Best Glass Coffee Table Reviews 2022

The right coffee table can transform the appearance of any room by utilizing unused spaces and offering valuable benefits like a platform to place your drinks, snacks, or reading material. However, finding the right glass coffee table can be a huge challenge, given the numerous materials, bases, styles, and shapes to choose from. We’ve put together this informative review of five of the best glass coffee table brands to clue you in on everything you need to know when shopping for a coffee table.
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Glass Top
Our Top Choice
Global Furniture USA Glass Coffee Table
Global Furniture USA is your one stop shop for quality home furnishings at affordable prices.
Simple yet elegant. Perfect for small to midsized apartments. Sturdy, durable design. Clear glass top and frosted glass bottom. Chrome tubes.
Sharp corners make this table unsuitable for homes with small children.
Rectangular shape
43 x 26 x 18 inches / 51 pounds
Clear top, frosted base
Wood Veneer Legs
Best Value
Monarch Tempered Glass Coffee Table
Monarch Specialties is a dynamic, fashion-oriented furniture company. The company aims to combine efficient systems and employee determination to surpass all their customers’ expectations.
Strong tempered glass base provides needed support. Simple but elegant. Easy to assemble.
The sharp edges are not child-friendly.
Rectangle shape
44 x 22 x 16 inches / 39 pounds
ioHOMES 2-Drawer Coffee Table
ioHOMES’ unique designs create comfortable, individualized living spaces.
Elegant piece. Spacious drawers provide plenty of storage space. Arched base provides plenty of support, durability, and stability
Difficult to assemble; expert assembly provided, though
Rectangle shape
47 x 23.7 x 15.8 in / 45 pounds
Clear top
White with walnut, espresso
Coaster Home Glass Cocktail Table
Coaster Home Furnishings aims to be a global company in the furniture industry by providing quality products and excellent customer service.
Provides an elegant and contemporary look. Has a strong base for support and stability.
Difficult to assemble; expert assembly available at a fee.
Round shape
35.5 x 35.5 x 19 in / 44.2 pounds
Metal, crossed legs
Walker Edison Oval Glass Coffee Table
Walker Edison manufactures a variety of cutting-edge furniture including occasional, casual dining, youth bedroom, outdoor living, home entertainment, and home office.
Stylish and contemporary design; easy to assemble. Wave design available on top or bottom tier. Frosted finish on bottom level. Oval-shaped.
Not meant for a large space.
Oval shape
20 x 38 x 17 inches / 30 pounds
Clear top, frosted base

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What is the Best Glass Coffee Table?

A decent glass coffee table can make a small living room appear less crowded by freeing up visual spaces with the sleek translucent design. The glass furniture allows other room decor to show through and enhances the aesthetic of your interior design. With a selection of fabulous products, it’s time to choose a glass coffee table that matches your style and budget.
Our Top Choice
The Global Furniture USA 2-Tier Glass Coffee Table is a simple yet elegant coffee table with a clear glass top, frosted bottom glass, and walnut or glossy white finish on the legs. Interested in a matching end table? Check out the Global Furniture Clear\/Frosted Occasional End Table too!

Global Furniture USA 2-Tier Glass Top Coffee Table with Chrome Tubes– Available in 2 Colors

Global Furniture USA has been a leading importer and distributor of quality home furnishings since 1999. As a direct factory importer, Global Furniture USA markets at competitive prices and offers quick deliveries. They have elegant products for your living room, dining room, bedroom, kitchen and more!

Global Furniture USA 2-Tier Glass Coffee Table is a true definition of elegance and a perfect addition to your small-to-mid sized apartment. Thanks to its two-tier design, the table is stylish and durable, with a clear glass top and frosted glass bottom. Assembling this piece is a breeze; no additional tools are required. This table comes in two colors so you can match it to your current décor. Choose from white or walnut!
Best Value
Their Hollow-Core/Tempered Glass Coffee Table comes with a chic glossy top and a tempered glass base to give your room the most exceptional look ever. Want a different color finish? Consider getting the Monarch Reclaimed-Look\/Tempered Glass Cocktail Table in Dark Taupe finish.

Monarch Specialties Hollow-Core/Tempered Glass Cocktail Table - Available in 6 Colors

Based in Quebec, Canada, Monarch Specialties has been in the furniture business for over 50 years. With a fashion driven mind, the company keeps developing new products that excite their consumers and retailers. They have furniture for the bedroom, entertainment, dining, living room, youth room, and bar.

The Monarch Specialties Hollow-Core/Tempered Glass Coffee Table has a design that is different from the other 4 featured pieces. It has a chic glossy finish that will give an outstanding look to any room. Its tempered glass base not only provides sturdy support to this piece but also gives it the most contemporary look. This multi-functional table will complement your living space and blend in very well with your modern couch.
The Monarch Specialties Hollow-Core/Tempered Glass Coffee Table measures 44 x 22 x 16 inches and comes in multiple colors to allow you choose according to your existing décor.
The ioHOMES 2-Drawer Coffee Table is an elegant mid-century piece with two storage cabinets and a divided fixed-shelf, providing ample storage space. Want a simple table without the drawers? Check out the ioHOMES Hudson Coffee Table that comes with a clear bottom shelf.

ioHOMES Markham Contemporary Espresso2-Drawer Coffee Table

ioHOMES’ designs bring a modern touch to your living spaces. Their products range from coffee tables, to beds, to bookcases, and buffets and sideboards.

The ioHOMES 2-Drawer Coffee Table is beautifully proportioned, with a divided shelf below the glass. Side drawers provide extra storage, with smooth metal glides for ease of use. The table measures 47.3"W x 23.7"D x 15.8"H and comes unassembled; so you need to assemble it. Luckily, the pieces are labeled and the package comes with everything needed for the process. And, you don’t have to be frustrated by this process as expert assembly is provided by Amazon at a small fee.

This coffee table is not only generous on storage space, it also comes in two finishes; so you can choose between espresso and walnut-whatever blends well with your current décor. It is a modern and rich looking coffee table and will greatly improve the look of your living space!
With tempered glass and a curvaceous base, the Occasional Group Cocktail Table offers an elegant, contemporary style to your living room. Want an end table to match? Get the Coaster Home Furnishings 702587 Contemporary End Table today!

Coaster Home Furnishings Occasional Contemporary Coffee Table in Chrome

Coaster Home Furnishings aims to exceed customer expectations through cooperation, uncompromising respect, and efficient operations.

You are bound to receive tons of compliments from your guests, with the Coaster Home Furnishings Occasional Group Cocktail Table at the centre of your living room. This elegant and classy looking table comes with a curvaceous base and nickel finish to give your space a modern feel. The uniquely designed cross-legs base with chrome finish adds a touch of style, and the table top is made from tempered glass surrounded by a black frame. What’s more, this glamorous piece will blend in well with your existing décor.

Maintaining the Coaster Home Furnishings Occasional Group Cocktail Table is very easy as it stays shiny and attractive between dusting! With its thick glass and solid base, this product is not only excellent in quality, but also comes at a price that is hard to beat!
The Walker Edison Wave Glass Coffee Table is oval-shaped with distinct tapered legs and a frosted finish on the lower shelving. Looking for a different design? Check out the Walker Edison Glass Oval Coffee Table that features a mesh lower shelf.

Walker Edison Glass Oval Coffee Table - Available in 2 Styles

Established in 2006, Walker Edison is an innovative manufacturer of high-quality, stylish, and ready-to-assemble furniture. Their designs are a clear indication of their determination to break off from the norm and help their clients “Live Outside the Box.”

The Walker Edison Wave 38” Coffee Table is a contemporary piece that features frosted lower shelves and unique curved lines. The glass is beveled and tempered to produce softer and safe edges.

Measuring 38" W x 20" D x 17" H, this table is stylish with a modern design that is perfect for your small living space. Although this is a budget friendly product, as glass coffee tables go, it is easy to assemble and built for long-term use. You can even choose from two styles, depending on whether you want the wave design on the top tier or bottom.

How Do I Choose the Best Glass Coffee Table?

Whether you’re living in a suburban mansion, a studio apartment, a townhouse, or a country home, your living room isn’t complete without a coffee table. The popularity of glass coffee tables has transformed the furniture market, and as a result, it comes as a blessing to some and a curse to others. Glass coffee tables are seemingly everywhere, but, with so many options, it can be difficult to decide on just one. It all boils down to a few important consideration factors.

Choosing the perfect glass coffee table begins by creating a living room criterion that matches your lifestyle. Consider size, material, shape, utility, style, and color to complement your indoor décor. We deliberately choose reputable brands, with the inclusion of a few lesser-known brands with high-quality products. Here are some brands you can count on for quality and reliability:
  • Furniture of America–This company believes in nurturing success through building solid relationships with its clients based on trust and commitment. Over the years, they have produced reliable, high-quality glass coffee tables with unique color schemes and artistic accents. Furniture of America coffee tables are built to last and offer spectacular and daring designs for any living room.
  • IkeaIkea coffee tables are value-driven products that have been known to transform homes into a living paradises. The company has over 340 stores distributed in 28 countries across the globe.
  • Ashley Furniture/Signature Design by AshleyAshley Furniture coffee tables are locally produced and are recognized for quality and affordability.
It’s always advisable to read through the critical features to look out for before diving into our top picks. So, read on!
Glass coffee tables come at different prices ranging between $50 and $270, depending on material, size, and brand. With brilliant options out there, it can be easy to overspend on a coffee table, so pick a reasonable budget and stick to it. However, don’t compromise quality for price by going for the cheapest glass coffee tables on the market; they are likely made of low quality materials.
Once you’ve settled on the budget you’re willing to spend on a glass coffee table, find something that suits your lifestyle and indoor decor. Here are a few features to consider:
  • Size– Choose a coffee table that leaves at least 2 or 3 inches of space between the coffee table and the surrounding furniture. This allows people to move around the living room easily.
  • Uses– A tray top is great for holding food and drinks, while trunk designs provide extra storage space. If you prefer something unique and aesthetic, you can opt for a free-form coffee table.
  • Children in the house– Avoid models with sharp edges that may injure children.
Construction and Design
Most table tops are made from glass of various strengths and color variations, but the frames or bases are made from wood, metal, or plastic. We have, however, featured one model with a glass base and a glossy wooden table top.

Coffee table shape - Traditional coffee tables are rectangular, but, if you frequently entertain guests, oval or circular shapes may be a better option because crowds can easily maneuver around the edges safely. Square shapes work well for unifying sitting groups, adding intimacy to the otherwise wide spaces.

Legs and support - Think about how the underfoot is designed and choose convenience, comfort, and concentration. If you have heavy foot traffic or kids and pets running around, then you may prefer tables with recessed support.

Coffee table top - Choose a a coffee table with a tempered glass top rather than regular glass. Tempered glass in small fragments rather than big shards, due to the heat or chemical treatments used in production.

Coffee table bases - Glass coffee tables are no longer limited to the four-legged base design. Some interesting styles include trestle, X/cross legs, and pedestal designs. Trestle and trunk bases provide a contemporary, shabby-chic style. If you prefer something you can place your feet under, consider pedestal and trestle bases that allow free movement underneath the coffee table.
Performance and Ease of Use
Most glass coffee tables are easy to assemble and use. Be creative with your choice for a coffee table to enjoy maximum functionality and style. An adjustable sizing function allows you to increase the height of the table and is helpful for enjoying meals without crouching into an uncomfortable position. Or, if you need some extra storage space, a coffee table with shelves and drawers is a great alternative to trunk coffee tables that cover a lot of floor space. These designs provide a compact, contemporary style without sacrificing function. A sitting coffee table works well for game nights, and usually comes with two to four stools that are tucked underneath the unit.

Get the Best Glass Coffee Table of 2022!

Coffee tables, sometimes referred to as cocktail tables, are generally long, low tables placed in front of a couch or a sofa. Since your living room is a space to relax and entertain your family and friends, you want a glass coffee table that makes the room welcoming and comfortable. A great glass coffee table warms up the indoor décor in addition to providing a space for your remote or a bowl of popcorn on movie nights. Hopefully, our guide pointed you to the glass coffee table you’ve been looking for. If you didn’t find a perfect match from our list, these brands offer alternative designs that you may prefer.

Our Top Choice
Global Furniture USA Glass Coffee Table
Best Value
Monarch Tempered Glass Coffee Table
ioHOMES 2-Drawer Coffee Table
Coaster Home Glass Cocktail Table
Walker Edison Oval Glass Coffee Table