Best Girls Raincoat Reviews 2023

Part of being a parent is ensuring that your child can be a child. Kids love water and, when it rains, they love splashing and puddle stomping. It’s therefore necessary for them to stay warm and dry while out in the rain by wearing a raincoat. To help you sift through all that's out there for your little girl, we have reviewed products from some of the best girls’ raincoat brands that will bring cheer to your princess.
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Our Top Choice
Stephen Joseph Girls’ Raincoat
Stephen Joseph was started in 1981 with the aim of providing customers with fun and colorful products that go over and above their expectations.
Brightly colored; Waterproof; Warm interior; Machine washable; Adjustable cuffs
May have a strange smell when new
Printed, with a hood
1 special size, 7 sizes
3 colors
50% Polyurethane, 50% Cotton
Best Value
Pink Platinum Neon Girls’ Trench Rain Jacket
Pink Platinum is a brand that specializes in providing quality and stylish apparel designed to appeal to young girls.
Quality light material; Super warm; Machine washable; Stylish design
Very adult design might not appeal to kids.
Neon trench with removable hood
Buttons with self-tie belt
3 sizes
2 colors
100% polyester
Western Chief Kids’ Rain Coat
Western Chief has been providing the industry with dependable footwear and garments for the outdoors since 1891.
Water-resistant material; Durable exterior; Easy to put on and remove; Warm
It’s at the higher end of the price range.
Printed, with a hood
Buttons with snap closure
5 sizes
11 colors
London Fog Girls’ Frog Rain Slicker
London Fog is an internationally recognized brand that has operated since 1923, providing people with stylish and dependable garments.
Warm, cozy interior; Stylish design; Machine washable; Snap closure
Isolated complaints of sizes being a bit off
Printed, with a frog-face hood
3 sizes
1 color
100% polyester
Arshiner Girl Kid Outwear Raincoat
Arshiner is a producer of baby products that are designed to offer quality to mums so that they may effectively take care of their loved ones.
Water resistant; Breathable fabric; Hand washable; Comfortable; Stylish
Hood may be too narrow and fall off easily.
Trench with removable hood
5 sizes
5 colors
95% polyester, 5% cotton

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What is the Best Girls Raincoat?

From making sure the exterior is waterproof to finding a warm and cozy interior, there are numerous factors to consider before deciding on a particular raincoat. Let’s continue exploring more pointers to help you with your purchase.
Our Top Choice
The Stephen Joseph Girls’ Raincoat is a colorful garment that has a waterproof polyurethane exterior and a warm cotton interior that takes care of your little diva when it’s raining outside. Would you prefer a different design? We think the Stephen Joseph Flower Rain Poncho will be a great alternative.

Stephen Joseph Lightweight All Over Print Little Girls’ Raincoat - Available in Multiple Colors

Stephen Joseph was born out of Alexandra Buckley’s need to raise some extra money to spend over Christmas. To sell her frames made using fabric, Alexandra and her company formed what would become a division of the Stephen Joseph brand. Now, 36 years later, the brand has over 125 employees and a large manufacturing facility that is over 90,000 square feet. Three core principles have led to their remarkable growth: attention to even the tiniest detail, use of high-quality raw materials and exceptional customer experience.

These principles are evident in their Girls’ Raincoat, which is designed to bring an instant smile to your beautiful angel even when the weather outside is dull. When rain pours, you no longer have to worry about whether your baby girl will get drenched when outside, thanks to this printed raincoat. The exterior is made of polyurethane that’s ultra-soft to touch and waterproof, ensuring that your girl remains dry when splashing outside.

Here’s more to this printed raincoat:
  • The inside is lined with cotton, making it warm.
  • Machine-washable for easy cleaning
  • Lightweight without being of inferior quality
  • Its cuffs are adjustable for a snug fit.
  • Durable zipper that’s rugged for a stylish look
  • A hanging loop on the inside for convenient storage
  • Attached cap for total coverage
  • Matching umbrella and rain boots, also available at a separate price
Our friends at Stephen Joseph have made this raincoat available in a wide range of patterns and colors. Apart from princess, you can also opt for mermaid or paisley.
Best Value
The Pink Platinum Neon Girls’ Trench Rain Jacket is made of 100% polyester, making it warm and cozy so that your little princess doesn’t freeze in the rain. Is this design a bit too plain for your princess? Then the Pink Platinum Leopard Trench Coat Jacket with a detachable hood will be a great choice!

Pink Platinum Polyester Girls’ Trench Rain Jacket – Available in Two Colors and Three Sizes

Pink is a color that’s associated with divas, and it’s along this reasoning that the brand Pink Platinum is based. This company specializes in making little girls look good and feel good, by providing them with fancy garments of the highest quality. Whether your girl is going to school on a rainy day or wants to play on the beach during summer, Pink Platinum has the ideal garment for her. The brand has created a niche in the girls’ fashion industry, with little divas everywhere wanting to be spotted in one of their garments.

The Pink Platinum Neon Girls’ Trench Rain Jacket is masterfully designed to ensure that your girl looks like a princess even when it’s raining outside. This stylish jacket is made of 100% polyester, which guarantees that your girl will be warm and cozy. The double-breasted design also ensures that no cold penetrates in, so you can be sure that even if it rains cats and dogs, at no point will she freeze.

Here’s more about this trench raincoat:
  • The hood, with a striped lining, is detachable.
  • Self-tie belt with contrasting prints
  • Button-end wrap for total closure
  • Ruffle hem, adding a stylish look
  • Elegant side pockets for more comfort
  • Machine washable for easy cleaning
Not digging this seafoam color? Well, this beautiful trench rain jacket also comes in a cool coral color. You can choose from three sizes, between 4-6X.
The Western Chief Kids’ Rain Coat is made of a water-resistant polyurethane exterior, which allows your baby girl to stay dry even when out splashing in the rain. Not digging this design? How about the Western Chief Girls’ Carousel Rain Coat that comes in a beautiful lavender instead?

Western Chief Waterproof Girls’ Rain Coat – Available in Multiple Colors and Various Sizes

In 1891, Western Chief was founded to provide warm footwear to counter the harsh weather conditions during the Alaska Gold Rush. Over a century later, the company has continued its craftsmanship, and is loved by families around the world. Men love their tough shoes, while women adore their attention to detail in designing shoes. Kids have not been left out, since the brand provides them with cozy little footwear. From shoes, the brand has also diversified into garments designed to keep you warm outdoors.

One such garment is the Western Chief Kids’ Rain Coat, which is one cute jacket that your baby girl will want added to her closet. This sweet raincoat is designed to make your little one feel like a princess, with a matching umbrella and boots you can purchase separately. You need not worry whether your kid is warm enough, since the inside is lined with soft cotton. Therefore, your baby can step outside and enjoy her day without fear of getting drenched.

Here are more features that you will appreciate about this garment:
  • The outside is made of water-resistant polyurethane.
  • A long-sleeved jacket with a snap design that makes it quick to wear
  • Full zip that gives you total closure
  • Hand made with top-notch skill
  • Hand washable for easy cleaning
  • Ideal for school field trips, puddle stomping and even camping
Do you feel that this Minnie Mouse design is not something your girl would love? Don’t worry, since this raincoat is available in a cool Frozen design, groovy leopard, Ariel Disney princess, and many more colors that your doll will love. You can also choose from various sizes, such as 2T,3T,4T, 5 and 6.
The London Fog Girls’ Frog Rain Slicker is designed for babies and toddlers aged between 12 to 24 months, and boasts a 100% polyester interior that’s sure to keep your princess warm. Is your girl past the toddler stage? Then the London Fog Girls’ Radiance Trench Coat will make her beam with joy.

London Fog Enhanced Radiance Girls’ Frog Rain Slicker – Available in Three Sizes for Babies

London Fog started out in 1923 and has grown to become one of the most established global fashion houses. Their popularity reached its peak in the 1960s, when they embraced the culture of the ever-trendy trench coat. The brand boasts almost 90% awareness, and this is evident in the huge numbers of loyal customers they command. London Fog has continuously revamped their brand, and have in recent times engaged iconic names into their product line, leading to even more popularity. Their luxurious apparel has an attainable price tag and will have you feeling like a star.

The London Fog Girls’ Frog Rain Slicker is designed to keep your toddler warm, even when the weather wants otherwise. This machine-washable jacket is made of polyester, which is breathable and warms your baby girl on a rainy day. Don’t hold your daughter back from running around and splashing due to lack of appropriate apparel to do so. This raincoat has a frog face on its hood, which will make it an instant favorite with your girl.

This cute garment also has a snap closure, which makes it easy to put on and remove once the weather is warm enough. The two front-facing pockets add to the stylish look of this jacket. Your toddler will beam as she dips her tiny hands into them and maybe surprises you by pulling a flower out! The enhanced radiance of this jacket also adds to its appeal. If your baby girl is between 12 and 24 months, this raincoat is specially designed for her.
The Arshiner Girl Kid Outwear Raincoat is a trench made of polyester. It is waterproof, keeping your princess dry even when it’s drizzling outside. Would you prefer a zip closure, rather than buttons? Then we think the Arshiner Lightweight Outwear Raincoat provides a great alternative.

Arshiner Girl Kid Flower Waterproof Hooded Hand Washable Outwear Raincoat – Available in Various Colors and Multiple Sizes

Arshiner is a brand after the imagination of a baby and the multitasking spirit of mums. To them, these two individuals require and deserve the best, which is what the brand is – all the best. By providing them with quality and dependable products, Arshiner believes that they help them achieve different goals. Their products are made using high-quality materials and come with an affordable price tag. The brand believes in providing dependable products that will make life easier. From their wide selection of kids’ apparel, toys and mummy stuff, the brand is a force to reckon with.

The Arshiner Girl Kid Outwear Raincoat is just what your baby girl needs when the weather is not so forgiving. This raincoat is made of 95% polyester and 5% cotton, which makes it a warm garment. These two fabrics provide a good combination of heat generation and breathability, which is necessary for your kid’s comfort. The outside is smooth and has an elegant look that will appeal to your little one. The inside has a flower lining, which adds to the comfort and cuteness of this trench coat.

Here’s more about this raincoat:
  • Waterproof, keeping your girl dry
  • Hand-washable for easy cleaning
  • Has a hood that easily detaches.
  • Stylish side pockets add to its beauty.
  • It’s long-sleeved with ruffled edges.
  • Ideal for outdoor activities, such as field trips and camping
Is your doll not into red? Then you can choose from the other colors available: blue, green, khaki and purple.

How Do I Choose the Best Girls Raincoat?

Divas! Ever silently watched your baby girl and wondered when she became so big? Like, you literally have flashes of her wrapped in a warm blanket, feasting hungrily on her bottle, with her angelic eyes staring lovingly at you? And here she is now a couple of years later, playing dress-up, cooking in her toy kitchen and holding tea parties with her dolls in the back yard. Have you experienced her shrieks of joy when she hears the’ pitter patter’ of rain outside? Well, if you haven’t, you will experience them soon enough, and when you do, a warm raincoat will come in handy.

Girls’ raincoats are designed to keep your beautiful one warm and dry when she goes out into the rain. Sometimes, a downpour may happen when it’s time for school, but that doesn’t mean she gets to stay home that day. No. With a nice, cozy rain jacket and matching umbrella, she will be just fine. Kids love rain or anything that has to do with water. Therefore, it’s only fair that you allow them this thrill by investing in a raincoat and a pair of rain boots.

Since your baby is a little diva, the best girls’ raincoat is one that’s brightly colored, with attractive patterns. Aside from the design, you need to pay attention to the exterior of the coat to ensure that it’s waterproof. The inside needs to be warm so that your princess isn’t shaking due to the cold. All in all, investing in a quality trench for your little minnow will help her enjoy her childhood, regardless of the weather outside.
You don’t need to rob a bank in order to keep your baby warm and dry when it’s raining cats and dogs. Girls’ raincoats come reasonably priced, falling in the range of roughly $10 to $60. Several factors come into play in the determination of price, but you can be sure that, within this price range, you will be in a position to acquire a cozy, cute jacket. The prices vary depending on a number of factors, such as the fabric used, especially in the lining. Using 100% cotton drives the price up, but adds to the warmth of the rain jacket.

On the higher end of the price spectrum, you will find exclusive raincoats that carry designer labels and boast master craftsmanship. Likewise, you will find cheap girls’ raincoats whose construction will leave you frustrated. Such cheap coats have flimsily done linings whose hems run after a few wears. It’s really not worth spending your hard-earned money on them.
Just like there are many fashion labels present in the industry today, so there are many girls’ raincoats in the market. It’s therefore important to know what key features to look out for, such as:
  • Design –The raincoat may be designed with a hood that detaches or doesn’t. Others may be designed as trench coats, carousels or even ponchos.
  • Fastening –It’s important to have easy-to-fasten features, such as buttons, zips or even tie-around belts. This helps shield your girl form the cold.
  • Material –For the exterior of the coat, ensure that it’s water resistant, while the lining should be made of breathable and warm fabric.
  • Size –Always ensure that you look at the size of the raincoat so that it doesn’t hang loosely on your beautiful princess.
  • Ages –Garments are designed for use by a particular age group, and rain coats are no exception. Therefore, always ensure that you get the right coat for her age group.
Construction and Design
The raincoat may be designed as a trench coat, carousel or even a poncho. Most raincoats are designed with a water-resistant exterior and a warm interior. You may find raincoats whose outside is made of a Polyurethane shell, which is waterproof. As for others, you may find that the outside is made using polyester, which is not only breathable, but doesn’t let in water. The inside of a raincoat often has a lining, which helps keep your princess warm and comfortable. The lining may have some prints, such as flowers, and brands often place their labels on this lining.

The type of fastening is an important aspect in the design of a rain jacket. Buttons can be used, or an end-to-end zipper. Another form of closure that’s also common is snap buttons that allow your kid to easily put on or remove the raincoat. Raincoats often have long sleeves to shield your princess from feeling cold around the arms. The length of the coat varies from brand to brand, but most go down to the knee for maximum protection from water. There are also some jackets that have pockets on the sides so that your girl can keep her hands in them as she walks around splashing.
Performance and Ease of Use
In order to get maximum satisfaction from a raincoat, the outside must be waterproof, while the inside should be warm enough to prevent your baby girl from freezing. Most raincoats are light in weight so that your princess doesn’t feel the weight of the garment on their shoulders. The more brightly colored a raincoat is, the more appealing it is to your little one. The presence of prints also draws your child to the rain jacket, since children love patters.

Raincoats don’t require much maintenance other than regular cleaning, either using a machine or washing by hand. Most raincoats have a tag giving you instructions on how to wash and take care of the garment. In terms of storage, always ensure that the raincoat is completely dry before storing it, since moisture may provide a haven for growth of mildew, giving the apparel a damp smell.

Get the Best Girls Raincoat of 2023!

Hopefully, this review has provided you with some insight that will help you pick the best girls’ raincoat for your queen. Better yet, we hope that you’ve spotted a product here that will make your princess happy. If not, these expert brands have more options for you that will give you value for money.

Our Top Choice
Stephen Joseph Girls’ Raincoat
Best Value
Pink Platinum Neon Girls’ Trench Rain Jacket
Western Chief Kids’ Rain Coat
London Fog Girls’ Frog Rain Slicker
Arshiner Girl Kid Outwear Raincoat