Best Gas Cooktop – Free Standing and In-Built Liquid Propane and Natural Gas Stovetop and Range Top Reviews

Every cook knows how important gas cooktops are and they've probably experienced the difficulty of finding the best gas stovetop for their needs as well. To put an end to those difficulties, we did the research for you. We put together five of the best brands and reviewed one gas stovetop from each. We hope you find it helpful and if you decide to check out more options, there are more gas stovetops on offer from these brands. We even included links to make it simple.

Each of the kitchen appliance brands we chose are known for their quality and reputation; and have many stovetops to choose from. However, because we were limited to 5 companies, we didn’t have room for some others which are worth considering. These include Gasland Gas Cooktops (makes both large and small gas stovetops), Cosmo Gas Cooktops and Thor Gas Cooktops. Cosmo and Thor have a variety of stovetop sizes, including larger 6 burner gas cooktops.

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Max Output
Our Top Choice
Empava Built-in 5-Burner Gas Cooktop
Empava is the home of home appliances and fixtures that are designed with beautifully contemporary, clean lines. It's one brand to expect both aesthetics and performance from.
Easy to install. Easy to keep clean. Dishwasher-friendly grates and knobs. Plenty of space between burners.
Stainless steel seems somewhat thin.
5 - heavy cast iron
12,000 BTU
35.43 x 20.08 x 3.74 inches
Stainless steel
Best Value
Frigidaire Professional Gas Cooktop
Frigidaire is a century-old company with many firsts to its credit. It's well-known for its super-performing and reliable kitchen appliances that make meal prep time a breeze.
Great quality. Looks good. Superb construction. Burns well. Easy to clean. Easy to install. Great price. Liquid propane convertible.
Protective film on knob isn't easy to remove.
5 - cast iron grate
18, 200 BTU
30 x 22 x 5 inches
Stainless steel
GE Profile Downdraft Exhaust Gas Cooktop
GE is well-known for making innovative and high-performance appliances that make everyday living more convenient and satisfying with productivity that's seemingly endless.
Burns nicely. Can be converted for propane gas. Good heat output range. Great for a variety of cooking needs.
Some pans may slide on the grates.
4 - medium cast iron
11, 500 BTU
29.8 x 21.9 x 2.2 inches
Tempered glass
Bosch 500 Series 5-Burner Gas Cooktop
When you've had perfection as the standard for 131 years, it should come as no surprise that your products and services should top the charts at all times; that is the Bosch story.
Heats up fast. Easy to clean. Plenty of room for big and small pots. Electronic Re-Ignition if flame goes out.
Has only one high heat burner.
16,000 BTU
30 x 20 x 3.5 inches
Titanium-plated SS
WindMax Stainless Steel Gas Stovetop
WindMax is a trusted purveyor of all things top-class. Whether you're in need of a fine stovetop, a trusty range hood, an awesome rice cooker, or a reliable faucet, it's got it all.
Easy to clean. Great value for money. Nice, attractive appearance. Burner flames are evenly distributed.
Can't put any size of pots on the grates.
5 - cast iron grates
16, 000 BTU
37 x 21.2 x 3.8 inches
Stainless steel

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What Is the Best Gas Stovetop? Read Our Gas Cooktop Reviews to Find Your Favorite

Finding the best gas stovetop will depend on your knowledge of the product and what you want to get from it. We're confident that what you've learned from our guide will help you on both counts. So, enjoy the product review; that's what's next.

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Our Top Choice
Empava's 34-Inch Built-in 5-Burner Gas Cooktop has a recessed stainless-steel top that easily contains spills so that no damage occurs to it. Its main burner has a heat output of 11,942 BTU for quick boiling and searing. If you'd like something different, perhaps a black tempered glass stovetop, have a look at the Empava Tempered Glass Built-in 5-Burner Gas Cooktop. Empava also carries professional series gas stovetops.

Empava 36 Inch Gas Stove Cooktop with 5 Italy Sabaf Sealed Burners - NG/LPG Convertible in Stainless Steel


A look through Empava's product selection will reveal good-looking gadgets and fixtures for the home, each with a certain touch of daintiness that their clean lines and neutral colors have bequeathed them. Yet to conclude that they're anything less than high-performing products would be a huge mistake on your part because trust us, that's what they are. This company's eye for beauty and penchant for quality is undeniably visible in its products and leaves its customers satisfied.

The Empava 34-Inch Built-in 5-Burner Gas Cooktop is of a steel construction. This European-style stovetop comes with Sabaf burners that have been imported from Italy and they do quite a good job of evenly distributing the flames at the bottom of pots and pans.

The knobs are centrally located and at a good distance from the burners so that you don't have to move hot pots aside when you want to use the controls. Its electronic ignition feature means that you don't have to strike a match to get it burning; simply push the knob and turn to your desired heat level. But in the case of a power outage, feel free to strike away. The maximum BTU (British Thermal Unit) is 12,000 so that meals no longer take an eternity to cook. The heat output range on this cooktop is nice as well, as you also get a 11,000, 6,500, and 4,00 BTU.

It's convertible from natural gas to propane gas, and some LPG nozzles are included but you'll have to find a gas line adapter; a US standard propane gas line will do.

Below are some other gas stovetops from Empava:

  • The Empava 24" Stainless 4-Burner Gas Cooktop - This one comes with dishwasher-friendly knobs and grates, thermocouple protection, and 11,942 BTU.
  • The Empava HQ5B90C 34-Inch 5-Burner Gas Cooktop - This stovetop comes with a stainless-steel construction and easy-to-clean cooking surface.
Best Value
The Frigidaire Professional 30-Inch Gas Cooktop with Griddle is a 5-burner stovetop with a PowerPlus burner with 18,200 BTU to get your boiling done in no time at all. Its continuous grates allow for smooth movement of pots. If you're on the market for a larger stove top, why not check out the Frigidaire 36-Inch Gas Cooktop instead!

Frigidaire Professional 30-Inch Gas Cooktop with Center Griddle Burner - Stainless Steel, 5 Burner Gas Stovetop, Liquid Propane Convertible


Frigidaire opened its doors for business with a bang. It began in 1916 as Guardian Frigerator Company and introduced the world's first self-contained refrigerator. It became Frigidaire in 1919 after it was acquired by General Motors and soon became its Home Environment Division. It's been over a hundred years down the line and it has evolved as quickly as the times without losing its innovative streak. It has many firsts to its credit; the room air conditioner and the fashionable coordinating colors for home appliances are just a couple of them. It's an Electrolux brand today and for it, the fun is just getting started.

The Frigidaire Professional 30-Inch Gas Cooktop combines good looks with excellent functionality so beautifully that it'll bring tears to your eyes. Where does one even start? Okay, let's start with its construction. The surface of this stovetop is made of stainless steel that has undergone deep sumping in order to achieve tough, durable, and corrosion-resistant condition. This means that you can expect to use your Frigidaire Pro stovetop for a long time. The knobs and continuous grates are made of quality cast metal stainless and cast iron respectively, and while the knobs sport a stainless-steel finish, the grate has a black matte finish.

Now, on to the heat output of the burners. The main burner (the one in the center) has the PowerPlus technology with an impressive 18,200 BTU. With this, boiling and searing will be accomplished way faster than the usual. The burners on the left have a 9,500 BTU heat output, while the front right burner has 12,000 BTU and the rear front burner has 5,000 BTU. Nice range, from super-hot to low heat, all in one gas cooktop. Lest we forget, a griddle is also included in the package as a little something from Frigidaire to you.

This cooktop comes with an LP conversion kit to help you switch from natural gas to propane gas with ease.

The GE 30-Inch Built-In Gas Cooktop with Downdraft Exhaust System has a gorgeous black glass finish upon which the burners rest. Each burner is completely sealed and the downdraft exhaust sucks all the smoke and fumes out for comfort. If you need a full unit for your kitchen, consider the GE Freestanding Gas Range Oven and Stovetop. It has 4 13, 000 BTU burners which deliver a wide range of heat output ideal for most cooking requirements.

GE Profile 30" Gas Stovetop Downdraft Exhaust System - Black Glass Top with Stainless Steel Trim


GE aims to make people’s domestic lives easier by creating appliances that solve problems and make chores fun. With its numerous purposefully designed appliances, GE shows its passion for helping people live more comfortable and stress-free lives. It's an American brand and sources up to 90% of its materials within the United States. It's dedicated to providing its customers all over the world with innovative products that simplify life. Through its research and development centers spread across four different countries, ideas are being converted into gadgets that you're sure to love.

The GE 30-Inch Built-In Gas Cooktop is a 4-burner stovetop with a good heat output range; let's discuss this first. We'll start with the front burners. The right front burner gives off flame with 11,500 BTU, the highest of the four; the left front burner gives off 9,100 BTU of heat. Now on to the rear burners; the one on the right produces 5,500 BTU of heat while the one on the left also produces 9,100 BTU—so both left burners produce the same level of heat. With this heat range, you can cook meals requiring high-, low-, or mid-temperature heat.

It has an electronic ignition system and all 5 control knobs (the fifth is for the exhaust fan; we'll get to that shortly). The knobs have a shiny black finish that blends with the black of the stovetop for an overall sophisticated look. Further, its default gas type is natural gas but you can convert it for propane using the conversion kit that's included in the pack.

Now, about that fifth knob. It's used to regulate the fan speed of the downdraft exhaust system that you see just above the knobs. The exhaust has a CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) of 330 at its highest speed. Now you can cook without having all that steam and aroma in your face.

The Bosch 500 Series 5-Burner Gas Cooktop, a 16,000 BTU burner, combines a heavy-duty metal construction with superior cooking functionality in a low-profile design that'll compliment your kitchen appliances and decor. For a gas stovetop with only 4 burners, take a look at the Bosch 800 30" Stainless Steel Cooktop.

Bosch 500 Series 5-Burner Gas Stovetop – Stainless Steel Powerful 16,000 BTU Burner for Boiling, Searing and Stir-Frying


The Bosch brand was founded in 1886 by Robert Bosch. He set it up as a workshop for his electrical and precision engineering projects. At its very foundation, the company has a strong intolerance for making products that are anything but the best at all times; upon this foundation, it has built itself into an innovator and pacesetter in the manufacturing of electrical home appliances that combine affordability with functionality.

The Bosch 500 Series 5-Burner Gas Cooktop is well-built, with a robustness that promises years of quality service. The entire thing is made with metal; from the stainless-steel metal surfaces to the cast-iron grate (which is a continuous one-piece, by the way), and the metal control knobs of heavy-duty quality. Each of the 5 burners is sealed, which means that when those accidental spills—every cook has had one of those—happen, you don't have to worry about the liquid getting into the burner box.

The centralized controls offer you easy, intuitive handling of the stovetop and the sword-style knobs aren't difficult to manipulate; simply give them a push and turn to turn them on and regulate the intensity of the flame. The highest BTU (British Thermal Unit) for this stovetop is 16,000 and that's only from one burner, the center one. The front and back left burners have 12,000 BTU; the back burner at the right has 5,500 BTU, while the front right burner has 12,000 BTU. What's more, the stovetop heats up quickly.

It also has an automatic re-ignition feature that reignites a burner if its flames go out while you're still cooking. This stovetop also comes with a free LP conversion kit so that you can easily convert from natural gas to propane. Still on free stuff, a support for cast-iron pans is also included in the package.

The WindMax Black Titanium 5-Fired Burner with Gold Main Stove offers the precision control that serious cooking and cooks demand. Its 5 burners offer high heat for frying and boiling, and the low heat required for simmering. This unit measure 30" but if you need a larger gas stovetop, consider the Deli-Kit 34 inch Gas Cooktop. It has 5 dual sealed burners in a variety of configurations.

30 inch Gas Cooktops Dual Fuel Sealed 5 Burners Gas Cooktop Drop-In Stainless Steel Gas Hob


WindMax has a vast collection of kitchen appliances and fixtures. Each one is carefully and thoughtfully designed, sourced, and manufactured with the customer's convenience and satisfaction in mind. Its large customer base, made up of new customers who have had the company recommended to them by satisfied returning customers, is a testament to its commitment to quality.

The WindMax Black Titanium 5-Fired Burner has a sleek titanium-plated body that is sure to take your kitchen to the next level on the classy ladder. The stainless-steel top is top-notch quality and it's also quite easy to clean. The control knobs feature a stainless steel-brushed finish and so do the heavy-duty grates. The strength of the construction is commendable and the whole thing is just elegant.

At the center of the stovetop is the main burner; its golden finish kind of makes this fact obvious, though. It has a BTU (British Thermal Unit) rating of 10,235 while the other burners have lower ratings. This means that you can accomplish a variety of cooking tasks with this stovetop; whether the recipe calls for boiling at high heat or frying at low heat. It ignites electrically and comes with a wok holder.

This gas stovetop works with both natural gas and liquid petroleum gas, but you'll need a conversion kit for the latter as it's not included.

Here are some other gas stovetops from this company that you might like:

  • The WindMax 34-Inch Stainless Steel Circular Frame 5-Burner Cooktop - It’s compatible with natural and propane gases and has a BTU of 11,259.
  • The WindMax 34-Inch Stainless Steel 6-Burner Gas Cooktop - This one is NG/LPG-compatible. Its main burner's BTU is 11,259.
  • The WindMax 30-Inch Black Tempered-Glass 5-Burner Gas Cooktop - It comes with cast-iron grates and brushed stainless-steel knobs.
  • The WindMax 28-Inch Stainless Steel 3-Burner Gas Cooktop - This one comes with 11,286 BTU in its main burner.
  • The WindMax 28-Inch Silver Stainless Steel 3-Burner Gas Cooktop - This one is compatible with natural gas and can be converted for propane gas. Its maximum BTU is 11,286.

Best Gas Stovetop Guide – What to Look for When Shopping for a Natural Gas Cooktop or Propane Gas Range Top for Your Home or RV

Let us guess; you're probably tired of those electricity bills at the end of the month and so you decided to look up alternatives? If you heard or read somewhere that gas cooking is cheaper then hear this: you were correctly informed. The California Energy Commission has made it known that a person using a gas cookttop will spend less than half of what would have been spent with an electrical stovetop, provided it's electronically ignited. This doesn't make electric stovetops the bad guys though, it simply means that if electricity bills are a concern, a gas stovetop is your best bet.

There are quite a number of great brands out there with gas stovetops—Thor Kitchen is one such brand—and they are available at every price range so that no matter your budget, you'll be sure to find a gas stovetop that works for you. There is a number of factors to consider before choosing one though; things such as ignition type. This is a feature shared by gas ovens and stovetops, and paying attention to it will save you a lot of cash in the long run. Other factors are gas compatibility, heat output, and similar considerations. We've explained them in this guide.

One last thing; don't practice the age-old—yet eventually costly—art of penny pinching. You're going to see a lot of these stovetops as you read on (the cheap kind, that is), so know what you want in a gas stovetop and keep your mind—and your pocket—open.

Video: How to Clean a Gas Burner Easily

The Best Trick to Clean Your Gas Burner Easily. | Courtesy of Trop Facile

First thing you should know about the price of these babies is that they generally don’t come cheap. Depending on how many features a gas stovetop has, the quality of its materials and construction, and, of course, its brand, you might spend as low as under $250 or as much as $1500 (hey, don't look at us like that; we already said they don’t come cheap). The temptation to settle for cheap gas stovetops rangetops might be strong but take it from us, you don't want the low performance quality that's an unwritten part of the package.


Choosing the best gas stovetop for your needs isn't something to worry about when you know what features to look out for. The question, however, is: do you? Here are some important features to have in mind as you shop:

  • Heat output
  • Number of burners
  • Size
  • NG/LPG compatibility
  • Material
  • Maintenance
  • Type of ignition
Construction and Design

There are two large considerations to think about before purchasing a gas stovetop: the material it’s made from and its heat output (measured in BTUs or Watts). Below, we’ll be taking a look at each of these factors.


Gas stovetops are mainly made with stainless steel; sure, you can find a number of materials in a gas stovetop, but the major one is stainless steel. This is because stainless steel is the go-to material for manufacturers due to its strength, corrosion-, heat-, and chemical-resistance, and the consequent durability. Another popular material is tempered glass. It's glass that has been treated so that it's tougher than normal glass and doesn't shatter into harmful, jagged pieces when a strong-enough impact breaks it.

Heat Output

The amount of heat given off by the flames of a gas stovetop is measured in BTU (i.e. British Thermal Unit). It can be converted to Watts by using 1 BTU equals 3.41 Watts—so that you can calculate in whichever unit works for you. Generally, the heat output can be divided into high, medium, and low. High is usually from 10,000 and above; medium can be said to be from 9000 to 5000; low can be anything lower.

If you're a professional chef, you're going to need speed and diversity when it comes to this, so a stovetop with a high BTU and a good BTU range will allow you to boil, sear, simmer, and sauté with flair. If you're a homeowner who just wants a quicker meal prep time, you can choose one of these too; but if you're one for simmering and cooking with low heat, then models with a not-so-high BTU should do just fine.

Video: Induction Vs Gas - Which is Better?

How an Induction Cook-top Performs Vs a Gas Cook-top. | Courtesy of Boulevard Home
Performance and Ease of Use

There a few things that you will want to consider in terms of the performance and ease of use of any given gas stovetop. These include things such as the number of burners it has, the type of gas and ignition it requires, its size, and how easy it is to maintain. Let’s take a closer look at each factor below.

Number of Burners

The number of burners on a gas stovetop can vary from 2 to 6 burners. For those of us who are doing plenty of cooking, it's going to be that the more burners there are, the merrier. But for those of us with a shorter to-do cooking list, we're not really looking for more burners.

Type of Ignition

An important thing to find out is the type of gas the stovetop is designed to use. Is it natural gas or propane gas? The choice depends on your fuel type, but many units are convertible from natural to propane gas and some even come with the necessary accessories to do that. Here's a little piece of info though: when it comes to cost-effectiveness, natural gas wins… but when it comes to environmental-friendliness, give it to propane.

The burners on a gas stovetop can be ignited either electronically or with a pilot light. The former doesn't require lighting a match stick as it functions by creating an electrical spark (that audible click you get when you push and turn a knob) that ignites the gas released by the valve. This is cheaper as gas is used up in sustaining a pilot flame. Which brings us to the latter, the standing pilot. It uses a pilot light, a flame that keeps burning beneath the stovetop even when the burners are turned off. When you turn on the burner, the flame is transported via a valve to ignite the gas. Most gas stovetops today are electronically ignited.


Take note of the size of a stovetop. You definitely don’t want to end up with one that's either too big, too small, or just a tad off. Measure the space you have for it and find one in a corresponding size. Gas stovetops are available in different widths and you're sure to find the size you're looking for.


After you're done cooking—and even while you cook—you're going to want to leave the stovetop as clean as it was before you used it. What you should know is that it's generally easier to clean glass tops than stainless-steel tops. If you aren't careful and leave off following the cleaning instructions, you may ruin some of these stainless-steel tops. There is also the issue of cleaning the grates and knobs; some units have dishwasher-safe components.

Get the Best Gas Cooktop of 2022!

Now that you've read the whole thing, you're feeling more confident, right? Perhaps you even found a gas stovetop. If so, it's time to close the deal; go place your order.

Our Top Choice
Empava Built-in 5-Burner Gas Cooktop
Best Value
Frigidaire Professional Gas Cooktop
GE Profile Downdraft Exhaust Gas Cooktop
Bosch 500 Series 5-Burner Gas Cooktop
WindMax Stainless Steel Gas Stovetop

Gas Cooktop FAQs

How to clean gas stovetop
You can easily clean a gas stovetop after switching the control knobs off and letting the surfaces cool. Then loosen and remove the burners, burner caps, and the stove grates to make cleaning easy. Fill a sink with a non-toxic degreaser and soak in the stove grates for up to 20 minutes. Next, sprinkle a soapy solution or degreaser on the stovetop and wipe using a clean paper towel. For the hard to reach areas, use an old toothbrush or a nylon scrub to clean. Finally, wipe down the surfaces using a dry paper towel.
Why do professional chefs prefer gas stovetop?
Professional chefs prefer a gas stovetop because of its high response speed. Compared to electric burners, gas stovetops reach a high speed faster and also cool more quickly. With that, one can move from boiling to simmering in no time. The temperature of gas stovetops is also more comfortable to control, especially when you want the stove to cool down. Besides, it is compatible with a variety of cookware, including skillets, cookpots, frying pans, and so on. When it comes to cleaning, a gas stovetop is the easiest. Maintaining it is exceptionally inexpensive.
How to fix ignition gas stovetop?
If you want to fix an ignition on a gas stovetop, you should first locate where it is. Once you have opened the stovetop, use a toothbrush to rub across the ignitor and remove food residue. If that doesn’t work, insert a needle into the ignitor hole in the ignitor and move it around to remove residue. Use the toothbrush to brush the metal ground above the stovetop and wipe away the food residue using a rag. Finally, close the stovetop and ignite the gas burners. They should work correctly after that.