Best Globe Bar Reviews 2020

Doesn’t having a globe bar change your whole drinking experience? Having this timeless masterpiece to hold that fancy wine bottle or that pricey liquor is a plus for your home bar. With so many unique and interesting designs of globe bars out there, getting your perfect match can be tricky. Not to worry. This review looks at some of the best globe bar brands out there to assist you in your purchase.
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Globe Holds
Overall Size
Globe Size
Our Top Choice
Design Toscano Italian Replica Globe Bar
A premier source for products designed after historical replicas, Design Tuscano boasts of over 90% exclusive designs in decorative items.
Stylish with a solid cut and hand finish. The nautical map is enchanting. Made from quality hardwoods. Castor wheels make it portable.
Some reports that strips of map attached to the top surface with heavy usage.
Top and bottom storage
Decanter/bottle & 10 glasses
22’’ x 22’’ x 38.5’'
22 inch diameter
21 pounds
Best Value
Kassel Old World Globe Wine Bar
Kassel is known for its innovative and unique home décor products. Its products carry an Old World charm with them!
Wine bar is faux antique. Old World map on the outside and a view of the heavens on the inside.
Not exactly accurate and seem choppy in some places. The globe doesn’t rotate.
Top and bottom storage
Midsize decanter/up to 8 glasses
22.2‘’ x 18.2’’ x 11.5’'
13 inch diameter
16 pounds
eHomeProducts Italian Replica Globe Wine Bar
eHomeProducts offers a wide array of tables, living room furniture, and home décor. Its products are distinctive and appealing.
Highly detailed nautical map recreation on the exterior. The sphere rotates on its axis.
Only able to accommodate medium-sized wine bottles and glasses.
Top and bottom storage
Up to 3 bottles and 8 glasses
21.8’’ x 18.3’’ x 12’’
13 inch diameter
13.3 pounds
Imax Atlas Holding Old Globe Wine Bar
Imax has a reputation of creating dependable designs that are both elegant and of exceptional craftsmanship.
Statue of Greek God Atlas holding globe with a beautiful replica of a nautical map that dates back to the 16th Century. Spacious interior with frescoes that are beautifully crafted.
Stand base so doesn't have additional storage underneath
Top storage only
Up to 4 bottles/about 8 glasses
16.5" x 16.5" x 33.5"
About 16.5 inch diameter
27 pounds
Merske 16th Century Italian Style Globe Bar
The good folk at Merske strive to provide quality products in all categories, including home décor and office furnishing.
Built entirely by hand using exotic tropical woods.
Only the top half can be rotated and only in open position.
Top and bottom storage
2-3 bottles & 8 stemware glasses
20’’ x 17.5 ‘’x 36’’
20 inch diameter
19.5 pounds

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What is the Best Globe Bar?

From the craftsmanship of the globe bar to the capacity of the internal compartments, there are numerous things to consider before settling for a particular product. This review seeks to shine some light on what to look out for as you make your decision.
Our Top Choice
Masterfully crafted, the Sixteenth Century Italian Replica Bar is sure to give your living place a unique look. The timeless elegance of the bar stand, manufactured with quality hardwood, will turn heads. You may also want to check out the jaw-dropping Design Toscano The Subservient Dragon Glass-Topped Sculptural Table to go with your nautical map bar!

Design Toscano Stylish Sixteenth-Century Italian Replica Globe Bar

Design Toscano specializes in garden and home décor furnishing, fountains, and exclusive garden accents. Nearly 90% of designs are exclusive to the manufacturer, and it has an impressive product catalogue of over 6,000 amazing items to choose from! This inspiring 16th Century Globe Bar is incredibly cool, incredibly portable, and incredibly impressive!

The globe bar is styled with 16th century nautical maps in mind, designed to resemble them. The sphere features a hinged meridian which can be flipped back, revealing hand painted interior frescoes on the dome-shaped ceiling. The total diameter of the sphere is approximately 17.5 inches, but it’s the center that’s the most intriguing. There’s a secret liquor chamber that can hold 3 to 4 wine bottles and 10 to 11 glasses securely. The whole design is placed firmly on hardwood legs, which have rolling casters. There is an additional shelf above the rollers for extra storage.

Some of the other notable features of this globe bar include:
  • Requires minimum assembly
  • Handcrafted interiors and exteriors
  • Built with fine quality mahogany, Tuscany, ebony, and other fine hardwoods
  • Solid, kiln dried, and engineered nature
  • Sphere’s exterior is finished with a protective lacquered coat to prevent damage to design
A few good friends, a fine whisky in hand, and another bottle in an elegant globe bar like this – you can now work on your plan to conquer the world!
Best Value
Display your wine collection and glasses in a stately Old World magic with this charming chattel. Kassel offers a 13-inch Diameter Globe with a 76 pc Chess and Checkers Set, you should check out if you’re looking for a fun and elegant way to play your favorite game.

Kassel 17 ½” Diameter Faux Antique Old World Map Globe Wine Bar with Crafted Interior and Exterior

Kassel is known for making unique home décor and furnishing pieces that give your living space a classy appeal. They specialize in designing innovative globe bars and chess sets, quartz pendulum clocks and birdhouses, besides other products. The designs carry a rustic, Old World charm to them.

The 17.5-inch diameter wine globe is another one of Kassel’s great products. With the world on the outside and heavens on the inside, this globe wine bar stand is ideal to show off your wine collection and best glasses in class! The construction of the globe bar is sturdy with fine hardwood, and can be opened fully. The outer part of the sphere features a nautical map used in the olden days, while the interior of the globe is artistically painted to resemble interior frescoes of domed ceilings or a view of the heavens.

Here are some more of its features:
  • Integrated dark brown wood holder
  • Additional storage space above the table legs
  • Minimal assembly required
This elegant globe bar is perfect for your man-cave or cozy wine parties with intimate friends!
A perfect culmination of vintage art, history, and wine – this globe bar is the ideal gift for your loved ones. You should check out eHomeProducts’ Chrome Metal Bar Tea Wine Holder Serving Cart with Tempered Glass if you’re in need of something simple and elegant to serve your guests with!

eHomeProducts Sixteenth-Century Italian Replica 13" Diameter Old World Map Globe Wine Bar

eHomeProducts offers excellent choices in office and home furnishing products. Its 16th Century Italian Replica Globe Bar is no exception. Built with class, elegance, and style, the globe bar set is the perfect gift for history, vintage, and wine lovers.

The globe is 13 inches in diameter and can be completely opened from its hinged meridian to store glasses and wine bottles. The exterior of the globe is wrapped with a replica of 16th century nautical maps, and the internal part of the sphere features handcrafted frescoes of a view of the heavens. The globe rests on a trio of sturdy hardwood legs with rolling casters. There’s an additional circular shelf included for extra storage.

Some of the other salient features of this bar include:
  • Construction on an integrated wooden stand
  • Ability to rotate on its North and South axis
  • Built from fine hardwoods
  • Minimal assembly required
Carry your celebration in style with this nimble globe bar.
The Imax Atlas Holding Old Globe Wine Bar is 100% handmade using the finest hardwoods. Do you prefer a bronze globe bar rather than a white one? Then you will love the Atlas Holding Replica Art and Old Globe Wine Bar Rack Bronze.

Imax Atlas Holding Replica Art and Old Globe Wine Bar Rack

Imax has created a reputation of giving its customers nothing but unique and well thought designs. With its top of the range products, customers are always assured of the best quality products.

The Imax Atlas Holding Old Globe Wine Bar is a timeless masterpiece created for those that love the finer things in life. Your drinking experience will never be the same with this globe bar that is hand made using the finest hardwoods.With a beautiful and spacious interior, its internal compartments can hold upto four bottles with an extra shelf at the bottom.
Here are some features that stand out in this globe bar:
  • Comes with a replica of a 16th century nautical map
  • Has a solid wooden base
  • A beautiful and artistic Greek God statue
  • Made of high quality hardwood
  • Has internal frescoes that are hand crafted
  • Hinged meridian that easily opens and closes
Take your party to another time with the 16th Century Italian Style Globe Bar, that showcases the details only handcrafting can accomplish. If you’re looking for a globe bar to fit nicely in a corner, why not check out Merske’s Padua Italian Style Corner Floor Globe Bar, that’s 21 inches in diameter?

Merske Classic 16th Century Italian Style Floor Globe Bar - Also Available in Old World Design

Merske designs top-quality products in home furnishing, toys, and pet supplies. It markets under six brands, namely Vroom Rider, Merske, Mochi Furniture, Berry Toys, Jolly Workshop, and MDOG2.

The 16th Century Italian Style Globe bar is the perfect addition to your favorite space, showing off the best of your spirits. The globe bar is entirely handcrafted and is a piece of art. The exterior of the globe is wrapped with accurate 16th century nautical maps while the interior has antique replica frescoes. The maps are amazingly detailed. There’s also ample space to store your wine bottles. The additional storage on the lower shelf can accommodate 8 or 9 bottles.

Some other features include:
  • Integrated wooden floor stand
  • Rolling casters for convenient portability
  • One-year warranty on parts from the manufacturer
Simple, elegant, and graceful – this globe bar is the perfect gift for a passionate collector or home decorator.

How Do I Choose the Best Globe Bar?

It’s a beautiful Friday evening and you are having a bunch of friends over to celebrate that promotion you just got. After dinner, you rise to bring that bottle of fine wine that you bought during your last trip to Paris. Unfortunately as you pull it out from the kitchen cabinet or from the wine rack, it slips and hits the floor with a bang spilling its contents on the floor. Ouch! If only your bottle of wine had been stored safely inside a globe bar, such a mess wouldn’t have happened.

For people with a taste for the finer things in life, having a globe bar is a must have because it is not only a timeless masterpiece but also a display of elegance. Just like fine wine takes time to mature in an aging barrel, so does a globe bar take time to fall into shape. The best globe bar brands go out of their way to ensure that you get a product that is not only unique but also one that will wow your guests every time they visit.

Most globe bars are made of the finest wood with some specially made using hard woods such mahogany and rosewood. To add to the antiqueness of the globe bar, nautical maps from as early as the 16th Century are imprinted on the hemispheres to take you back in time as you sip your drink.

So, sit down, turn on your exquisite electric fireplace, open your globe bar, pull out that fancy red wine glass, and pour yourself some wine. Cheers to the good life!
Displaying your bottles of wine or liquor in a globe bar doesn’t have to be as expensive as building an underground wine cellar. With between $ 65 and $ 200, you will be in a position to wow your guests with this classic work of art. The price varies depending on the type of material (wood) that the globe bar is made of as well as the craftsmanship of this product.

You will expect to spend some extra bucks for a globe bar that has been hand crafted but you will for sure appreciate the time and energy that went into every detail. Beware of being duped into buying a cheap globe bar that is most likely an imitation with a very short life span.
Settling for a particular globe bar can be a tricky affair especially with so many imitations in the market. Here are some important features you need to look out for as you shop for a globe bar:
  • Material– Most globe bars are made of wood. Go for globe bars made of hardwoods such mahogany, rosewood, ebony or even Tuscany wood – they last longer and look much nicer.
  • Dimensions– Is the internal compartment deep enough to accommodate your bottle or even the glasses? Is the wooden stand high enough to ensure that the globe does not touch the ground?
  • Globe size– How wide is the diameter of the globe? A wider diameter of the globe allows for a large capacity of the internal compartment.
  • Weight– Can the globe bar be easily wheeled around from one point to another? Is the globe too heavy that it topples over when loaded with drinks and glasses?
  • Extras– Is the globe imprinted with nautical maps? Does the globe rotate around its axis from North to South? Is there room for additional storage on the bottom?
Construction and Design
Globe bars have similar designs which is a globe held in on a stand that opens to reveal an internal storage compartment. Due to the exquisite nature of globe bars, most of the wood used is from select hard wood trees such as mahogany and Tuscany. Many of these wooden stands have rolling coasters at the base to allow for portability of the globe bar. High quality globe bars are also coated with a protective finish to enhance durability.

The globe itself is a work of art since it comes with a replica of nautical maps, for example ones that were used in the 16th century. Accuracy of the maps varies between different manufacturers. For some globe bars, the maps are applied by hand which adds to the charm. The handcraftsmanship of a globe bar makes it unique and timeless.

The wide diameter of the globe allows for a larger capacity of the internal compartments that hold your bottle. The globe is usually held in a wooden stand that may have extra compartments for more storage. Inside the globe there may be several slots for holding your bottles and some come with built in chillers. Some globe bars have an extra storage space on the wooden stand. The diameter of the globe may vary from 13 inches to as wide as 22 inches. The wider the diameter, the larger the capacity of the globe bars.

One other thing to consider when looking at the design of globe bars is the type of glasses it can hold. Some are designed to hold only stemware glass, whereas others can hold any type, such as whiskey glasses. You can also get ones designed specially for holding bottles or ones that can also handle decanters for other liquors.
Performance and Ease of Use
Most globe bars have to be assembled using a manual that is easy to interpret. In case you go for a globe that allows for rotation on its axis, ensure that you hoist the globe appropriately. For portability, many come with rolling coasters to allow you to easily move them to whichever point you want to enjoy your drink from.

Globe bars are straightforward in terms of operation. All you have to do is pull back the globe, remove your favorite wine, liquor bottle or decanter as well as the glasses and enjoy your drink.

Get the Best Globe Bar of 2020!

Hopefully, through this review you have a clear picture of the perfect globe bar to spice up your home bar or even that wine corner in your office. If these products didn’t tickle your fancy, there are many other globe bars from these reputable brands. Cheers!

Our Top Choice
Design Toscano Italian Replica Globe Bar
Best Value
Kassel Old World Globe Wine Bar
eHomeProducts Italian Replica Globe Wine Bar
Imax Atlas Holding Old Globe Wine Bar
Merske 16th Century Italian Style Globe Bar