Best Ghillie Suit Reviews 2023

Are you preparing for an outdoor activity that requires you to hide from your target or prey to get the best results? Searching for the right ghillie suit among the thousands of brands on the market can be a nightmare. Therefore, we’ve researched the best ghillie suit brands on the market, showcasing one from each of our five top choices, to help you make an informed buying decision.
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Our Top Choice
Arcturus Camo Ghost Ghillie Suit
Arcturus Camo was started in 2007 and is renowned for producing superior ghillie suits and other camouflage accessories.
Breathable. Complete suit. Rifle wrap. Double stitched. Fire-resistant thread. Non-allergenic thread. Light. Elastic bands.
Debris sticks easily to suit.
Complete, hood and rifle wrap
Kids, young adult, regular, XL
Polyester, synthetic thread
Woodland and dry grass
6.5 pounds
Best Value
North Mountain Gear Ultra Light Leafy Suit
North Mountain Gear is a brand that’s renowned worldwide for its range of unique 3D camouflage gear.
Ultra light. Good fit over other clothes. Has many pockets. Supports silent movement.
Sizes run a bit small.
Printed camouflage leaves
Large, XL, XXL.
100% Polyester
0.8 pounds
ASAT Vanish Pro Leafy Suit
ASAT was founded over twenty years ago to manufacture camouflage patterns for all terrains and seasons.
Lightweight. Can be worn over clothing. Fits well. Zippers on legs. Side-slash access.
Pants don’t have a drawstring.
Complete, printed fabric on nets
M, L, XL
0.15 pounds
Red Rock Gear 5-piece Adult Ghillie Suit
Red Rock Gear was established in 1999 to manufacture and supply quality products to outdoor enthusiasts.
Elastic waist with drawstrings. Elastic cuffs. Easy-snap closure. Lightweight. Highly breathable. Rifle wrap. Stuff sack. Comfortable. Can be worn over other clothes.
The suit clings to bushes easily.
5-piece with rifle wrap and stuff sack
98% polyester, 2% spandex
Woodland/4 colors
3.6 pounds
Outerdo 3D Leafy Ghillie Suit
Outerdo was founded in 2015 to manufacture cycling accessories and other outdoor gear for those who love spending time outside.
Lightweight. Breathable. Doesn’t collect debris. Elastic waist and adjustable strings. Covers boots properly.
Available in just one size.
Complete for versatile use
One size
Woodland camo
0.1 pound

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What is the Best Ghillie Suit?

Choose a ghillie suit designed to camouflage to your outdoor environment or background to conceal you from your target. Make sure it’s adjustable to your body size for a perfect fit. Find out if one of our recommended ghillie suits is what you need.
Our Top Choice
The Arcturus Camo Ghost Ghillie Suit is dense, with four pounds of camouflage thread for lightweight use. Do you prefer a similarly light ghillie suit designed specifically for warriors, and which doesn’t shed its threads? Opt for the Arcturus Warrior Ghillie Suit in three camouflage colors to choose from.

Arcturus Camo 3D Ghost Ghillie Suit with Dense Threads and Rifle Wrap - Available in 2 Colors and 4 Sizes

Arcturus Camo has been in business for a decade, and has garnered the experience needed to manufacture premium-quality ghillie suits. The owner of the company started it so he could fill the gap he perceived on the market for ghillie suits. It also designs and manufactures other camouflage accessories, such as veils, rifle wraps, camouflage sticks, camo wrap tapes and so much more. The company only uses premium materials that withstand the harsh environment outdoors to manufacture the suits.

The Arcturus Camo Ghost Ghillie Suit is one of the densest suits on the market. Since most suits of this kind lack enough thread on them, it was important for the company to provide proper camouflage. The ghost suit is made with over four pounds of thread to ensure it’s well covered. The threads used on the suit are double stitched to ensure they don’t come off easily. Although ghillie suits can be uncomfortable, as you have to stay under thick material, this suit is comfortable and highly breathable because it’s made with a mesh shell.

The shell promotes air circulation inside the suit. With the addition of a lightweight mesh, you have a generally light suit, weighing only 6.5 pounds for a complete suit. The mesh is also really tough and durable. A ghillie suit is just as good as the thread used on it. It comes with not only a lot of thread, but also fire resistant properties, meaning you can feel safe even when you’re close to a camp fire. With non-allergenic thread used on the suit, you’re not subjected to any kind of allergic reactions when wearing it.

To ensure you can carry the suit anywhere you go and in style, the suit comes with a carry bag that’s also camouflaged. Comfort and functionality are important for a ghillie suit. This suit offers 3D camouflage to cover you well all around, including the rifle. You will blend in so well with this suit in the woodlands. It’s made with a blend of seven different colors to make the suit appear natural. The suit comes with a drawstring hood you can use to adjust the fit to your size.

You don’t want a ghillie suit that’s not capable of staying in place when you’re engaging in outdoor activities. As a result, it’s made with elastic support at the waist, ankles and the cuffs, so it stays put while in use. Around the waist, the suit has drawstrings that also work to keep the suit in place. It has five quick-release snaps to enable easy removal after you’re done using it. You also have dry grass as an available color, and regular, young adults and kids’ sizes to choose from.
Best Value
The North Mountain Gear Ultra Light Leafy Suit breaks the human outline completely with large, printed leaves. If you prefer a suit that combines a fabric suit underneath with 3D leafy camouflage on top, opt for the North Mountain Gear Super Natural Camouflage Ghillie Suit.

North Mountain Gear Ultra Light Shadow Brown Leafy Suit with a Storage Bag and Hood - Available in 3 Sizes

North Mountain Gear manufactures highly innovative 3D camouflage gear and related accessories. Its rich production portfolio includes items such as ghillie suits, merino wool, leafy suits, trail cameras, flashlights and hunting accessories. Having been in the industry for years, the company has mastered the craft of manufacturing premium products. It invests in R&D and modern technologies to come up with state-of-the-art suits to camouflage you in the bushes or natural environment.

The North Mountain Gear Ultra Light Leafy Suit is made of polyester, a highly breathable material. This means you can enjoy using your suit in any weather. The material is also ultra light, so you can easily move in the suit without it weighing you down. Designed to give you stealth, the suit is silent, so you can catch your target off guard.

The suit has extra-large leaves that are beige on one side and camouflage on the other. With the leaves, your suit is given a natural look to break the human outline or silhouette perfectly. You can be sure you won’t be easily visible under this ghillie suit. It won’t bother you when hunting, running or engaging in your favorite games. This is because you can use the waistline drawstring to easily fasten the pants to your size.

A ghillie suit isn’t complete without a hood. The brown, leafy suit comes with a hood that’s of a good size and a drawstring to adjust it for a good fit. This ensures you get a complete 3D camouflage effect. Made to fit, you can wear a larger size to fit over your regular clothes. This is attributed to the suit’s lightweight and breathable nature. Use the carry bag to ensure it’s highly portable, and you can bring it to all your expeditions or store after use.

Here are some other North Mountain Gear ghillie suits to consider:
  • North Mountain Gear Hybrid Ghillie Suit – with fabric and strings
  • North Mountain Gear Ambush HD Camouflage Leafy Ghillie Suit – bug stopper lining
  • North Mountain Gear Super Natural Leafy Suit – silent, natural leafy design
Choose from sizes large, x-large and 2x-large.
The ASAT Vanish Pro Leafy Suit has an underlying mesh structure to make it highly breathable. Opt for the ASAT IRR UV Vanish Pro 3D Snow Top if you’re looking for an outfit to use for hunting in winter or in the mountains to camouflage you in the white environment.

ASAT Vanish Pro 3D Ghillie Leafy Suit with a Mesh Base for Breathability - Available in 4 Sizes

ASAT was founded over two decades ago. The owner of the company saw a need to change the green camouflage patterns into color combinations that blend well into the wild. ASAT stands for all season, all terrain and its camouflage pattern is meant for exactly that. The company continually innovates its products to meet consumers’ changing needs. Its products include caps, ghillie suits, packs, underlayer clothing and so much more.

The ASAT Vanish Pro Leafy Suit comes in the ASAT pattern. It features a lot of brown, black and tan colors on the fabric. These colors will enable you to stay camouflaged in any sort of terrain, rather than having a suit for every terrain you might visit, or for different seasons. There are brown colors in every environment, and the blacks disguise as shadows, breaking the human silhouette completely.

Made for avid hunters, the pro suit can let you get close to more game than with other camouflage patterns. This is because the colors on the suit take into account how the animals perceive the environment. You’ll be well disguised in natural settings. The shell of the suit is mesh to give a tough hold on the fabrics. It also makes the suit breathable, since it doesn’t retain any heat on the inside. Since it’s lightweight, your suit won’t fatigue you within a short time of wearing it. You can wear it on top of other bulky clothes for an entire day.

Since the fabrics sewn onto the mesh don’t cover the entire suit, you can customize it to your density preference. Add more materials to the suit until it feels right for you. It also increases the breathability of the suit. The mesh is also camouflaged. Use the pockets for storage to keep your hands free all the time. It’s also collarless and zippered for easy wear and total concealment.

The suit is complete with a head net. This ensures you’re completely covered. The net is a generous size with drawstrings for adjustment as desired. On the inside legs of the pants are twenty-two-inch zippers. Open them up if you want your pants to go over your boots for a complete 3D camouflage experience from head to toe. With the lock adjustment on the net, you get complete movement all around, as it holds just where it’s required.

Here are a few other ASAT ghillie suits you might like:
  • ASAT IRR UV Vanish-Pro 3D Leafy Pant – pants only, good for games like paintball
  • ASAT IRR UV Vanish-Pro 3D Leafy Top – jacket only
You have small, medium, large and extra large sizes to choose from.
The Red Rock Gear 5-Piece Adult Ghillie Suit offers complete 3D camouflage from head to toe. Do you need a ghillie suit designed specifically for the youth to engage in games and outdoor activities? Opt for the Red Rock Gear 5-Piece Youth Ghillie Suit for a perfect camouflage in a similar background.

Red Rock Gear 5-piece Adult Ghillie Suit with a Rifle Wrap and Stuff Sack - Available in 4 Colors and 2 Sizes

Red Rock Gear was founded eighteen years ago. It designs and manufactures premium-quality outdoor gear. The company is often innovating and changing its products based on prevailing trends on the market. It’s popular for quality ghillie suits and camouflage netting. Apart from making suits using high-quality materials to last a long time, it designs them for custom fit.

The Red Rock Gear 5-piece Adult Ghillie Suit includes pants, a jacket, hood, rifle wrap and a stuff sack. Made of polyester, the suit is extremely light and breathable. You can have this suit on for a long time without getting overwhelmed by the high temperatures underneath, or by heavy fabrics on you. Since the suit comes in two sizes, medium/large and X-large/XX-large, you can order a size that fits you well.

With elastic waist and cuffs, you can easily adjust the suit for a comfortable fit. At the waist, you’ll also find a drawstring to adjust to your size for a comfortable fit, even when wearing other clothes underneath. The front of the jacket features a quick-snap closure, so you can easily put the jacket on and take it off. Available in four colors, choose from ACU, desert, snow and woodland camouflages.

The suit comes with a hood to provide you good coverage for the head and neck areas. It has drawstrings and a chin strap for a good fit and face coverage, leaving only a small portion of your face exposed. The rifle wrap is also of a good size, covering most rifles and shotguns so you’re properly camouflaged. The legs of the pants feature snap closures on the outer seam to offer coverage for your boots.

Here are some other Red Rock Gear ghillie suits to consider:
  • Red Rock Gear 2-Piece Ghillie Parka - jacket, hood and stuff sack
  • Red Rock Gear Big Game Ghillie Suit - youth sizes
  • Red Rock Gear 5-Pound Ghillie Suit - with dense thread
The Outerdo 3D Leafy Ghillie Suit is highly versatile and favorable for a wide array of uses, including Halloween and hunting. If you prefer something designed to offer complete 3D camouflage with a rifle wrap and carry bag, opt for the Outerdo Camo Woodland Ghillie Suit.

Outerdo 3D Leafy Ghillie Suit with 3D Leaves Woodland Camouflage – Available in 2 Designs

Outerdo has been in business since 2015. Despite being a new brand, it has brought something fresh to the market. When the company was founded, it mainly focused on manufacturing cycling accessories for use by cyclists of all levels. However, the company has grown and diversified its product portfolio to include other outdoor gear for various activities such as hunting, photography and even Halloween. The brand also offers excellent customer service.

The Outerdo 3D Leafy Ghillie Suit is made of polyester with a mesh underneath to make it breathable and extremely lightweight. This means you can use your suit comfortably in summer, or even wear it with other clothes underneath. You’ll still be able to feel light and move freely. The pants feature an elastic waist with strings you can easily adjust to your size. As a result, you will be very comfortable – also, the suit can fit a wide range of sizes regardless of what’s worn underneath.

With poppers on the jacket, it’s designed for quick and easy removal. The suit is suitable for versatile use. The camouflage on it supports use in different environments, as it comes in a hue common to many settings. Use it for hunting, paint balling, airsoft, bird watching and so much more. The suit also blends in well with most military equipment and artillery. What’s more, its surface doesn’t collect twigs, sticks and dirt. This makes it more lightweight for easy movement on various terrains.

How Do I Choose the Best Ghillie Suit?

A ghillie suit is an outfit designed to camouflage the user into the intended surroundings. In most cases, it’s made of a light cloth or net covered with loose strips resembling the background. The suit has a three-dimensional outline, with its strips designed to resemble the leaves or twigs found in the targeted area, giving the user an excellent invisible appearance.

Despite its origin back in ancient Scotland, where it was designed for use by Scottish gamekeepers, the suits have spread widely to be used by military personnel, policemen, photographers and anyone else intending to take cover from his target. The wearer achieves the goal of concealing himself from enemies or targets, as the strips on the suit can move with the wind just as the surrounding foliage does.

Are you a hunter looking forward to enhancing your results? Get yourself a ghillie suit that blends in with your background in the bushes or environment for a perfect camouflage. Your prey will not notice your presence, hence, increasing your chances of making a catch. A set with a mix of mud and manure will also decrease the chances of your enemy or prey detecting your scent. However, ensure that the governing laws in your region permit the use of the suits.

The traditional ghillie suit weighed more than the modern, advanced type manufactured in this era. Get yourself one made of a light material or net, and weight won’t be a hindering factor. As you camouflage to disguise your presence, a suit won’t hinder your flexibility, but will come in handy when you need it the most. If you need to crawl or squat, a light ghillie suit would be the most appropriate attire to have on.

Whether you’re looking for a professionally manufactured ghillie suit to be used for hunting, airsoft or paintball, or a suit created for military use, this guide will help you find one suitable for your unique needs.
Ghillie suits come at varying prices depending on size, design, material and weight, among other factors. A simple suit may cost as little as $50. However, most functional designs, such as those for military use, can cost anything between $75 and $150. If you’re always outdoors engaging in your favorite activity, be it hunting or photography, avoid cheap ghillie suits, as they might not be durable enough to withstand regular use.

If your security will be at stake outdoors, it’s reasonable to spend a considerable amount for a good suit that can offer the protection you’d need through complete camouflage. Your life is critical, and you can’t add monetary value to it. If you’re working on a tight budget or simply need a suit for one-time use, buy low-priced ghillie suits through online stores. They can also be ideal for sports or activities that are not life threatening.
Ghillie suits are intended to serve the sole purpose of disguising your presence outdoors. Assess your needs before opting for any particular suit so you get one with the features you need. Buy a lightweight and breathable suit you can use in most terrains and seasons, if not all. The importance of finding the right-sized outfit you can easily adjust goes without saying.

Here are some features to consider when shopping for a ghillie suit:
  • A suitable design with the features you need
  • The right size to fit your body
  • A breathable and lightweight material
  • Color combinations to camouflage to your outdoor background
  • Adjustable waistline for custom fit
  • Pockets for keeping small items hands-free
Alongside meeting functional needs, a good ghillie suit should also offer you comfort, without posing any danger to your life or hampering your movement.
Construction and Design
Are you looking for a ghillie suit to use for hunting, sniping, airsoft, paintball or military use? Consider these factors to help you find one that’s most suitable for you:
  • Design – Various designs of ghillie suits on the market range from jackets, whole suits and blankets to pants. Whereas military experts prefer to design their own suits for easy adaptation to war environments, it’s economical to get one from a retail store if you intend to engage in hunting, sniping or paintball sports. Opt for a design that matches your intended use for optimal benefits.

  • Size – Get an appropriate size to fit you perfectly. There are various sizes ranging from small to extra-large for all body sizes out there. Whereas an oversized outfit may hinder your movement and flexibility, an undersized ghillie suit may expose you to your prey or enemy, jeopardizing your safety measures.

  • Materials – Ghillie suits are made of various materials to suit varying individual needs. Although they’re commonly made of burlap or jute, with natural materials to blend them in with particular environments, manufacturers are known to use cloths or nets, covering them with leaves and twigs collected from the targeted environment. Consider shopping for a synthetic suit if you’re looking for a lighter outfit you can use for a longer period with frequent washes.

  • Colors – Ghillie suits come in various colors to match different environments. Get one that won’t expose you to your enemy or prey. It’s important for you to go through the governing hunting state laws in your region, as some insist hunters should use certain colors on their suits, such as bright orange. If you’re not limited to a certain color, get an outfit with a color scheme that’ll give you the best coverage possible.

  • Weight – Many ghillie suits available on the market are heavy, and to be able to maneuver in them, practice and skills are required. For military use, personnel are trained to survive in all circumstances, so weight should not be an issue. Opt for lightweight suits if you intend to use your attire for sports, hunting or photography.
    With technology advancement, you can easily get a lightweight ghillie suit made of mesh and artificial foliage, weighing approximately five pounds or less. Though they’re effective, you should try on different types available on the market to pick one that perfectly suits your needs.
Performance and Ease of Use
Buy a ghillie suit from a known manufacturer to be sure you’re getting premium-quality attire worth your investment. If you intend to use your camouflage suit for safety measures, good quality is a must, as your life depends on it. An outfit that’s snag free is worth your investment. Consider buying a suit that’s flame retardant or one made of non-flammable material if you feel that fire is a major concern in your line of duty.

It’s of importance to observe safety measures, such as not smoking while wearing your ghillie suit. The synthetic types should be fire retardant as well as waterproof. Finally, ensure your suit comes packaged with clear care and washing guidelines for proper use and maintenance.

Get the Best Ghillie Suit of 2023!

Whether you’re going hunting, engaging in a sports activity or into photography, there’s an ideal ghillie suit out there for you. We hope this review was helpful and you were able to find one. If you need something different, check out our other hunting gear reviews.

Our Top Choice
Arcturus Camo Ghost Ghillie Suit
Best Value
North Mountain Gear Ultra Light Leafy Suit
ASAT Vanish Pro Leafy Suit
Red Rock Gear 5-piece Adult Ghillie Suit
Outerdo 3D Leafy Ghillie Suit