Best Golf Bag Reviews 2023

Golf is considered to be the sport of gentlemen, and if you want to practice it properly, you need to get the right accessories, such as a golf bag, gloves, balls and clubs. Luckily, we have reviews on each of these items and we invite you to take a look at them to gather inspiration. For this review, we have picked five excellent golf bags from some of the best golf bag brands out there. Take a look at them and be pleasantly surprised with the wide range of products you can choose from!
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Rain hood
Our Top Choice
Callaway Org 14 Golf Cart Bag
Callaway is a prestigious manufacturer of golf accessories. The 14 Golf Cart Bag is ideal for beginners as well as experienced golf players.
Available in many colors. Can hold up to 14 golf clubs. Numerous pockets. Water resistant pocket features key fob. Lightweight.
Isolated complaints regarding the quality of the material.
Cart Golf Bag
14 Clubs
8 Colors available
12 pockets
Best Value
Nike Women Sport Lite Carry Ii Golf Bag
Nike is a leading manufacturer of sports equipment. The Sport Lite Carry II 2016 Bag is designed for active women who enjoy playing golf on a regular basis.
Spacious. Lightweight and comfortable. Features stand legs. Includes valuables pocket and water bottle holder. Attractive design.
Isolated complaints that this bag is flimsy.
Women Stand Golf Bag
10 Clubs
6 pockets
Sun Mountain Collegiate-Licensed Golf Cart Bag
Sun Mountain manufactures high-quality golf bags at reasonable prices. The 2015 C-130 Golf Cart Bag is attractive, spacious and suitable for both men and women.
Available in 9 colors. Can hold up to 14 different golf clubs. Multiple pockets. Rain hood included. Easy to carry.
Isolated complaints that the clubs get caught on each other when you try to get them out.
Golf Cart Bag
14 Clubs
8 Colors
2 velour-lined valuable pockets
Titleist Lightweight Stand Bag
Titleist specializes in golf bags and golf accessories. The 2016 lightweight golf bag is versatile, affordable and it comes with 2 legs to make it more stable.
Available in 6 colors. Valuables pockets included. Comes with rain hood. Useful and practical design. Zippered pockets.
Few complaints regarding the size of the pockets.
Stand Golf Bag
6 Clubs
5 zippered pockets
TaylorMade San Clemente Golf Bag
TaylorMade manufactures a multitude of golf clubs as well as spacious golf bags. The San Clemente golf bag is attractive, accommodating and easy to carry.
Available in 2 stylish designs. Sturdy design and durable materials. Good value for money. Multiple zippered pockets.
Isolated complaints regarding reliability.
Golf Cart Bag
14 Clubs
Multiple zippered pockets

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What is the Best Golf Bag?

When shopping for golf bags, make sure to keep in mind two important characteristics – practicality and design. In other words, go for a bag that can hold all your golf clubs and personal belongings, but at the same time, pick one which also makes you feel special. Here are our recommendations when it comes to golf bags.
Our Top Choice
The Callaway 2016 golf bag includes 14 club dividers and it is available in numerous color options. This bag also comes with 12 useful pockets that can be used to store valuables. If your budget is smaller then go for the Callaway 2016 Fusion Stand Bag which features 11 pockets.

Callaway 2016 Org 14 Golf Cart Bag with 14 Full Length Club Dividers, 12 Pockets, 1 Water Resistant Pocket

Callaway specializes in golf accessories and equipment. This brand produces a wide variety of golf clubs that can be used to strike long, spectacular shots. Additionally, Callaway also makes useful and practical golf bags that can carry more than 10 clubs at once and feature pockets for supplies and valuables.

Let's take a look at the Org 14 Golf Cart Bag and explore its features.
  • Available in 8 color options
  • Comes with umbrella sleeve
  • 12 pockets and one of them is water resistant
  • Features 14 full-length club dividers
  • Includes rainhood
If you are interested in sophisticated golf clubs, then you might want to check out Callaway's products. For example, the 2017 Big Bertha club is available in many styles and it has gathered numerous positive reviews on Amazon.
Best Value
The Nike Women's Sport Lite Carry II 2016 Golf Bag is lightweight, spacious and capable of carrying up to 10 golf clubs at once. It also has a fleece-lined pocket for storing valuables such as keys or cell phones. If you want a more sophisticated bag, then go for the 2016 Nike Air Hybrid II Golf Bag Carry\/Stand which is available in more colors.

Nike Women's Sport Lite Carry II 2016 Golf Bag with 2 Full Length Dividers, Rain Hood, Multiple Pockets

We are quite confident that you have heard of Nike before as this brand is an internationally acclaimed company that specializes in sports products, accessories and equipment. Nike makes high-quality running shoes, fitness bags, and apparel items as well as golf bags.

Let's take a look at the Sport Lite Carry II 2016 Bag and find out its features.
  • 2 full-length club dividers each featuring 5 slots
  • Pockets for clothing items and gloves
  • 2 stand legs for stability
  • Sleeve for water bottle
  • EquaFlex double-strap system ensures easy carrying
If we are discussing bags for carrying sports equipment, how about a simple Nike bag designed to carry your gym accessories? It is available in multiple colors and has an attractive minimalist design.
The 2015 C-130 Golf Cart Bag from Sun Mountain is available in multiple colors, and it comes with a rain hood included in the package which will protect your beloved golf clubs 24/7. If you prefer a newer model, then go for the Two 5 Stand Bag from the same company.

Sun Mountain 2015 C-130 Golf Cart Bag, Available in 9 Colors, 14 Individual Dividers, Velour-Lined Pockets

Sun Mountain specializes in sports bags, particularly golf bags, and it sells them well on Amazon at the moment of this writing. Sun Mountain also makes backpacks, umbrellas and apparel items such as pants and jackets. These products stand out from the crowd because they have an eye-catching design and are reasonably priced.

Here are the highlights of the 2015 C-130 Golf Cart Bag, one of the most useful golf bags money can buy today.
  • Available in 9 color options
  • 2 velour-lined valuables pockets
  • Rain hood to protect your clubs from bad weather
  • 14 individual dividers
  • Compact and lightweight, easy to carry
If you are going to your favorite golf club in the near future, then you might also be interested in a versatile travel case made by Sun Mountain. This bag is spacious and it can carry lots of personal belongings.
The 2016 Ultra Lightweight Stand Bag from Titleist is available in several colors and it features several zippered pockets where you can put your golf balls. If you want a more spacious bag, then you might want to go for the Titleist 2016 Lightweight Stand Bag.

Titleist TB5SX1 2016 Ultra Lightweight Stand Golf Bag, Available in 6 Colors, 5 Zippered Pockets, Rain Hood

Titleist is a professional manufacturer of golf bags and golf accessories such as balls and even hats in various colors. You can also buy high-quality golf gloves from this manufacturer as well as apparel items such as pullovers and caps.

The 2016 Ultra Lightweight Stand Bag is one of the most useful golf bags on the market and we think it deserves a spot in our review. Here are its highlights.
  • Available in 6 colors
  • Compact, durable and lightweight, easy to carry
  • 4-point backpack style strap
  • Special pocket for valuables, velour-lined
  • Includes rain hood
  • Features insulated beverage pocket
If you play golf on a regular basis, we recommend trying the Velocity Golf Balls from this brand as they come at a reasonable price and are excellent for explosive shots!
The San Clemente Cart Bag is an attractive golf bag that can hold up to 10 golf clubs at once and it comes in 2 stunning designs. This bag is also designed to resist shocks and wear and tear. If you want a bag that can accommodate even more clubs, then we suggest going for the TaylorMade 2016 Supreme Hybrid Stand Bag.

TaylorMade San Clemente Cart Bag, Available in 2 Colors, 10 Way Top, Resistant to Wear and Tear

The last product in our list comes from TaylorMade, a brand founded back in 1979 which specializes in golf accessories and golf clubs. For example, you can buy a wide variety of golf clubs from this brand, depending on your skill, playing style and personal preference.

For now, let's focus on the San Clemente Cart Bag. Here are its strong points.
  • Available in 2 stylish designs
  • 2 slots for putter grips
  • Sturdy design, can take a lot of wear and tear
  • Multiple zippered pockets for storing valuables
  • Can hold up to 10 golf clubs
For precision shots, we recommend taking a look at the line of golf clubs made by TaylorMade and pick the ones you think will help you strike your best shot. You have plenty of options to choose from!

How Do I Choose the Best Golf Bag?

Whether you are a novice when it comes to golf or a professional player, chances are that you already have a couple of golf clubs in your arsenal. These products are usually expensive and quite fragile, so you must take utmost care when carrying them around. That’s why professional manufacturers have designed a plethora of high-quality golf bags which can hold more than a dozen clubs at once.

Golf bags can also be used to hold other personal belongings and accessories, not only your golf clubs. For example, they can carry your golf balls around, as well as your golf gloves, mobile phone and keys, among other stuff. That’s because they feature special compartments for valuables, and all the pockets are zippered, giving you more peace of mind when moving from place to place.

Keep reading this guide to learn more about golf bags, what are they made of, and how to buy the right one for your needs. You know what they say – failing to plan basically means planning to fail, so if you do your homework, you'll eventually end up with the ideal golf bag, selected according to your preferences and requirements!
Contrary to popular belief, golf bags are not hideously expensive nowadays. For example, you will pay between about $100 and $250 for a high-quality golf bag and, taking into account that you might use it for a lifetime, that’s not a bad deal. There are several factors that influence the price of a golf bag, such as the number of clubs it can hold, how many compartments it has, the materials it is made of, and so on.

If you go for a golf bag with velour-lined pockets that can hold 14 clubs at once, you'll have to pay slightly more in comparison with buying a smaller bag that can hold less than 10 clubs. There are also many cheap golf bags on the market, usually priced around $50 or lower, but these products are not ideal, even for beginners. That’s because most of them are made with poor-quality materials and might break down after a couple of uses.
One of the best things about golf bags is that they are quite elegant and visually attractive, but they also have many other features.
  • Capacity - Most golf bags can hold up to 14-15 clubs at once, and they have adjustable dividers, allowing you to arrange your clubs any way you want inside.
  • Pockets - Some bags have two, others have five or more, and all of them are useful in many situations.
  • Colors - Golf bags also come in a wide variety of colors, starting from neutral tones such as black, white or silver and continuing with bold colors, such as bright red, blue or orange.
  • Rain Hood - Most golf bags have it and it is useful for those moments when the weather tries to play tricks on you.
These are but a few characteristics related to golf bags; there might be more on the market and that’s what makes a golf bag a really practical and original accessory. If you are a beginner when it comes to this sport, go for a medium-sized bag that can hold up to 10 clubs at once. This would be the right thing to do until you gather more golf experience, and then you can upgrade to a more spacious model.
Construction and Design
Today's golf bags are made of durable materials that can take a lot of wear and tear and are water resistant. In most cases, these bags can hold up to 14 clubs at once and feature fixed or adjustable dividers to help you arrange and organize your clubs better. It is important to mention here that the weight of an empty bag is around four pounds, which makes them very easy to transport.

Golf bags also include several compartments or pockets that can hold other golf accessories or personal belongings. For example, some of them have water bottle pockets, a special pocket for your cell phone and additional compartments for golf gloves and other accessories. All these pockets are zippered, and some of them are lined with velour (especially the cell phone pocket) to protect the items inside.

In some cases, you will also stumble upon bags that come with stands, and this is a really useful thing to have. Basically, the stand will keep your bag in an upright position, making it easier for you to get another club or store one you don’t want to use at the moment. The attached rain hood protects your clubs from water and the bag's adjustable straps allow you to carry it with great comfort on your back.
Performance and Ease of Use
Needless to say, golf bags also come with reassuring warranty periods, which might last between one and ten years, so remember to keep an eye on that when shopping. We like the fact that bags which come from prestigious manufacturers have been specially designed to be used while riding carts, and they also have all their pockets accessible when the bag is in the cart. Therefore, you can reach for clubs or personal items with little to no effort. At the end of the day, a golf bag doesn’t only protect your clubs, but it also makes you feel like a professional, so why shouldn’t you have one?

Get the Best Golf Bag of 2023!

Do not rush your decision when choosing a golf bag, because you will have to use this accessory for a couple of years. Some of the best golf bags out there are lightweight, eye-catching and spacious at the same time, so pick yours today and start playing golf at a professional level!

Our Top Choice
Callaway Org 14 Golf Cart Bag
Best Value
Nike Women Sport Lite Carry Ii Golf Bag
Sun Mountain Collegiate-Licensed Golf Cart Bag
Titleist Lightweight Stand Bag
TaylorMade San Clemente Golf Bag