Best Golf Club Set Reviews 2023

Are you a golf lover, or just getting into the game and wondering which golf club set to go for? Your game is going to be influenced by the golf set you choose and how comfortable you are using it. There is a host of golf club sets, and after extensive research, we’ve selected five of the best golf club brands for review here. We’ve featured one product per brand to give you insight into what each company offers. All you need to do is read our reviews and make an informed choice. By the way, we have a separate review dedicated to just golf club sets for women if you don’t find what you need here.
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Our Top Choice
Wilson Golf 2017 Ultra Complete Package Set
Wilson focuses on giving golfers the tools they need to dominate. But it doesn’t stop there, offering players of multiple sports the equipment vital to success.
Great price. High-quality clubs. Club head covers. Lightweight and ergonomic bag. Has all the clubs you need.
No real issues with this set, just be sure to follow instructions for maintenance.
Lightweight steel
9 clubs/15.9 lbs
Soft paddle grip
Regular flex (L)
Self-activating ergonomic bag
Best Value
Tour Edge HT MAX-J Junior Sets and Clubs
Tour Edge is a maker of golf clubs that are well-designed to improve a player’s skills whether the player is a kid, an adult, or even a senior.
Contains everything necessary for a beginner. High-quality clubs. Includes a carrier bag with a kickstand. Quite affordable.
Does not contain enough clubs to allow a kid to advance his skills.
Lightweight wood and iron
8 clubs/8 lbs
Soft wrap grip
Junior flex (J)
Bag with pockets and kickstand
Callaway Strata Ultimate Men’s 18-Piece Set
Since 1982, Callaway has been making premium-performance golf products and is one of the most well-known names in the golf industry.
Great choice for beginners. Well-designed bag. Forgiving clubs. Driver with large sweet spot. Affordable. Good customer service.
Be sure to find out the dimensions of the clubs if you are on the tall side.
Stainless steel iron
12 clubs/15.43 lbs
Corded golf grip
Regular flex (R)
Lightweight bag with back strap
Knight Women's XV II Complete Golf Set
Knight is well-known for making high-quality wedges and putters, so you can be assured of excellent products from this brand.
Perfect for beginners. Quality golf clubs. Good price.
The bag is easily afflicted with mold.
Lightweight steel
9 clubs/16.3lbs
Lightweight golf grip
Ladies flex (L)
Spacious bag with pockets
Golf Girl Pink Junior Set Inc Bag Right Hand
Golf Girl is a brand created to exclusively cater to the needs of females in golf. It creates clubs and club sets that help rookies become pros, whether young or old.
Good quality. Forgiving clubs. Cute carrier bag with a kickstand. Affordable. Consists of clubs needed to learn and enjoy the game.
No real issues here, just be sure to match your kid’s height to the age bracket you’re purchasing.
Lightweight graphite
4 clubs/10 lbs
Soft wrap grip
Junior flex (J)
Lightweight bag with rain hood

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What is the Best Golf Club Set?

You don’t just need a great golf set; you need a golf set that fits you. Hopefully, our guide has helped you identify the golf set traits you’ll find most beneficial to your game. It doesn’t really matter what golf sets your friends are using; what matters is which one is the right fit for you. Let's now take a look at our top five selections.
Our Top Choice
The Wilson Men's Complete Golf Set has steel shafts that make them durable, and they are designed to help both newbies and regular pros up their game. If you’d like a complete set for women, go for the Wilson Ultra Women’s Complete Golf Club Set with Bag. It is available in charcoal/mint and plum/citron colors for left- and right-handers.

Wilson Golf Men's 2017 Ultra Complete Package Set – Available in 2 Colors & 2 Hand Orientations

Products from the Wilson sporting brand are stylish, comfortable, and durable. It is devoted to making long-lasting equipment that will help you play better. Over the years, Wilson has been manufacturing high-quality sports equipment for baseball, basketball, football, golf, and many more. It is a widely acclaimed sports franchise, which is why you can rest assured its golf club sets are durable and high-performance.

The Wilson Men's Complete Golf Set is designed to help golfers improve their game and get more distance with their shots. This is an ideal entry-level golf set as it consists of everything a beginner needs to become a pro. The clubs’ shafts are made of steel and the 460cc Titanium matrix driver has a low center of gravity to launch the golf ball off the tee. The putter has a soft paddle grip which helps users improve their aim for more accurate shots.

The clubs come with a high-quality, lightweight, and ergonomic carrier bag with a detailed finish. The bag is available in red or light brown, which also matches some part of the clubs so you can rep your fashion game with your golf set. Further, large sweet spots on the iron and a weighted perimeter improve player performance with the off-center hits.

The club bag also has a kickstand that allows the bag to lean over, making the clubs easily accessible whenever you need them. This golf set is also available in left- and right-hand orientation. That way, the lefties, too, can experience the beauty and performance of this golf club set.
Best Value
The Tour Edge Junior Golf Set is a golf set to start a kid off on their journey to becoming a pro golfer. The set consists of the necessary clubs to get started and has a carrier bag. If you’d like a similarly great set with fewer clubs, go for the Tour Edge HT Max J Jr 4x1 Set which has more clubs that are forgiving and allows your kids to improve their game.

Tour Edge Boys' HT MAX-J 8-PIECE Golf Set for Kids 9-12

Tour Edge is a sports brand taking golf by storm. It manufactures top-performance and superior-quality clubs that are easy to use and suitable for both the newbies and the pros. The brand made a statement in the industry when it introduced its Exotics fairway wood which gives a player more distance and power with their swing. Since then, it has created more sought-after clubs that many PGA pros use.

The Tour Edge Junior Golf Set is specially designed for junior players and it comes with the clubs your kid needs to gain an exciting familiarity with the game. It consists of a 350cc iron which gives your kid a powerful swing to catch some distance across the green. A putter crafter like a mallet is included to help budding golfers easily sink in the balls. This set also has stainless-steel hybrids and woods with great performance to give your kid an awesome time playing the sport.

The clubs are accompanied by a carrier bag with a kickstand so they don’t have any trouble accessing whatever club they need for their next shot. These clubs have graphite shafts that make it easier to get more air on the ball when your kid tees off.

The hybrid design of this golf set creates a great chance for your kids to learn and improve their gameplay and performance.
The 18-Piece Callaway Men's Strata Golf Set is a great option for anyone who takes golf seriously. It gives you a good combination of control, distance, and feel. If you want this same great set but with fewer clubs, go for the 12-Piece Callaway Men's Strata Complete Golf Club Set which also has a carrier bag with a kickstand.

Callaway Men's Strata Ultimate Complete Golf Set 18-Piece – Available in Left- & Right-Hand Orientations

The Callaway Golf brand was founded by the late Ely Callaway, who had a desire to deliver the best of golf products, using only high-grade materials. Since 1982, Callaway Golf has aimed at producing the best products for beginners and pros alike. If you’re looking for a brand that is the perfect embodiment of style and quality, look no further, for Callaway has it all.

The 18-Piece Callaway Men's Strata Golf Set is one sure way to enjoy the benefits of playing golf. With this set, you experience the combination of feel, control, and power, which adds distance to your shots. The sleek finish of the clubs is so alluring they’re a beauty on their own.

The titanium driver comes with a large sweet spot and shows forgiveness as you swing off the tee. The fairway woods (3 and 5) are aerodynamically designed to help you achieve long and high-flying shots. The hybrids, too, are crafted to help you achieve a variety of shots with confidence.

All the aforementioned clubs come with headcovers for protection. And to wrap it all up, the clubs are well-stacked in a lightweight and durable carrier bag. This bag has convenient zippered pockets, holders for tees, and a back strap for easy hauling. It also has a kickstand so you can lean the bag and conveniently access whatever club you need.
You want golf clubs made by a manufacturer that’s committed to performance and quality. The Knight Women's XV II Complete Golf Set is just the thing. Looking for the same top quality in a complete set for men? The Knight Men's Tec Golf Club Complete Set would be a great choice.

Knight Women's XV II Complete Golf Set

If you’re looking for golf sets of good quality that don’t drain your pockets, then Knight is for you. In providing customers with more reasons to buy from it, Knight knows what true quality means.

The Knight Women’s XV II Complete Golf Set is an attractive combination of purple and black. A great fit for any woman who plays golf or wants to start playing. The clubs come in a big bag with an umbrella holder and enough pockets to store all your equipment.

The Knight Women’s XV II golf set also features:
  • A 460cc driver with a graphite shaft for maximum control and power, with matching head covers
  • Black and purple cart bag with an umbrella holder and copious amounts of space for other golfing equipment
  • Golf set including a fairway wood, 4/5 hybrid iron, low COG 6-9 cavity-backed oversized irons, and a pitching wedge
  • Durable grip
This golf club set is only available for right-handed golfers.
Your little girl wants to play golf. The Golf Girl Junior Set is an excellent choice for her. It consists of well-designed clubs that help her easily learn and enjoy the game. If you’d like this same great set for an older girl, then check out the Golf Girl Lefty Junior Club Set which also comes in a carrier bag with an umbrella holder.

Golf Girl Junior Set for Ages 4-8 with Pink Stand Bag – Available in Right-Hand Orientation

Golf Girl is a brand that caters to the sporting needs of females who play golf, whether as a hobby or professionally. Its golf sets are premium-quality and high in performance. From the kids’ sets to the adults’, you can rest assured that you’re getting top-quality and durable products. This is why we decided to add Golf Girl to our list of trusted brands.

The Golf Girl Junior Set makes an awesome entry-level requirement for your kid into the prestigious world of golf. It consists of what they need to get started learning the rudiments of the game. The clubs are so well-made and fitting that your kid will easily catch up on the skills and thrills, and be well on her way to greatness.

This set comes with a driver wood that makes it easy to tee off, TJ-Matrix and weighted perimeter irons with a large sweet spot, a pink putter, and headcover for the driver. The clubs are stacked in a carrier bag that comes with the set, and of course, comes in a pink design to match the clubs. The bag features a 4-way divider, umbrella holder, outer pockets, a Velcro glove tab, and a rain hood. It also has a double shoulder strap making it easier to carry around, and a kickstand to lean the bag on while swinging to the green.

This set is also available for golfers in older age brackets and the pink graphite shafts are augmented for the height difference expected in older kids.

How Do I Choose the Best Golf Club Set?

Who do you think is the greatest golfer ever? Is it Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus, Sam Snead? Everyone has their favorite, and that’s as true of equipment as it is the golfers themselves. One thing that all these greats have in common is that they carefully choose what kind of golf club sets they use. If you want to be like them, you should too.

Regardless of your proficiency level, your choice of golf equipment is critical to your performance. The golf clubs you choose will affect your play. This makes the process of choosing a golf club set a very important one for all golfers. In this guide, we will offer suggestions to help you choose the best golf club set for you.

Most professional players don’t just get a golf club set. They customize their set by picking individual clubs that meet their specifications. For the new or average golfer, this may be an expensive way of getting a set. Golf club sets are meant to offer an affordable entry into the world of golf. They’re also great for beginners and basic golfers as they allow them to have clubs with a uniform feel and design. You need to spend some time with each kind of club to get a feel of what works for you. This way, over time, you will be able to pick clubs that are best for you and then customize your own set.

There is a rule in golfing restricting the number of clubs you can have in a golf bag to 14. You can carry fewer, but not more. When choosing, there are basic clubs that should be included in the set. These include: Driver (9.5 - 13 degrees), fairway wood (15 - 17 degrees), hybrid (19 - 21 degrees), iron set (4 – PW – pitching wedge, AW – approach wedge or SW – sand wedge), wedge (SW – sand wedge and/or LW – lob wedge) and putter (33", 34", or 35" depending on your preference). These are basic clubs (which will vary from set to set) that you can expect to find in a golf club set.

The best golf club set for a man may not be suitable for a lady golfer. You should also know that left-handed and right-handed users have different clubs. A club is formed of four parts. Namely: The grip, the shaft, the hosel, and the clubhead. Clubs with graphite shafts are lighter and easier to swing than clubs with steel shafts. Many ladies, young users, and elderly players opt for clubs with granite shafts. They are, however, more expensive and less durable than those with steel shafts.

New and intermediate users should go for clubs with mid- and standard-sized club heads as these are easier for them to control. They should also choose clubs with more shaft flex. So, before you put on your golf shoes, pick up your golf balls, put on your golf gloves, and shoulder your golf bags, you need to first sort out the issue of your golf club set so you can have a great time golfing.

There are lots of great brands out there that offer fantastic golf club sets. However, we only have five slots to fit in some of those brands. Because we’re great friends of yours and we don’t want to limit your choice in any way, we decided to give an honorable mention to three brands that would have made our list if not for space. One of them is Intech, a brand well-known for great quality and affordable prices. TaylorMade is a high-end brand that manufactures superior-quality golf paraphernalia. And finally, PineMeadow, which is a one-stop-shop for high-quality, custom-fit golf products that are offered at competitive prices.

Let's continue as we help you find the golf club set that is best for you.
Professionally speaking, the price of a golf club set can be anywhere from a hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. However, from our research, we found that for between $100 and $400, you can get a good golf club set. Within this range, the presence or absence of certain features will affect the price. Features that can affect the cost of a golf club set include: the number of clubs included, the materials used (steel or graphite), the quality of the bag, and extras. For instance, a golf club set for juniors will surely not cost as much as one for adults.

To ensure you get the very best value, we disregarded some cheap golf club sets we found that offered little value. We have ensured the products we selected will offer you good value for the money you paid. Just decide what you want to spend and if you need more features, be ready to pay a bit more for them.
All golf club sets are not the same. There are differences in the features that can make one ideal for you, but not necessarily for another. You need to know these features and be on the lookout for them. These features include:
  • Number of golf clubs
  • Selection of clubs - drivers, fairway wood, hybrids, irons, wedges, and putters
  • Type of club head, shaft, and flex
  • For left-handed users or right-handed users
  • Age suitability
  • Gender suitability
  • Quality of golf bag
  • Quality and type of material used
  • Extras included – rain hood, kick stand, etc.
Below are explanations of these features to further help you understand how they affect your choice.
Construction and Design
Before settling for a golf club set, ensure it’s ideal for you. If you are left-handed, be sure the clubs included are for left-handed users (and vice versa). Or you can go for those clubs that are double-sided if you like living more flexibly. You should also check what the shaft is made of. Graphite shafts are lighter and easier to swing, making them more ideal for ladies, younger users, and elderly users. A young man brimming with strength may rather opt for clubs with steel shafts which are less expensive, more durable, and slightly heavier. Some golf club sets are also specifically made for children.
Performance and Ease of Use
If you’re a beginner golfer, you need time to know what works well for you. While you are learning, you will be better off using golf clubs with mid- and standard-sized club heads. These are easier to control. You will also find it easier to use clubs with more shaft flex.

Apart from the golf clubs, some sets will include extras such as rain hoods, kickstands, bags with cooler pouches, etc. These extra features can make your golfing experience more comfortable. As you get more proficient, you will have a better understanding of the kinds of golf clubs you should use. In the meantime, we hope this guide is enough to get you fully started.

Get the Best Golf Club Set of 2023!

We hope we helped you with these reviews and that you now know which golf set to get. Don’t waste precious time overanalyzing. Just take the next step by purchasing the one that resonates most with you. If you haven’t found “the one” yet, then you should also note that the brands we picked have more options for you to look at.

Our Top Choice
Wilson Golf 2017 Ultra Complete Package Set
Best Value
Tour Edge HT MAX-J Junior Sets and Clubs
Callaway Strata Ultimate Men’s 18-Piece Set
Knight Women's XV II Complete Golf Set
Golf Girl Pink Junior Set Inc Bag Right Hand