloves comes in all different shapes and sizes, from the humongous cloves of garlic that are rendered from elephant garlic, to the teensy-weensy garlic cloves that are a part of every head of garlic that you hate to waste. This garlic peeler by Norpro is great to salvage all those little garlic cloves that are extra hard to peel, but just as tasty as the larger cloves. After all, you know what they say…waste not, want not!

Select this garlic clove peeler in bulk to give to your friends and family, options include single packs, as well as 2, 3, 4 and 5 packs.

How Do I Choose the Best Garlic Peeler?

For those of us who love cooking, we know that the one ingredient that you can throw into just about any food (yes, any food) is garlic. Garlic can instantly add a unique kind of flavor to any dish, and as if that’s not enough, it delivers many health benefits as well. There’s just one problem – peeling garlic can be very daunting! It is such a commonly hated task that people have invented tons of methods to help them do it easier and quicker.

To get your garlic peeled, either shake it between bowls, or smash it with the side of the kitchen knife. But, isn’t that just too much hassle? And, you also risk impaling yourself. Well, you can go for the already-peeled cloves, but that means you have to bid goodbye to the freshness and health benefits that come with using freshly peeled garlic cloves.

You can avoid all these problems by using a garlic peeler to peel your garlic. These devices gently pull the skin off the cloves, leaving them intact. Just make sure you get a good-quality garlic press to keep the garlic off your hands as you chop it too. And, remember, you cannot savor all the goodness that comes with this vegetable unless you roast it, so it pays to invest in a good garlic roaster.

How do you choose the best garlic peeler? You may ask. While some garlic peelers are incredible, others are downright awful, and picking the right one for you can prove to be very stressful. Luckily, we have done our homework right and brought you some of the best garlic peelers on the market.

Let’s first go through the consideration factors to learn what to look for in a good garlic peeler before jumping to our picks.
Garlic peelers are low-priced tools that effectively remove skin from batches of garlic. The price range for a good quality garlic peeler is $3 to $8. The difference in price will depend on the material the garlic peeler is made of and the accessories that it comes with, for instance, a carrying case. Expect to pay more for garlic peelers that are fully made of silicone. While you will find some very cheap garlic peelers on the market, it is good to remember that you get what you pay for. It may not be a worthy investment to buy something that will not serve you for long.
Using fresh garlic is best and lends dishes an aromatic, strong flavor and finish. Peeling each clove separately can prove to be a frustrating and time-consuming task, but a garlic peeler can come in handy to make things a little bit easier, and also keep the garlic smell off your hands. Here are some of the features to look out for when shopping for a garlic peeler:
  • Material- Different garlic peelers come in different materials, including silicone, stainless steel, rubber, and cast aluminum. The material determines the peeler’s sturdiness and ease of cleaning.
  • Capacity- Garlic peelers come in different sizes, so it pays to buy one that will satisfy your peeling needs, whether it’s for small-large cloves, extra-small-extra-large cloves, or medium-large cloves.
  • Extra Features- Since garlic peelers come with different extra features, it is good to know which ones matter to you most, to avoid spending on something that you will not find use for. Some of the extras include a carrying case, recipe book, and extra peelers, among others.
  • Color- Garlic peelers come in different colors to allow you to match in with your other kitchen appliances.
Construction and Design
There are different garlic peeler options on the market. Let’s see how they differ from one another.

Silicone-Rubber Peeler

Silicone-based garlic peelers come in abstract shapes and blazing colors that are sure to “wow” you. These peelers are nonstick, completely dishwasher friendly, lightweight, FDA-approved and easy to use. Once you buy one of these tools, you will turn into a garlic-eating convert. All you need to do is place a clove of garlic in the flexible rubber enclosure, and gently roll it with your hand as it finely skins the garlic. The garlic doesn’t get bruised as the skin is peeled away.

Electric Peeler

An electric peeler is probably one of the best solutions to garlic-peeling. Simply drop the garlic cloves into an opening and the skin will come off in an instant! This handy tool can be used for other tasks if it comes with a multifunction option, which can be confirmed by checking the manufacturer’s product information.
Performance and Ease of Use
A garlic peeler is a must-have gadget for garlic-lovers. While using the flat side of a knife gets the job done, it has the downside of leaving you with garlicky hands. Garlic peelers solve this problem and also speed up peeling time.

While garlic peelers come in different designs, it is good to go for models that are quick and easy to use. Avoid models with stiff or clunky mechanisms. Also, choose designs that are easy to clean. Garlic peelers are known to be difficult to clean; avoid gadgets with hard-to-reach parts. And, choose ones that are dishwasher safe.

It is good to note that the finer you crush or chop your garlic, the stronger it will taste. If you are after a strong hit, a crusher or press is your sure bet. To get a more delicate flavor, go for a slicer. A peeler is definitely a worthwhile investment, since even the things that don’t require pre-peeling will still work more efficiently when peeled.

Get the Best Garlic Peeler of 2020!

From great garlic and rosemary chicken, to the tastiest roasted vegetables and Italian sauces (“gravy” if you’re an authentic Italian), you will need plenty of peeled garlic to get the job done. Let one of our five best garlic peelers do the job for you, so you can save time and effort, and keep your hands smelling fresh as a daisy. Feel free to check out other alternatives from these trusted brands.

Our Top Choice
OXO Good Grips Garlic Peeler with Case
Best Value
Zyliss Garlic Peeler
Zak Designs Embossed Garlic Peeler
Chef Hessler Garlic Peeler with Recipes
Norpro Garlic Peeler