Best Garlic Roaster - Cast Iron and Ceramic Garlic Roasters for Your Home Needs

The trick to being a great chef is knowing how to add unique moments of flavor to your dishes that make people say “What’s in this? It’s so tasty!” The secret that elevates so many savory dishes is inevitably garlic. Oh, how we love garlic! But you can’t enjoy the very best that garlic has to offer unless you roast it. This sweetens the cloves, bringing out the natural sugars. Once you’ve removed the sharpness, the toasty garlic cloves will leave you with a nutty, creamy condiment to add delectable flavor and aroma to just about every savory dish you can think of. Add that “wow” factor to your meals by selecting a product from our best garlic roaster brands.

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Our Top Choice
Charcoal Companion Garlic Roaster & Squeezer Set
Specifically designed for barbecue aficionados, Charcoal Companion makes all sorts of tools to help you cook inside or outside.
Garlic roaster and silicone squeezer set. Sturdy cast-iron roaster that can last a lifetime. Ideal for barbecues or grill, just don’t put it directly over a flame.
Not dishwasher safe.
Roaster & squeezer set
5.2 x 5.2 x 5.3”, 2.9 lbs
1-2 Medium garlic heads
Cast Iron
Up to 400 degrees
Best Value
Norpro Large Garlic Baker
From pizza to paella, Norpro has cookware and kitchen tools for every task, even roasting garlic!
Cute garlic-shaped handle with vents at the top. Oven and microwave safe. Draws out the sweet flavor of garlic to enhance your favorite recipes.
Not dishwasher safe.
Garlic Baker
5.5 x 4 x 4.75”, 4 ozs
1-3 Medium garlic heads
Terra Cotta
Up to 400 degrees
Todco Roasted Garlic Express
Todco brings a modern take to classic household appliances, and offers many novelty items to choose from.
No need to turn the oven on, just plug in this countertop garlic roaster, add a little oil and seasoning to the bottom, and you’ll have roasted garlic in 27 minutes.
May not fit extremely large bulbs of garlic.
Countertop garlic roaster
12.9 x 8 x 5.3”, 7.2 ozs
1-3 Medium garlic heads
600 watt electric
Fox Run Garlic Baker
Culinary master Fox Run offers tools for food preparation, baking and grilling, and just about anything you can think of.
A versatile garlic roaster that can be used in regular, microwave, or convection ovens. Also comes in a 7” model, and can be used for roasting beets as well.
Not dishwasher safe.
Garlic Baker
4.3 x 5.2 x 5.2”, 1 lb
1-2 Medium garlic heads
Terra Cotta
Up to 400 degrees
Cole & Mason Garlic Roaster Keeper
Cole & Mason offer prepping and seasoning tools for the gourmet chef to enhance the flavor of your meals.
A convenient way to roast your garlic and store it all in one place. This ceramic pot has a lid and 4 ventilation holes along the bottom. Attractive dual-purpose roaster.
Some say the lid doesn’t fit perfectly snug.
Garlic Roaster & Keeper
4.3 x 4.3 x 5.7”, 14.6 ozs
1-2 Medium garlic heads
Up to 450 degrees

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What are the Best Selling Garlic Roasters in 2020?

We have done hours of research on the brands in the market and have come up with a list of the best garlic roasters available. If it turns out that our featured products don’t meet your needs, don’t worry as these brands have many other products to choose from.

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Our Top Choice
Enjoy tasty garlic cloves roasted to sweet perfection any time with this cast-iron garlic roaster that can even be used on the grill, and also take a look at the Charcoal Companion Ultimate Barbecue Pit Mitt Glove. It can withstand temperatures to 475 degrees and will make handling this roaster simple and safe – especially if you are using it on the grill.

Charcoal Companion Cast Iron Garlic Roaster For Kitchen or BBQ Grill – Comes with Silicone Garlic Squeezer

Charcoal Companion has it all when it comes to cooking your favorite meals outdoors. Their products offer terrific tools for cooking on the grill, as well as in the kitchen. This indoor/outdoor garlic roaster and squeezer set can handle the heat in the oven, but is ideal for outdoor grilling on the barbecue.

Shaped like a large cast-iron garlic clove, this roaster is an attractive and easy way to extract the sweetened essence of roasted garlic. Just preheat your oven or grill to 400 degrees, give a slight trim to the top of the head of garlic to expose a small portion of the cloves (allowing the heat to permeate the garlic while cooking), then roast for 45-50 minutes!

You may need to check on the garlic and give it a turn while cooking, to be sure it cooks evenly on all sides. Once the garlic is lightly browned and softened, let it cool for a few minutes, then use the silicone garlic squeezer that comes with this set to extract the cloves from the skin. It couldn’t be any easier!

Just make sure to take good care of your cast iron garlic roaster. Give it a quick and gentle rinse to clean after use, then quickly dry it off so that it doesn’t retain any water. You should also give your cast iron garlic roaster a little rub of oil from time to time, to keep it in great condition. And remember—never put it in the dishwasher, or it will rust! Please keep in mind that you should protect your hands with a mitt at all times when handling any hot cast iron cookware.
Best Value
Boost the flavor of your favorite pasta dishes, pizza, stew, or roasted chicken with this garlic roaster that helps you simplify the task. With all the garlic you will be roasting, you will need a place to keep it fresh and ready. The Norpro White Stoneware Garlic Keeper is large enough to hold up to half a dozen bulbs and its simple yet attractive design would fit in with any décor.

Norpro Large Garlic Baker - Oven and Microwave Safe Terra Cotta Garlic Roaster

Manufacturers of over 4,000 items for your kitchen including cookware and bakeware, Norpro offers pans for making pancakes, pizza, or paella. The wide range of materials they use for their products range from high-quality stainless steel to terra cotta, like that used in our featured terra cotta garlic baker.

This garlic baker will cook 2 or 3 medium-sized garlic heads at one time. While it is microwave safe, the optimal flavor is extracted from baking the garlic in the oven. The dome of this bakeware is made of untreated, porous terra cotta, which allows it to handle high cooking temperatures. Plus, the top comes with an adorable miniature garlic clove as a decorative feature.

The bottom plate is made of glazed terra cotta, which helps to lock the moisture and juices into your garlic while cooking. Heat is released through the tiny vent holes located on the top of the dome.

This is a great kitchen tool for garlic lovers or foodies, and it is attractive enough to warm up any decor.
If you live in a warm climate, or just want to save on energy and oven space, no need to turn the oven on with this electric garlic roaster that does the job in just 27 minutes. This convenient countertop garlic roaster is available in a natural-looking terra cotta, black or white.

TodaysConcept (Todco) Roasted Garlic Express – Electric Garlic Roaster, Available in 3 Colors

With a modern take on an endless array of items for your home, Today’s Concept, aka Todco, has many useful items to choose from with updated features. Expanding from their base of high-quality kitchen appliances, they also have lots of toys, games and novelty items in their line of products.

A great way to mellow out the flavor of garlic, this garlic roaster simplifies the process of sweetening up your garlic cloves. Rather than turning the oven on for up to an hour just to roast a bulb or two of garlic, this roaster plugs into an electric outlet. Just put it on your countertop, add some seasoning to the bottom plate, and put 1-3 garlic bulbs that have been cut at the top to expose the cloves, cut-side down on the plate. Then press start, and within half an hour, your garlic will be ready. Presto!

This electric garlic roaster for your kitchen countertop may be just what you’re looking for to up your chef game. Now you can add roasted garlic to your mashed potatoes, buttered bread, or homemade sauces for delicious restaurant-quality meals.
Enjoy the sweet perfection of roasting your favorite root vegetables like garlic in this terra cotta clay cooking dish. To keep your garlic fresh longer before roasting (or using in your favorite dishes), the Fox Run Garlic Keeper is available in matching unglazed terra cotta or white.

Fox Run Garlic Baker – Terra Cotta Garlic Roaster, Available in Two Sizes

Your handy helper in the kitchen, Fox Run makes a ton of gadgets to assist you in crafting the perfect meal. They offer everything from cheese slicers to bamboo skewers and mason jars. With lots of options to choose from, they also offer tools for baking and grilling, as well as 3-tier hanging baskets to increase your storage that will look great in your kitchen.

This beautiful terra cotta clay roasting dish contains several garlic bulbs for slow roasting until the garlic is creamy and delicious. It can be used in regular ovens, as well as microwave or convection ovens. Just be sure to hand wash this terra cotta dish after use, as the porous material is not dishwasher-friendly.

Choose from two size options: the five inch takes up less space in your oven and in storage, while the seven inch offers a little more room for plenty of roasted garlic. You can also try roasting other small root vegetables like beets, onions, or small potatoes in this roaster.
Cole & Mason offers tools that help you season your meals to taste exactly as you imagine they will. This ceramic pot is terrific for roasting and storing garlic. Do you love cooking with fresh herbs too? Then Cole & Mason Herb Keepers are a great choice. You can choose either the self-watering potted version to grow your own, or the fresh herb container and store cut herbs in the fridge.

Cole & Mason Ceramic Garlic Roaster – Jar Style Garlic Baker Doubles as a Garlic Keeper

What’s a meal without the seasoning? Just one little forgotten ingredient, like a pinch of salt or a punch of spice, can take a meal down a notch from gourmet to mundane. Enter Cole & Mason, here to save the day with premium kitchen tools that are geared towards chefs who know that herbs and spices add that “X” factor. With products specifically designed to assist in the preparation and cooking of herbs, spices, and other seasonings, Cole & Mason offer such kitchen tools as oil & vinegar misters, mortars & pestles, and elegant spice rack carousels.

A heavenly creation that will surprise you once it is transformed, roasted garlic takes garlic from overpowering to succulent and sweet, and it is worth the extra effort. It’s just that extra something that, once added to your dishes, makes people say “Mmmm, this is better than my mom makes! What did you put in it?” To make the task of roasting garlic that much easier for you, Cole & Mason has designed a terrific glazed ceramic pot that can go directly into the oven to roast your garlic cloves at a temperature of up to 450 degrees. It comes with a lid, and has four perforated holes along the bottom to provide even cooking all around.

After roasting your garlic heads, you will still love this multi-purpose ceramic pot, as it works very well for garlic storage too. Everyone knows loose garlic cloves can be hard to figure out how to contain. Just a few of these small, papery little rascals floating around can be all but impossible to find when you need them. Now you have a cute, safe place to store them and roast them with this ceramic pot!

Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Garlic Roaster

Excuses. We all like to give them. One of the funniest ones we’ve heard in recent times is that the reason our colleague failed to show up at the appointment is because it was National Garlic Day. The plot twist to this is that it turns out that this is a very real holiday that’s celebrated on April 19. People are really that serious about their tangy cloves and will go the whole nine yards to make sure they are in the best state to be added to steak, chicken, or vegetables. And it's not just about taste — garlic has many proven health benefits too!

Some hardcore enthusiasts, who consider themselves to be savages, will simply peel the cloves, put them in a bowl and then go out to watch the sun set as they snack on them raw. But most garlic lovers prefer to enjoy their garlic roasted, using it in recipes or spreading it on bread.

Enter the garlic roaster and life has never been easier for a garlic enthusiast! This is one kitchen gadget that definitely deserves space on your counter.

With a garlic roaster, you’re assured of achieving the much sought-after savory-sweet zest that makes garlic such a culinary asset. It is, however, important that we mention that there exists a caveat to well-roasted garlic cloves. There’s a 99.9998 percent chance that their aroma will draw passersby to your cookout.

By the way, we do have to mention that you can also roast garlic in a slow cooker, but it's going to take a lot longer than in an oven — as long as 12 hours — but it is a good option if you need a LOT of roasted garlic.

How to Use a Garlic Roaster

How to Cook Garlic in a Garlic Roaster. | Courtesy of eHow Cooking Guide
If you’re looking to tune up your culinary skills with a garlic roaster, you shouldn’t worry about price as our featured brands have something for everyone. However, if you want a product that will serve you for a long time and can be used in a variety of settings, we recommend that you avoid the really cheap garlic roasters.

The price of a garlic roaster ranges from around $5 all the way up to $80, depending on the constituent material and the brand. A terra cotta stoneware garlic roaster is durable and will typically cost you more than a cast iron one. In general, ceramic garlic roasters will fall somewhere in the middle.

If professional chef endorsement is important to you, Rachel Ray offers an affordable terra cotta garlic keeper. As another option, if you don't want to heat up your whole house with the oven, the electric garlic roaster manufactured by Todco, which is considered to be a force in the world of garlic roasters, will cost you about $35 (see our review).

While your at it, if you want to keep your garlic fresh, we recommend investing in a garlic keeper. Yes, it means spending a little bit more money, but you'll keep your garlic from going bad which means savings in the long run.

The main purpose of a garlic roaster is to make your garlic cloves have a mild yet flavorful taste. Let’s take a glimpse at some of the features that you should look for when purchasing one.
  • Material - The primary constituent matter of the garlic roaster is a key component to consider.
  • Capacity - The higher the number of garlic heads it can hold at a go, the better it is.
  • Size - A big garlic roaster can hold even the massive garlic heads in the market today.
  • Resistance - This is the maximum amount of heat or electric current the product can withstand.
  • Handling - Given the amount of heat involved, it makes sense to have a means of holding the unit without your fingers getting burned.
  • Place of Use - Where are you supposed to use the garlic roaster?
  • Non-stick Coating - A non-stick surface is easy to clean.
  • Automatic Shutoff - With this feature, you never have to worry about your garlic heads over-roasting — this only applies to electric counter top garlic roasters.

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    Dietician, Joe Leech discusses why you should add more garlic into your diet. | Courtesy of Authority Nutrition & Healthline
Construction and Design
You may think that there’s not much that goes into choosing a garlic roaster but you would be wrong! You should at least consider the material, capacity, size and resistance. Let’s see why.


The material that a garlic roaster is made of influences its durability. While a cast-iron roaster works well in a barbecue setting, it’s pretty hard to maintain. For instance, soaking it in soapy water before cleaning it may cause it to rust. However, you can avoid this by rinsing and drying it immediately after use. Ceramic roasters, on the other hand, are much easier to maintain as the looming threat of rusting does not exist.


Having established the durability of the garlic roaster by examining its constituent material, the next thing you should look out for is its capacity. If your typical guest list has over ten people, you should go for a roaster that can hold three medium garlics at a go. If you’re not into hosting events and prefer to hang out with your immediate family, a roaster that can hold two garlic heads at most will serve you well.


Size is also a crucial thing to consider. Thanks to organic farming, you can now find massive garlics at your local market. It goes without saying that you can only roast these large garlics if you have a large roaster. Fortunately, the size of our selected roasters ranges from around 4.3” x 5.2” x 5.2” to 12.9” x 8” x 5.3”, allowing you to roast both medium and large garlic heads.


Mistakes frequently happen when cooking. They range from adding salt twice to a stew because you forgot you had done it earlier, to forgetting you were even cooking in the first place. At the end of the day, the items that withstand the most heat are the ones that survive to see another day. This is the case with garlic roasters. The good thing is that you do not have to worry about your product spoiling after being exposed to prolonged heat because they can handle temperatures of up to 400 degrees. We also have an electric one on our list with a resistance of up to 600 watts.

Performance and Ease of Use
The handling of a garlic roaster is the main element that dictates its performance. Having automatic shut-off and a non-stick coating, however, are also helpful. And finally, the place where you’ll be using your garlic roaster may have an impact on your buying choice. Let’s see these factors in some more detail below.


The average time that a roaster takes to produce well-roasted garlic heads is thirty minutes. It goes without saying that anything that has been heated for half an hour can burn your fingers very badly if you try to handle it without protection. Our selected garlic roasters have this taken into consideration and have a lid or a stainless-steel ring that makes handling easy.

Place of Use

It’s also crucial to consider where a garlic roaster can be used before purchasing one. A cast-iron roaster is ideal for barbecues, while an electric one is only for at home in the kitchen. Ceramic ones are even more awesome because they are both oven- and microwave-safe.

Non-stick Coating

Finally, like with all household items, cleaning your garlic roaster is a must. The easier it is to clean, the less time you spend at the kitchen sink asking yourself silly questions such as why the words promise and compromise have different pronunciations at the end. The good news is that one of our selected garlic roasters has a non-stick cup, making it very easy to clean.

Automatic Shutoff

Over-roasting your garlic heads is another fear that you’ll have in mind when selecting a garlic roaster. If you’re unsure about the time it takes to have optimally-roasted cloves, a roaster with an automatic shutoff will serve you well as it goes off when the roasting is done. Of course this only applies to countertop garlic roasters, not the ones you put in the oven. For those, it is up to you to watch the time and turn off the oven.

Get the Best Garlic Roaster of 2022!

Garlic tastes so unique that it has a capacity to make a dish a culinary masterpiece or an ordeal. It all depends on how to prepare it. By selecting one of our garlic roasters, you are assured of having creamy garlic cloves that will elevate your vegetables, sauces, and steak to a level that even Chef Ramsey will consider stratospheric.

Our Top Choice
Charcoal Companion Garlic Roaster & Squeezer Set
Best Value
Norpro Large Garlic Baker
Todco Roasted Garlic Express
Fox Run Garlic Baker
Cole & Mason Garlic Roaster Keeper

Garlic Roaster FAQs

How do you roast garlic in a garlic roaster?
The process of roasting garlic in a garlic roaster could be short or long depending on the type of machine you have. Is it a cast-iron roaster or an electric roaster? In either case, you will have to soak the garlic bulb, remove loose paper, and cut to expose cloves. After adding two tablespoons of olive oil, season it with pepper or caprice. Add some salt. After placing the garlic in the roasting cup, place it in the roaster. If you are using an electric garlic roaster, you will press it on and wait for three minutes. You can do the same with a cast-iron roaster. This is just one method - check out our buying guide for another way to roast garlic in a roaster!
How do you use a garlic roaster?
The right way to use a garlic roaster depends on the type. If electric, then pressing the start button is all you have to do. However, you should make sure that the temperature is set at the right level. You may start with a cold oven or preheat it to a given temperature. Watch the video in our buying guide for more detailed instructions.
Is a garlic roaster worth it?
Yes. A garlic roaster makes the process of roasting garlic more convenient and consistent. Is eases the way you cook garlic and get it ready for incorporation in your recipes and diet to enjoy the tremendous health benefits.