Best Gift For 6-Year-Olds Reviews 2022

Are you looking forward to buying your 6-year-old kid, younger sibling, nephew, or niece a gift but aren’t sure what to pick? We’ve made it easy for you. We have selected five of the best gift ideas for you from the top 6-year-old gift brands, and the selected products are a mix of toys and educational kits. This way, we have ensured that everyone can get a great gift for their kid. This review is for unisex gifts; if you’re specifically looking for boys or girls gift ideas, we have separate reviews for each one of them.
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Gift Options
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Our Top Choice
Spy Gear Video Walkie Talkies
If you’re looking for kids’ spying gears and toys, Spy Gear is the go-to brand. It has a wide range of spying gears for 6- to 8-year-old kids.
No WIFI or data connection is required. You can use it as spy camera. Easy setup. 160-foot range. Audio and video communication.
When running or walking the video quality is poor.
Audio and video walkie talkie
Budget-friendly price point
Many other spying gear and toys
Specializes in spying gear
Best Value
Marky Sparky Doinkit® Magnetic Dart Board
Games are some of the best ways to bond with your kid(s). Marky Sparky makes it possible by making sporting equipment that allow this interaction.
Magnetic darts can’t harm the kid or destroy walls. Usable by adults too. The dartboard is made of special doinkit® material. You can hang it in any room.
It comes with only six darts. So, you will have to get more darts if more than two people will be playing.
Game Equipment
Budget-friendly price point
Missile toys
Kids’ scooters/try-cycles
Wonder Workshop Dash and Dot Robot
Do you want your 6-year-old to become the next Mark Zuckerberg? Start the journey with a robot gift from Wonder Workshop, which specializes in kids’ robots and coding apps.
Free mobile apps. Great toy as well—can dance, move, light up, etc. Easy to program. Approved in over 10,000 schools. Comes fully assembled. Introduces coding.
Though the Android and Apple app is supported by a wide range of devices, there are some devices that won’t run it.
Learning Tool
Kids’ robots
Moderate price point
Buy the robot alone
Only available option
Uncle Milton Solar System In My Room
If you’re looking for a science and exploration gift for your kid, don’t gamble with the brand. Go for credible brands like Uncle Milton, one of the leading manufacturers.
Easy to mount. Planets are designed differently. Battery-operated. Remote-controlled. Auto shut-off after 20 minutes. Realistic-looking. Lights up.
While the rotating planets are great fun for kids, they can be noisy.
Solar system room decor
Budget-friendly price point
Other science toys available
Earth, Moon, Mars, Mickey Mouse
Scientific Explorer Mind Blowing Science Kit
Scientific Explorer is a brand under Alex Brands that specializes in educational-based kits for children. This makes it one of the go-to brands for science learning kits.
Wide range of experiments. A clear guide to assist the kid to perform the experiments. Can use home ingredients. Safe chemicals.
The only issue with this kit is that some portions are too small.
Learning Kit
Science learning kit
Budget-friendly price point
Different sizes available
Other science learning kits

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What is the Best Gift For 6-Year-Olds?

The best 6-year-old gift doesn’t have to be expensive, but it should be something that your kid will love. You don’t want to acquire something that will be abandoned in a week’s time. And since your kid is growing, go for a gift that he or she can use even when they grow older. Finally, unlike adults whom you have to consider what they love, don’t fear to get something they’ve never seen. It’s the best way to expose them to different things they can pursue when they’re older. Let’s now get into our first pick.
Our Top Choice
The Spy Gear 2-Way Audio and Video Walkie Talkies allow kids to not just hear their spying partner, but also video chat them as they execute their spying mission around the house. Want to make your kid like a real secret agent? You can get them these Spy Gear Night Goggles with enhanced night vision. Their night spying missions will be more fun.

Spy Gear 2-Way Audio and Video Walkie Talkies

At the age of 6, a child is amazed by the powers of investigators and super agents they see in movies. To help a child re-enact these spying missions, there is a wide array of spying gears for kids and they certainly make great gifts for kids. So, if you want to get your kid, niece or nephew, or younger sibling a gift, spying toys are a great deal for any adventurous kid.

While there are several brands that offer spying toys for kids, few can match Spy Gear, a trend-setter in kid spying gears and toys. It has everything a 6-year-old would need to enjoy spying when alone or with a team. And that’s what the Spy Gear Video Walkie Talkies are for.

The two video walkie talkies don’t require WIFI or data connection to work. By just pressing the activation key, your kid will have video and audio communication with their fellow agent within a 160-foot range. They are battery-powered and stand out for clear video and audio, despite not requiring WIFI connection.

If your kid or young sibling isn’t in spying, Spy Gear has other products which are also perfect gifts during birthdays or after an impressive performance in school. Here are some of the products we picked that we feel your kid or sibling will fall in love with:
  • Spy Gear Night Goggles with LED Lights
  • Spy Gear Undercover Spy Cam with a Detachable Camera
  • Spy Gear Spy Go Action Camera with 3 Camera Modes
  • Spy Gear Ninja Gear for Hidden Attacks
Best Value
If you’ve been postponing buying your 6-year-old a dart board as you aren’t guaranteed of their safety, Marky Sparky is taking away that fear with the Doinkit® Magnetic Dart Board. If you want to engage the whole family, get another set of Marky Sparky Magnetic Darts and create memories with your kids.

Marky Sparky Doinkit® Magnetic Dart Board for Family Fun

Child development experts say that between the ages of 6 and 8 years, kids want to play with their parents. This period offers you an excellent time to bond and teach them different skills. For example, at this age, kids want to win and be congratulated. And who is best suited to do this than someone close to them? To help you achieve this and much more, Marky Sparky has some of the best products such as this magnetic dart board.

The Marky Sparky Doinkit® Dart Board is one of the safest dart boards on the market. While it’s made with kids in mind, it’s usable by adults too. So, if you’re looking forward to taking your family game night experience to the next level, this will be a great gift for your kid. Unlike the normal dart boards, this one has a special type of dart made of neodymium magnet covered with doinkit® material. This keeps the kids safe and protects the walls if he or she misses the target. It includes 1, 16-inch dart board, and 6 magnetic darts.

If they already have a dart board, Marky Sparky has other gift ideas for your little friend. Here are some that we spotted:
  • Marky Sparky Missile Launcher
  • Marky Sparky Faux Bow, Shoots Over 100 Ft.
  • Marky Sparky California Chariot Tri-cycle
  • Marky Sparky Unbearably Bear Figurine
  • Marky Sparky Blast Pro Missile Launcher
The Wonder Workshop Dash and Dot Robot Wonder Pack has several components, which is everything needed to introduce kids to coding. It’s easily programmable using a free Android and Apple app. To give the Dash and Dot more abilities, get the Dash and Dot Robots Accessories Pack that transforms the robot into a cleaning machine and much more.

Wonder Workshop Dash and Dot Robot Wonder Pack with 10 Components & Free Apple and Android App - Available as Single Robot

Bill Gates and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg are encouraging parents to introduce kids to coding and programming when they’re still young. So, if you’re looking for a gift for your child, nephew, niece, or sibling for their upcoming birthday, you won’t go wrong with a robot. Who knows, maybe in the next 15 years, they will code the next social media and all credit will come back to you for introducing them to robots and coding. And since not every robot is best for kids, go for a reputable brand like Wonders Workshop that specializes in kids’ coding learning materials such as robots and apps.

As it’s popularly known, the Dash and Dot by Wonder Workshop is a real robot that introduces kids to coding by incorporating what kids love most—fun. The package contains the Dash and Dot robots, 2 charging cords, 4 building brick connectors, a tow hook, a bulldozer, a launcher and 3 balls, 2 funny ears, 6 target stickers, a bunny tail, and xylophone. This is basically all that a 6-8-year-old requires to have a feel of coding.

The interesting thing is the iOS and Android app that allows him or her to program the robot to dance, move, light-up, produce sounds, or respond to voice commands. The pack comes assembled, and the robots use a built-in battery.

If you have some more dollars to spend, give the kid more options when playing with the Dash and Dot robots by getting any of these other accessories:
  • Wonder Workshop Build Brick Extensions for Dash and Dot Robots
  • Wonder Workshop Xylophone for Dash Robot
  • Wonder Workshop Accessories Pack for Dash and Dot Robots
  • Wonder Workshop Launcher for Dash Robot
The Uncle Milton Solar System In My Room™ is a setup of the 9 planets that orbit around the sun. It hangs on the ceiling and is remote-controlled, making it a great gift for a kid with their own room. If your kid loves the moon, get them the Uncle Milton Moon In My Room, a remote-controlled wall decoration that shows all the phases of the moon. You can even get them both!

Uncle Milton Solar System In My Room with Motorized Planets Orbiting Around the Sun

If your child has a private room, a perfect gift for them would be something that they will be seeing every day. And since at this age a normal home décor won’t resonate with them, get them something unique. Uncle Milton makes this possible by making science and exploration toys and learning kits that any child will treasure.

Whether it’s a boy or girl, they’ll love the Uncle Milton Solar System In My Room™ which comprises of motorized planets that orbit the sun. To give the kid the feeling of the solar system, the setup is remote-controlled. Many parents indicate that this solar system makes kids fall asleep fast as they watch the planets rotating—the best thing is that even if the child falls asleep, it automatically shuts off after 20 minutes. It’s also a great learning tool; kids will now identify each planet, as they are all designed differently both in color and shape. Further, assembly and hanging are straightforward, and since it's battery-operated, a power connection isn’t required.

If your kid has something similar to this or if you feel they may not love it, don’t worry. Uncle Milton has a lot of other cool stuff that your kid will love. Here are some that we came across during our research:
  • Uncle Milton Rainbow In My Room Tabletop Décor
  • Uncle Milton Death Star Electronics Lab Kit
  • Uncle Milton - Star Wars Science - Multicolor Lightsaber
  • Uncle Milton In My Room Star Theater Night Light
Introduce your child to the world of science through the Scientific Explorer Mind Blowing Science Kit which helps kids develop imagination and critical thinking by performing up to 11 science experiments. Another cool gift from this brand is the Scientific Explorer Ice Cream Science Kit that teaches kids to prepare ice cream.

Scientific Explorer Mind Blowing Science Kit with 11 Different Science Experiments - Available in 5 Sizes

At the age of 6 and above, it’s the best time to expose your child to different things such as science and exploration. If you’d love to introduce your kid to science, get them a science kit as a gift. While there are several brands that make science learning kits tailored for kids, Science Explorer stands tall. The brand is a trend-setter when it comes to well-thought-out educational and activity-based kits.

The Scientific Explorer Mind Blowing Science Kit introduces kids to science and chemistry. With this kit, your kid is able to safely mix chemicals and see colors changing. It’s some of these experiences that will build up curiosity in them, influencing them to start looking for answers.

The kit can perform up to 11 different experiments. Alongside mixing chemicals, he or she can also make color-changing volcanoes, underwater volcanoes, jiggly crystals, and magic ooze. The kit contains cotton swabs, test tubes, plastic cups, sticks, measuring scoops, and a guide. This kit is available in 5 different sizes. Pick one that is best for your giftee.

If this is a bit too simple or complex, there is a host of other cool gift ideas we came across from the same brand:
  • Scientific Explorer Ball Blast Bouncers
  • Scientific Explorer Wacky Weird Weather Kit
  • Scientific Explorer Glow in The Dark Fun Lab
  • Scientific Explorer Young Architect Building Set
  • Scientific Explorer My Own Perfumery

How Do I Choose the Best Gift For 6-Year-Olds?

It doesn’t have to be Christmas or their birthday to get your 6-year-old a gift; you can do it any day. He or she deserves it. For example, at this age, you will start noticing impressive improvement on how they do things or behave. Instead of just telling them congratulations, you can buy them a gift. At this age, it’s the best time to influence them or try to interest them in some things, such as music or a particular game, using a gift.

Gifts mean a great deal to kids at this age. For instance, up to date, we guess you can remember the person who bought you your first toy or taught you the game you still love. Bottom line: Do your homework well when buying a gift for a 6-year-old so that it’s something they will love.

The problem, however, is this: Unlike adults whom you can get an Amazon gift card if you’re not sure what to get them, it’s impossible for kids—and the trick of checking what they have pinned on Pinterest won’t work, either. Luckily, there is a lot to choose from when it comes to kids.

To help you pick the best gift for a 6-year-old, we will take you through all the available options for you. Our research covers everybody. Whether you’re a parent looking forward to rewarding your child (or niece, nephew, or younger sibling), or even a teacher who wants to reward their pupil, we have you in mind. To kick this off, let’s highlight all the available gift categories.


Toys are the most popular gifts for a 6-year-old. They are available in different sizes and designs, and come with different functionalities. Kids love them. Here are some of the different types of toys:
  • Learning Toys: These toys incorporate fun to teach kids different things. They can be scientific, mathematical, robot-oriented, or chemistry kits. Educationalists and kid experts say that this type is the best for a 6-year-old kid, instead of getting them a car or jet toy.
  • Building Toys: Just like learning toys, building toys incorporate fun to help your kid learn new skills. Building toys improve children’s reasoning and creativity abilities. A good example is excessive dismantled car parts that kids are supposed to put together to assemble a car.
  • Creative Toys: Creative toys give children the opportunity to employ their imagination and to express themselves. When looking for a creative toy, look for puzzles, which kids use to make different things. This can be a set of blocks, for instance.
  • Social Toys: Due to kids’ social and emotional development needs, 6-year-olds love to play with their parents or friends. These toys and games provide a great chance to bond with your kid. You can even boost their confidence by allowing them to win. A good example here is a playhouse where they can play with their friends outdoors.
  • Sports Toys: At the age of 6, kids want to play outside. This is vital to help them develop their sensory and motor development skills. Since at this age the kid has good balance, and can run and skip, get them an advanced toy that will present them with a challenge. A good example is a kid’s bike.

Game and Sports Equipment:

Game equipment and apparel are another great gift for 6-year-olds. Examples here include balls, nets, and bikes or sportswear such as shoes and shirts. At this age, you can introduce the kid to any game and see if they end up loving it. Maybe in the next few years, your son will be the next Michael Jordan thanks to a basketball you bought him as a gift. It can be that huge. Music equipment is also a smart gift for kids at this age, from karaoke machines to guitars.


If you decide to buy clothes as a gift, ensure it’s something they don’t have and that it will fit them. This can be anything from a pair of pants to shoes. For girls, a makeup kit to introduce them to the make-up world is also a great gift.

A Book:

A book is a great gift for a 6-year-old. It can be a storybook or a text book. Here you can choose those made for kids to learn reading or those for parents to read to their kid.

Gifts for Kids Who Have Everything:

If your kid is lucky enough to have many toys and clothing, there are specific options for you. You’ll find most of them labeled as “gifts for a kid who has everything.” Scour the market and identify unique products for kids. This can be a decorative piece or a cool gear item such as night vision goggles that have cameras.
When it comes to price for the best gift for a 6-year-old, there is no limit. For as little as $20 to as high as $500, you are assured of getting a gift that will create lifetime memories. Sometimes it’s not even the price tag of the gift that matters, but the thoughts and feelings that the kid gets when rewarded.

If you have a good budget, you can check out the high-end toys and sports equipment such as scooters and bikes. If you are on a tighter budget, there is still a lot for you from simple toys to educational kits. But that said, try to avoid truly cheap 6-year-old gifts; these likely aren’t of the highest quality and won’t offer enough value to be worth what you paid.

Get the Best Gift For 6-Year-Olds of 2022!

We hope our picks for the best gifts for a 6-year-old had something that your kid will love. If your kid is lucky to have all that we featured, the same brands have a lot of other cool stuff that any 6-year-old will love.

Our Top Choice
Spy Gear Video Walkie Talkies
Best Value
Marky Sparky Doinkit® Magnetic Dart Board
Wonder Workshop Dash and Dot Robot
Uncle Milton Solar System In My Room
Scientific Explorer Mind Blowing Science Kit