Best Girls’ School Backpack Reviews 2023

A girl’s school backpack cannot be just any bag. It must be large enough to accommodate everything she would need at school, petite enough to efficiently manage the weight without straining her back, and let’s not forget it should come in her favorite colors and patterns. Yes, she deserves a super bag! That’s why we’ve ventured far and wide to bring you five of the best girls’ school backpack brands, each with unique features, interesting styles, and varied price ranges. By the way, lest the boys and young men out there feel a bit left out, these brands all have great backpacks for them as well!
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Our Top Choice
JanSport Right Pack Backpack School Bag for Girls (and Boys)
JanSport is a leading name in the world of sturdy school bags and travel gear. Its Right Pack Girls’ Backpack offers ample space and durability making it great for routine use.
Large main compartment. Plush leather base. Internal sleeve for gadgets up to 15” in height. Lightweight. Durable
No padding for laptop sleeve
18x13x2 inches, 2.5 pounds
Available in 31 designs
1 front utility & 1 stash pocket
Cordura leather suede, nylon
Laptop sleeve
Best Value
JWorld New York Sunny Rolling Backpack for Girls (and Boys)
JWorld New York specializes in travel and campus bags for young adults and kids. The Sunny Speckle School Bag makes for a great looking and convenient backpack for girls.
Telescopic handle. Smooth rolling wheels. Base mold for protection. Large main compartment. Triple-staged lock system
Slightly heavy
17x11.5x5.5 inches, 4 pounds
Available in 7 designs
1 front and 2 side mesh pockets
600D polyester
Wheels, padded grip on handle
The North Face Women’s Jester Backpack School Backpack for Girls
The North Face specializes in sturdy outdoor backpacks and travel gear. Its Jester School Bag can withstand tough regular use.
Specially designed for the female torso. Compression molded shoulder straps. Durable. Quick access corded front panel. Lightweight. Water-resistant
Shoulder straps could be over-sized for younger kids
21x16x4 inches, 1.8 pounds
Available in 30 designs
2 side mesh, 1 internal velcro
Whistle buckle on sternum strap
High Sierra Curve School Backpack for Girls (and Boys)
High Sierra is a well-known American brand that specializes in tough adventure gear. Its curve school backpack for girls is aesthetically pleasing and functionally superior.
Ultra-light. Several internal and external pockets. Large top-load main compartment
No divider in the main compartment
12.5x8.5x18.5 inches, 1.29 pounds
Available in 15 colors
3 interior & 4 exterior pockets
Customized headphone port
Skip Hop Zoo Little Kid Backpack for Girls (and Boys)
Skip Hop is a trusted name among new parents and tiny tots. The Unicorn School Pack from its Zoo Collection is an adorable and convenient bag for your little Rapunzel.
Wide variety of patterns and designs. Insulated front pouch. Long-lasting. Adjustable shoulder straps. Matching accessories available
May not fit large books
11x5x12 inches, 11 ounces
Available in 21 designs
1 inner & 1 outer mesh pockets
Write-on name tag

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What is the Best Girls’ School Backpack?

The right school backpack depends on you or your child’s needs and preferences (and of course age and gender). From the number of compartments and pockets to material and construction, there are quite a few factors to consider. Let’s continue looking at some more of these features.
Our Top Choice
The Right Pack Girls’ School Bag from JanSport skillfully combines utility and good looks. It has sufficient space for all your school supplies plus one essential gadget. This is coupled with a sleek look and beautiful texture. If you need a larger storage space, these vibrant double-compartment school backpacks from JanSport could be perfect.

JanSport Classic Specialty Right Pack Backpack with 5 Size Choices and 31 Color Options

JanSport started manufacturing outdoor gear and backpacks in 1967. When a brand is around that long, you can trust its technical expertise, aesthetic sense, and consumer insights. No wonder its Right Pack Girls’ Backpack makes for a beautifully appealing and greatly functional school bag for high school students. With a 13-inch width, it can easily fit your large textbooks and binders. The internal sleeve is great for storing your laptop, iPad or any other tablet. Usually retailed at around $58, you can grab this reliable and suave school backpack at a comparatively lower price from Amazon.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the exciting features offered by this terrific JanSport school backpack-
  • Sufficiently large zippered utility pouch with organizer
  • Straight-cut, padded straps for enhanced comfort
  • Convenient web haul handle
  • Smooth zippers for all exterior slots
Green not your color? You can choose from a wide range of light and dark shades including purple frost, desert beige, corsair blue, and cyber pink (just naming a few). But, the choice does not end there…you also get 5 different size options to pick from. So, what are you waiting for?
Best Value
The Sunny Rolling-Style School Backpack from JWorld is the perfect addition to your baby girl’s school kit. It is convenient, striking, and spacious. If you are looking for a soft school backpack for your doll, this plush, cushioned Oz bag from JWorld New York could leave you smiling.

JWorld New York Sunny Rolling School Bag with Luggage-Style Rolling and 7 Design Options

It must be heart breaking to see your little girl lug her heavy school bag around. Did you know that a global child health mandates the weight of a kid’s school bag to be within 10% of their body weight? Wouldn’t it be awesome if your toddler didn’t have to burden her delicate shoulders at all? JWorld New York – a well-renowned name in the world of kids’ accessories and backpacks has heard you. Make way for the stunning Sunny Rolling School Backpack for Girls.

This cute speckled bag can be dragged around easily thanks to its smooth rolling wheels. Its large compartment can fit all of your kid’s books, crayons, change of clothes for the Ballet class, and perhaps, even her favorite Elsa figurine. It has been designed to fit the overhead compartments of airplanes so your baby’s loyal backpack tags along wherever she goes. When we last checked, this unique school bag had a retail price $60. If speckles don’t make her go all squeaky and happy, you can choose from six other color options which include 2 adorable floral patterns as well as solids and designs that young boys would love.

Read on to find out what more is in store for you with this high quality backpack:
  • Shoulder straps padded with air meshed cushion for superior comfort
  • Noiseless base wheels
  • Front organizer includes a pencil holder and a slot for keys
  • Colorful, eye-catchy exterior
The Sunny line from Jworld is a 17 inch rolling backpack which is great for younger children. If you need something a bit bigger, the Sundance line features larger 19 inch back packs that also have wheels and a handle, to keep the strain off your child’s back. Not only are they both great for school, but they are good for traveling too.
The Jester School Backpack from The North Face is a sleek and solid bag for junior high or high school girls. It utilizes space smartly and boasts of several practical features. The North Face also offers a unique Pivoter girls’ backpack with an expandable D-door to store change of clothes or shoes.

The North Face Jester School Pack with Crisscross Bungee Corded Front Pouch and 16 Color Choices

High school is hectic. Running from one class to another, meeting deadlines for book reports, practicing for the cheerleading tryouts, and making sure those grades don’t slip…phew! Wouldn’t it be great if you could bring some order to this chaos? Presenting, the Jester School Backpack from The North Face – a brand that has been consistent in bringing some of the most functional, durable, and sharp-looking accessories and school bags.

This innovative 26-liter backpack is designed using a FlexVent™ suspension technology for better comfort. The main compartment is large enough for all of your day’s books, folders, binders, while the floating padded laptop sleeve can safely store your essential gadget. It can also double up as a dependable travel bag when you are out hiking or biking. When we last checked, this multipurpose school bag was priced at about $99.99.

Need more features? You got it!-
  • Padded, air-meshed wicking lumbar back panel with storage slot
  • Spine channel on back panel for superior fit
  • Secondary compartment includes pen pockets
  • 360 degree reflective back-light loop
  • Padded top haul handle for convenient lifting
  • Internal panel for smaller items
From a bold magic magenta to an elegant zinc grey, this fabulous school backpack comes in more than 30 vivacious colors. Looks like The North Face is leaving no stone unturned to impress.
The Curve School Backpack from High Sierra packs some serious punch under a pretty exterior. It has loads of space with convenient pockets here and there. If you prefer multiple large compartments in your school bag, this roomy Opie Backpack from High Sierra could be a great fit.

High Sierra Curve School Pack with 13 Beautiful Color Choices including 9 Intricate Patterns

Since its inception in 1978, High Sierra has been crafting some of the most durable and affordable travel products around. Its portfolio showcases artistic excellence and attention to detail. The Curve School Backpack is no exception. This sturdy bag is great for sporty teens. Its main compartment is large enough to fit your textbooks and folders. Practicing for the school race? No worries. Store all your gym wear or even your shoes in its main compartment and zip it up.

Use the comfortable top handle to easily lift your bag after that grueling practice session. All these powerful features come in gorgeous floral exterior - who could have guessed? You can get this fantastic backpack at a retail price of around $24.99. Want some more good news? You can get an even lower rate if you buy it from Amazon.

The High Sierra Curve School Bag just doesn’t want to stop impressing-
  • Zippered front pouch
  • Mesh pocket for water bottle
  • S-contoured VAPEL™ padded shoulder straps with a small pocket for earphones
  • Polyester build for long-lasting usage
  • Padded back panel for enhanced comfort
  • Internal pen holder
If florets are not your style, how does sunburst red, python blue or jet black sound? These are just a few of the many colors and patterns you can choose from.
Get ready for some squeals of joy from your toddler when she sees the Unicorn Zoo School Pack from Skip Hop. With smart storage slots and safe zippers, this backpack is as functional as it is adorable. If you don’t want your princess carrying her school pack on that dainty back, these fun rolling-style kids’ bags from Skip Hop could be great.

Skip Hop Zoo Preschool Bag – Toddler Backpack with Front Pouch and 21 Animal Designs

Love seeing your kid get all excited at the zoo? How about bringing that fun right into your home? No, we don’t mean you should get a new pet. We’re talking about the adorable Zoo School Pack from Skip Hop. Trust this brand to bring a smile on your child’s face while ensuring that their kindergarten supplies are in a safe place at all times.

There so many great designs to pick, we had a hard time narrowing it down to one – but eventually went with the unicorn because who doesn’t love a bit of fantasy? This beautiful light teal and yellow-toned pack can easily store crayons, pencils, little books, juice or snack boxes. Recently, a little birdie told us this cute and practical school backpack was available at around $20 – we think that’s a sweet deal.

If you thought we can only rave about looks, wait till you check out some more of its features-
  • Inner mesh pocket for color pencils and trinkets
  • Complete polyester build for enhanced durability
  • Insulated front pouch for keeping snacks warm
  • Padded shoulder straps
  • Easy-to-clean exterior and interior fabric
  • Intricate graphics
Complete your munchkin’s set with a lunchie, rainwear, water bottle and travel bag from Skip Hop. No unicorn fans in the house? How about butterflies, lady bugs, monkeys, hippos, puppies or giraffes? That’s right – you can choose from over 20 different themes in Skip Hop’s amazing Zoo Collection.

How Do I Choose the Best Girls’ School Backpack?

When did my little angel get so big? Gone are the days when she crawled around the house chuckling and knocking down any small thing she could place her tiny hands on. So grown up has she become that she’s even asking for a kid’s vanity in her room where she can put on makeup and prettify herself. Can you believe it? The first day of school is almost here and it’s time to get her a cute functional school backpack to match her strong feminine personality.

A colorful girls’ school backpack will motivate your baby doll to wake up each day, pack her books and dash for her classes. Your little queen deserves a backpack that has a large compartment to carry her books or even that mermaid tail when she is going for a play date at her friend’s house. When getting her a school backpack, ensure that it also has strong straps that are comfortable on her shoulders and don’t hang loosely straining her back.

Zippered pockets are also crucial in the backpack to give the bag more storage space. Additional compartments for pens, crayons and other small items are also a good addition. Your angel will jump up and down with joy once you get her that Dora-inspired backpack with matching accessories. Don’t forget to buy her a book rack as well - girls love to be neat!
You don’t need to break the bank to spoil your little queen with a cute school backpack. For as low as $15, you can get a functional school backpack with adequate space for books, crayons and other items. In case you have a few extra bucks to spare, you may go for the high-end backpacks that cost $100 and up. These backpacks are pricier due to extra features such as mesh pockets, a padded back and heavily molded straps for enhanced utility.

Although there are cheap girls’ school backpacks out there, we wouldn’t recommend them. They will not offer the support and functionality that your little girl needs. We know how precious your little angel is which is why we feature only the best girls’ school backpack in this review that are of solid quality material, durable and yet comfortably portable for your angel’s little shoulders.
Here is a guide of the features to look out for to help you pick the best school backpack for your little queen:
  • Size - Depending on your girl’s height, you have to get a backpack that fits well on her back and doesn’t hang too low since this will strain her neck.
  • Interior -Internal compartments help the contents to stay organized and not mix up which may cause damage.
  • Pockets - Zippered pockets are crucial especially on the front panel and the sides since they create more storage space.
  • Material - Polyester and nylon are the most common types of material used to make backpacks. The reason for this is because these materials are durable and strong.
  • Mobility - Features such as straps, rolling wheels, a telescopic handle as well as a top grip handle make backpacks easy to carry around.
Construction and Design
Beautiful patterns are a common feature in girls’ backpack since manufacturers appreciate that girls love pretty things. The exterior is often colorful and may have images of female characters from cartoons. The inside of the backpack is often compartmentalized to ensure that your little girl’s stuff stays in place and keeps things in order while inside the bag. Most of the backpacks have pockets especially on the front panel for added storage. You may find mesh pockets on the sides which may be used to carry a water/juice bottle.

Many of the school backpacks are made using polyester or ballistic nylon due to their durability properties. Straps are usually present which may be padded for greater comfort. Thumb pools are a great feature in backpacks since they allow you to adjust the straps to the most appropriate height so that the bag does not strain your angel’s neck.

Smooth zippers are used to lock in contents in the backpack and you may find some luxurious bags with a lock system for further security of items. For increased mobility, some manufacturers have incorporated a telescopic handle and noiseless wheels into their designs to help your daughter pull the backpack around.
Performance and Ease of Use
School backpacks come ready to use and all you have to do is open the zip and arrange everything inside. The performance of the backpack is determined by the quality of its craftsmanship especially around the area that joins the straps to the back panel. To prevent the shoulder straps from sliding off, most backpacks have a sternum strap which you clip around the waist.

To clean the backpack, all you need is a damp cloth which you use to wipe the outside as well as the interior. For your girl’s comfort, ensure that the back panel is padded as well as the shoulder straps. A good working zipper will enhance the satisfaction you get from a school backpack.

Get the Best Girls’ School Backpack of 2023!

Having made it to the end of this review, we hope you are better equipped to get your daughter the best girls’ backpack for her great school debut. If none of these could make the cut, don’t lose heart. These brands have lots of other different options to choose from – not only for girls, but for boys, teens and adults alike!

Our Top Choice
JanSport Right Pack Backpack School Bag for Girls (and Boys)
Best Value
JWorld New York Sunny Rolling Backpack for Girls (and Boys)
The North Face Women’s Jester Backpack School Backpack for Girls
High Sierra Curve School Backpack for Girls (and Boys)
Skip Hop Zoo Little Kid Backpack for Girls (and Boys)