Best Gifts For Grandparents Reviews 2021

There’s something about grandparents that we all seem to love. These old folks are always jovial and looking to share some love with their family over the holidays. Whether you are looking to celebrate them on Grandparents Day, spend some time with them during Christmas, or just give them some random visits, they would love it if you took something nice as a gift. It doesn’t matter if you carry some warm sweaters and socks for those cold months or a fondue set for those family dinners; even the smallest thing will mean a lot to them! And just to help you get the best ideas, we have compiled some great gifts from some of the best brands to help you share the joy. If you want something specific for your grandpa or grandma, we also have reviews for each of those to make sure you are fully sorted!
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Gift Type
Price Range
Gift Options
Other Ideas
Our Top Choice
CustomGiftsNow Ceramic Coffee Mugs
As the brand name suggests, CustomGiftsNow is all about personalized gifts. When it comes to ideas for your grandparents, it has awesome choices to share happiness with them.
High-quality ceramic. Capacity of 11 fluid ounces. Easy to carry. Microwave- and dishwasher-safe. Nice message on each mug.
Could be a little bit heavy when full.
Coffee mug
Customizable message
Picture frame; water bottle
Best Value
Klikel Bronze Metal Family Tree
From ornaments to picture frames, there’s no doubt Klikel offers amazing gift ideas for family members, and more so for the grandparents.
Can be hung or placed on a surface. Unique presentation of photos. Comes with 6 picture frames.
Metal frame is a bit thin.
Home decor
Photo tree
Placed on a stand or hung
Bonavita Carafe Coffee Brewer
For the coffee lovers, Bonavita offers a good number of quality coffee products that you can consider to gift your grandparent.
Maintains optimal water temperature. Most parts are dishwasher-safe. Larger showerhead. Durable stainless steel. BPA-free. One-touch operation.
Doesn’t produce very hot coffee.
Kitchen appliance
Coffee brewer
Also available as glass carafe
Immersion dripper; kettle
Time 100 Photographs: Influential Images
Time Magazine is synonymous with outstanding journalism and photography. To mark the birth of journalism and anniversary of photography, it has amazing books that showcase history in pictures!
Contains most influential images in history. Keeps grandparents entertained and busy.
Some complaints of poor-quality printing.
Photo book
Hardcover or Kindle
America History Book
Suzanne Zenkel Memories for my Grandchild
Suzanne Zenkel, a great author, is known for great ideas when it comes to creating journals for people to show their love and care.
Includes a family tree. Photo storage pocket. Guided prompts and questions. Two cover options.
Not best option for long-time, old grandparents.
Memory journal
Hardcover; spiral-bound
What I Love About You Journal

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What is the Best Gifts For Grandparents?

You see? Getting your grandparents a great gift doesn’t have to be that difficult, especially when you are well-informed. Now that you have an idea of some of the best options you can go for, let’s take a look at our top picks. There’s nothing more precious than watching your grandparents put on a big smile and their eyes light up as you unwrap one of these gifts.
Our Top Choice
If you love those two awesome souls, why not show them and the world with the Only the Best Dads/Moms Get Promoted to Grandparents Ceramic Coffee Mugs Bundle? These mugs come with a nice message that shows them what they mean to you! Want a customized picture frame instead? We thought you might like the Wood Picture Frame that holds a 4x6-inch photo.

CustomGiftsNow Only the Best Dads/Moms Get Promoted to Grandparents Ceramic Coffee Mugs Bundle

It goes without saying that grandparents have a strong, deep-down desire of being appreciated and admired by everyone in the family. With that in mind, would it not be a good idea to remind them just how awesome they are every morning as they take their favorite from CustomGiftsNow? Well of course it would be a treat, and the brand knows how well to do this!

These thoughtfully crafted mugs come in a pair that is perfect for both grandma and grandpa. Each one of them can hold up to 11 fluid ounces of either hot or cold liquids and come with an easy-to-carry C-shaped handle for a firm grip. Those are not the most amazing features of these mugs, though—there’s more! Each one of them has a customizable message that reads “only the best moms or dads get promoted to grandma or grandpa.” Awww—what could be better than having those old folks read the message every time? So, whether you are giving them to new grandparents, or long-time grandma and grandpa, you are sure they will cherish them for as long as they live!

If you simply want to look around for more options, CustomGiftsNow has even more customizable gift varieties to pick from. Here are a few that we thought could make awesome gift ideas as well:
  • Only the Best Grandparents Get Promoted to Great Grandparents - Wood Picture Frame Holds 4x6 Inch Photo - Great Christmas, Father's Day, Mother's Day Gift for Parents
  • CustomGiftsNow Only the Best Dads/Moms Get Promoted to Grandparents Stainless Steel Water Bottle with Straw Flip Top 20 Ounce 600ml Sport Water Bottle
Best Value
We all know how grandparents are—they love showing off their families through picture frames. Make it easier for them with the Bronze Metal Family Tree Picture Frame Display with 6 Hanging Picture Photo Frames. Have a big family and looking for a much larger family photo tree? Why not go for the Large Family Tree Picture Frame Display? It can accommodate a cool 10 photos!

Klikel Bronze Metal Family Tree Picture Frame Display with 6 Hanging Picture Photo Frames – Available in 3 Buying Options

Sometimes the best way to honor the legacy of your grandparents is with a simple family tree photo frame. It’s a brilliant reminder to your grandparent of just how the family has blossomed over the years. For great options that last, you can’t go wrong with Klikel’s—the brand is known for producing affordable, quality products!

There are many photo frames out there that would serve as gifts to your grandparents, but truth be told—not all would stand the test of time! Apart from the fact that the Bronze Metal Family Tree is durable and sturdy enough to serve for years, it’s also unique. It’s nicely designed to hang up to 6 pictures, which is awesome. With its unique bronze metal finish, this striking gift for grandparents can easily be hung on the wall when the base is removed or simply left to stand on its own. It is the type of gift that both new grandparents and long-time grandparents will cherish for a lifetime.

Want more from Klikel as a gift to your parents? Well, you can check out these two products that still make a perfect gift for grandparents:
  • Klikel Extra Small Black Hanging Frames for Photo Picture Tree Display Stand, Set of 4
  • Klikel Hanging Picture Frame Ornaments, Set of 8
You can also get a white metal family tree display from Klikel if you want another option apart from the bronze one featured above.
If you have a flexible budget, the Bonavita 8-Cup Stainless Steel Carafe Coffee Brewer would be an amazing option, especially with its one-touch operation, meaning that your old folks will find it a breeze to use. For a good coffee carafe to help your grandparents serve coffee during those family gatherings, consider also getting the Bonavita Glass Coffee Carafe. It comes with a 600ml capacity, which is enough for several cups.

Bonavita 8-Cup Stainless Steel Carafe Coffee Brewer – Available in Glass Design

For grandparents that are lovers of coffee, a better way to keep them happy (and warm) all through the year is to get them a coffee brewer. Get them a great coffee maker that consistently brews quality coffee for any occasion and they will live to remember you. And what better company to go for than Bonavita? That’s right! It’s known to stand out in the world of coffee brewers.

The Bonavita Stainless Steel Coffee Brewer is designed for simplicity and with just one touch you can turn on the brew and turn it off automatically, making it easy for grandparents to use. It comes with an 8-cup brewing capacity, and an optimal pre-infusion mode that allows degassing through wetting of roasted ground coffee before brewing.

Bonavita offers a bunch of quality products that any coffee brewer will love. We researched a couple more gift options to pick for grandparents and thought you might want to take a look.
  • Bonavita 1.0L Electric Kettle BV3825B
  • Bonavita Glass Coffee Carafe 600ml
  • Bonavita BV4000ID Porcelain Immersion Coffee Dripper
Keep in mind that if you don’t think your grandparents will love the stainless steel version of this carafe, they may love the glass version instead!
Sometimes a simple memory trigger is enough to keep your grandparents in touch with their past life and appreciate how much the world has changed over the years. The Time 100 Photographs Book guarantees this in so many ways. Time also offers another book: Time America: An Illustrated History. It contains a magnificent collection of iconic images of American history.

Time 100 Photographs: The Most Influential Images of All Time – Available in Kindle or Hardcover Formats

With our modern fast-paced world, it’s easy to lose track of all the notable and historical facts of the past. Your grandparents could remember one or two things about events that happened during their time, but it wouldn’t hurt jogging their memory with a nice photo book. Well, with TIME Magazines’ 100 most influential photographs, your grandparents will have a treasured gift in their hands.

TIME magazine’s 100 Photographs: The Most Influential Images of All Time is a project that compiles and explores the stories behind photographs that changed particular world events, running for almost a century of photojournalism. Take your grandparents back in time and give them a fresh view of the world thanks to the extensive experience of TIME Magazine’s (one of the oldest and most prominent news publishers) most respected editors.

Do your old folks love to read? Go ahead and check out other projects by TIME Magazine that will give your grandparents something to look back on and stay busy.
  • 80 Days That Changed the World
  • Time America: An Illustrated History
Together with Margaret Rubiano (an illustrator), Suzanne Zenkel has done an amazing job on the journal: Memories for My Grandchild: A Keepsake to Remember. It comes with guided prompts and questions to help with writing down life. Want a nice journal for yourself to write down reasons why you love your partner or any other family member? We bet you will love the Why I Love You: A Journal of Us.

Suzanne Zenkel Memories for My Grandchild: A Keepsake to Remember – Available as Hardcover-Spiral or Spiral-Bound

Frankly, when people get old they wish they had written down their life story so that their grandchildren could read and have an idea of how their grandparents lived. Suzanne Zenkel came up with a brilliant idea to create a book that people can use to write down stories and attach pictures of their life events as they happen, allowing generations to come to learn a thing or two about their life. Well, this works perfectly well for the expecting or new grandparents out there.

Surprise your grandparents with this book and have them narrate their life events on paper. The journal is built with archival acid-free papers that are great for memory preservation, making it easy to pass it on from generation to generation.

How Do I Choose the Best Gifts For Grandparents?

Visit any grandparent and you will be greeted with a plate of cookies made from a “secret” family recipe and possibly told some funny stories about their time (when they were as young as you), or that one story that you’ve heard countless times about Goodnight Moon. It’s just their nature!

But hey! These old folks go out of their way to keep you smiling, and they would literally come to your rescue if you had a big fight with your parents. There are more than enough reasons why you should always keep them in mind during the festive season, Grandparents Day, or any other time by giving them a nice gift. Don’t worry if you are a bit confused what you should get your lovely grandma or grandpa; here are some awesome ideas to open up your imagination:

Get Them Something Cozy

If there are people who love to get cozy, it’s the grandparents! Look at how they love to sit beside the fireplace; look at the kind of clothes they wear, from slippers to scarfs—everything is cold-proof! Go ahead and get them anything that will keep them warmer during those cold months. If’ it’s a pair of socks, some wool blankets (if they don’t have enough already), or even heated jackets. They will love it!

Think Something Festive

That’s right! It’s festive season and we are not just talking about Christmas, no! We mean even holidays such as Thanksgiving. So why not get those old folks something for the holiday? Get some festive family keepsakes for your grandma and the Nutcracker soundtrack for your grandpa (grandpa’s scotch will go down smoother with the soundtrack playing in the background!).

Family is Everything

There’s a good chance that your grandparents’ house is littered with countless family photos, some well-organized in an album and others hung on the wall. This doesn’t necessarily mean they are art collectors, no! To them, there’s nothing like “too many photos.” A thoughtful gift to help them store or present these photos is a family portrait or a calendar. Get something customized with your family name well-etched on it, if you can. Now that will make an impression!

Keep them Busy

Whether your grandparents prefer lounging together or are planning to host Christmas, they can never turn down any entertainment gifts or something that keeps them busy. Anything from a knitting needle set for the grandma to a backgammon game or crossword puzzle book, they will appreciate.
When it comes to the budget, we’ve got some great news, folks! Most grandparents really don’t care how much you’ve spent on a gift; what they see is a gesture of love and appreciation, period! While you could dig deeper into your pockets and get something really expensive for them, don’t beat yourself down if you can’t afford hundreds or thousands of dollars—just go for the option that looks appealing to you.

Be aware though, that some cheap grandparents’ gifts might not be quality enough to last long. You know, grandparents love something they can keep and look at for months or years to come, so ensure you prioritize on quality. For a wide range of options and different price ranges (from budget-friendly to moderate to high-end stuff), don’t forget to check out our reviews on specific grandpa gifts and grandma gifts. No chance you will leave empty-handed!

Get the Best Gifts For Grandparents of 2021!

We always want to see our grandparents smile and make them know that indeed they are always in our minds, not just during Christmas and Grandparents Day, but also every day when we have the opportunity. And that’s why we have taken time to carefully compile a list of great gift ideas from reputable brands, all of which have more options that you can check out. It’s time you gave your grandparents that smile of a lifetime!

Our Top Choice
CustomGiftsNow Ceramic Coffee Mugs
Best Value
Klikel Bronze Metal Family Tree
Bonavita Carafe Coffee Brewer
Time 100 Photographs: Influential Images
Suzanne Zenkel Memories for my Grandchild