Best Gifts For Teens Reviews 2022

Teenagers are quite difficult to fathom when it comes to gifts. Knowing just what to include in your teen’s gift list will definitely have you scratching your head. Quite often, they will feign excitement over any gift, only to return it later in a bid to increase their gift cards. But you can always outsmart your teen with a gift they can’t help keeping; even better, you can get them something that you’re sure they need so badly. On your own, this won’t be a piece of cake, and that’s why we are here to help. Take a look at some of the best gifts for teens (unisex) brands that we have reviewed for you.
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Gift type
Price range
Gift options
Other products
Our Top Choice
Jasmine Natural Acoustic Guitar
Providing diversity of products is one of the things that Jasmine works so hard to achieve, and the efforts have borne fruit for the company.
Its rich sound will keep them glued. Has a spruce top fitted with an advanced X bracing. It’s built to offer exceptional value. Its bold sound is proof of this uniqueness.
It is for right-handed users only.
Musical instruments
Acoustic guitar
Moderate price point
Can get as bundle
Guitar instruments (electric)
Best Value
Marky Sparky Doinkit Magnetic Dart Board
Marky Sparky is renowned for its great innovations, which have seen the company grow significantly in the toy inventing industry.
It will offer your teen an ultimate good time. Built with lightweight and durable material. The darts don’t lose balance easily. The board comes with a hook.
It might be too small for some players.
Magnetic dartboard
Budget-friendly price point
Many other outdoor games
Faux bow, rings, and boards
Fitbit Charge 2 Wristband
Your health is a priority, and Fitbit is committed to going with you all the way. Its products are tailored to empower and inspire customers to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.
You can follow-up on the achievement of the activities for the entire day. You can get calls, text, and calendar notifications. It uses GPS to measure real-time stats.
May be susceptible to slight inaccuracy due to its light-based heart rate monitor.
Health and fitness
Fitness wristband
High-end price point
Choose among 6 colors/2 sizes
Fashionable fitness wristbands
Phaiser Bluetooth Headphones
Phaiser was founded on the very logic of making working-out fun, and it has delivered that to its customers with outstanding wireless earphones since 2014.
You can enjoy wireless freedom. It has punchy bass sound from 8 mm speakers. Designed with a sweatproof Liquipel Technology. Has enhanced ceramic antenna.
Its foam earpiece might expand, causing discomfort.
Bluetooth headphones
Budget-friendly price point
Choose among 5 colors
Multiple headsets
Maxboost Tri-Spinner Focus Fidget Spinner
A combination of cutting-edge technology and contemporary style is not something every company out there takes on a stride. But Maxboost has taken this to another level.
It offers a smooth spin. Designed to be small and lightweight. You can carry it anywhere you go. Has an ergonomically-curved design to offer ultra-comfort and longevity of use.
It is fragile, so avoid dropping it.
Stress Reducer
Fidget spinner stress reducer
Budget-friendly to high-end
Many other fidget toys
Multiple stress reducers

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What is the Best Gifts For Teens?

Getting the best gift for anyone is tricky, let alone your teen with their ever-changing tastes. But we hope this guide has shed some light on the features to look out for; let’s jump to our review of the top five gifts you can get.
Our Top Choice
Every teen needs to play as the pros are, and this Jasmine Natural Acoustic Guitar is more than just a music icon; its rich sound will keep them glued to the instrument. If your teenager already has an acoustic guitar, then get him the Jasmine Electric Acoustic Guitar.

Jasmine Natural Acoustic Guitar – Available as a Bundle

Teens have a particular fascination with music, and nothing can offer this more than an ideal guitar. Jasmine knows that quite well and guarantees the same for every teen out there, and for everyone looking for a gift for their loved teens. As such, the quality of its products has never been wanting, and this has earned the company its fair share of trust from happy customers.

One thing you will come to love about this Jasmine Acoustic Guitar is the natural satin finish that gives out a natural-feeling sound and touch. With additional rigidity from the X bracing and bold sound from the very design, this guitar offers the teen an opportunity to play like a pro. And perhaps the Jasmine Guitar isn’t all you need for a gift; you can go for the Jasmine Guitar Bundle with more gadgets, if you so please.

But if your son or daughter isn’t so much into music, he or she will certainly need something else to do from time to time. And Jasmine is here for you, with other cool products that you can turn to as well.
Best Value
What could be more fun than passing time in style? That is exactly why your teen needs this Marky Sparky Doinkit Darts Magnetic Dart Board for an ultimate good time. If your teen already has a magnetic dart board, then get him this Marky Sparky Faux Bow Patented Archery Arrow Set.

Marky Sparky Doinkit Darts Magnetic Dart Board

While shopping for gifts for teenagers is relatively difficult, everyone needs to hit the market with confidence; Marky Sparky has ensured this by perfecting its customer service and offering nothing short of a reliable platform. This is along with the company’s devotion to taking the lead in inventions; after all, every teen wants a device that can assure as much fun as possible.

For unlimited fun with your dart game, this Marky Sparky Doinkit Darts Magnetic Dart Board has a safely built-in magnet that keeps the darts in place whenever you hit your target. What’s more, its lightweight nature adds convenience to your game and makes it more transportable, not to mention that the hooks it comes with make hanging it super easy.

It’s possible that your firstborn will not be into darts all the time. Then you can get him something else to enjoy:
  • A faux bow that can shoot up to over 100 feet (and arrow archery set).
  • Rings and board for a hook board ring game.
  • A badminton set if the game always makes him jump from his seat and swing into the spin.
Nothing can compare to getting incoming calls, calendar, or text notifications at a glance. Well, your daughter can’t get this better than with the Fitbit Charge 2 Fitness + Heart Rate Wristband with OLED display function. If your teen has a Fitbit watch already, how about getting the Fitbit Wifi Aria Smart Scale in either black or white?

Fitbit Charge 2 Fitness & Heart Rate Wristband – Available in Six Colors & Two Sizes

With all the activity that comes with teenagers, nothing can be more fitting for your teen than a health device. This is where Fitbit comes into play. And the company has succeeded in the commitment to ensuring health and fitness come first. This is thanks to a unique perception that a healthy lifestyle is achievable through fun and empowerment, then viewing it as a serious business. Your teen has the chance to go all the way without much fuss. And unbelievably, this has transformed many lives.

A lot can be done from one gadget, whether in a workout or hanging out at the mall. This Fitbit Charge 2 Wristband is designed to help your daughter monitor her cardio and peak, fat burn, and simplified heart rate zones regardless of what she is doing. And with the OLED display, the calls, calendar, and text notifications should be at her fingers. But if she has one already, you can always get her an alternative that’s just as great.

Here are some of the other gifts we are talking about:
  • A Wi-Fi smart scale may be a great deal, and one she will be using quite often too.
  • A wireless activity tracker can go along if that’s all that is necessary for tracking.
  • Alternatively, a leather, blush accessory band can add a special touch to every occasion.
Your teen couldn’t ask for more than the punchy bass sound from these Phaiser Bluetooth Headphones with Mic and its 8 mm speakers HD sound function. If they already have the Bluetooth headphones, however, then get them the Phaiser Silicone Replacement Ear-buds.

Phaiser Bluetooth Headphones with Mic – Available in Five Colors

Today’s youth is a tech generation, and music comes in the forefront for most of them. So, wearable technology is an essential aspect, and Phaiser works hard to ensure it has you covered. And with its commitment to designing great tech while still making products that can withstand harsh conditions, you can get something that defies the odds. Now, the company boasts of the latest technology products with the most advanced gear in the industry. Your son or daughter couldn’t be happier.

The HD sound and incredible size of 8mm in these Phaiser Bluetooth Headphones are utterly unprecedented, giving you an uncompromised sound quality with a rich bass. This is an absolute go-to for bass-heads, and the guarantee of quality and longevity is too enticing to overlook.

Then, if working-out is the order of the day, the sweatproof feature of this earphone ensures ideal service for such conditions. However, if your daughter has a pair already and wants something just as fun, you can turn to a whole lot of other options that are available.

Here are some of the alternatives you can keep an eye on:
  • An iPhone might be a go-to option to add to your list as nothing fascinates the tech generation more than this.
  • If tech fascinates her the most, then maybe some virtual reality goggles could do.
  • What about a quality digital camera which she can capture those crucial selfie moments with?
Sometimes teens can spin a fidget for hours, and the ceramic bearings in this Maxboost Tri-Spinner Focus Toy Fidget Spinner offer a smooth spin. If they already have a Tri-Spinner, then get them the Maxboost Squeeze a Bean Fidget Toy.

Maxboost Tri-Spinner Focus Toy Fidget Spinner

Diversity is always crucial in the tech industry, especially when teenagers are involved. It goes beyond the efficiency and expectations, to an unsurpassed fun. Well, Maxboost knows just how to make this real. The company is a leading designer and manufacturer of mobile accessories, and when it comes to this field, this brand never disappoints. To keep the latest trends and evolve with the dynamic world, spinners have everything to show for the manufacturer’s efforts.

What makes the Maxboost Tri-Spinner Focus Fidget Spinner one of a kind is the fact that besides being the perfect size and weight, it is built to spin smoothly for hours; your son or daughter will never leave it behind. Spinning a fidget for hours can be boring, but with the ceramic bearings installed in this one, the smooth spin will keep the user glued to the device. Now, if this isn’t all the fidgety little folk want for that significant birthday present, then you can grab something else for him. Well, Maxboost has a collection of interesting devices.

And these are some of the most impressive ones to consider:
  • If he has an iPhone that he drops often, then an iPhone case can do him the favor of saving his treasured gadget.
  • Maybe a 4.8A/24W car charger can go a long way in keeping his device powered and ensuring he is well-connected.
  • Or perhaps a 300W power inverter can be far-reaching if he is more into electronic items.

How Do I Choose the Best Gifts For Teens?

Unlike mom or dad who you can gift on special occasions, teens will always be looking forward to the day you will bring them something special. To them, the fun never ends. But this can go to a completely new level if there is more to it than just the aspect of surprise. This is the ultimate test of character, and anyone who has ever faced the decision of buying a gift for a teen knows too well this can be quite a monumental task. Now, how can you land a gift to reckon with while still sparing yourself the frustration and tearing the hair off your head?

It all comes down to the type of teen you are buying the gift for, whether it is your niece, son, nephew, or daughter, start by understanding what they love most. Fortunately, with a slew of gifts around that you can go for, making the right choice can be a breeze.

For instance, if your son loves to game, then a games console of some sort would be ideal, or perhaps just a game to go with his current games console! Your daughter might also love this gift, but if gaming isn't her thing, then you could go with something else. A new smartphone is bound to have her high-fiving you before disappearing into her room to celebrate having the best dad ever.

On the other side, if you have a niece whose obsession with photography already has the best of her, you’re in luck as the choice is pretty easy. A drone is fun to fly around and take photos with from all angles, although difficult to maneuver. But an ideal digital camera isn’t as hard, and will still do the trick.

Let’s face it: the difficult times you’ve been having to decide the best gift for your teen is all due to the lack of considering two things. First, you need to understand the personality of your teen. Next, you need to be open to the little fun things that teens need. These may not seem to make much sense to you, but they are all it takes when it comes to your teen.

Overall, you can win your teen’s attention with several gifts that we reviewed for you; but first, here are some of the gift features to look out for.

Deciding on the perfect gift is tricky, but how about looking through some of the various features that you would need to keep in mind? Think of this as a quick tip section, just to make sure you get the perfect gift.
  • Category – One notable thing about gifts for teens is that they come in all types of categories. From options for young teens and the older ones, for girls and boys, the list is virtually endless.
  • Gift Type – If your teen is tech-savvy, an ideal gadget like a Smartphone will catch his attention; but for the active ones, maybe a pair of running shoes or a yoga mat would leave her all smiles. And when it comes to the game-lovers, some virtual reality goggles might be all you need to think of.
  • Price Range – Depending on what you’re looking for, and of course the love you have for your teen, the wide price range sets the stage for you. You have nice but pocket-friendly options as well as costly ones, so you can consider your budget and go for the best.
  • Gift Options – In case your teenage son already has his PlayStation, you can consider getting him something more intriguing that will still be worthy of his attention. Basketball may take him from his seat into the great outdoors.
  • Other Ideas – While most teen gifts are inclined towards fun and such, a little deviation towards something that can build them could make all the difference. Forget the fancy gadgets and high-life gifts; a more constructive gift such as a sports bike can go a long way. And if you don’t want to stick to material gifts, then arranging for a getaway or holiday can be captivating too—whether it’s on her birthday or a summer trip.
Buying a gift for a teenager, whether it’s your friend, son, daughter, sister or brother, can be done no matter what your budget. The price of a gift of course depends on the type of gift you go for. Our gifts for teens range from around $10 all the way up to $150, so you’re bound to find a suitable gift in your price range.

The only problem is, with the market flooded with cheap gifts for teens, you can easily make a terrible decision and end up with a worthless gift. If you come across these low-cost gift offers, be careful, as most of them are not as original or lack essential features, and usually never last as you would expect them to.

Get the Best Gifts For Teens of 2022!

Choosing the right gift for your teen is never something you take on a stride. But we believe after reading our review of some of the best gifts for teens around, you can go for it with confidence. Go ahead and surprise your teen with the best gift that they will live to remember. It’s among the things special moms do now and then.

Our Top Choice
Jasmine Natural Acoustic Guitar
Best Value
Marky Sparky Doinkit Magnetic Dart Board
Fitbit Charge 2 Wristband
Phaiser Bluetooth Headphones
Maxboost Tri-Spinner Focus Fidget Spinner