Best Gifts For 2 Year Old Boys Reviews 2021

He’s two! How fast? Where did time go between the first hours of holding him in your arms to the little angel running around the house? Well, they grow up fast for sure. At this age, you will realize that gifts make up an important part of parenting. Out there are so many gift ideas, that at times it can get overwhelming deciding which gift best suits your precious little angel. Don’t worry; at Top Products have come up with five awesome gift ideas that will help you put a smile on your son’s face and get a tight little hug while at it!
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Gift type
Price range
Gift options
Other ideas
Our Top Choice
Vtech Smart Shots Sports Center
Vtech is just overflowing with countless toys to gift your two-year-old champion boy. From smart wheels cars to informative alphabet activity cubes, your son is spoilt of choice.
Smart technology. LED lights. 2-in-1 gaming experience. Easy to set up. Builds fine motor skills. Playful sounds.
A bit light for intense play. Tall boys may find it short.
Electronic toy
Activity sports center
Moderate price point
2 product packaging options
Touch and Learn; activity cubes
Best Value
Fiream Little Boys’ Clothing Set
Fiream is one fashion brand that you can count on when you want to gift your tiny buddy with stylish, comfy, and cute little garments that will make him feel like he’s on a runway.
Cute prints. Elastic closure. Stylish. Super comfortable. Breathable fabric. Multiple styles/colors and sizes available.
T-shirt may be narrow for big boys.
Clothing, shoe & jewelry
Cotton short sets
Affordable to moderate
Different colors & sizes
Leggings; t-shirts; accessories
Fisher-Price Tough Trike Ride On
Who better to trust with putting a smile on your young man’s face than Fisher-Price? This remarkable brand has countless gift options that are safe and expertly designed.
Durable construction. Safe. Ergonomic handlebars. Great stability. Multiple design options available.
May take some time to assemble.
Ride-on trike
Moderate price point
Different designs
Play sets; train sets
KEEN Toddler’s Newport H2 Sandal
KEEN is one of those brands that immediately comes to mind when you think of quality, affordable, and comfortable shoes.
Innovative foot bed design. Super comfy. Adjustable strap. Hydrophobic material. Multiple sizes and color/design options available.
Size options can be a bit confusing.
Clothing, shoe & jewelry
Various sizes & colors
Winter boots; sneakers; flats
Melissa & Doug Deluxe Pounding Bench Toddler Toy
Melissa & Doug are proud parents with a passion for helping kids have fun and learn while at it. Their educative yet interesting toys are a great gift for your 2-year-old champ.
Unique design. Helps develop motor skills. Colorful. Fun co-ordination practice.
Play needs adult supervision.
Hammering & pounding toys
Various styles
Play kitchens; dress up sets

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What is the Best Gifts For 2 Year Old Boys?

So far you have an idea of what to get your son, but let’s go into specific products that we thought will help you with this important part of being a mom or dad.
Our Top Choice
Does your little boy love playing hoops? Then you’ve got to get him the Early Learning Smart Shots Sports Center that’ll turn him into a mini-Lebron! Does your little champ already have a sports center? Then turn him into a little genius in a fun way by getting him the Vtech Touch and Learn Activity Center. It’s adorable!

Vtech Early Learning Smart Shots Sports Center – Available in Frustration Free or Standard Packaging

When your boy turns two, his energy levels hit a whole new high. He wants to play, play, and play some more. Well, during this age you need to be armed with a reliable supplier of creative and educational toys. Who better than Vtech? This brand is loved for its educational and handy toys that’ve been made to meet the industry’s safety standards. Your little one will be spoilt of choice since its catalogue is every boy’s toy dream. This brand has got your child covered when it comes to anything related to toys.

One must-have toy is the Vtech Smart Shots Sports Center that turns your precious son into a mini-sportsman right in your living room. This two-in-one gaming center lets your boy shoot hoops on the upper side and alternate with scoring goals into the soccer net on the lower side. Not only does your boy get to play, but he also learns in the process with buttons that teach him shapes, sounds, and phrases. By playing basketball and soccer, he will develop his fine motor skills in a fun way. It’s like a kindergarten compressed into a toy!

In some cases, you may find that your boy is not interested in sports and kicking a ball is just not his thing. No worries! Whether he loves cars or music, Vtech has so many toy ideas that will make him beam with joy. Gifting him with one of these items will for sure get him rolling on the floor with excitement:
  • Vtech Write and Learn Activity Center
  • Vtech Busy Learners Activity Cube
  • Vtech Call and Chat Learning Phone
  • Vtech Digiart Creative Easel
Best Value
The Fiream Little Boys’ Cotton Elastic Closure Clothing Short Set consists of a cute printed t-shirt and stylish shorts with elastic closure to hold it firmly around his tiny waist as he runs around. You may also want to get him the Firearm Crewneck Long Sleeved T-shirt for those days when there’s a little breeze outside.

Fiream Little Boys’ Cotton Elastic Closure Clothing Short Set – Available in Different Sizes and Colors

At 2 years, boys begin to develop a fashion sense and even want to be the ones to choose what to wear. They are often drawn to cute garments with nice prints and may even have a particular outfit they want to wear everyday—if only that was possible! Fiream realizes that at this age kids want nice-fitting and super comfy clothes. For this reason, the brand has a wide range of designs that are not only attractive to kids, but also remarkably affordable.

Wearing a cute tee and a printed pair of shorts on a nice summer afternoon will make your son feel like a fashion-savvy young man. Well, the Fiream Little Boys’ Clothing Set is designed to help him feel this. Gifting him with this short-sleeved clothing set will let him feel cool and comfortable while still being cute as he runs around. It’s made of 100% cotton, which is not only breathable but also extremely soft for added comfort. The shorts have an elastic closure so that your super-active boy doesn’t need to keep pulling them up as he goes around doing his never-ending summer activities!

Is your 2-year-old boy’s dresser filled with shorts and tee-shirts? Well, Fiream is all about fashion and has other gift ideas that your son will love. Here are some different fashion ideas that your son may like:
  • Fiream Boys Drawstring Elastic Sweatpants
  • Fiream Child Cotton Zip Front Hoodie Swearshirt
  • Firearm Long Sleeved Clothing Set
You will be glad to learn that this clothing set comes in a variety of sizes for different body structures and a whole range of colors with cute prints.
Does your 2-year-old boy love biking? Then buy him the pedal-powered Fisher-Price Harley Davidson Tough Trike that is built to last and can withstand your boy’s intense play. Does your little superhero also like flying a pretend plane around your house? Then it’ about time you got him the Fisher-Price Little People Airplane that comes with great features.

Fisher-Price Harley Davidson Tough Trike – Available in Multiple Designs

You will agree that as boys approach two years, they want to move around in cars and bikes. During this stage, even going to bed calls for a ride from one of their cruisers. Let us share with you about a brand that has made it its business to help your kid move around in all manner of ride-on toys: Fisher-Price. Not only does this brand provide you with safe gift options for your little rider, but also ensures that the toys meet the highest safety standards.

Well, if your boy has hit two or is about to, then you have to gift him with the Fisher-Price Tough Trike that’s built to give your son an amazing biking experience. This pedal-powered trike will have him cruising around in style and in a safe manner. Your son will love gripping on the ergonomic handlebars as he runs his many errands around your home. Its rugged tires are wide for stability and will last a lifetime.

Shhh! There’s even a secret compartment underneath the super comfortable seat where he can store his treasure! Your baby will love this gift so much that he’ll wish it will grow with him into adulthood!

Is he already cruising around on a trike? Well, Fisher-Price has many other options that your little champ will want to add to his toy collection. They include:
  • Fisher-Price Grow-With-Me In-Line Skates
  • Fisher-Price Little People Fire Truck
  • Fisher-Price Chatter Telephone
Fisher-Price has branded these ride-ons with logos such as Harley Davidson Motorcycles, Barbie Tough, Kawasaki, and Thomas the Train. Your son will for sure go bonkers with all these choices!
Boasting of an innovative foot bed design, these Toddler’s Newport H2 Supportive Sandals will be a great gift because they naturally take the contour of his feet. Since this sandal is meant for summer, you may also want to get him the KEEN Winter Boot that’s great for those snowy days.

KEEN Toddler’s Newport H2 Supportive Sandals – Available in Multiple Colors and Sizes

As your baby approaches two years, he can walk and run around the house. You will notice that his steps may be wobbly, but in a few months, he will be sprinting and moving like a pro. It’s important to help him during this transition by gifting him with quality and comfortable shoes. KEEN is a great brand of choice for such shoes since it has been in the industry for over 10 years. Its incorporation of innovative technology into its designs has endeared it to shoe lovers of all ages.

Getting your son the KEEN Toddler’s Newport H2 Sandal for his 2nd birthday will be a plus due to its great design and incredible comfort. At his tender age, adventure is in his blood and getting such a gift will protect his feet as he explores the outside world. Its EVA foot bed is designed to take the natural contour of his tiny feet, providing much-needed support as he runs around. It’s durable rubber sole and waterproof mesh lining are ideal features for the outdoors. Better yet, its hook-loop strap allows him to wear them without calling out mommy every time he wants to put them on.

Does he already have such a shoe for summer? Well, having a variety of footwear is not a bad idea. Here are some suggestions that your little adventurer will love:
  • KEEN Kids' Kootenay Wp-t Lace-up Boot
  • KEEN Jasper Shoe
  • KEEN Encanto Scout High Top Shoe
  • KEEN Rock Iguana Sandal
For boys who don’t fancy this navy tie dye design, there are numerous other beautiful colors to choose from such as blue depths/gargoyle, very berry/fusion coral, cascade brown kamo, among others.
The Melissa & Doug Deluxe Pounding Bench Toddler Toy boasts of a unique design of non-removable pegs that allow your baby to play “peekaboo” all day long. To help your little champ develop hand-eye coordination better, we recommend that you get him the
Melissa & Doug Joey Magnetic Dress-Up Set. He will adore it!

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Pounding Bench Toddler Toy – Available as Pounding Bench or Personalized Style

The age of two is filled with exploration and a lot of adventure. As a parent, you need to help your children toy with their imagination and giggle at their little discoveries. Melissa & Doug, having been parents, ventured into a business to come up with items to help your boy enjoy his childhood and learn while at it. Designed and tested on kids, their products are sure to help them discover their passions and purpose.

The Melissa & Doug Deluxe Pounding Bench Toddler Toy will be a great gift for your little adventurer due to its special design. This interesting toy has non-removable pegs that have a smiley face which encourages your child to keep playing. Included in the package is a child-friendly wooden mallet which they use to hit the pegs and get to play “peekaboo” with. Your boy will be giggling in excitement as he predicts which peg will pop-up once he uses the mallet. The amazing thing about this gift is that it helps improve your boy’s fine motor skills in a fun and enjoyable manner.

Other than this pounding bench, Melissa & Doug have a couple of other gift ideas. Here they are:
  • Melissa & Doug Shape Sorting Cube
  • Melissa & Doug Geometric Stacker
  • Melissa & Doug Match and Roll Shape Sorter
Apart from the pounding bench style, you can have your gift personalized to match your son’s taste and preference.

How Do I Choose the Best Gifts For 2 Year Old Boys?

“Terrible Two.” Well, that’s what they call that hectic stage when your boy turns two years old and you have to chase him around the house due to his ever-busy schedules. At this stage, you’re not-so-little buddy discovers that there’s a world beyond his baby gate. Meal times become more chaotic as they want to be followed around since time is not on their side and there’s a whole new universe to explore! Oh boy!

As a parent you’ll realize that there are so many changes happening; from his growing physique to his interesting communication patterns. At this stage, you need to learn new tactics to handle these little lovelies. One way of always capturing their attention is through giving them gifts; they always work magic. They’ll start to see you as the close-to-home Santa. Kind of true actually!

Believe us, if you could you would create your own version of the movie “Toy Story” in his play room. But between setting aside money for day care and paying for a nanny at times, you may find this an expensive endeavor. The good news is, there are countless gift ideas out there that will make your precious mini-you beam with joy. Allow us to indulge you in some of the gifts we thought would be great for your little one!
  • Toys - What would our childhood have been without toys! Playing is a major part of any boy and all they want is to drive, fly, push, roll, or even throw that toy. You must wonder what it is about toys that make kids go crazy. Well, maybe it’s because toys are loyal and are always present when a kid is sad, happy, or just bored. Toys such as a ride on car help them move from point A to B in style—it really is such simple pleasures that make his world tick!
  • Books - Whether it’s during bedtime or as they go about their day, books play a major role at this stage. The beauty about it is at two your son can identify sounds and even pronounce some words. Gifting him with a children’s book will help nurture his mind at a tender age—who knows, you might have the world’s next Einstein right in your humble home!
  • Clothing - Has your boy started picking his outfits yet? Well, if he hasn’t, he will soon start doing so. Toddlers love cute outfits and even want role playing clothing sets such as a fireman’s or cop’s uniform. Filling their dresser with adorable tiny garments will help them create an identity.
  • Shoes - Remember that time when your son took his first step? You really were on cloud nine, weren’t you? It’s therefore exciting when you shower him with cute little shoes as a gift to help him keep walking and exploring the world around him. Yes, the steps may be wobbly, but the amazing thing is that he’s walking!
  • Art and Craft - At two, your boy’s imagination begins to run wild and he starts getting creative with various things. Getting him a coloring book or easel will help nurture this wild imagination. Sketching is also a way of keeping him busy in a constructive way.
You really can’t put a price to that great feeling you get watching your little boy turn from year one to year two. So many things go through your mind and you can’t help but wonder what lies ahead of him in life. Well, that’s hard to tell. But one thing that’s simple is that kids love gifts and love you more when you get them these gifts. You don’t have to rob the bank in order to gift your two-year-old with an adorable toy or a nice coloring book. To be honest, with between $10 and $70, you will get a lovely gift for your little champ. Prices differ depending on the product you choose and you may even find some high-end items that come with a price tag that will make you dig deeper into your pockets.

While gifting your son may turn out to be a regular affair, you don’t have to go for cheap gifts that will get a beating on day one of play. Truth is, your son will sometimes get rough with his items and it’s important that your gift can handle his intense play. Cheap products will not do so—nor will they give you value for your money.

Get the Best Gifts For 2 Year Old Boys of 2021!

Hopefully we added value to your pursuit for the best gift for 2-year-old boys and we hope that one of these products will bring cheer to your son. So, go out and make his day with a gift; you actually don’t have to wait for his birthday or Christmas to spoil him! Oh, and if you want more options, go ahead and see what else these brands have to offer.

Our Top Choice
Vtech Smart Shots Sports Center
Best Value
Fiream Little Boys’ Clothing Set
Fisher-Price Tough Trike Ride On
KEEN Toddler’s Newport H2 Sandal
Melissa & Doug Deluxe Pounding Bench Toddler Toy