Best Golf GPS Watch Reviews 2023

Looking for the best Golf GPS Watch? A golf GPS watch is a golfer’s best friend, as it is invaluable in the decision-making patterns of players. This device ensures that golfers get value for their game time, while providing the requisite knowledge to become exceptional on the field. Golf GPS watches are compact and show on-the-spot readings, alerts or notifications. They have lots of loaded courses for the golfers to enjoy. Finding the best golf GPS watch could prove quite tedious, since there are many products available on the market, so one needs to be well-informed. We have researched different brands and come up with five top companies that offer some of the best golf GPS watches. These brands also have other golf GPS watches besides the featured products, which you may want to check out.
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Display Type
Dial Shape
Course Maps
Battery Life
Our Top Choice
Garmin Approach S20 Golf GPS Watch
Garmin has navigated its way into the market with its constant invention of top-notch technology.
Autoshot analyzer. Long-lasting lithium battery. Legible display numbers. Displays phone notifications. Charges quickly. Displays distances to hazards and doglegs. Comfy wrist band.
Shots are measured only with the scoring feature on.
Rounded rectangle
Features more than 40,000 courses
15 hrs (GPS)/8 wks (watch)
0.4 x 1.5 x 1.9 in; 1.6 oz
Best Value
Bushnell Neo Ion Golf GPS Watch
The award-winning Bushnell invents high-performance products with quality designs, which improve the sporting lifestyles of its customers.
Easy to program. Gauges distance from the pin on the green. Battery lasts for three 18-hole rounds. Provides quick access to hazards.
Strap is flexible and could break easily.
Preloaded with 35,000 courses
16 hrs
1.97 x 10.24 x 0.55 in; 4.8 oz
TomTom Golfer 2 GPS Watch
TomTom is highly concerned with customer satisfaction. It has won the hearts of numerous customers with its creativity and evolving advancement.
Crisp and clear display. Water-resistant. Records shots history for future analysis. Takes note of best shots. Shows precise distance to hazards. Tracks performance with scorecard.
Software for syncing could prove unstable.
Ultimate round
Over 40,000 courses
Up to 11 hours (GPS Mode)
1.4 x 9.8 x 0.5 in; 2.12 oz
SkyCaddie SW2 Golf GPS Watch
SkyCaddie creates excellent products that improve golfers' skills. It set up SkyGolf's ClubSG for golfers to connect and share with one another.
Simple and interactive interface. Easily programmable. Bluetooth Smart Technology. SkyGolf 360 primed.
Slim design may be a problem for some users.
Big, easy to read
35,000+ worldwide courses
13 hrs (GPS)/40 days (time)
10.2 x 7.2 x 4.2 in; 1.2 lbs
GolfBuddy WT3 Golf GPS Watch
GolfBuddy is an industry leader in the manufacture of golf rangefinders, and it's known for delivering reliable electronics that meet the demands of the market.
Location distances can be seen on the same screen. Easy to operate. Rechargeable battery. Can be programmed by the user. Can serve as a regular watch.
Not waterproof or ideal for all weather.
36,000+ World Courses
Golf: 8 hrs /Time: 50 days
2.09 × 1.77 × 0.63 in; 2.57 oz

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What is the Best Golf GPS Watch?

An ideal golf GPS watch is one that allows you to go through complete rounds of a golf game efficiently. You don’t want to experience any hiccups at the peak of hitting a clean shot. Getting the best golf GPS watch is dependent on the features that are most important to you. Feel free to pick out the product that suits you.
Our Top Choice
The Garmin Approach S20 Golf GPS Watch has a round analyzer with an auto record mechanism that calculates short distances and makes them available for review after each game set. If you are looking for a golf GPS watch with a round dial, check out the Garmin Approach S2 GPS Golf Watch with Worldwide Courses.

Garmin Approach S20 Golf GPS Watch – Available in 4 Colors

Garmin is a global player in the world of technology, with its automotive, aviation, marine, fitness and outdoor sporting accessories. It aims to create innovative products that improve the lifestyles of its customers. It delivers wearable GPS navigation to help its customers attain maximum fulfillment in their passions.

The Garmin Approach S20 Golf GPS Watch weighs 0.1 pounds; that is as lightweight as they come. This sleek golf GPS watch comes in different sizes, with a glass lens and silicone strap, and is rated five atmospheres on water. This super-stylish GPS watch is waterproof, to suit customers who like to swim immediately after their golf game, or who continue to play their game even in the rain. The lithium-ion battery can carry a player through several rounds, while the GPS mode can last hours without the battery running out. It also has a digital scorecard that allows users to keep track of their scores.

This watch is highly sensitive to the environment of the wearer, knows the distance of the next pin, and helps to give data that lets the player swing with confidence. The Garmin Approach S20 Golf GPS Watch has an autoshot round analyzer that tracks and records shots for later analysis and through Bluetooth connectivity. Users can read notifications from their phones on the watch, so it can serve as an extension of a smartphone.

Garmin has other golf GPS watches, such as:
  • Garmin Approach X40: Has a free course update that saves users the stress of downloading courses online. It is sunlight-readable and has a high-resolution display
  • Garmin Approach S6: Makes it possible to read phone notifications on the golf GPS watch. The battery lasts for about 10 hours, and it has free course updates and a high-resolution display
Best Value
The Bushnell Neo Ion Golf GPS Watch has an automatic course recognition feature and hole advance, so its front, rear, and middle distances are easy to decipher. You can now pay more attention to your game than to understanding the information you're getting. If you are looking for a more affordable option, try the similar Bushnell NEO XS Golf GPS Rangefinder Watch, which is loaded with over 30,000 courses.

Bushnell Neo Ion Golf GPS Watch – Available in Black, White and Charcoal

For more than 60 years, Bushnell has been a leading company in the production of excellent sport optics. It has never relented in providing quality and reliable products for its demanding market. The dedication of this company to its customer service is great and enviable, making Bushnell thrive in nearly all categories of outdoor sporting, from golf to many others, and establishing it as a brand to reckon with.

The Bushnell Neo Ion Golf GPS Watch has a battery that lasts as long as 16 hours, allowing players to go through three complete rounds before charging. It has an auto-hole advance and auto-course recognition feature that keep you prepared for impending flagsticks. The front, center and back distances are easy to read, and it also features a free cozy silicone dual injected sport band that sticks the golf GPS watch to the user’s wrist. This round odometer is a classy piece that can be worn as a regular wristwatch and speaks volumes about the taste of its user. The built-in distance calculator and integrated step counter assist the player in keeping track of the rounds and distance of the next hole.

It is loaded with more than 35,000 courses from about 30 countries to keep golfers properly engaged. Its water-resistant feature allows the user to freely wear it in any weather without fear of damage; in fact, you could swim with this watch on your wrist. This watch is extra portable and comfortable to wear. It includes a USB charging and sync cable, vital for powering the batteries when they are low or out and hooking your watch up to mobile devices. A nice perk is that there are no membership or download fees to pay for using this watch.

Here are other golf GPS watches from Bushnell for your consideration:
  • Bushnell Golf 2017 Excel Golf GPS Watch: Can get updates of courses with the integration of Bluetooth on a smartphone. It allows calendar notifications, messaging and receiving of calls on the watch
  • Bushnell Neo Ghost Golf GPS: The interface is easy to understand, and the battery lasts for three complete rounds of golfing shots
The TomTom Golfer 2 GPS Watch makes it easy for golfers to hit a perfect shot, since it creates an index of the best holes they have played in recent times. If what you want is an affordable golf GPS watch with simpler features, consider the TomTom Golfer Premium Edition GPS Watch

TomTom Golfer 2 Large Golf GPS Watch

Over the years, TomTom has emerged as a dynamic brand that seeks to impress its customers with products that meet and exceed their expectations. It has built a strong chain of loyal customers through communications and enhanced customer relationships, which in turn has established confidence and reliability between both parties. This relationship was channeled towards a win-win business position and yields results daily, since the customers interact on social media and give helpful information and feedback about their experiences with the brand.

The TomTom Golfer 2 GPS Watch is a 1.2-pound lightweight device. It features a 0.87 x 0.98-inch clear display, and its long-lasting battery means the GPS mode lasts up to 11 hours. It has automatic shot detection, which helps you to calculate the distance to the pin once you have taken a shot. Shots can also be tagged manually, in case there is an issue with the auto detection function.
Below are other features that make this product unique:
  • Analysis of shots history: This allows you to run the analysis of your shots after the game has ended on the MySports app. The users get to see what moves are right for them and which ones to drop
  • Green distance: This feature helps players gauge the distance from the front, center and rear of the golf hole or the green
  • Automatic scorecard: For scoring your shots and recording them for future reference
  • 40,000+ courses: This golf watch is preloaded with thousands of renowned golf courses that can be learned and played with ease
  • Daily course update: It costs nothing extra to get course updates on your watch
  • Wireless syncing: It is capable of wirelessly synchronizing with the app for the later appraisal and scorecard
  • Perfect fit: The band is made to suit every kind of user. It is comfortable and easy to wear
  • Ultra slim design: The watch is stylishly made to fit in anywhere else. It is lightweight, which makes it easy for golfers to handle
  • Water-resistant: This feature makes this product a catch for most golfers. It is cool to jump into a pool after a golf game and not worry about the golf GPS watch on your wrist
  • 24/7 activity tracking: It captures the movement and activity of the wearer, so you can tell how many calories you burned that day
The SkyCaddie SW2 Golf GPS Watch's powerful GPS engine functions 300% better than other mobile apps. It provides accurate, trusted location services and distances. If you would prefer a smaller golf GPS watch, take a look at the SkyCaddie LINX Watch. It comes in an attractive white color.

SkyCaddie SW2 Golf GPS Watch – Bluetooth Smart

SkyCaddie is the number one rangefinder for Professional Golfers Association (PGA) professionals in ten influential countries in the world. It focuses on the use of technology to improve the skills of golfers across the globe. The company is also a proud owner of Swing Labs, which was designed to provide extra distance and management for golfers. In addition, SkyCaddie is well-known for its efficiency and performance.

The SkyCaddie SW2 Golf GPS Watch has a powerful GPS that maximizes all the mobile apps available on the watch. It is preloaded with over 35,000 courses to help golfers explore and enjoy their sport. It is lightweight, with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that is enhanced to last for about 13 hours with the GPS on and 40 days when the GPS is off (that is, fully charged).

This golf GPS watch has excellent automation facilities and can measure distance before the shot is taken. Smart technology allows it to synchronize perfectly with the adaptation of a Bluetooth while keeping the same location, hole, and course on the green. In addition, this GPS is an accurate finder of holes, quite simple to handle, and satisfies wearers with its high functionality.

Other golf GPS watches from SkyCaddie include:
  • SkyCaddie SR1: An easy-to-read, reliable, and super-stylish GPS golf watch. The wrist band is lightweight, making the watch quite comfortable to wear. It also allows digital scoring and tracks distance accurately
  • SkyCaddie AIRE II: It’s dynamic with a TrueGround fairway focus and layup target. It has a timer that tracks the pace of each golf round and features a fitness stopwatch. The product is packaged with a high-performance battery that lets the watch last for an extended period
The GolfBuddy WT3 Golf GPS Watch is a fully dynamic digital watch, whose pin placement and green view features are activated by just a press of a button. Would you prefer an audio distance reading GPS watch with eight different languages? The GolfBuddy Voice GPS should be ideal for you. It is a new talking GPS device.

GolfBuddy WT3 Sports Golf GPS Rangefinder Watch – Available in White & Black

GolfBuddy, an unconventional manufacturer of golf GPS watches, provides dependable and modern rangefinders. GolfBuddy has an accurate database for courses that have been verified globally. In 2003, it started out with one product, and has expanded into several categories that include voice, laser, handheld and wearable golf watches.

The GolfBuddy WT3 Golf GPS Watch has an easy-to-operate pin placement function. Its Dynamic Green View function puts it in a league of its own, way ahead of any competitors. It comes with a battery that stays up to 50 days, giving it an incredible life span for games to be completed without hitches. Its GPS tracking is quite powerful, complete with a scorecard and full information on targets and hazards to make for excellent shots. This golf GPS watch can contain up to 36,000 courses, preloaded from other countries for players’ pleasure and skill enhancement. This watch can measure short distances with its complete distance digital tracker.

GolfBuddy's other golf GPS watches include:
  • GolfBuddy WTX: Lasts up to eight hours when on GPS mode. With the help of Bluetooth, users can read notifications from their phones on the watch. It also has a smartphone hole finder layout that makes it possible to view the player’s present position
  • GolfBuddy WT6: Has an automatic course and hole recognition button with about 38,000 courses that boosts the golf knowledge of the players. The battery lasts nine hours in golf motion and two months in watch mode
  • GolfBuddy LD2: A stylish, lightweight and cozy golf GPS watch, with a superior and durable leather strap. It has a stainless-steel crown button, and a lithium-ion battery that provides six hours of use time when the GPS is on and nine weeks in the normal watch mode

How Do I Choose the Best Golf GPS Watch?

Are you a golfaholic who relishes clean shots in the heat of the game? Do you want to enjoy golf on a higher dimension and more technical platform? If you are tired of playing golf just anyhow and are looking for a better way to maximize your golf experience, here’s what you need: a golf GPS watch.

A golf GPS watch is an amazing device with a built-in GPS receiver and other features. It can be worn on the wrist like a regular watch, and can also serve as a smart or sports watch. With this device, you'll get to know the time and determine the distance of your shot before you swing. Instead of using the traditional tracking devices that make you a GPS carrier, you are presented with a trendy golf accessory. These watches sure beat the idea of putting your GPS device in your pocket or golf bag. When you are all decked out, down to your impeccable golf shoes, this device completes your ensemble, throwing in that added spice of superior technology.

The golf GPS watch serves as a fantastic alternative if your regular wristwatch needs a battery change or if you simply forgot it at home. When choosing a golf GPS watch, find one that suits your style. One that matches your outfit can go a long way to create the confidence you need on the golf course. The golf GPS watch is fast replacing maps and handheld GPS.

We have, in this guide, elaborated features that are essential for you to know when buying a golf GPS watch. Read on and get more information on what to look for when making your choice.
The first thing you should consider when buying a product is the value you'll get from it. Focus on high-quality items, as nobody wants to go through the stress of sending back a product to the manufacturer just because it didn’t work. It is true that price is not the only factor in purchasing a product, but it is definitely one major thing to consider.

In working to present you with the best golf GPS watches, we discovered that some products may mislead the buyer. We have sidelined the low-quality, cheap golf GPS watches and taken time to list reasonably priced, high-caliber products. You can own a good golf GPS for between $90 and $400. You may be thinking that this price range is rather high, but what is golf if you don’t enjoy the game with the best kind of gadgets available?
Golfers who do not give themselves the luxury of having a good golf GPS watch are distorting the exciting flow that they should enjoy from the sport. We have judiciously outlined features that will help you in picking out the golf GPS watch of your choice. Below are some of the features to look for:
  • Automatic shot analyzer
  • Shot history analysis
  • Daily course update
  • Digital scorecard
  • Wireless syncing
  • Fit
  • Water resistance
  • 24/7 activity tracking
  • Weight
  • Style
  • Smartphone notification
  • Battery life
As you read our review section, you will better understand how these factors are relevant to your choice and why they should be carefully considered.
Construction and Design
It is important to have an idea of how far your shots can go. Some golf GPS watches come with an automatic shot detection feature. This helps golfers determine the distance from where they're standing to the upcoming flagstick. Look for golf GPS watches with this feature, because they help determine whether you are making progress or failing at your shots. Some brands also come with a feature that provides an update of your shots on a daily basis. This allows you to track your performance on the game and keep abreast of the scores. There are other automatic features, such as auto recognition and auto hole advance, which help to increase your play pace. The 24-hour activity tracking mechanism in some watches make them extra desirable to any user.

Many golf GPS watches come with a digital scorecard and swing tracking mechanism. With these, scores are recorded on your watch and can be pulled out for future reference. They wipe out the need to use a manual scoreboard or pen and paper to record shots and history. You should have this in mind before you commit your money, as these features are known hallmarks of a high-end golf GPS watch.

Some golf GPS watches have an additional hazard feature, equal to four layup distances for every hole. These hazards could be water, bumps or ditches. For such golf GPS watches, a high precision play is achievable. As a player, you will not be taken unawares by any sudden obstacle, but instead will be able to anticipate and tackle them. Watches that don’t have this feature may, however, make provision for distances along layups and sharp bends or doglegs.

The capability of the golf GPS to link up or sync with smartphones and other mobile devices is another feature that needs to be considered. When synced, information can be transferred from one device to the other. Your golf GPS watch can receive text messages, calls, buzzes and alerts just like your smartphone would. However, some golf GPS watches with sync features can be burdensome to set up, so think and inquire about this carefully.
Performance and Ease of Use
The perfect golf GPS watch should be lightweight and fit snugly. Note that the lighter your golf GPS watch is, the smoother and faster your swinging action, since it won’t weigh you down or make your moves clumsy. A lightweight golf GPS watch is handy and helps ensure that you become quite good at delivering clean shots.

The strap or band of your golf GPS watch should suit your style and help hype your confidence. When choosing a watch, get one that blends with your dress and sense of style. A fitted, durable band is better than one with flimsy straps. The more durable the strap, the less likely it is that the watch will get dislodged or damaged.

A water-resistant gadget has an edge over one that is water-susceptible any time. Getting a water-resistant golf GPS watch offers you peace of mind and a great sense of security, especially in unfavorable weather such as rain, intense wind and snow. The water-resistant feature also guarantees added durability, as the internal parts won’t get cold or damaged by harsh weather conditions.

The battery life of your golf GPS is really important. Imagine a battery that runs down in the middle of a game, even after being fully charged at the beginning; would such a watch be a great buy? When choosing a golf GPS watch, it's beneficial to get one with a long-lasting battery. The longer the battery lasts during a game, the higher the possibility of you getting the most out of that game.

Get the Best Golf GPS Watch of 2023!

After seeing our review, you can confidently pick the best golf GPS watch of your choice, since you now know exactly what to look for. Do not hesitate, go right ahead and grab what is perfect for you; place your order and be happy.

Our Top Choice
Garmin Approach S20 Golf GPS Watch
Best Value
Bushnell Neo Ion Golf GPS Watch
TomTom Golfer 2 GPS Watch
SkyCaddie SW2 Golf GPS Watch
GolfBuddy WT3 Golf GPS Watch