Best Gel Nail Polish Reviews 2022

Gel nail polish is adored by many women across the globe. It’s hard to imagine how some ladies maintain perfect nails every single day while others can’t keep a manicure for even a day. Gel nail polish will last you at least two weeks. Who wants to spend time and money on their nails only to ruin it a few hours later? We’ve researched far and wide to bring you some of the best gel nail polish brands you can rely on for quality and cost-effectiveness. For many of the brands, we chose to feature their top and base coat sets because not only is this an important step in maintaining a long-lasting gel manicure, but also because color choices are a personal preference.
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Our Top Choice
MIYOUNE Gel Nail Polish Base and Top Coat Set
MIYOUNE is all about giving you the freedom to maintain well-manicured nails without the risk of harmful chemicals or waste of valuable time at affordable prices.
Long-lasting, glossy finish. Made with non-toxic materials. Exciting and beautiful colors that pop. Cure under LED or UV lamp. No need to wipe nails with alcohol after application.
Though quite lovely, it requires two coats for that perfect finish. Bottle was expected to be bigger.
2 pieces; 7ml
Not applicable
LED or UV treatment
Best Value
AIMEILI Base And No Wipe Top Coat Kit
AIMEILI’s changing color gel nail polish is among the best fun gel polishes on the market. Its quality materials reduce the harm of chemical elements to human bodies.
14 days of high-gloss wear. Bold, vibrant colors. Low maintenance. No chips or smudges. Holds up well to rough wear.
Requires multiple coats.
14 days
1 piece, 10ml
1 color
LED or UV treatment
Gelish Basic Base and Top Coat Kit
Gelish, a brand under Hand & Nail Harmony, is committed to providing top-quality nail care products and equipping salons with all the tools necessary for business success.
Foundation that helps polish adhere to nail plate. Base seals polish to nail edges effectively. Dries fast. Long-lasting glossy finish. PH Bond that dehydrates nail.
Instructions on bottle are written in tiny print which makes them hard to read. Formula is a bit thicker than other gel polishes.
3 pieces; 15ml
Not applicable
LED treatment
Gellen 6-Piece Gel Nail Polish Set
Gellen provides a diverse line of nail polish sets to allow everyone to find something for their needs.
8ml capacity. Made with healthy, non-toxic ingredients. Mild smell. Easy to apply. Good tenacity.
Not good for people who perform heavy manual labor.
14 days
6 pieces, 8ml
6 colors
UV LED treatment
Born Pretty Blooming Gel Polish Set
Born Pretty believes that every woman was born beautiful and is committed to providing top-quality beauty products at affordable prices to help enhance and maintain that beauty.
Long-lasting glossy and beautiful finish. Dries fast. Blooming gel gives expression to creativity. Versatile and can be used with other gel products. Easy to apply and remove.
Some people feel that it’s too thick and needs to be thinned for best effect.
2 pieces; 10ml
LED or UV treatment

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What is the Best Gel Nail Polish?

A gel manicure provides a long-lasting splash of brilliant color to your natural nails. This unique formula reacts to LED and UV light to set the polish to make it smooth, shiny, and free of chips for up to two weeks or more. Many salons have been offering gel manicure services for several years, but the kits are now becoming widely available and you can do your nails in the comfort of your home.
Our Top Choice
The MIYOUNE Gel Nail Polish is specially formulated for the busy woman and it saves you the hassle of frequent salon visits, as it is easy to use and dries fast. It’s convenient for use by both professionals and amateurs. If you are a frequent user or professional nail technician or looking for more pizzazz, we recommend the MIYOUNE 3D Cat Eye Gel Nail Polish Kit

MIYOUNE Base Coat & No Wipe Top Coat Set,UV Gel Nail Polish, 2pcs, 0.25 fl oz

MIYOUNE is a manufacturer of beauty products designed for both professionals and amateurs. It has a wide range of products that are top quality, easy to use and pocket friendly. MIYOUNE is all about giving you the freedom to maintain beautiful nails without frequent visits to the nail studio or salon. Its products are manufactured with toxin-free materials, making them safe for everyone.

Every woman appreciates beautiful and well-manicured nails, but the harsh reality is that not all women have the luxury of time and money to spend at a nail studio or beauty salon. For those who decide to DIY, time may pose a problem because you have to apply several coats and wait for them to dry, using up precious hours. MIYOUNE Gel Nail Polish is just right for the busy professional, stay-at-home mom or beautician. Follow the instructions and you have nails with the professional salon look in no time!

That’s not all about this great product; it has other wonderful features that include the following:
  • Top-quality and long-lasting finish - It gives you a glossy and perfect finish that lasts for over two weeks; no chipping at the side and no peeling.
  • Contains no DBP, toluene or formaldehyde - This toxin-free formula ensures that your nails remain healthy while growing strong and well.
  • Fast drying - You don’t need to wait for hours before it dries; cure under UV or LED light for as long as specified in instructions (usually not more than two minutes).
  • Striking colors - The base and top coats make your nail polish color pop so brilliantly.
  • Easy and convenient to use- The process of application is simple and no need to wipe nails with alcohol after application.
With this much quality in their base and top coat set, you know you are getting the same when you choose your favorite colors to go with it.
Best Value
The AIMEILI Base and Top Coat No Wipe Gel Nail Polish Kit is a low-maintenance polish that offers up to 14 days of high-gloss wear, without any chips or smudges. Willing to pay more for extra pieces and more color options? We recommend the AIMEILI Soak Off UV LED Gel Nail Polish Multicolor\/Mix Color\/Combo.that comes with 6 different color shades.

AIMEILI Soak Off UV LED Gel Nail Polish Kit with Base and No Wipe Top Coat, 10ml

AIMEILI’s mission is to make everyone who uses their products beautiful. Established in 2012 and with fans across the globe, the brand’s gel nail polish is of excellent quality and combines beauty, environmental responsibility, and fun elements during the manufacturing process. AIMEILI gives a great customer experience by providing high-quality products, new outstanding products, and fast shipping.

The AIMEILI Base and Top Coat No Wipe Gel Nail Polish is one of the most durable low-priced gels, offering you 14 days of non-chip, high-gloss wear. The kit contains one Soak Off UV LED nail polish base and a top coat, each measuring 10ml. While it’s a bit thinner and requires two to three coats, you are assured a mirror shine finish with no chips, smudges, or nicks. Oh, it glitters too! And, as if that’s not enough, this gel polish has temperature sensors that make it change colors according to the temperature. The pink glittery polish will become white when your hands get hot, light pink when it’s warm and strong pink when it becomes cold. Do not forget to dry under an LED or UV lamp! Please note that the screen setting and lighting may make the color vary a little from the picture.
Tired of frequent salon visits? The Gelish Gel Polish Set is a professional kit with quality products that make nail care and manicures stress free. This versatile set is easy to use and remove and can be used professionally or DIY. Want a different pack with some polishes in it? Check out the Gelish Mini Sassy Intergalactic Glam 9 ml Soak Off Gel Nail Polish Set, which comes as a set of 6 polishes. You can wear the polish for three weeks.

Gelish Gel LED Foundation Base and Top Polish Set

Gelish is a brand under Hand & Nail Harmony, a manufacturer of professional products for nail care and maintenance. It was the first brand to make gel polish bottles with brushes in them. It is dedicated to providing the beauty industry with the tools needed to make their businesses progress and record more success. Its motto is "Done right from the start” and it shows its commitment to the manufacture of one-of-a-kind nail products. It strives to remain consistent in its product quality and maintain uncompromised standards at all times. With a team of nail technicians who understand the ethos of the industry, it’s poised to always provide top-quality products at just the right price.

This Gelish Gel Polish Set is a great nail care kit that helps you save time while maintaining healthy and beautiful nails. It comes with all that’s needed to prep your nails and also seal off your polish. Made with top-quality materials, you are assured long-lasting polish that is not detrimental to your nails. We chose this set from Gelish because it is great option for a clear gel manicure as well as the foundation and protection you want to go with any of Gelish’s quality colored gel nail polishes.

This great kit has many other wonderful features and they include the following:
  • Foundation - This forms a sticky bond that adheres the gel polish to your nail plate without causing any injury to your nails.
  • Base for Gelish gel polish - The foundation also works as a base for the polish to seal nail edges effectively.
  • Top it off - Helps to seal the polish and keep the glossy finish from chipping, getting dull or peeling.
  • Durable - Formula ensures that the nail polish lasts for as long as three weeks.
  • PH-bond - This is the dehydrator that helps the nail to dry fast.
  • Versatile - It is compatible with other acrylic, gel or manicure systems.
  • Easy to use - It’s applied just like regular polish and doesn’t require professional application.
  • Quick drying - Cures in thirty seconds under an LED lamp or two minutes under a regular UV lamp.
  • Easy to remove - Just needs to soak for no longer than fifteen minutes in the Gelish patented formula to remove.
With an 8ml capacity, the Gellen 6-Piece Nude Color Nail Gel Polish Set comes with shiny, colorful polishes that are not only durable but easy to apply. Want to save some dollars but get the same quantity? Go for the Gellen UV Gel Nail Polish Set that comes as a pack of six and can be worn for two weeks. You will, however, have to apply two coats to achieve its true colors.

Gellen 8ml 6-Color Gel Nail Polish Set – Available in 5 Color Sets, Base & Top Coat Also Available & UV LED Lamp

Gellen is a well-known brand to home nails folk. The company has different nail polish sets to suit every user including magnetic, holographic, color changing, and glitter. The colors we’ve featured lean towards neutral alternatives with lots of taupe shades and gradients of red.

Made from natural resin, the Gellen 6-Piece Gel Nail Polish Set comes with high-quality polish with excellent tenacity and low smell. The natural ingredients in it are non-toxic and friendly to both you and the environment. This polish wears like gel and stays on like acrylic. With a capacity of 8ml per bottle, you are assured a colorful, shiny and opaque effect that will last you two weeks or more. Make sure to cure under LED light for 30-60 seconds or UV light for 2-4 minutes. With the Gellen gel polish, you can finally say goodbye to removal damage. Simply soak for some minutes – no filing, no grinding.

If you’re not sure about the cool gray colors, don’t worry, Gellen has plenty of others to choose from. They’ve got gentle grays, shimmering glitters, nude grays and ‘the girl’s mood’ color sets too. You can also opt for their base and top coat polishes too or their UV LED drying lamp!
It’s not always convenient or cost-effective to have your nails done at a nail studio. Get the Born Pretty Gel Polish and save time and money. It’s easy to use and requires no professional training or application. If you are looking for a wide range of colors in one set , check out the BORN PRETTY UV Silk Gel 6 Colors Set.

Born Pretty Nail Art Blossom Gel Polish – Long Lasting Manicure UV Gel Polish, Available in 3 Color Sets

Born Pretty is an online retailer that’s based in China. It is a supplier of nail art products that makes direct delivery to customers all over the world. Its value comes from the saying that every woman is born beautiful. To this end, it seeks to help every woman enhance and maintain that beauty by providing pocket-friendly products. These products, however, are not restricted to nail care products but also include jewelry, watches and makeup. It also takes pride in making these beauty enhancement products easily accessible; you are just a click away from top-quality and affordable beauty products.

If you are like most busy professionals or harried and overworked homemakers, you’d attest to the fact that you don’t always feel up to going to a beauty salon. And even when you feel up to it, time and finances may be a constraint. For those who have tried DIY with regular nail polish, you’d agree that it’s no fun having to repaint your nails every two days; it’s either that or you have a chipped and ugly-looking paint job on your nails. Thanks to Born Pretty Gel Polish, all that is in the past! It’s easy to use, dries fast and will save you a lot of time and money.

That’s not all about this great product; it has more features that include the following:
  • Magic blooming effect - Allows you to get creative with your nail art.
  • Versatile - Blooming gel can be used on any base gel color.
  • Super-glossy finish - It gives your nail a glossy finish that looks professional.
  • Durable - It lasts for a minimum of two weeks.
  • Stress-free application and removal - It is applied just like regular nail polish and is easy to remove.

How Do I Choose the Best Gel Nail Polish?

Most often, ladies prefer applying nail polish in the comfort of their homes or workplaces instead of visiting a salon every time the polish chips off or cracks. However, applying gel nail polish can seem trickier than using acrylic polish, especially when it’s time to remove it. While some gel polish models come with builder layers, but if you’re a beginner, it’s better to start with a simple nail polish set or visit a salon and get a professional to handle it.

Now, some gel polishes are hardened or set using LED lights while others are hardened with UV lights, with neither offering any real advantage. Models using UV light with lower wattage are relatively cheaper, and the wattage ranges between 9 and 45 watts.

Gel polishes that harden without needing any type of light are slowly showing up on the market, but most users argue they peel and chip much faster than models set with LED or UV light. Generally, gel polishes dry faster and there is no need to purchase a nail dryer, unless you have one already.

There are numerous other factors to consider when shopping for a gel nail polish. For instance, some gels, like shellac gel polishes, are easier to remove than others. Again, the color you adore today may look old and boring after some months. Just like gel eyeliners, you may consider stocking a few colors for different occasions.

You certainly don’t want to have sexy fingernails while forgetting your cute toes. A gel nail polish will work just as great on your toenails. Many ladies can’t resist wearing gel polish on their toenails when walking on the beach, and you don’t have to worry about scuffing your polish as you draw a big heart on the wet sand.

We usually review just five products for each topic. However, in the course of our research, we saw one brand that deserves an honorable mention even though its products didn't make it into our review. It's Modelones -- It offers professional, high-quality nail art products (Polish and sample varnish, polish starters, etc.) at competitive prices. With an unwavering dedication to customer service, the company’s priority is to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Now, let’s take you through some important features to look for when shopping for a gel nail polish, and then you’ll be ready to make your choice.
Your budget is a critical consideration when shopping for a gel nail polish. In terms of cost, gel nail polish is more expensive than acrylic polish. However, given the duration the gel nails will last, typically 10-14 days, it makes more financial sense to purchase a gel nail polish. In fact, some ladies will get over a month with a single gel application.

Now, the prices of gel nail polishes vary from one brand to another and from one model to the next. On average, a good-quality gel nail polish will cost between $10 and $40. Even though you can still find cheap gel nail polishes on the market, don’t spend your money on such. They’re probably of lower quality and won’t last as long as you want. You can, however, consider the Sally Hansen gel nail polish – a well-known brand in the nail art industry – for a budget-friendly alternative.
Applying gel nail polish is never a straightforward task – that’s why most ladies will just stop by a salon and have it done by a professional. However, if you grab a few tips from this guide, you’ll be able to apply gel nail polish seamlessly in the comfort of your home or office, plus it will save you money. Whether it’s French tips or any other design, you can get a glossy finish by airbrushing.

Here are some features to consider in a gel nail polish:
  • Durability – Gel nail polish will last between 10 and 14 days. Check the manufacturer’s specified number of days, as this may vary from model to model.
  • Lifestyle – Depending on the nature of your job, you may find yourself soaking your hands in water for long periods. Gel nail polish will be a great choice for you since gel will adhere with minimal effect from the water. The same applies to athletes or people involved in activities that cause a lot of sweat.
  • Color – Almost all types of gel nail polish come in bright, intense, and gorgeous colors. Pick a color that best suits your style and personality. Of course, you can have two or more colors to avoid boredom.
  • High Strength – Some gel nail polishes are super strong. For instance, gel lacquer was specially designed for women who don’t fancy gel nail extensions but still want a long-lasting manicure. If you apply it properly, a good gel nail polish should last for up to two weeks without chips.
  • Health Indication – Gels usually come in three categories: top coat, color coat, and base coat. The former two are nail treatment solutions as opposed to making your nails healthier.
Construction and Design
When shopping for a gel nail polish, the first consideration should be the curing light. We highly recommend UV nail lights since they work with a wide variety of gel polishes and are friendly to your wallet as compared to LED lighting. But of course, some users are wary of UV lights and they want to avoid exposure to UV radiation. If you’re in that school of thought, spend a little more and get an LED light and stick with the specially formulated gels.

Additionally, consider the power source of your nail light. Some models run on batteries while others run on AC power and you’ll have to plug them into a socket. Replacing the batteries can, in the long run, make the system costly, but they also have an added benefit of portability and convenience.

You may want to consider gel nail polishes with added accessories for preparing the nail before the manicure. Find accessories that are compatible with the gel you choose to purchase. Some of the extras you’ll need are nail cleanser, base coat, and top coat. Some models will come with a few or none of these, so you may want to purchase them separately for the full gel nail experience.
Performance and Ease of Use
A good gel nail polish should not take forever to apply and cure. Consider the time investment in applying the gel nail polish. Some gel nail polishes come with curing lights that can only cure one nail at a time. So, if it takes about one minute per nail, going through the ten nails will mean you’ll spend over 10 minutes on the curing process alone.

Now, removing the nail polish is always the bigger issue. Generally, gel nail polishes adhere strongly to the nails, and it needs to be soaked in an acetone polish remover. This process can take up to 10 minutes. Consider models that come with the accessories for gel removal for added convenience.

You should also remember the aftercare. Often, gels will last longer, but you still need maintenance and aftercare to keep the nails looking their best for longer. The gel nail polish can dry on the skin and cuticles, and you’ll need a model that comes with a moisturizing cuticle oil to keep the gel nails smooth, healthy, and shiny.

Get the Best Gel Nail Polish of 2022!

Gel nail polish has gained popularity over acrylic nail polish for obvious reasons, like fast drying times. Even if you have a pet that demands your attention all the time, you won’t have to worry about ruining your fresh polish. If you don’t feel thrilled by our picks, check out other fabulous options offered by these brands.

Our Top Choice
MIYOUNE Gel Nail Polish Base and Top Coat Set
Best Value
AIMEILI Base And No Wipe Top Coat Kit
Gelish Basic Base and Top Coat Kit
Gellen 6-Piece Gel Nail Polish Set
Born Pretty Blooming Gel Polish Set