Best Garment Rack Reviews 2022

Whether you’re a homeowner with a rather small closet space or a professional who has to constantly move or display clothes from time to time, we’re sure that you wouldn’t mind a sensible and stylish solution in the form of the best garment rack out there. For this reason, and because we know the heartbreak that a flimsy one can cause, we’ve done the hard work for you by taking a close—one might even call it an investigative—look, at the multitude of garment racks on the market. Now we’re bringing you our top five choices from five reputable brands. That is, a garment rack from each.
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Our Top Choice
Deco Brothers Double Rail Garment Rack
With an astounding array of functional, premium-grade household and office organizers, Deco Brothers might just be the brand with the solution to a clutter-free lifestyle.
250-pound clothing capacity. Casters and collapsible design for easy transport and storage. Extensible rods equal more hanging space. Also available with single rail.
Its wheels do not have a locking mechanism.
Double rail
Heavy-duty steel; chrome finish
250 pounds
Collapsible; easy to set up
Best Value
Whitmor Double Rod Closet
For 7 decades—and counting—Whitmor’s business has been about providing innovative storage and organization products that bring order and style to your home.
Quite sturdy. Can hold 150 pounds of clothes. Joints give it a tight and stable connection. Can be easily and quickly assembled. Lots of space.
Its double-rod feature might not work well for larger clothing sizes.
Closet; 5 shelves
Silver-coated steel; double resin
150 pounds
No tools required
Honey-Can-Do Collapsible Garment Rack
Honey-Can-Do has pledged its existence to creating trendy home storage products that are a clever fusion of quality organization and style at budget-friendly prices.
Easy to assemble and take apart. Folds to a 1.5-inch height for space-saving storage and transportation. Casters can be locked. Corrosion-resistant. Lightweight.
It might not hold a lot of weight.
Single rail
Chrome finish steel frame
75 pounds
Collapsible; easy assembly
Metropolitan Display Z Rack Garment Rack
Metropolitan Display is a manufacturer of commercial-grade store fixtures made with the highest-quality materials, and is a great believer in customer satisfaction.
Comes with the necessary tools for assembly. Easy to set up. Sturdy. Built to last. Has plenty of hanging space for your clothes. 400-pound capacity. Adjustable height.
The instructions for assembly could be a tad clearer.
Single rail; adjustable
400 pounds
Easy to assemble with a plier
Songmics Double Rod Adjustable Garment Rack
Songmics is always on the lookout for ways to enable it to continue keeping its customers supplied with the best products at great prices—and with satisfactory service.
Easy to assemble with a helpful guide. Stable. Functional casters. Double bars provide a lot of room for storage. Corrosion-resistant. Steel-clad pipes.
The hanging bars could be a bit further apart for more room between hangers.
Double rails; adjustable height
Stainless steel; ABS plastic
130 pounds
Assembly required

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What is the Best Garment Rack?

The best garment rack is one that will hold up your clothes or display them with integrity, one that won’t let them down (literally and figuratively), and one that will keep them beautifully organized for a long time to come. Well, you’ve read our buying guide and determining which rack fits this description shouldn’t be much of a hassle as you enjoy the review.
Our Top Choice
The Deco Brothers Commercial Grade Double Rail Garment Rolling Rack with Chrome Finish is a stainless-steel rack designed for heavy-duty use; it can hold 250 pounds of weight without bending. Are you in the market for a single rail garment rack that won’t take up as much space? Then we recommend the Single Rail Garment Rack from this company.

Deco Brothers Commercial Grade Double Rail Garment Rolling Rack with Chrome Finish – Also Available with Single Rail

Since its inception in 2012, Deco Brothers has committed itself to making life simpler for everyone by creating a beautiful array of products that will make keeping your stuff organized more like a pleasant pastime than a bothersome chore. Its collection of modern-looking pieces includes inventive racks for your closet, kitchen, and office. The rave reviews it receives are a testimonial of its focus on satisfying the customer; its responsive customer support attests to that too.

The Deco Brothers Double Rail Garment Rack features a chrome finish on a stainless-steel construction; this is not only a good-looking combination, but a functional one as well. The steel tubes are of a strong quality that’ll keep the rack from breaking under the weight of your clothes, and its finish enhances the corrosion-resistant quality of the steel, giving you longer service for your money.

This Deco Brothers rack stands at an impressive height of 60 inches, which can be adjusted to about 70 inches at its highest extension. Further, it has two bars for hanging clothes. The top bars are not a single piece; each of them is composed of 2 bars, with one sliding into another and locking in place. Does this reduce its efficiency as a garment rack? No, it doesn’t, as there isn’t a difference when it’s compared with a single-piece rack carrying the same weight. The racks can be extended from their 51-inch length to 75 inches for an increased storage space, but you may have to go light on the extension rods to avoid overloading them.

The 4 casters on this baby are of heavy-duty construction and are about 4 inches high, with ball bearings for smooth movement of this rack even when it’s fully loaded. It requires assembly, and that is so simple a process that it can be done in a matter of minutes. It can also be taken apart just as easily to make a compact package for ease of storage.
Best Value
The Whitmor Freestanding Double Rod Closet is a silver-plated steel rack with 2 closet hanging bars and 5 shelves for ample space. Its lower hanging bar is detachable to make room for longer clothes. If you’d rather have an all-metal ensemble with wheels for a smaller space, you should take a look at the Whitmor Supreme Garment Rack with Wheels.

Whitmor Freestanding Double Rod Closet – Available in 4 Styles

Whitmor is a family-run, fourth generation company that was established in 1946 by Charles Whitman as a groundbreaker in the production of garment bags. Its desire to succeed has seen it transition from a vertical manufacturing operation that carried out all its activities locally, to a brand having partnerships with a long list of Asian factories. This same zeal has seen it through a catastrophic tornado that destroyed its global distribution center located in Earle in the year 2008. For Whitmor, the greatest pleasure comes from the knowledge that it’s able to integrate value, integrity, innovation, customer service, and the highest ethical standards to meet, and exceed, the expectations of not just its customers, but its retail partners as well.

Whitmor’s Double Rod Closet could be just the garment rack that’ll help you get rid of the clutter and turn your closet or bedroom into a more organized space. With this baby, you don’t have to worry about the sturdiness of your rack; neither would you have to tread gently when you want to use it, because it’s made of steel coated in silver for an attractive look. Further, it features industrial-grade resin connectors, which grip the steel tubes tightly, giving this rack a stability that doesn’t waver even when the rack is fully loaded. Talking about load, it’s designed with a carrying capacity of 150 pounds—that’s a lot of clothes.

There are 5 wire shelves, which include the top and bottom shelf, and 2 rods. These shelves, in spite of their looks, aren’t sissies; they have a 10-pound weight limit and accessories can be kept here in appropriate-sized storage bins as well as folded blankets, towels, or clothes. The top shelf can be used to store clothes or other items that aren’t in use; it’s built to hold up to 20 pounds. Other stuff such as bags, boots, shoes, etc. can be stored on the bottom shelf which also has a capacity for 20 pounds—mind that these are just our ideas though, and its organization is completely up to you.

The Whitmor Double Rod Closet, as its name implies, has a double-rod feature. It has 2 hanging rods: one above and another directly below that. The lower rod can be removed to make room for an upper rack full of full-length garments and clothes—nice, isn’t it? The open design of this rack means that you don’t have to waste precious seconds searching for an item as it’s all in the open; all you need to do is reach out and grab it. If you’d prefer a cover, it’s available too. This is a freestanding piece; it doesn’t require attachment to any sort of support as it’s designed to stand alone. Finally, it has a height of 68 inches and measures 45.25 inches across, with a depth of 19.25 inches; this makes for ample clothing storage space.
The Honey-Can-Do Collapsible Garment Rack with Locking Casters has a slender steel frame that’s sturdy and corrosion-resistant, and can fold to an amazing 1.5-inch compact height for easy storage. For an adjustable garment rack with extra storage space, we recommend the Honey-Can-Do Heavy-duty Garment Rack, an equally great product from this company.

Honey-Can-Do Collapsible Garment Rack with Locking Casters

Honey-Can-Do is a company that firmly believes its customers don’t have to break the bank to afford a home that’s well-organized and beautiful. For this reason, it has based its operations on three simple principles which are: to provide people with what they desire, to do so at a reasonable price, and to employ a sense of responsibility and integrity in the process of doing so. A great deal of this company’s resources has been committed to the gathering of useful data from the users of organization and storage products. It uses this data in its production process to deliver merchandise that are trendy, high-quality, and affordable—just the way you want them.

The Honey-Can-Do Collapsible Garment Rack has a look that sort of reminds one of several things: an aseptic living space, a professional’s garment rack and, most interesting of all, it reminds one of a sci-fi movie set in a future millennium. Its construction is completely of metal and those slender bars shouldn’t fool you, as they’re able to hold a decent amount of clothes. Its chrome-finished steel frames are resistant to the damage that exposure to the elements can wreak, thus assuring you of a long-lasting use—in style.

Its swivel casters can be used to move this unit on any type of flooring, and they have a locking mechanism with which they can be locked in place so that the rack doesn’t roll off when it’s bumped into. One feature we can’t seem to get enough of on this rack is its folding design. If you have a job that requires constant moving and setting up of a garment rack, this one just about fits the bill. It can be quickly folded into a compact pack that’s only 1.5 inches tall. What’s more, it can be just as quickly unfolded and set up for use. This is also a great feature if you’re trying to save space in your home.

This 68-inch tall garment rack is a functional piece that will find use in your closet, laundry room, and a host of other places (thanks to its foldable feature). It has a limited warranty for a lifetime—so maybe it does intend to be around when the era of flying automobiles arrives.
The Metropolitan Display Rolling Z Rack Garment Rack with Nesting Orange Base has a 400-pound capacity and a rugged construction that makes it fit for heavy-duty commercial use. It’s even height-adjustable! If you wouldn’t mind more room on a garment rack this great and in a black color, take a look at the Metropolitan Display Double Bar Z Rack.

Metropolitan Display Rolling Z Rack Garment Rack with Nesting Base – Available in 2 Colors

Metropolitan Display has been in the business of making industrial-grade store fixtures for all types of retail stores, exhibition fairs, the hospitality industry, and more since 1994. This is a brand that takes much pride in its commitment to supplying nothing but the best for your retail store. Each product it creates is built with exceptional durability in mind and it ensures that industry standards and design are put into consideration in the creation of each product so that they fit seamlessly with the feel and look of your retail store. Metropolitan Display also offers warehouse and shipping nationwide for swift delivery.

The Metropolitan Display Z Rack Garment Rack boasts an industrial-grade steel construction with a chrome finish, and is able to hold 400 pounds of clothes—no need to worry about running out of space anytime soon. It’s designed for warehouse or retail store display where a lot of clothes are expected to go on racks; its Z-style base gives it a nesting feature (i.e. two or more of this rack can be compactly packed or nested together) for space-saving storage. Its base also contributes to its stability even when it’s bearing a great amount of weight.

With an overall height of 90.5 inches and a hanging rod space of 60.5 inches, this garment has ample space to accommodate numerous clothing hangers and enough space for coats, tall pants, and long dresses. Its chrome finish and bright orange base will make a fashionable statement in a splendid store or a contemporary bedroom.

It’s equipped with 4 wheels, and 2 are fitted with brakes that allow you to lock the wheels in place and prevent unplanned garment rack movement. If you’d like to increase the storage capacity of this rack, you can fit it with any of the accessories that have been designed for it; they’re sold separately, though.
The Songmics Double Rod Adjustable Garment Rack with Brake Wheels is made from steel-clad pipes for added strength and corrosion resistance, making it durable for the long haul. You can even adjust the height! If you would like to add an oriental touch to your closet or bedroom, you can check out the Songmics Multifunctional Bamboo Garment Rack.

Songmics Double Rod Adjustable Garment Rack with Brake Wheels

Songmics was established in 2012 with the aim of manufacturing and supplying a diverse range of superb products that include home organizers, jewelry and makeup organizers, sport equipment, and outdoor recreational items. Its promise is to provide products and services that will enhance quality of life by offering orderly and convenient solutions for everyday life.

Songmics’ Double Rod Adjustable Garment Rack is an easy-to-setup piece that doesn’t require tools for assembly. Its steel-clad pipe construction features sturdy tubes that are joined to each other by robust ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) plastic—yeah, we intend to simplify that. ABS plastic is a tough yet lightweight, long-lasting material with a high melting point—hope you get the gist. What this means is that you can rest assured that this is one stable garment rack.

The hanging racks are of different heights, with one clocking in at nearly 65 inches and the other a hair’s breadth above 57 inches. These measurements are for when the bars are extended to their maximum heights; both bars stand at 39.38 inches when they’re at their lowest heights. The rack is designed to bear 66 pounds of weight and the hanging bars are 34.25 inches long; this means that there’s room and sturdiness for a decent amount of clothes on this rack.

But do be aware that there’s a note from the manufacturer that warns against expecting this rack to sail smoothly across carpets, as it isn’t suitable for that.

Here are some other pretty amazing garment racks from Songmics:
  • The Songmics Commercial Grade Double-Rail Garment Clothing Rack is made from toughened metal tubes for sturdiness and durability, and has a 69-inch adjustable height and an impressive 250-pound load capacity.
  • The Songmics Adjustable Rolling Garment Rack with Wheels is a portable and innovative rack that’s both vertically- and horizontally-adjustable. At its lowest height, it’s 38.25 inches and 66 inches at its maximum height. With stainless steel-clad pipes, it can be used as complimentary storage space and as a display rack.
  • The Songmics Black Metal 2-Tier Garment Rack definitely gets an ‘A’ in the good looks department. It’s fitted with 2 shelves for shoe and accessory storage, and its bar ends extend for hat or bag storage as well.
  • The Songmics Heavy-Duty Rack with Wheel is sure to put a silver bullet in your closet space problems. It has plenty of storage space which consists of a roomy hanging bar, one side bar to hang your bags, hats, and other stuff on, and 2 shelves. What’s more, its carbon steel construction keeps it sturdy and stable.

How Do I Choose the Best Garment Rack?

Nothing beats coming home to peace and quiet, especially after a crazy day at work. Sometimes, all you want to do is have a nice refreshing bath, throw on something comfortable, and chill in front of the television with a glass of wine or a can of beer, whichever works for you. This would be nice indeed; in fact, very nice. Particularly if the process isn’t interrupted by a 10-minute, and sometimes nerve-frazzling, search for that favorite nightshirt. An unnecessary endeavor if you ask us, but one that’s all too often seen when one has to live with a pea-sized closet space or, in some cases, completely without.

If you’re in a job that constantly has you moving quite a number of clothes from place to place or setting up clothes displays, you’ll appreciate the confidence that you get from knowing that you can conveniently transport them and have them beautifully shown without having to worry. If you can relate with any of these, you would agree that a garment rack is a wise investment.

For the non-initiates, a garment rack is a mobile, freestanding storage unit for clothes; think of it as a portable closet on wheels. It comes in different colors and can be made with wood, metal, or plastic. Its versatility makes it an item that’s constantly in demand, as it can be used as a space-saving closet option. There’s usually a hanging bar or two (it’s not unusual to find more than two hanging bars as well), and on these bars, you can organize your clothes on hangers. Many of them are designed with shelves in which accessories and off-season clothing can be stored; shoe storage boxes can also be used to organize footwear on these shelves.

There are many garment racks out there and they come in various designs, but one thing they do have in common is their provision of convenient space to store or display clothes. There are garment racks that are collapsible for space-maximizing storage, making them suited for small apartments and the professional who’s constantly on the move. Some of them are adjustable for a more customizable experience.

At the end of the day, you’re the one with the most information on where the shoe pinches, which gives you the final say on the best garment rack for your needs. We would, however, want to advice that you let nothing come between you and a good, quality garment rack—nothing.
Let’s talk about the all-sensitive issue of price. The garment racks we reviewed have a price range that’s snugly nestled in the neighborhood of $40 to $80. Why the difference? Well, if you consider the fact that a garment rack can be made from a number of materials, are available from different brands, and come in different designs, you might just have the answer to that question.

Take a garment rack that has been made from stainless steel and topped off with a chrome finish, for instance, and one that features a plastic/metal combination in its construction; you wouldn’t need a sage to tell you which would cost more. Here’s another instance: we have a bamboo garment rack with 3 shelves and another bamboo rack without a shelf; it’s no doubt that you’ll be shelling out some more dollars for the former.

Here’s the thing: so far as the quality and the features are a great fit with what you’re looking for, don’t be a scrooge, because trust us when we say that those many cheap garment racks out there will tear holes in your pocket in the long run.
By now, you’re probably wondering how to choose a garment rack that you’ll be pleased with, and we won’t leave you hanging. There are a number of features that you’re to consider when looking at garment racks, and you won’t have to sacrifice your style as they are available in a lot of style options as well. There are some with all the extras, and there is also the utilitarian one; the purpose for which you’re garment rack shopping will determine which of these you’ll need.

In light of this, what we’ll do is give you the core features to look out for when the garment rack search is on. Here they are:
  • Design: Number of bars, adjustability, with or without casters, etc.
  • Size: This refers to its dimensions.
  • Material: This is what it’s made from.
  • Capacity: This is the recommend weight limit.
  • Assembly: Does it require assembly? How easy is it to assemble?
With greater understanding of these features, picking your garment should be easy-peasy.
Construction and Design
In the manufacture of garment racks, a number of materials can be used. Steel is a commonly-used metal for garment racks. It can be used to create the entire body of the rack or to make rods that will be connected to each other by plastic. When it comes to aesthetics, the all-steel garment racks add a modern, industrial touch to a space. They are the go-to racks when there’s a need for commercial-grade garment racks such as the ones used in retail stores or warehouses for clothing display. Plastic is usually incorporated into a metal garment rack, and we’re yet to find one that’s made entirely from plastic.

The wooden racks are usually a beauty to behold; they’re more like art pieces than storage items, but this doesn’t make them any less efficient. They’re a more suitable option for home and office use as they exude a charming feeling of comfort and romance.

There are many uses to which a garment rack can be put and this multi-functionality is one reason why their designs vary. First of all, a garment rack is a unit, with one or more hanging bars with a vertical support pole on each end and a base to which the whole setup is attached. They can be used with accessories such as storage boxes and baskets that may be sold with it or separately. Further, most garment racks that are intended for home use as a supplementary closet space usually have shelves for these accessories. The more utilitarian ones are more suited for display of merchandise and for use in the hospitality industry.

A large percentage of garment racks come with swivel or multidirectional casters that make it easy to move about by rolling it from place to place. Some of these casters have been fitted with brakes and bumpers for a more practical user experience. That way once the locks are in place, you don’t have to worry about the rack rolling off at the slightest nudge.

The sizes of these units vary and can go from as low as 39 inches to as high as over 70 inches. They also come in designs that allow you to adjust the heights of the pole for a more personal fit. If we’re looking at a double-rod rack with a side-by-side orientation, there’s usually a gap of 22 inches between them; there are double-rod garment racks with an up-and-down orientations as well, and these usually have enough space for a short dress or a large shirt between them. The length of a hanging bar can be 36 inches to over 60 inches, though some have hanging bars that can be extended to have an overall length of up to 70 inches.
Performance and Ease of Use
The good thing about most garment racks is that you don’t have to experiment to determine just how many pounds—in clothing weight—to put on it. Not that we expect you to pull out a scale and begin to calculate how much your clothes weigh, but it’s possible to make an educated guess about how much clothing is too much for a particular weight limit. Some manufacturers are thoughtful enough to go the extra mile by listing the weight limit for each part of the rack.

Putting together a garment rack doesn’t have to remind one of rocket science and this understanding has made rack-making brands create garment racks that are quite easy to assemble. As a matter of fact, many a manufacturer includes tools for assembly in their garment rack packages to facilitate the process. If you don’t have time to spend poring over an instruction manual, it’s good for you to read other users’ experiences before making a purchase.

Just as there are garment racks with adjustable heights, there are also others with a collapsible function that allows the rack to be folded away in a compact pack for less-bulky storage and portability. You may even find some that are both adjustable and collapsible. Ensure that such racks are easy to knock down and set up again; it should also facilitate easy assembly.

Many of them are sold without covers; this is good as it allows you to easily assess your stuff and access it just as easily. But if you’d rather have your stuff kept away from prying eyes and the invasive dust, you can get a cover that’ll fit from the manufacturer or your go-to store.

Get the Best Garment Rack of 2022!

We hope you found the garment rack that will make your storage problems go away. You did? Great! Go on and make that order then. If not, these companies have more garment racks on offer that you’re welcome to check out.

Our Top Choice
Deco Brothers Double Rail Garment Rack
Best Value
Whitmor Double Rod Closet
Honey-Can-Do Collapsible Garment Rack
Metropolitan Display Z Rack Garment Rack
Songmics Double Rod Adjustable Garment Rack