Best Girls Rain Boot Reviews 2023

Let’s face it; kids love to splash! It’s only natural for them to be drawn to puddles of water after the rain. There’s no need to restrain her from such fun when she can do it wearing a cozy pair of rain boots. However, getting the ideal pair can be a daunting task. For this reason, we have compiled a detailed list of five of the best girls’ rain boot brands that will help your queen enjoy the sound of ‘pitter patter’ in a happy way!
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Our Top Choice
Joules Printed Girls’ Rain Boots
Joules is a lifestyle brand that, for the last 25 years, has provided consumers with stylish and ultra-comfortable goods.
Waterproof; Full length; Solid and durable soles; Comfortable interior; Removable inner soles
Need to be worn with socks for a snug fit.
Full length
Printed floral
3 special sizes
1-12 years
Best Value
Kamik Rainplaylo Kids’ Rain Boots
Kamik is a family-owned Canadian business that has been in operation for over a century, providing customers with high-quality footwear.
Waterproof; Easy to slip into and stay in; Reflective patch for safety; Solid construction
May be a bit tricky to clean inside.
Ankle length
Multiple colors
2 special sizes
1-8 years
Kidorable Ladybug Rain Boots
Kidorable was established to help kids explore, think, create and even imagine great things by providing them with fun ways to do so.
Durable rubber construction; Anti-slip; Wide opening; Attractive print
Not available for girls over 8 years.
Full length
Ladybug with 3D front
Rubber with cotton lining
1 special size
4-8 years
Mini Melissa Sugar Rain Fabula
Mini Melissa is a footwear brand that is renowned for creating extraordinary plastic shoes that are loved by kids worldwide.
Waterproof; Light to wear; Easy to slip into; Spacious inside; Fun-looking design
Isolated complaints of lack of a snug fit
Ankle length
Multiple colors
2 special sizes
1-8 years
Stephen Joseph Girls’ Rain Boots
Stephen Joseph is brand that, since 1981, has been creating fun and innovative products that exceed their customers’ expectations.
Waterproof exterior; Comfortable interior; Non-slip sole for comfortable walking
Isolated complaints of size not matching the fit
Full length
Colorful prints
Rubber with EVA padding
3 special sizes
1-7 years

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What is the Best Girls Rain Boot?

From the prints on the outside to the construction of the inside, there are many factors to consider before deciding on a particular pair of rain boots. Let’s explore more pointers to guide you through the process.
Our Top Choice
The Joules Printed Rain Boots are waterproof and knee length, letting your little princess walk like a queen in the rain without fear of getting wet. Would you prefer a pair of rain boots that aren’t printed? Then, we think you will love the Joules JNR Welly Rain Boots, which are also waterproof.

Joules Rubber Sole Printed Girls’ Rain Boots - Available in Multiple Sizes & Colors

Named after the founder, Tom Joule, Joules is a lifestyle brand that has been in the industry since 1989.Their signature style involves playing around with colors and prints to ensure that their customers look sharp and elegant. The brand helps dress women, men and even children with the trendiest apparel, made of high-quality materials that are super comfy. The British brand has a loyal following of consumers who are drawn to their irresistible style and affordable prices.

Let’s face it; kids love to splash and shout in the rain. Well, arm your little princess with the Joules Printed Rain Boots and you will never have to worry about her feet getting soaked. These rubber Welly boots are what your baby girl needs when out in the rain, since their solid construction is waterproof while the rubber sole is built to last. So whether your girl digs into mud or just wants to splash, her tiny feet are well protected. Plus, the boot is about 12.5 inches wide at the top so that your princess can quickly slide into them without much hassle.

Here are more features of these floral Wellies:
  • Removable insoles for easy cleaning
  • Handcrafted, making them authentic
  • Inner lining is made of textile for added comfort.
  • Has a grip tread to disperse water.
  • Has a reflective strip for safety.
  • Backed by a one-year Welly guarantee
Not every little girl is into pink flowers. If your princess is not, you can get these rain boots in bright orange ditsy, pool blue carousel, shy blue ice cream and even pink spot. If your kid is outside the 4-8-year range, these boots are also available in toddler sizes (1-4 years), and a larger size for big kids (8-12 years).
Best Value
The Kamik Rainplaylo is a pair of waterproof rain boots for your little angel that’s easy to slip into and comfortable to stay in. Do you prefer full-length rain boots for your little one instead? Then the Kamik Raindrops Full Length Rain Boots will make a great match.

Kamik Ankle Length Rainplaylo Kids’ Rain Boots - Available in Multiple Sizes & Colors

Kamik has been in the footwear business since 1898 – that’s over a century making shoes. This family-owned business prides itself on keeping your feet happy and safe by providing you well-engineered shoes. Just because the brand has been around for more than a century, doesn’t mean that their shoes are old, gloomy and boring. On the contrary, Kamik has heavily invested in new and innovative ways to give you trendy and stylish footwear. This reputable Canadian brand also prides itself on engaging in sustainable manufacturing as their way of protecting the environment.

The Kamik Rainplaylo is a pair of rubber rain boots that have an ankle height of about seventeen centimeters, which is just what your little princess needs to go out and splash in the rain. You don’t need to worry about her feet getting soaked, because these boots are a hundred percent waterproof. The vulcanized rubber outer sole is built to last a lifetime – well, or until she outgrows the size and passes it down to her smaller sister! Kamik has once again put their master craftsmanship into the construction of these shoes; your little diva will adore these rain boots!

Wait! There’s more:
  • The pair has an ideal weight of about 2.6 pounds.
  • Has NiteRays reflective patch for safety when in the dark.
  • The foot bed is made of EVA for added comfort.
  • Boasts an elastic dual gore.
  • Wide opening, allowing easy slip in
But teal/lavender is not my color mum? Well, these boots are also available in navy/magenta, green and even blue/orange. If your little angel is over 4 years, the rain boots also come in a size for little kids (4-8 years).
The Kidorable Ladybug Rain Boots are made of 100% rubber with a non-slip inner soles so that your little diva is super comfy when she goes out into the rain. Is your baby girl not digging this ladybug design? How about you get her the Kidorable Toddler Mermaid Rain Boots instead?

Kidorable Rubber Ladybug Rain Boots - Available in Multiple Sizes & Colors

Kidorable is all about helping children explore and create a whole new world, by providing them with fun items to do so. According to the founders of Kidorable, modern children have lost their need for human connection, thanks to spending most of their time behind screens. For this reason, Kidorable works tirelessly to make items that will excite children and encourage them to go out and explore what the world has to offer. The brand has become a favorite among parents who appreciate the idea of their kids exploring the outdoors.

The Kidorable Ladybug Rain Boots are a pair of adorable rain boots for your little diva. Made of 100% natural rubber, these lovely boots will have your little gem skipping in the rain and showing off her shoes while at it. Designed with fun in mind, the boots are covered in black spots on a red backdrop, just like a ladybug. Kids around this age like to explore, and most are excited by ladybugs. So, your little minnow will jump around in delight when you get her a pair of these.

Here are more features of these rain boots:
  • Opening of about 12 inches for easy slipping on and off
  • The outer sole is made of thick and durable rubber.
  • The inside has a printed lining made of cotton for added comfort.
  • 3-D bug design at the vamp
  • Non-slip sole for increased comfort
  • There’s also a matching umbrella and raincoat, available separately.
Does your little diva not dig red? Well, you can get these lovely rain boots in purple too, with a butterfly print!
The Mini Melissa Sugar Rain Fabula is a pair of ankle-high rain boots made of 100% PVC, making them waterproof and the perfect footwear for your little angel when out in the rain. Do you prefer a different design? How about spoiling your angel with the Mini Melissa Monkey Yellow Boots instead?

Mini Melissa Recyclable Plastic Sugar Rain Fabula - Available in Multiple Sizes & Colors

For close to 30 years now, Melissa has furnished the fashion world with extraordinary, plastic footwear that’s super comfy and built to last. The brand’s latest addition to its line of shoes is Mini Melissa, which is specifically for little children. The brand’s ingenuity in shoe design has been translated into their line of kids’ footwear, in order to turn your little one into a fashionista. The affordable and elegantly designed shoes will bring joy to your little angel and instantly turn her feet into those of a diva.

The Mini Melissa Sugar Rain Fabula is designed to appeal to your girl, with its fun design and eye-catching graphics. The mini rain boots are made of 100% PVC with an elastic sole, making them very durable. These ankle-high boots will make your little angel jump for joy due to their stylish design. The wide opening at the top ensures that your girl can quickly slip in and out of them in a matter of seconds.

Available in different sizes, these rain boots are made to last as long as your angel can comfortably fit in them. Aside from blue, these boots are also available in beige/black, pink and yellow. The bright designs will cheer up your little girl regardless of the dull weather outside. The boots are also waterproof, which ensures that the feet remain cozy and dry even when walking in rain.
The Stephen Joseph Girls’ Rain Boots are made of 100% rubber on the outside, while the inside has a polyester lining, making them super comfortable for your little queen. Not digging this design? We think you might find the Stephen Joseph All Over Print Rain Boots a great option!

Stephen Joseph Waterproof Girls’ Rain Boots - Available in Multiple Sizes & Colors

Alexandra Buckley started out making frames out of fabric to help her earn some extra money. Little did she know that her imaginative mind would lead to the birth of a multinational that has a staff of over 125 employees, and operates in a big facility that measures over 90,000 square feet. The company has grown remarkably, due to its attention to every detail and use of high-quality materials to make products. The company has diversified into a wide spectrum of products, from arts and crafts to décor and even fashion.

The Stephen Joseph Girls’ Rain Boots are a wonderful creation that will have your angel beaming with joy. With these boots in your kid’s shoe rack, you no longer have to worry about restraining your girl indoors when it’s raining outside. The boot’s waterproof exterior helps keep her feet dry as she splashes and walks in the rain. When it rains, puddles may form in the school’s playground or even at home. That’s when having such rain boots comes in handy!

Here are more features you’ll appreciate about these rain boots:
  • Has a warm inner lining made of 100% polyester.
  • The inner sole is removable for easy cleaning and airing.
  • The inner sole is also non-slip for comfort while walking.
  • The midsole has EVA padding for added comfort.
  • Composed of bright colors that is appealing to children
  • A matching raincoat and umbrella are also available for a different price.
Aside from the butterfly pattern, there are also designs such as teal owl, ladybug, girl horse, flower and even unicorn.

How Do I Choose the Best Girls Rain Boot?

Remember how during your childhood you used to sit at your bedroom window and watch rain fall, but couldn't go outside because Mama said no? Up to now, the sound of rain still stirs up that desire to go out and splash in the puddles. Now that you’re a parent, you need not restrict your little girl to her teepee during the rainy season. With a pair of quality rain boots, your little princess can step out into the ‘pitter patter’ and make her way around without fear of getting wet.

Girls’ rain boots are designed with your princess in mind, and the main aim is to keep her feet dry even when walking through water. Let’s face it; your little princess is slowly turning into a diva and wants everything done a certain way. Don’t be shocked when she tells you that she needs her own make up table and that her umbrella should be red rather than purple – What! Well, girls’ splashing boots are made with such considerations in mind and much more.

The best girls’ rain boots come in colorful themes that combine quality features with comfort for your angel. When shopping for a pair, you need to consider features such as the material used to make the boots, the fit as well as the interior and exterior construction. The use of waterproof material, such as rubber, is essential in ensuring that your girl’s tiny feet stay dry while out splashing. Girls’ rain boots often have a wide opening so that your little angel can comfortably slide in without too much struggle.
Getting your little diva a pair of fancy rain boots doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. The boots are priced between about $25 and $80, depending on the features present. Within this price range, you will find a good pair of rain footwear for your princess that’s waterproof and fits snugly. In the event that your girl is a real diva and wants high-end rain boots, you can pay a little extra for that. Such rain boots carry designer labels and fall in the mini categories of major fashion houses.

Attending to your little queen’s demands doesn’t come cheap, right? Even so, we would like to discourage you from getting her cheap girls’ rain boots in order to save a buck or two. Such boots tend to have an inner sole that’s not removable, making the task of airing them difficult. The rain boots are also plain and lack the appeal that will have your angel jumping into them once the rains start.
Girls’ rain boots are available in all manner of designs and it can be tricky to know just what pair will make your little minnow jump for joy. Here are some of the vital features to look at before adding that pair of rain boots to your wish list:
  • Design –Children love patterns; therefore, ensure that the boots are colorful and feature attractive designs and colorful patterns.
  • Style –The rain boots can either be ankle-length or go all the way up to the knees; it’s a matter of personal preference.
  • Material –The two common materials that you’ll come across are rubber and PVC for the exterior, while the inside may be made of polyester.
  • Size –You have to ensure that you get the right fit for your baby girl so that the boots aren’t too loose or too snug.
  • Ages –Ensure that the boots you decide on are for your girl’s age, since some can be designed for toddlers while others are for big kids.
Construction and Design
Girls’ rain boots come in different designs, patterns and sizes. The most common feature in the design of such water boots is the presence of patterns and attractive colors. Most girls are drawn to fancy colors and most manufacturers have taken this into consideration when designing rain boots. Such patterns include pictures of animals, cartoons and even 3D projections to add to the effect. The secret is to make sure that the colors used help brighten the child’s day, even when the outside is dull.

Another important aspect in the construction of rain boots is the material used. The most common materials are either rubber or PVC due to their versatility and handy nature. As you know, kids are not gentle when handling stuff, thus, the material used should adequately withstand tough play. It’s also important for the exterior to be waterproof to keep your little angel’s feet dry. The sole can vary in terms of thickness and is often made of rubber with traction for better grip. The distance between the shaft and the heel should also be adequate and properly designed for an ideal fit. The inside can also have a lining for added comfort.
Performance and Ease of Use
For your girl to get maximum satisfaction when wearing her rain boots, her feet have to remain dry, regardless of where she may be walking. Therefore, the boots have to have a tough exterior that’s waterproof. In terms of ease of walking, you have to ensure that the shoes are the right size, which will ensure that the boots fit comfortably. For added comfort, the midsole can have EVA padding to cushion her fit.

How easy it is to put on the boot depends on the opening; the wider the opening, the easier it will be for your angel to slide in and out of them. The exterior should be easily cleaned by wiping with a damp cloth. Some rain boots have a removable insole, which helps your air them to prevent odors. Once your child is done with the rain boots, store them away in a dry place until the next rainy season!

Get the Best Girls Rain Boot of 2023!

Whoa! That was an incredible list, right? We hope that you are now in a better position to get the best girls’ rain boots for your beautiful princess. Hopefully, you’ve found the ideal pair in our reviews but, if that’s not so, these footwear brands have many other options for you to choose from.

Our Top Choice
Joules Printed Girls’ Rain Boots
Best Value
Kamik Rainplaylo Kids’ Rain Boots
Kidorable Ladybug Rain Boots
Mini Melissa Sugar Rain Fabula
Stephen Joseph Girls’ Rain Boots