Best Glass Kettle Reviews 2023

Deciding on the best glass kettle brand may be a time and energy-consuming task because there are a thousand and one products out there. If you require some assistance getting the right brand, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve researched extensively and have a list of some of the best glass kettles out there from five dependable brands. For the purpose of this review, we’re featuring only one product from each brand; these brands have more products in this category, so that you have alternatives if the featured product isn’t what you want. We also have reviews on different kettles such as electric kettles and whistle kettles in case you need some other type of kettle. Our desire is that your search will be made easier through our guide.
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Our Top Choice
OXO Cordless Glass Kettle
OXO consistently provides consumers with functional, easy-to-use, and budget-friendly products. It also offers excellent customer service, providing great after-sales support.
Fast and super-safe. Made with BPA-free material. Comfortable and easy-to-grip handle that doesn’t get hot. Adjustable temperature settings.
Can’t get it to dry easily after washing.
10.4 x 7.8 x 13.4 inches; 5 lbs.
1.75 liters
Info not provided
Stainless-steel filter
Best Value
Ovente Glass Electric Kettle
Ovente manufactures household appliances based on the philosophy of providing efficiency and convenience with a strong desire for growth and environmental responsibility.
Stainless-steel and well concealed heating element. Body is made of long-lasting, top-grade borosilicate glass that resists stains. Washable filter. Auto shutoff.
The cord isn’t long enough, and it doesn't boil as fast as some brands.
Cordless; illuminated; 9 colors
8 x 6 x 9.3 inches; 2.8 lbs.
1.5 liters
1100 Watts
Washable filter
Breville The IQ Pure Kettle
From 1957 till date, Breville has invested so much into finding better and easier ways of doing kitchen stuff. This has often resulted in the making of inventive household products.
Lid opens softly. Emits steam slowly and stops splashes. Ergonomic handle. Button releases kettle’s cover. Scale filter is detachable. 5 temperature settings.
Cover doesn’t come off easily for cleaning.
. 7.2 x 8.7 x 10.5 inches; 3.9 lbs.
1.7 liters
1500 Watts
Removable scale filter
Mr. Coffee® Hot Tea Maker and Kettle
From 1970 till date, Mr. Coffee has consistently provided top-quality products that make your coffee even better. Its products are used by coffee lovers all over the States.
5 different temperature settings for several brews. Detachable tea infuser made of stainless steel and machine-washable. Shuts off automatically. BPA-free.
It doesn’t brew anything less than 4 cups.
10.1 x 5.7 x 8.5 inches; 3.2 lbs.
1.2 liters
1200 Watts
Info not provided
Hamilton Beach Glass Kettle
Hamilton Beach supplies small kitchen apparatus designed to provide stress-free cooking. It takes pride in serving its customers with top-quality products and excellent customer care.
Provides cordless serving. Auto switch-off for safety. Handle stays cool and is comfortable to hold. Cover is conveniently opened by a push button. Fast boiling.
It doesn't have a protective ring around the edge on top.
Cordless; illuminated
9.9 x 8.6 x 6.3 inches; 3 lbs.
1.7 liters
1500 Watts
Built-in mesh filter .

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What is the Best Glass Kettle?

A glass kettle has to meet the needs of the buyer to be described as the best glass kettle. What one may consider to be the "best glass kettle" may just be a decent glass kettle for another. So, buying the best product depends on the needs and budget of the end user. Having read through our buying guide, we believe you have a better understanding of what to look out for. Read the following individual product/brand reviews with the insight needed to help you make the right choice, and you won’t be disappointed!
Our Top Choice
The OXO On Cordless Glass Adjustable Temperature Electric Kettle enables you to have your tea, anytime and any how you want it with its adjustable temperature settings and 30-minute keeping time. If you want something for your coffee, we recommend the OXO Good Grips Pour Over Coffee Dripper.

OXO On Cordless Glass Adjustable Temperature Electric Kettle

OXO is a firm that's committed to making innovative products for everyday use, which are designed to make life less stressful for its users. It always “questions everything” that goes on in the process of people carrying out their daily chores, which enables it to find out ways to make them faster, easier, and less strenuous. With constant research and customer feedback, it consistently provides consumers with functional, easy-to-use, and budget-friendly products. It also offers excellent customer service and is always ready to stand behind its products and provide all the after-sales support that it can give.

The OXO Cordless Glass Kettle is a great appliance that gives you the freedom to have your tea, anytime you want it. You can adjust the temperature to choose the exact temperature you want (between 170 and 212°F) for the kind of hot beverage that you want to brew. It has many more wonderful features that include the following:
  • Keeps heated water at the temperature you want for as long as thirty minutes.
  • Provides cordless serving; you can remove it from the base without the cord for serving.
  • Silicone material ensures that it doesn’t damage your table surface when placed on it.
  • It's made with borosilicate glass that’s BPA-free and transparent; this ensures that it doesn’t emit any taste or odor that affects the taste of your brew.
  • It can boil an appreciable quantity of water quickly and in a safe manner.
  • Material is long-lasting, and provides protection from thermal shock while allowing you to see the level of water in it.
  • Conducive measurement marking in ounces and milliliters for exact measures.
  • Handle is comfortable and nonslip. Easy and convenient to grip, and remains cold to feel.
  • Cover doesn’t open fast, which allows for control of the emission of hot water vapor and stops accidental splatter of hot water.
  • Reusable filter that’s made of stainless steel filters the water as it’s poured and can be easily removed to be cleaned.
Best Value
The Ovente Glass Electric Kettle is a well-designed cordless kettle that shuts off automatically when the water is boiled or when it senses that the kettle’s empty, for safety and lower energy bills. If you prefer a plastic electric kettle that costs less, check out the Ovente 1.7 Liter BPA Free Cordless Electric Kettle.

Ovente Glass Electric Kettle - Available in 9 Colors & 2 Styles

Ovente is a brand that was created by TopNet, Inc., and it creates products that are based on the philosophy of providing efficiency and convenience while at the same time effectively preserving energy. For a while, the brand focused largely on producing items for the coffee and tea markets, and this went over quite well; however, when people started demanding other small apparatuses, it moved on to making cooktops and is the maker of America’s first infrared cooktop. Now it has expanded to making vacuums and tower fans that are not only efficient in their roles but also in saving energy. With an overseas team whose job it is to research and test products against their high standards, its strong desire for innovation and environmental responsibility are clearly shown. It actively promotes eco-friendly ways of doing things, and incorporates this into its many excellent products.

The Ovente Glass Electric Kettle is beautifully made, cordless, and shuts off automatically when the water is boiled and when it senses that there’s no more water in the kettle. It saves more energy than a stove kettle and boils water fast and easily. It has more great features that include:
  • Heating element is made of stainless steel and well-concealed.
  • Body is made of long-lasting, top-grade borosilicate glass that resists stains.
  • Blue LED lights flash when contents are boiling.
  • Water level can be conveniently checked with the gauge.
  • Handle is comfortable to grip and stays cool to the touch.
  • Filter is washable.
  • The power base rotates 360 degrees and is non-slip.
  • Power cord is thirty inches, is kept neatly in the base, and allows for cordless serving.
  • One-year manufacturer's warranty.
  • Lid opens conveniently for easy filling and washing.
The Breville The IQ Kettle Pure is made from durable glass. It has five temperature settings and “knows” the right temperature for coffee or tea. Just set it and get the appropriate temperature for your brew. Looking for a high-end kettle with different features, such as a built-in timer? We recommend the Breville BTM800XL One-Touch Tea Maker.

Breville The IQ Kettle Pure

Breville, an Australian producer and supplier of small household products, was established as it is today in 1957, in Melbourne. It’s noted as the maker of the first sandwich toaster, which was a colossal success when it was introduced to the market in 1974 in Australia—it made the brand famous. When it was taken to other countries, it was also successful, and that’s how Breville became known for toasters and related products. It invests so much into discovering better and easier ways of carrying out culinary chores, which has often led it to manufacture revolutionary products. All its original ideas for its products are patented and bear its trademark.

The Breville The IQ Kettle is made from glass made by SCHOTT in Germany. It can hold seven cups and can determine the right temperature for coffee or tea. Paired with five different settings to brew different teas at the appropriate temperature, this is a kettle with some pretty convenient features. It has a button that you switch on to hold the contents at the temperature you want for twenty minutes. Many other great features include the following:
  • Lid opens softly, slowly emits steam, and stops splashes.
  • The handle is ergonomic and has a button that releases the cover of the kettle.
  • The jug is cordless, and the base is 360-degree rotational with storage wrap for the cord.
  • The scale filter is detachable.
  • Automatic safety off and on that also switches off the kettle if it’s empty.
  • Material is resistant to thermal shock.
The Mr. Coffee® Hot Tea Maker and Kettle with Precise Steeping Technology is an appliance that boils water like every regular kettle, but it goes further to give you a perfect cup of tea every time! If you’re looking for a high-end product for your latte and cappuccino, we recommend the Mr. Coffee ECMP1000 Café Barista.

Mr. Coffee® Hot Tea Maker and Kettle with Precise Steeping Technology – Available in 3 Colors

Mr. Coffee was established in 1970, and since then its products have been all about coffee. It has consistently supplied products that enhance the coffee-drinking experience of the people of America. Further, it offers several tips and other bits of useful brewing information to ensure that its customers can love their coffee even more.

The Mr. Coffee® Hot Tea Maker and Kettle is a perfect addition to anyone who loves tea. It allows you to steep your tea, whether with loose leave or tea bags, to the exact temperature required. It also boils water fast for your meals and other beverages. With beeping alert sounds for when it’s ready and the ability to keep it hot for you, this device has so much to offer you. It has more wonderful features that include:
  • Five different temperature settings for various kinds of tea and brews.
  • Detachable tea infuser that's made of stainless steel holds your tea bags or leaves for steeping, and is machine-washable.
  • Shuts off automatically when it’s empty.
  • Holds up to 1.2 liters of water, with an indicator for five cups.
  • Made of top-quality SCHOTT DURAN® glass.
  • Materials are BPA-free.
  • The cord can be wound and stored easily in your cabinet or counter.
The Hamilton Beach Glass Kettle boils water with great speed and has more safety features than a cooktop kettle. It shuts off automatically if the water boils or if the kettle is empty. Do you want a kettle with different features? The Hamilton Beach 40996 Programmable Kettle, 1.7-Liter is highly recommended.

Hamilton Beach Glass Electric Kettle

At Hamilton Beach, the mantra is "Good Thinking®," and it prides itself in combining this with good value. The result is a brand that supplies top-quality kitchen products, which it proudly showcases alongside excellent customer service. It’s dedicated to helping its customers enjoy creativity, innovation, and stress-free days with its products.

The Hamilton Beach Glass Kettle works with great speed and has more features that ensure safety than a kettle that boils on a stovetop, because of the automatic switch-off. It has a soft blue light and a base of polished stainless steel that add a touch of class your countertop. It has more great features; some of them are:
  • It provides cordless serving because the cord is attached to the base, and it can be lifted from the base.
  • The auto switch-off doesn’t allow the kettle to dry out and burn.
  • The handle stays cool and is comfortable to hold.
  • Cover is conveniently opened by a push button.
  • Cord can be wrapped beneath the bottom which makes for easier storing.
  • Ease of cleaning is facilitated by the wide opening.
  • Has the capacity for several servings.
  • Built-in net filter.

How Do I Choose the Best Glass Kettle?

Boiling water is a simple task, but in some cases, has turned into fire disasters. How, you ask? You know those days when you come home dead tired, unable to make yourself dinner or go out again for food, and instead decide just to boil water for a cup of tea? On some occasions, you might just lay back on your couch, shut your eyes, and wait for the water to boil—only to be startled awake by the scorching smell of something burning or the whistle of the kettle. That’s the story of boiling water on a stovetop with a kettle. Thankfully, some of these kettles have whistles, but why endanger yourself and maybe even family and neighbors? You can get a glass electric kettle that has safety features to ensure that even if you fall asleep while using it or even forget that it’s on, there’ll be no accident. It goes off automatically!

On the other hand, if you’re like some of us, you like to start your day with a steaming cup of tea or coffee. But how inconvenient would it be if you always had to grind the coffee beans, put it in the coffee percolator, and then let it drip before you get that first sip? Some days you'll want to have instant coffee—and hot water from a water dispenser just doesn’t cut it.

That’s why an electric kettle is very essential. You need something that can boil your water to the exact temperature that’s required for your brand of tea or coffee—and fast! A glass kettle takes it a notch higher; it provides aesthetics that add to the overall ambiance of your kitchen, room, or office. It also eliminates the worry about storage because it becomes part of the furniture. With one of these gracing your countertop, you’ll have no qualms about pulling out your favorite teacup and enjoying the scene.

Just like with every home/kitchen appliance, good quality is vital because this ensures safety, durability, and good value for money.
When choosing a glass kettle, price is an important issue to consider. Much as we would want our resources to be unlimited, they still are limited. We know that you may have a budget to cover the kettle and don’t wish to exceed it, but bear in mind that several factors affect the cost of a product. The quality of the material it’s made of, and the features it offers are included in this.

Our research shows that you can get a good glass kettle for between $32 and $150. However, if you want a product with all the bells and whistles, you have to be prepared to pay more. There are also cheap glass kettles, but they’re not in this review. We always endeavor to bring you trusted brands and products that will deliver as advertised. Be careful not to be enticed with a low price to the detriment of the quality and features that you truly desire.
There are many glass kettles in the market, and they all have different features. If you want to get a product that’ll really give you the value that you expect, there are features that you need to look out for. These features include:
  • Safety features - This might be considered the most important thing to consider as it determines how safe it would be to use.
  • Beautiful design - This affects the overall ambiance of your kitchen or wherever it is kept.
  • Size - You need to determine how many people the kettle will serve per time.
  • Corded or cordless - This will determine the convenience of using the kettle to serve.
  • Type of handle - This should be comfortable to grip and not slippery.
  • Ease of cleaning and maintenance - Check and be sure that it’s easy to clean and maintain.
  • Quality and type of material – This will determine the durability.
  • Manufacturer's warranty - This shows how much confidence that manufacturers have in their product.
Construction and Design
Before choosing a glass kettle, you should consider how many people you want it to serve per time. Although electric kettles boil water fast, it would be inconvenient to buy a kettle that’s meant for personal use (when you have to serve a large number) and wouldn’t yield many servings at once. The average capacity for a glass kettle is usually one and a half liters, which should give you not less than ten servings.

You might also need to consider the design of the kettle. Though this might not impact the functionality of the kettle, it might save you storage space. You wouldn’t need to stow it away when not in use, if it fits in with the decor of the room. A beautifully designed kettle can add to the ambiance of your kitchen, room, or office.

Glass kettles come either with or without cords attached to the jugs. It's better for your kettle to be cordless; this means that the cord is at the base of the kettle where the heating element is, and after boiling your water or whatever you use it for, you can just lift the jug and serve your tea or other beverages without dragging the cord with you.

Most electric kettles come with automatic shutoff. This enables the kettle to switch off when the water boils or has reached the desired temperature. It also helps to ensure that the kettle won't boil until it's dry. For even greater safety, some models won’t come on if you accidentally put the jug on the base without water in it. These are the advantages of a glass electric kettle over a stovetop kettle. The ability to shut off automatically also helps to ensure that the electrical elements of your kettle last for a long time.
Performance and Ease of Use
Many models of glass kettles feature wide ergonomic handles; this makes the handle comfortable to hold. It should also be slip-resistant to ensure that the kettle doesn’t slip off the hold, and should always remain cool to the touch. It wouldn’t be safe for your kettle to have a handle that heats up when the contents of the kettle are hot—this would be an accident in the making.

The durability of your kettle depends on the type of materials it was made from. You need to ensure that the glass used is not the brittle-quality type that shatters easily. A known glass manufacturer is SCHOT, and most good models of glass kettles are made from glass produced by them. This isn’t to say that there are no other brands with top-quality glass, but some of our featured products are made with its glass. Other parts of the kettle should also be of durable materials such as stainless steel; this is to ensure that it won’t rust.

Most glass kettles have mesh filters. If the filter is removable, it’s easier to clean and gives you the peace of mind to know that your tea leaves (or debris) aren’t concealed anywhere in it. Due to the fact that you need to wash your kettle and allow it to dry after use, look out for models that allow you to do this easily. Ease of cleaning is a key factor.

Get the Best Glass Kettle of 2023!

We’re glad that you have taken the time to read this review. We believe that you’ve gotten enough insight and information on what makes a good glass kettle and which features would best provide needed value to you. You can make that purchase with more confidence than before you read this review; your best glass kettle is just a click away, so go ahead and just do it!

Our Top Choice
OXO Cordless Glass Kettle
Best Value
Ovente Glass Electric Kettle
Breville The IQ Pure Kettle
Mr. Coffee® Hot Tea Maker and Kettle
Hamilton Beach Glass Kettle