Best Gas Dryer Reviews - Gas Clothes Dryer for Home and Apartment Use

Gas dryers are made for both residential and commercial use. Some gas dryers come in combination with washers as 2-in-1 appliances, and others as standalone drying machines. We have researched five of the best gas dryer brands on the market, showcasing a gas dryer from each, to help you find one that best suits your needs.

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Temp Control
Our Top Choice
Speed Queen Gas Dryer with Touch Panel Controls
Speed Queen is a brand known not just to design dryers with the ability to dry your laundry, but to ensure that every load loaded in the machine is dried thoroughly. This dryer is no exception.
Innovation and an excellent drying process. Affordable. Durable. High quality. Highly depedendable.
Competition from popular brands.
7.0 Cu. Ft.
3 automatic settings
Energy saver
7 dry cycles
Lint filter, blower
Best Value
Samsung Gas Dryer with Moisture Sensor
Samsung is a popular brand that manufacturers diverse products. It is a global market leader in manufacturing innovative electronics and digital media, but it also makes household appliances like this dryer.
Crisp clean look for a modern touch. Easy to use. Eco-friendly and saves energy. Quiet operation.
Not stackable, as it lacks a stacking kit. Doesn’t have a steam function.
7.4 Cu. Ft.
3 automatic settings
Energy saver
9 dry cycles
1-year limited warranty
LG Mega Capacity Gas Dryer with Steam™ Technology
With LG, "Life is Good." The brand has a good reputation for adding value to the lives of its consumers across the globe through its unique products, like this steam dryer.
Among the largest load capacities in the market. Top quality products. A well-known brand. Unique and awesome features. Great reviews on Amazon. Durable.
Very costly.
9.0 Cu. Ft.
5 automatic settings
Energy saver
14 dry cycles
Drying rack, pedestal drawer
Whirlpool Traditional Gas Dryer with a Moisture Sensor
Whirlpool designs smart and intelligent appliances to help make your life easier. This dryer works fast while protecting your clothes from wear and tear.
Affordable. Durable. Comes with both a washer and a dryer.
Not stackable. Lacks a drying rack.
7.0 Cu. Ft.
3 automatic settings
Energy saver
13 dry cycles
Extra-large lint screen
Frigidaire 7.0 Cu. Ft Gas Dryer with 5 Dryness Levels
Frigidaire is a brand that manufactures gas dryers, among other household appliances. This gas dryer is designed for residential use.
Large capacity to dry big loads. Fast operation can dry a load in just 25 minutes. Removes wrinkles (creases) from clothes. Even drying of clothes. Easy to clean and use.
Some users reported durability issues, difficulty installing the dryer and warranty issues.
7.0 Cu. Ft.
5 automatic settings
Energy saver
10 dry cycles
Pedestal drawer, lint screen

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What is the Best Gas Dryer?

When buying a gas dryer, it’s important to consider what you need from it. Find a gas dryer of the right capacity to accommodate your load, and the right speed to match how fast you want your clothes dry. You can also find a dryer based on the latest drying technology, and one that’s being sold at a price you can afford. It's also good for your choice to come with a warranty to protect you from manufacturing faults. Find out if one of our recommended gas dryers is what you need.

Our Top Choice
Speed Queen dryers feature a pattern of Axial Airflow, special drying cycles, and an advanced moisture sensor that not only conserves energy, but ensures that your laundry doesn’t dry excessively. Or try the ADE3SRGS173TW01 Speed Queen 27’’ Electric Dryer 7.0 Cu. Ft., an electric-powered dryer with these features at a slightly lower price.

Speed Queen ADG3SRGS 27" Gas Dryer - 7.0 cu. ft. Capacity, 3 Temperature Settings, Commercial-Grade Steel Cabinet, ADA Compliant, Secured Lint Filter, Available in 2 Colors

Speed Queen is an American company that boasts excellent drying, durability, efficiency, 3-to-5-year warranties and top quality in its products. This Speed Queen gas dryer comes with a guarantee of durability, top quality and dependability. Its panel controls ensure that the machine is not affected by power surges, extreme temperature, moisture or even vibration. The top quality dryers can last up to 25 years, making them great for home use and commercial applications.. With a load capacity of 7.0 Cu. Ft., you can have all your laundry dry at the same time in a single dry cycle. The dryers are based on several technologies to ensure that they consume less energy and save you as much money as possible. Here are some great features of the Speed Queen Commercial-Grade Gas Dryer:
  • Reversible door and white exterior finish
  • Extreme-tested touch panel controls with a 5-year warranty
  • Cutting-edge eco-cycle technology for energy saving purposes
  • Moisture sensor to cool your clothes when the selected dryness level is attained
  • Cloth protection and minimization of unnecessary drying
  • 5-year warranty
  • An advanced airflow pattern and a heavy-duty fun system for perfected drying
  • Commercial-grade performance of 25 years
  • Rigorous testing and premium materials for durability and reliable performance
  • Stainless steel drum
  • Front load
You have two colors (white and silver gray) and various models to choose from.
Best Value
Based on the right technology and featuring an extremely large capacity, this Samsung gas dryer dries up to three baskets of laundry at the same time. You can also get the 7.4 cu. ft. Capacity Gas Front Load Dryer (Stainless Platinum) for a product with good features and high quality.

Samsung 7.4 Cu. Ft. Gas Dryer – 9 Dry Cycles, Available in 6 Colors

This Samsung gas dryer comes with an extra-large capacity to accommodate all your laundry for faster dying times. Your bulky towels and comforters can easily fit into the dryer’s large capacity for even drying. Samsung is a trusted global brand that aims to deliver top-notch products. The 7.4 Cu. Ft. capacity is just what you need to dry your laundry in a single cycle. The sensor dry technology ascertains the level of moisture in every cycle to ensure that no drying session ends up with wet laundry. Drying times are then adjusted accordingly. Here are some features of the Samsung gas dryer to consider:
  • Child lock and reversible door
  • 9 dry cycles (preset) to choose from based on type of clothes to be dried
  • 3-way venting and 1-year limited warranty
  • Sensor dry for moisture detection and adjustment of drying time
  • 3 temperature settings
  • 5 options inclusive of a mixed load bell
  • Powder coat drum material
  • Up or down time adjustment
  • Lint filter indicator
  • Ice blue LED for controlling display
  • LED display and 4 dryness levels
Choose from a range of 6 colors: black stainless steel, azure blue, merlot, onyx, platinum and white.
The LG Gas Steam Dryer is designed with mega capacity to accommodate the heaviest of laundry loads, making it great for commercial use. The LG WM9000HVA TurboWash 5.2 Cu. Ft. Graphite Steel with Steam Cycle Front Load Washer – Energy Star makes a good alternative, though it has a smaller load capacity.

LG DLGX8001W 21-Inch Gas Steam Dryer With 9.0 Cubic Feet Mega Capacity, White

Whether you have a large load of laundry, a king size comforter or towels to dry, this LG gas dryer will come in handy. Its mega capacity is just what you need for your laundry drying. Its large size means you can use it either at home or for commercial purposes. LG is a brand known worldwide as one of the leaders in manufacturing high-tech electronics. This LG gas steam dryer comes with 9.0 Cu. Ft. capacity to hold as much laundry as possible for drying in a single cycle of choice. It comes with a NeveRust stainless steel drum. You can select ultra low, low, medium, medium high and high temperature settings to suit your specific laundry. Here are some great features of the LG gas dryer to consider:
  • 14 dry cycles
  • 11 options to select from
  • 5 options for temperature settings
  • 5 dryness levels ranging from ultra low to high
  • 5 manual dry times ranging from 20 minutes to 60 minutes
  • Variable heater for precise temperature control
  • Child lock and reversible door to ensure children have no access to the machine for safety reasons
  • 3-way venting option
  • Stacking and LP conversion kits
  • 1-year warranty
  • Drying rack
You have white and graphite steel colors to choose from. Although the former has been discontinued by LG, many retailers still have the dryer with a white finishing in stock.
Whirlpool gas dryers come with AutoDryTM system to ensure that your laundry doesn’t dry beyond the selected dryness level. The system can sense when the right temperature is reached; it halts the cycle at this stage to save energy. Get the Gas Washer\/Dryer Combo for its good features if you need both a washer and a dryer.

Whirlpool 7 Cu. Ft. White Gas Front Load Dryer – Wrinkle Shield Option, Available in 5 Colors

This Whirlpool dryer gives you precise control over your drying laundry through its 4 temperature settings and 13 automatic dry cycle settings to choose from. It also comes with a Wrinkle ShieldTM option to ensure that your clothes are free from creases upon drying. Whirlpool also ensures that its products are well covered by a warranty that lasts years against manufacturing faults. The 7.0 Cu. Ft load capacity is large enough to accommodate all your laundry for a single-cycle drying. This saves you both time and energy. The AutoDryTM system means that every time a drying cycle is reached, it ends to ensure your clothes are protected from extreme conditions. Here are some features of this Whirlpool dryer to consider:
  • Large reversible side-swing door and 4 temperature settings
  • 13 automatic dry cycles
  • Extra-large lint screen mounted from the top for increased drying efficiency and air flows
  • End-of-cycle adjustable signal
  • End-of-cycle signal on/off tone
  • Interior drum light for loading and unloading as it provides a clear view of the inside of the dryer
  • Normal dry cycle for sheets and normal clothes
  • Wrinkle shield option that lasts 40 minutes
  • Moisture sensor
  • Lint filter indicator
  • Drum light and powder coat drum material
Choose from 5 colors: red, white, chrome, diamond steel, chrome shadow and black.
The Frigidaire gas-powered dryer, Frigidaire FFSG5115PW, is designed to let you evenly dry large loads of wet clothes. The dryer comes with a feature that ensures your clothes do not just dry fast, but come out crease-free. You can also opt for the Frigidaire 7.0 Cu. Ft. Gas Dryer, for its lower price and similar load capacity.

Frigidaire 7.0 Cu. Ft. Classic Stackable With Steam Cycle Gas Dryer – 12-Hour Start Delay, Steam Refresh, Available in 2 Colors

Whether you want your gas dryer’s temperature set at high or low, this product comes with 4 setting options to choose from. In addition to being able to dry several clothes at the same time, you can set your gas dryer to efficiently remove wrinkles and creases as your load dries. If you're in a hurry, you can set the appliance to dry your clothes very fast without causing any damages, thanks to the stainless steel tub. Frigidaire is a household brand that boasts quality, durability, efficiency and top performance in its range of products. With a 7.0 Cu. Ft. capacity at your disposal, you don't have to worry about drying your clothes over many cycles, because a cycle or two is just what you need for your heavy load. This means that no matter how tight your schedule might be, you can still squeeze in a few minutes to dry your laundry before leaving the house. The gas dryer comes with 10 dry cycles for you to select from. Here are the features of Frigidaire gas dryers you can look out for:
  • Quick dry for efficient and fast drying of large loads in 25 minutes
  • Certified by NSF to ensure your health is protected
  • Option for adding steam to minimize creases
  • Dry moisture sensor for precision, efficiency and fast drying of loads
  • Cycle status lights
  • Steam refresh and mixed load features
  • Time dry feature (30, 60, 75 and 90)
  • 50 RPM tumbling speed
  • 12 hours start delay
  • 5 dryness level selections
If you want to add a new look to your home and want a color other than white, go for the gas dryer with a classic silver finishing.

How Do I Choose the Best Gas Dryer?

Modern clothes dryers come with various settings and features for increased functionality and performance, thanks to new energy standards and innovative technologies. Dryers come in different colors and styles to blend into various homes with unique interior décor styles and themes, as well. They also come with varying installation and capacity options to meet the needs for different households. Today, dryers are designed for convenience and use in residential or commercial settings. Whether you need a clothes dryer for use at home or to upgrade your laundry business, you first need to decide on a gas or electric-powered dryer. Depending on your power source, electric or gas, you can opt for a suitable dryer. If you just moved into a new house or business premise, look out for a conventional outlet or a capped-off gas line; if you find one, then there’s need to opt for a gas dryer. However, for electric dryers, look out for 3-pronged (in older houses) or 4-pronged power outlets. Gas and electric dryers have various special functions and capacities, with comparable performances. Electric clothes dryers are more expensive than gas dryers in terms of operation and power consumption. If you’re a budget shopper with need for a basic clothes drying solution with little to no maintenance, go for electric dryers. Gas dryers, on the other hand, are more expensive to buy than electric dryers. However, since they consume less energy, they are less expensive to operate. Designed to use propane or natural gas, gas dryers require dedicated gas hookups for connection purposes. Although gas dryers cost more to buy and require vents and gas lines, they generally cost less over time (due to lower cost of upkeep) and dry clothes faster than their electric counterparts. In short, electric dryers are cheaper to acquire, but are expensive to operate. The converse is true for gas dryers. If you have enough space, opt for traditional dryers built with front loading features. However, if your space is limited, consider stackable dryer models with or without pedestals to raise the height of your machine so you can easily get clothes into the machine and back into the laundry basket. Others even come with a drawer for extra storage. Temperature settings, load drum capacity, performance, cycle, and energy standards compliance are some factors to check when buying a gas dryer. This guide focuses on the best gas dryers, and hope it helps you find one that either matches your washing machine or doubles up as one. There is one more thing we need to cover before we move on and that's the power source. Yes, gas dryers need electricity to run! Before you buy a new dryer, you need to make sure that you have the right outlet. The quick video below explains who to tell.

Gas vs Electric Dryer — Which Dryer Hookup do You Have?

How to tell whether you have a gas or electric dryer outlet hook up. | Courtesy of Don's Appliances

The quality, brand, style, aesthetics, design, durability, and size of dryers determine their prices. The higher the quality of a dryer, the more you can expect to pay. Popular brands also come at high costs. When investing in a dryer, you want a machine that’s going to last, so you should buy one of good quality from a well-known brand. The features a dryer is built with also determine its price. The more features you want in your dryer, the more you’ll pay for it. Dryers are also built for residential and commercial use. The latter types of dryers are more expensive than those designed for home use. Establish a budget to work with when shopping for a gas dryer; with the amount you’re willing to pay in mind, you can compare various gas dryers for the best choice. Gas dryers cost anything between $400 and $2000. Whereas popular brands such as LG have gas dryers that cost at least $1500, some lesser brands retail some much less. Don’t go for cheap gas dryers just because they look attractive. This is an investment that, when chosen properly, can last many years of regular use.
Gas dryers come in various styles, colors, designs, capacities, and many other features for improved functionality and ease-of-use. Carefully choose the features you might need because there’s no need to spend more on features you’ll never use. Assess your clothes’ drying needs and your intended area of application to help you choose the right features in a gas dryer. Here are some features to look out for in your gas dryer:
  • Capacity and pedestal to hold clothes and raise the dryer, respectively
  • Controls and lint filter indicator to manipulate the dryer and know when to clean the filter
  • Cycles and speed for load-drying under different conditions and how fast clothes are dried
  • Sensor and timers to detect moisture levels of load and setup of the duration a cycle should last
  • Eco-cycle and door for minimal energy consumption and side, front, or top machine loading
  • Steam and color for quick-fix solutions such as removing odor and a matching finishing color
  • Delicate and express dry to dry clothes with loose or light fabrics and dry clothes faster
  • Digital displays for easy use such as child locks
  • Extended tumble and NSF ratings for longer drying sessions and ability to kills allergens and bacteria
  • Vent blocking indicator to notify you when it’s time to clean the vent
  • Drum rack and light for flat clothes-drying and illumination of the dryer’s drum
Whichever features your gas dryer is built with, ensure they support durability, efficiency, low energy consumption, ease-of-use, and high performance.
Construction and Design
Capacity – choose the right capacity depending on the size of your household and how often you wash clothes. Opt for a large capacity if you’ll be drying large loads and a smaller capacity if clothes for only two people will be dried at once. The smaller your load, the faster clothes dry since there’s more room for tumbling, hence less energy consumption. Controls – opt for a gas dryer with an easy-to-use control panel. Choose the features or controls you want in your panel such as turning knobs, touch dials, touch-screen controls, etc. Cycles – choose cycle features you need and are likely to use. Although most dryers come with delicate, normal, and heavy-duty cycles, more advanced models can feature up to twelve more cycles for better outcomes such as bedding or towels, permanent press, air fluff, etc. Eco-cycle monitors clothes’ dryness levels to minimize energy consumption. Certain models feature a monitor on the display console to output energy efficiency and use of various cycles. Buy a dryer with this feature if you need your clothes to last and want to save energy. Sensor – moisture or dryness sensors check the dampness level of your clothes for proper drying. This ensures clothes get dried only as needed, hence preventing over-drying and saving energy. Delicate – this feature gently dries light clothes or those with loosely woven fabrics at ultra-low temperatures to prevent damage, hence lasting fabrics and color. Steam – use this feature to eliminate odors or relax wrinkles in clothes you’ve worn, but don’t need to wash. Clothes are first tumbled in low heat for a few minutes before being sprayed with little water to save energy. Drum Material – choose dryers with stainless steel drums to prevent snagging. Pedestal – do you need to raise your gas dryer? Buy a drying machine with a pedestal or purchase it separately. Some come with a drawer for additional storage. Door – choose a dryer with front, top, or side loading doors as you deem necessary. Color – choose a color finish that blends into your existing décor and matches your washing machine. Lint Filter Indicators – this feature lets you know when it’s time to clean your filters. Express Dry or High Spin Speeds – this feature dries clothes faster using large blowers that improve airflow. Digital Displays – modern dryers come with digital displays for easy use and/or manipulation of your machine such as child locks and cycle count-down features. Vent Type – opt for a side, back, or front 4-way venting system. Timers – a dryer with timers lets you set how long you want your clothes to dry. It comes in handy when you need to engage in other things or shortly go somewhere. Extended Tumble – if you need to do something else while using your dryer, use this feature for slow runs at regular intervals. It’s also ideal if you want your clothes wrinkle-free and fresh. NSF Ratings – this is the machine’s ability to kill bacteria and allergens on your clothes as rated by the National Sanitation Foundation. Opt for a dryer with this feature if you’re health and hygiene-conscious. Drum Rack and Light – use the rack for flat-drying of your clothes if you don’t want to use the tumbling feature. The light illuminates the drum to help you see what’s inside. Vent Blocking Indicator – with this feature, you’ll know when it’s time to clean the vent of your drying machine. Noise Level – dryers can be noisy. Opt for one with this feature if there’s need for silent operation.
Performance and Ease of Use
The right capacity, controls, NSF ratings, cycles, and sensors support high performance in gas dryers. The digital display, extended tumble, pedestals, loading door, indicators, light, and noise levels support ease-of-use. Generally, most of the features a dryer comes with support performance and ease-of-use, though you still should go for those with a warranty to protect you from manufacturing faults. Also decide whether you want a stand-alone gas dryer or one that doubles up as a washing machine for 2-in-1 use.

How to Install a Gas Clothes Dryer

Plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey discusses how to select and install a gas dryer. | Courtesy of This Old House

Get the Best Gas Dryer of 2023!

Whether you want a gas dryer for commercial or residential use, or a 2-in-1 washer/dryer combo, there’s a product out there with the right set of features and price to meet your unique laundry-drying needs. We hope that with our review of five of the top gas dryers, you can find the right appliance. If you need something different, check out our other dryer reviews.

Our Top Choice
Speed Queen Gas Dryer with Touch Panel Controls
Best Value
Samsung Gas Dryer with Moisture Sensor
LG Mega Capacity Gas Dryer with Steam™ Technology
Whirlpool Traditional Gas Dryer with a Moisture Sensor
Frigidaire 7.0 Cu. Ft Gas Dryer with 5 Dryness Levels

Gas Dryer FAQs

Which is better, gas or electric dryer?
Almost all the brands for dryers feature an electric and gas version. However, the gas dryer is usually more expensive than its electrical counterpart in terms of up-front costs. But that doesn't mean electric dryers are cheaper in the long run. When you look at the machines in terms of efficiency, the gas-powered model is much better. That’s because gas is better when it comes to generating heat. In the process of converting electricity to heat, a lot of energy is lost in between. A gas dryer would also be better when it comes to the cost of operation. Since it produces more heat, a gas dryer is also quicker in getting your laundry dried. So, a gas dryer is better than an electric one on most fronts.
How does a gas dryer work?
A gas dryer works in a very simple way. The burning gas heats up the air, which is then blown over clothes in a rotating drum. In that case, the source of the heat is the gas burner. The drum containing clothes is rotated using electricity, even as hot air passes through it. As warm air moves over the wet clothes, it picks up moisture, which is then vented outside the house. Venting is necessary, given that gas dryers produce carbon monoxide, which is poisonous. The gas can be harmful to health is left to linger in the air inside the house.
How do you hook up a gas dryer?
For a gas dryer to be hooked up, it should be hooked up to a gas line. What you need is a pipe to connect to the gas line as well as the dryer. You can then plug it into an electrical outlet. Take a look at the video in our buying guide for more details. Whenever in doubt, get a professional to install your new gas dryer.
How do you install a gas dryer?
A gas dryer needs to be connected to a gas line. So, you should start by checking that you have a dedicated gas line in the laundry room. If it is not there, then you should ask a qualified technician to install one for you. Go to the breaker panel, and turn off the breakers. Also, turn off the gas shut-off valve. Use a pipe thread compound to coat the threaded pieces. When you connect, the two pieces will be firmly sealed together. After attaching the pipe connector, fasten it with the appropriate fittings. Connect the other end of the pipe to the wall outlet. Use a wrench to tighten all the connections. Use a soap solution to check that there are no gas leaks. Sprinkle the solution on top of the links you have just made while the gas is on. Seal off all leaking points. Don’t forget to install the vent hose for removing exhaust fumes.
How do you disconnect a gas dryer?
To disconnect a gas dryer, you should first turn off the gas using the main valve and breakers. Unplug it from the electrical outlet and disconnect from the gas line. After disconnecting the vent hose, the gas dryer will be ready to be moved from the laundry room.