Best Girls Hoodie Reviews 2023

Whatever you need a girls’ hoodie for, it won't be long before you realize how much work is involved in selecting a suitable one. The number of options you have to choose from is scary, not to mention the various styles from one brand. You obviously don’t want to go through all that stress, which is why you need us. And like always, we’re up to the task. After much work researching, we’ve come up with five of the best girls’ hoodies from trusted brands. Your job now is to read our review and make a selection. You should note, however, that the brands we featured have other variants you can check out for more options.
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Our Top Choice
Under Armour Girls’ Tech Hoodie
Under Armour is a popular sports apparel brand committed to offering sports gear that is optimized for maximum comfort, thus, bringing out the best in its users.
Superior moisture control. Fashionable style. Comfortable. Available in multiple colors. Machine washable.
No real issues, just be sure to confirm the sizing before purchase.
XS, S, M, L, XL
100% polyester
5 colors
2, Kangaroo
Best Value
My Little Pony Girls' Rainbow Dash Hoodie
My Little Pony produces novelty products and immense entertainment of different kinds for young children while educating and helping them grow.
Fleece lining. Machine washable. Colorful design. Quality materials. Full zipper closure.
The zipper isn’t of the best quality.
XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL
60% Cotton/40% Polyester
2, side
Nike Big Girls Epic Flash Fleece Graphie Hoodie
Nike makes fashion apparel as well as sports gear. It is known all over the world for its top-quality products for men, women, and children.
Quality material. Thermal-Fit design. Scuba hoodie. Does not wear after wash. Reflective details.
So awesome, your girl won’t want to take it off.
XS, S, M, L, XL
100% polyester
6 colors
2, kangaroo
Columbia Pearl Plush II Hybrid Hoodie
Columbia understands the outdoors and knows what it takes to survive the rigors in terms of outfit, which is why it offers tough and superior-quality apparel for everyone.
Full zippered closure. 100% polyester. Microfleece inner lining. Comfortable and insulated. Water and stain repellent.
Getting a perfect fit is not straightforward.
XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL
100% polyester
4 colors
2, side, zippered
Hanes ComfortSoft EcoSmart Hoodie
Hanes is a leading manufacturer of apparel that focuses on superior quality and comfort. It creates everyday wear for men, women, and children.
Equal blend of cotton and polyester. Soft, warm, and cozy. Environmentally conscious. Available in multiple colors.
Getting the right size is a bit of a problem.
S, M, L, XL
50% cotton/50% polyester
6 colors
2, kangaroo

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What is the Best Girls Hoodie?

You have read the guide and we hope you have now made up your mind on the specific things you want from a girls’ hoodie. With that out of the way, take a look at our review of the individual brands and products to see which of them has what it takes to be the best girls’ hoodie for your needs.
Our Top Choice
The Under Armour Girls' Tech Hoodie flaunts superior comfort with its Signature Moisture Transport System that wicks off sweat instead of absorbing it, keeping you dry and light. If you’d like a hoodie made of fleece, go for the Under Armour Girls' Fleece Novelty Hoodie, which has a soft, brushed inner layer to keep you comfortable and warm.

Under Armour Girls' Tech Hoodie – Available in 5 Sizes & 5 Colors

Under Armour is an apparel brand that specializes in sports outfits. It has a mission to improve athletes’ performance through the outfits they wear. It was started by a football player at the University of Maryland in 1996, as he wanted to create gear that would keep sportspeople dry, cool, and light through the course of their games. It now produces a wide range of sports apparel that is optimized for heat, cold, and all seasons. With the adoption of the latest technology, Under Armour engineers its apparel to keep athletes comfortable and uninhibited, to bring out the best in their ability.

Sportswear of any type is supposed to be comfortable, yet sleek enough to represent your fashion game. That balance is well struck in the Under Armour Girls' Tech Hoodie, which is 100% polyester, designed as loose fit and long sleeved for maximum comfort. It has a color-binded hood with a V-neck, and the crystal color we’re featuring has a contrasting black stripe along the hem of the hood and neckline to make the design a little more vibrant.

This hoodie features the Under Armour Signature Moisture Transport System that wicks sweat off your skin instead of absorbing it to keep you dry and light all day long. It has a drop-tail hem for better back coverage and a kangaroo pocket at the front to tuck your hands into, perhaps when posing for a selfie. The quick-dry fabric used is soft and has a natural feel that keeps you comfortable even when you’re indulging in a rigorous activity.

This hoodie is both sporty and trendy, so you can rock it on or off the field and still get its dazzling effects. The brand name is spelled out on the left sleeve in black, and the brand logo appears at the bottom left corner of the front side, just above the hem. People who see you will know you’re rocking some quality apparel, no questions asked. The hoodie is machine washable, making it easy to maintain. This sleek outfit is available in 5 different colors, so feel free to check them out and pick whichever suits your fashion style.
Best Value
Who says kids can’t be cool? Up your daughter’s game with the My Little Pony Girls' Rainbow Dash Hoodie, which has colorful fleece tassels on the hood and rainbow-colored sleeves. If Twilight Sparkle is your daughter’s favorite, then get her the My Little Pony Girls' Twilight Sparkle Hoodie, which also has a fleece lining and full zipper closure.

My Little Pony Girls' Rainbow Dash Hoodie – Available in 10 Sizes & with T-Shirt

My Little Pony is a brand of Hasbro, which is a global entertainment company that is responsible for some of the world’s most popular and entertaining play products. Its products span from toys and games to movies, cartoons, digital gaming, novelty products, etc. This entertainment giant was founded in 1923 and still expresses its passion for play and edutainment for people of all ages.

Put a bright smile on your little angel’s face with the My Little Pony Girls' Rainbow Dash Hoodie. Her face will surely light up at this brightly colored outfit and will quickly recognize ‘Rainbow Dash’ from the My Little Pony series. This hoodie is 60% cotton and 40% polyester, which keeps your girl super comfortable at all times, so you may have to beg her to take it off. It has pockets on both sides to keep some candy, or just her hands, to show off how cool she can be.

This is a light blue hoodie with vibrant rainbow colors on both sleeves and a red waistline. Rainbow Dash’s cute face is printed on the front of this hoodie and there are three-dimensional wings at the back. The hood has two ears and colorful fleece tassels to represent the mane. Your daughter will sure feel like soaring whenever she rocks this hooded jacket. She will definitely catch the eyes of her mates and even teachers when she wears it to school and will have you to thank for her popularity.

With the full zip closure, she can choose to zip it up to show off the pretty face of the popular Pegasus, or keep it open to show her inner wear. Whichever way she chooses to wear this, she will still be twice as cool. This hoodie is available in 10 different sizes, so it won’t be a problem to find a matching size for your cutie pie. It is machine washable, but be sure to follow the manufacturer’s washing instructions so you can extend its lifespan.
The Nike Girls Epic Fleece Graphie Hoodie sports its Thermal-Fit technology for advanced insulation to keep you toasty and, of course, comfortable. If you’d like a hoodie with a heavy fabric, go for the Nike Girls' KO 3.0 Applique Pullover Hoodie, which uses Nike’s Dri-FIT for moisture control, keeping her dry and comfortable.

Nike Big Girls Epic Flash Fleece Graphie Hoodie – Available in 4 Sizes & 5 Colors

Nike is a fashion brand that needs no introduction. It offers outfits both for fashion and sports and whichever it is, you can rest assured it is stylish. Nike makes gear for all sports and apparel of all types, using the best available materials. This is why it is a globally respected brand in all categories of its products. When you’re on top of your game for this long, there’s no way you will not achieve as much as this brand. Its commitment to quality and style is apparent in its girls’ hoodies.

The Nike Girls Epic Fleece Graphie Hoodie is made of 100% polyester and features Nike’s Therma-Fit, which makes the hoodie insulated so you can stay warm and comfortable. The kangaroo pocket in front is well placed to tuck your hands into to keep them warm and show off some feminine swagger. The pullover scuba hood will cover your head well when worn and can be neatly pulled back when not needed.

The bright crimson color option has a contrasting, vivid purple brand name graphic across the chest, and purple also lines the hem of the long sleeves and waist. The cuffs and hem are elastic for a tight fit, which further enhances the hoodie’s insulation. The material this apparel is made of is quite thick and of such great quality that it remains just as is even after many washes. Just make sure you follow the manufacturer’s washing instructions to keep the fleece’s quality and help it last longer.

This hoodie also sports reflective details to enhance its visibility. This hoodie is great for sports activities and will definitely pass for fashion wear; it is that sleek and trendy. It is available in different sizes, so it won’t be hard to find a perfect fit. It also comes in six color combinations, so you can flaunt your style and ‘wear’ your fashion game. This is a great gift idea and the recipient will adore you for it. That’s a promise.
The Columbia Girls' Hybrid Hoodie sports the Omni-Shield advanced repellency overlay, which makes the jacket not just repel water, but stains too, so she can stay dry and clean. If you’d like a hoodie for babies, go for the Columbia Baby Fast Trek Hoodie, which is also made of 100% polyester and is available in 4 sizes and 6 colors.

Columbia Girls' Pearl Plush II Hybrid Hoodie – Available in 4 Sizes & 4 Colors

For more than 70 years, Columbia has been a passionate brand with a deep understanding of the outdoors. With its experience and knowledge, it makes outdoor apparel with innovative technology and the best combination of materials. All of its products are subjected to rigorous testing, so you can rest assured your outfit will endure the rigors of the outdoors for longer. It has a wide distribution network that makes its products available in stores near you or online.

The Columbia Girls' Hybrid Hoodie has a 100% polyester luscious pile shell with a 100% nylon dobby ripstop shell overlay. The inside is lined with polyester microfleece and is insulated with Microtemp XF II polyester. All these translate into a soft and cozy jacket against the skin, keeping your child warm and comfortable at all times. It provides adequate warmth, yet it is not bulky.

This hoodie features the Omni-Shield advanced repellency overlay on the hood, shoulders, and torso to protect those areas from water and stains. It has a full zippered closure of contrasting color that extends to the hem of the hood and the cuffs of the sleeves. There are hand pockets on either side, which are zippered too to keep the contents secure and her hands warm. The insulation of this hoodie makes it ideal for cold weather.

As machine-washable apparel, the material stays the same wash after wash, with no peeling. It won’t be hard to find a size that will suit your child, as there are many different sizes of this hoodie available. It is also available in 4 different color combinations, so you can choose one that reflects her style.
Feel warm and cozy and be an environmental hero with the Hanes ComfortSoft EcoSmart Hoodie, which is a blend of cotton and polyester that helps keep plastic from landfills. If you’d like a pullover instead, go for the Hanes Youth EcoSmart Pullover Hood, which is made of high-stitch density fabric and is low pill.

Hanes Big Girls' ComfortSoft EcoSmart Full-Zip Fleece Hoodie – Available in 4 Colors

Hanes is a leading manufacturer and supplier of everyday apparel. It was founded in 1901 and strives for product excellence to make sure everyone who owns its product is happily satisfied. Some of its products include tagless t-shirts and underwear, the stretch cup t-shirt bra, x-temp fabrics, etc. It is spread across more than 40 countries worldwide and the brand manufactures its products in its own plants or some contractors’. Hanes is an energy star partner and has also received other honorary recognition. The brand is also environmentally conscious, which is why it started the EcoSmart series of apparel, including the item we are featuring.

The Hanes ComfortSoft EcoSmart Hoodie is an equal blend of cotton and polyester, creating a soft, warm, and definitely comfortable sweatshirt that is a must-have. Not only is the blend of materials comfortable, it also provides good insulation to keep you toasty in the cold. It also has ribbed cuffs and hem that stretch for a good fit. Its tag-free design adds to the comfort you get, as there’s no label to cause discomfort at the nape of your neck.

This plush, medium-weight fleece hoodie has a full zipper closure. The zipper runs down the front and separates the spacious pockets you can tuck your hands in for more warmth or just to keep your lunch money. With its high-stitch density, you don’t have to worry about pilling and the 7.8-ounce fleece will take multiple washes and still feel as good as new. You don’t have to endure any hand washing, as this hoodie is machine washable, just be sure to follow the washing instructions to help the hoodie last long and maintain its shape.

Wearing this hoodie, you can rest assured that you’re being environmentally responsible, as Hanes EcoSmart products prevent an equivalent of 50 million plastic bottles from making it to the landfills every year. One issue people face with apparel is getting the perfect fit. Be sure to take some measurements and check the available size charts to get the size you want. This EcoSmart hoodie is available 4 sizes and comes in White, Purple Thora, Navy, and Amaranth. So, go ahead and decide which color blends with your style and be ready to dazzle, in comfort, of course.

How Do I Choose the Best Girls Hoodie?

Hoodies have transcended all facets of fashion. A hood will look great on just about any type of outfit, whether a dress jacket, raincoat, or a casual outerwear for both men and women. Hoodies have come to stay and stay they will for a long time. Girls agree to that too, as the hood concept is fast creeping into their mainstream fashion. It isn’t unusual to find a lady rocking a floral jumpsuit with a hood; in fact, that is so ‘on fleek!’

A girls’ hoodie is something you will find in almost every girl’s wardrobe. Some will have more of them than others, but it is almost an essential. A girls’ hoodie is quite versatile, as it can be worn on many occasions depending on how it is designed. Some will like to wear one that matches their running shoes. How’s that for sports fashion? While others might just like a hooded casual wear they can wear for leisure over a pair of yoga pants.

The best girls’ hoodies are those that combine comfort and style. If it’s clothing, whatever type it is, it passes as a fashion item. Girls’ hoodies come in as many styles as any other girls’ outfit. Different colors, patterns, sizes, etc. Girls’ hoodies are made with different materials and sport different designs. Some are just plain, while others are patterned; you will also find some with graphics on them. Whichever your choice is, be sure it matches your preferences and represents your style.

As you read on, you will get a clearer idea on how to go about choosing the best girls’ hoodie for you.
The materials used, design, brand name, etc. are the major factors that affect the price of a girls’ hoodie. You can easily guess why a solid-colored, polyester hoodie with few special features will cost less than $14. And a cotton fleece hoodie with advanced treatment for warmth and comfort from a popular brand will go for more than $45. If you’re really keen on getting the best out of the hoodie, beware of the cheap girls’ hoodies. They are made with inferior materials you won’t be comfortable wearing and they won’t even survive more than a few washes.
Fashion is as complex as the people who indulge in it. The reason is simply that it is based on preference, and there are a lot of those. Nevertheless, there are some features you still need to consider when buying a girls’ hoodie, regardless of your preferences, even though they’re still much required. These features are listed as follows:
  • Type
  • Size
  • Materials
  • Aesthetics
  • Care
These features and how they might affect your choice are explained in the sections below.
Construction and Design
The first thing to consider when deciding on what to buy, whatever it is, is to be clear on what you need it for, how you intend to use it, and your child’s personal preferences. It’s a huge waste of time to end up with a product that won’t serve its purpose nor suit your style. Some folks prefer the pullover type that you put on over the head just like a t-shirt. Others like the zippered type you put on like a button-down shirt. If your daughter is the type that prefers every strand of her hair to remain in its designated position, you’d be better off with the zippered type. That way, she won’t rip out her hair in frustration when it gets disheveled while putting on the pullover.

Hoodies are made of different materials, so whichever you choose will be mostly based on your preferences. Different brands tend to use a different material for the outer layer and lining for comfort and warmth. Girls’ hoodies are often made of cotton, fleece, water-resistant cotton, etc. Like we said earlier, your daughter’s preference has a lot to do with your choice of girls’ hoodies.

Just like any other fashion item, girls’ hoodies come in different sizes for obvious reasons. Some designs come in many sizes, available from toddlers’ to big girls’ sizes. Depending on how she likes to rock her style, whether slim-fit or a size or two bigger, you will find a size for her.
Performance and Ease of Use
Clothing companies never seem to run out of creative juices when it comes to aesthetics. There is, perhaps, an infinite number of styles you can find for girls’ hoodies. From checkered to stripes, solid colors, graphics, etc. Some are tailored to be athletic, slim-fit, baggy, etc. Some have kangaroo pockets in front, while others have zippered pockets on the side. Some have a detachable hood, while others are bound. Whatever style you want in a girls’ hoodie, you will surely find it.

Just like most other clothing, how you care for it has a lot to do with how long it lasts. Some are machine washable, while some should not be washed with different-colored clothing. Whichever girls’ hoodie you end up with, be sure to follow the washing instructions to get the best out of it and help it last longer.

We hope this information will help you decide what you want from your ideal girls’ hoodie, so you can find your selection easy.

Get the Best Girls Hoodie of 2023!

Well done for getting this far. It is our hope that you have gotten enough information to help you decide on the best girls’ hoodie for you. In that case, don’t lose any more time. Make that purchase and start rocking your style.

Our Top Choice
Under Armour Girls’ Tech Hoodie
Best Value
My Little Pony Girls' Rainbow Dash Hoodie
Nike Big Girls Epic Flash Fleece Graphie Hoodie
Columbia Pearl Plush II Hybrid Hoodie
Hanes ComfortSoft EcoSmart Hoodie