Best Golf Putter Reviews 2022

Have you ever heard the saying “men have more putters than women have shoes”? We don’t know the veracity of this claim, but whichever way, a golf putter ranks high among the list of gifts men appreciate. So, if you are looking to put a smile on someone’s face, a golf putter may be the best way to do that. You would think that having so many golf putters on the market would make choosing the best golf putter an easy task, but on the contrary, it adds to the confusion. We have done extensive research and selected the essential features for an ideal golf putter for you, to combat this confusion. After researching several putters, we picked five brands and chose one product from each of them to highlight our points. If you still wish to see more options from these brands, you can check out the other golf putters they have available.
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Our Top Choice
Cleveland Golf TFI Blade Golf Putter
Cleveland Golf is well known for manufacturing innovative golf equipment that improves the game of golf.
Features the True Feel Innovation that offers a true and consistent roll. Comes with a head cover that protects the club.
Some have found this putter too light.
Face Balanced Putters
35 inches; 2.5lbs
Milled Copper, Copolymer
Plumber's Neck
Info not provided
Best Value
Ray Cook Billy Baroo Golf Putter
Ray Cook continues to enrich the world of golf with high-quality equipment such as putters, wedges and accessories.
Can be used when it is sunny as its non-reflective body eliminates glare. Comes with a head cover for extra protection
Not ideal for left-handed golf players.
Semi Mallet Putter
35 inches; 2.5lbs
Satin Silver, Non-glare Body
Plumbers Neck Full Shaft
Soft Midsize Grip
Taylormade OS Spider Golf Putter
Taylormade has been committed to manufacturing the best performing golf equipment to help golf players reach their potential.
Gives you a higher moment of inertia. Has a raised high contrast sight line which makes aiming easier.
A little bit expensive when compared to others.
Counterbalanced Putter
34.5 inches; 0.77lbs
Super Stroke Mid-slim
Callaway Odyssey Golf Putter
Callaway designs golf clubs and balls that have superior quality and help to improve the quality of the game.
Looks great. Excellent balance and touch that allow you to be great on the greens. Has an Oval Pattern Urethane insert for a quicker roll.
It doesn’t come with a head cover.
Rounded Heel-toe Weighted Blade
33 inches; 2.5lbs
Full shaft
Multiple Grip Options
Wilson Harmonized Golf Putter
Wilson has been a reputable manufacturer of quality and affordable sporting goods for over one hundred years.
A great putter for the price. Excellent balance. Lines with your sight and isn't too light.
While this putter is highly recommended and comes with incredible features, it doesn’t include a head cover.
Square Heel/Toe Putter
33 inches; 2.5lbs
Info not provided
Info not provided
Vertical Seam Grip

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What is the Best Golf Putter?

The choice for the best golf putter for you is solely dependent on preference and comfortability. Most people prefer to stick with putter styles that they have used over the years as they have mastered their play skill with them. With the information gathered above, we believe you now know what features appeal to you and would work best for you. You can go through our list of top products and see if any will meet your expectations; one or two should be able to.
Our Top Choice
The Cleveland Golf TFI Golf Putter has a blade head and a plumber’s neck with a head weight of 345g and a grip weight of 65g. It also features 2135 technology which offers you precise alignment. For a face balanced mallet putter with dual axis alignment, check out the Cleveland Golf Men's TFI Rho Mallet Putter. It has a high-density alloy wing which increases stability.

Cleveland Golf TFI Blade Golf Putter – Available in 3 Shaft Lengths and 2 Hand Orientations

Cleveland Golf is a flourishing golf company that ensures that golf lovers have equipment they can trust. Since 1979, it has been known for manufacturing and customizing innovative golf equipment such as wedges and putters for both men and women, accessories such as travel gear, headwear and wedge books.

The Cleveland Golf TFI Blade Golf Putter features 2135 technology which ensures you don’t have to worry about alignment when trying to putt. No matter your setup, this innovative technology prevents misalignment and off center hits. This golf putter also features True Feel Innovation (TFI). This innovation merges two components in the club's face, and this provides a remarkable feel and right consistency for the player. Its plumber neck hosel type is responsible for lowering the center of gravity of the club, giving it a good balance and feel. It also has a lie angle of 70° and a 3° loft angle which gets the golf ball rolling as quickly as possible. This golf putter has a head weight of 345g and a grip weight of 65g, and it includes a head cover that helps protect the club and keep it from getting damaged.

Cleveland Golf has other golf putters that might interest you:
  • The Cleveland Golf 2017 Men's Huntington Beach Golf Putter which is made from soft stainless steel. It has a milled face which offers a softer feel and a roll that is more consistent.
  • The Cleveland Golf Men's Mezzo Golf Putter which features the 2135 technology and the True Feel Innovation (TFI). It also has an oversized head design that improves raised sightline and alignment.
  • The Cleveland Golf Men's TFI Halo Mallet Putter with a mallet-shaped head and includes a head cover. It features the True Feel Innovation for more feel and consistency and the Smart Square alignment technology which increases alignment and prevents off center hits.
  • The Cleveland Golf Men's Elevado Golf Putter which features the 2135 technology for better alignment. It also features the True Feel Innovation and the clean head design.
Best Value
The Ray Cook Billy Baroo Golf Putter features a soft feeling inset, which offers a superior ball responsiveness. It also has a semi-mallet design, a midsize grip that’s soft and a head weight of 355g. For a toe balanced putter with a double milled face and a loft of 3 degrees, check out the Ray Cook Golf- Blue Goose BG40 Putter.

Ray Cook Billy Baroo Golf Putter – Available in 2 Shaft Lengths

Creating putters of the highest quality for the golfing community at affordable pricing has always been the aim of Ray Cook. Aside from being a leading manufacturer of quality putters, Ray Cook also manufactures wedges, chippers, gloves and grips of high quality and design and are, most importantly, price friendly.

The Ray Cook Billy Baroo Golf Putter has a full shaft offset, and this is important for those golf players that prefer to have their hands ahead of the golf ball during the putting stroke. It has a lie angle of 70 degrees and a 3-degree loft angle. At these angles, performance problems with pulling or pushing putts are drastically reduced, and the innovative polyurethane plastic component insert allows the ball to respond perfectly. It has a head weight of 355 grams, plumbers neck and a right handed orientation. This golf putter also has a midsize grip that has a soft and a non-reflective body, made from superior molded satin silver, which eliminates solar reflections. A head cover that protects the club is also included.

Here are other golf putters by Ray Cook:
  • The Ray Cook Golf Silver Ray SR400 Putter with a soft midsize paddle style grip. It has a right handed orientation and a shaft length of 34 inches. It also comes with a gorgeous charcoal grey finish and a head cover.
  • The Ray Cook Golf Gyro ML Putter with a double milled precision face. It has a white finish, and a right handed orientation. It has a lie angle of 70 degrees and a 3-degree loft angle.
  • The Ray Cook Men's 2015 M1 Limited Edition Counter Balanced Golf Putter with a left-handed orientation and a 38-inch shaft length. It is precision milled and has an oversized grip. It also has a lie angle of 71 degrees and a loft angle of 4 degrees. It includes a matching head cover to protect the club head when not in use.
  • The Ray Cook Golf- Silver Ray SR300 Putter with a shaft length of 34 inches. It features a lie angle of 70 degrees and a loft angle of 3 degrees.
  • The Ray Cook Golf Limited Edition Silver SR500 Putter with a shaft length of 35 inches and red finish. It also has a lie angle of 70 degrees and a loft angle of 3 degrees.
The Taylormade OS Spider Golf Putter is a mallet putter with a milled aluminum insert and a face balanced toe hang. It also has a full offset and an oversized head for more stability at impact. If you want a toe balanced golf putter instead, check out the TaylorMade Big Red OSCB Daytona Putter. It has a shaft length of 34.5 inches and an increased precise alignment.

Taylormade OS Spider Golf Putter – Available in 3 Shaft Lengths and 2 Hand Orientations

When it comes to quality golf equipment that can be trusted to deliver, Taylormade leads the way. Established in 1979, it has continued to combine innovation with authenticity while creating the golf equipment that offers the best value for money. Dedicated to helping golf players reach their potential no matter their skill level, Taylormade ensures that its wedges, putters, balls and accessories give them a competitive advantage.

The Taylormade OS Spider Golf Putter has an oversized head weighing 350 grams which is responsible for increasing stability when the head comes in contact with the ball. True and consistent roll, sound and feel are improved by the presence of the vertical milled insert, which allows the ball to be gripped better. Aiming is also made easier by the lifted high contrast line of vision. It also has a milled face that increases the quality of your finishing when putting, and is a mallet type of putter with a face balanced toe hang. It also has a full offset with a shaft length of 34.5 inches and a left-handed orientation. With a double bend neck, its loft angle is 3.5 degrees, and its lie angle is 70 degrees.

Taylormade has other golf putters that might interest you:
  • The TaylorMade Ghost Tour Black DY-82SS Putter with a right-handed orientation and a shaft length of 33 inches. It has a matte black finish that reduces reflection in the sun and a milled aluminum insert for feel and sound.
  • The TaylorMade Golf 2017 Tour Preferred Collection Juno Putter with a super stroke grip and a shaft length of 34 inches. It has a well-positioned sight line that improves alignment, and several options of toe hang for different strokes.
  • The TaylorMade Golf 2017 Spider Tour Putter that is available in both hand orientations for both right and left-handed players. This golf putter consists of an aluminum body with a stainless steel frame that provides increased stability and a high moment of inertia. It also has a milled insert which offers a better roll across the face.
The Callaway Odyssey Golf Putter is a toe balanced blade putter with a full shaft offset and a crank-neck hosel. It also features the White Hot Insert and roll tech to give a great feel and speed. For a face balanced mallet golf putter with a left-handed orientation and a shaft length of 38 inches, take a look at the Odyssey Tank Cruiser #7 Mallet Golf Putter.

Callaway Odyssey Golf Putter – Available in 2 hand Orientations and 3 Shaft Lengths

Callaway is a manufacturer of innovative golf equipment capable of producing high performance products. Founded by Ely Callaway in 1982, it has been designing and creating golf equipment such as clubs and balls and accessories such as bags, footwear and apparel that enable its consumers to play better and enjoy the game more. When it comes to putters, Odyssey by Callaway has been known as the number one brand because of its ability to design innovative technologies that increase functionality. Its putters are also widely used by professional golfers around the world.

The Callaway Odyssey Golf Putter is the number one putter in gold with a much improved White Hot Insert that integrates a unique roll technology which allows the ball to glide better and faster after impact. It is a rounded toe balanced blade putter with a crank neck hosel and a full shaft offset. It also features the innovative Oval Pattern Insert which is responsible for a faster and better roll. The hitting surface is coated with a material in sync with the unique oval pattern insert to cause an increase in the friction, which in turn allows the golf ball to roll quicker. Alignment and accuracy are improved with the tour proven head shape in conjunction with a unique V-shaped fang. This golf putter has a left-handed orientation and a shaft length of 33 inches.

Here are other amazing golf putters by Callaway:
  • The Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 #1 Putter with a standard grip, right-handed orientation and a shaft length of 35 inches. It also features the White Hot Insert and a tour proven head shape.
  • The Odyssey Hot Pro 2.0 V-Line Putter (White) with a right handed orientation and a shaft length of 34 inches. It offers a high moment of inertia and a tour proven head shape.
  • The Odyssey Hot Pro 2.0 Rossie Putter with a right-handed orientation and a 3-degree lie angle. It has a tour proven head shape and a unique insert for a true and consistent roll.
The Wilson Harmonized Golf Putter features a square heel and toe design and a plumber neck hosel. It also has a midsize vertical seam grip and face insert for improved feel during ball impact. For a complete set of golf clubs for women, check out the WILSON ULTRA Womens Complete Golf Club Set. It also includes a putter and comes with a bag.

Wilson Harmonized Golf Putter with Vertical Seam Grip – Available in 2 Hand Orientations.

For over 100 years, Wilson has been manufacturing quality and affordable sporting equipment for the sporting goods industry. Wilson is a brand that is dedicated to equipping sports people around the world with products they can trust. It also incorporates some of the latest innovative technology in its products to help increase performance.

The Wilson Harmonized Golf Putter has a midsize grip with vertical seam and a square heel and toe design. The vertical seam is incorporated into the grip to improve the feel of the ball. There are horizontal lines on the head of the putter which support sight alignment and allow you to set up accurately. It also has a face insert which improves the ball feel after impact. This face insert is a micro-injection polymer, and it leads to putts that are accurate. It has a right handed orientation and a shaft length of 35 inches.

Wilson has other golf putters that you might like:
  • The Wilson Men's Augusta Golf Putter which can be used by a right and left handed player. It has a steel shaft that measures 35 inches and an all-weather grip which is capable of producing a solid feel and response.
  • The Wilson Staff Milled 8802 Putter with a flat facing that delivers a true and consistent roll. It has a right handed orientation and a shaft length of 35 inches.
  • The Wilson Harmonized Series M3 Putters which is available in right hand and has a shaft length of 35 inches. It also has a vertical seam grip that provides a solid feel and response.

How Do I Choose the Best Golf Putter?

World class golf players are not made overnight; they are made by constant practice, focus and using the right equipment. Nothing is as frustrating for a golfer as putting; some golfers’ careers have been jeopardized because of bad putting. For this reason, we know that every golfer is careful with purchasing the right golf putter for their game style. The truth is, the putter is a popular item in the golf set bag, after your other clubs.

There are different types and classifications of putters. The first thing you need to do is know what type suits your playing style or which is most comfortable for you to play. In this review, we looked at different types of golf putters and what makes them unique or different from the others. We also looked at the implications of their various features and which would be ideal for different play types. Here are the classifications that we have:
  • Balance: Face-balanced putter and toe-balanced putters
  • Head designs: Mallet, peripheral-weighted (mid-mallet), and blade heads
  • Face: Metal, insert and groove faces
  • Length: Traditional, belly and long putters
  • Shaft: Heel-shafted, center-shafted, and hosel-offset shaft
No matter how skilled you are with the golf balls, you still need a great putter to make your practice in the green an exciting and fruitful one. Below, we have provided a detailed explanation of these classifications and how they impact your choice of a golf putter. We have also discussed other features that you need to look out for when making your purchase. We promise that you will not regret reading through as you will not be only armed with sufficient information for making a purchase decision, you will also be armed with information regarding the use of your putter. See you in the next session.
One of the biggest temptations we have when purchasing any item is to have a price target on our minds and just look for one that falls within that price range. That means that you are making price your sole determinant for choosing that item, which can be a mistake. The same applies to buying a golf putter. The first thing you should do is know the features you need in your putter and then look around for those with similar features, even if this means increasing your budget a little. As long as you get what meets your needs, you are in safe hands.

So, what is the right price for a good golf putter? With a budget between $40 and $200, you can get the best golf putter on the market which depends on the features you need. Are there cheaper ones than these in the market? Of course. We came across these cheap golf putters, but we noticed they had some issues which ranged from being flimsy to not having a good grip. We know you will not be pleased with such buys, so we ignored them and chose golf putters that will give a good return on investment.
While conducting the research for golf putters, we noticed that there were as many recommendations for the right putters as they were brands and schools of thought. Therefore, it is evident that you alone can decide the best golf putter for you. Like we said earlier, you need to understand your game style and what you are comfortable in. No matter how good you think a putter is, your skills and expertise will bring out the best in it.

What we have done is to give you detailed information on what features apply to what types of putters to afford you the liberty to choose which one is best for you. We have also shared some recommendations and why they are so. Here are the features you should consider when making your purchase decision:
  • Head design
  • Faces and inserts
  • Shafts and hosel
  • Shaft length
  • Putter grips
  • Alignment
  • Weight
  • Balance point
  • Putter sole
For more on what these features mean and how they affect golf putters, continue to the next section.
Construction and Design
There are three head types for golf putters: the blade, the mallet, and the peripheral-weighted or the mid-mallet heads. The blade is the oldest and most widely used type. They are soft to the ball because they are lightweight on the face, with the bulk of the weight at the back of the head. They are face-balanced and ideal for a straight putting stroke player. The mallet splits the weight between the two corners of the head such that there is almost equal weight from heel to toe. The mallet head is ideal for any stroke as it has better room for forgiveness. The mid mallet is an upgrade from the blade and tends towards the mallet. There is usually a slight depression at the center of the head. The mid mallet types are ideal for arc strokes.

The face of a golf putter is influenced by the ball you are using, the green you are playing on and the feel you want to have. The most used material for faces is steel. Other materials have been used including brass, aluminum, zinc, etc. The metal faced putters are of great advantage because when they make contact with the ball, it gives off a sound that helps you know where the center of your head is. The insert-faced putter is the same as the metal-faced, only that the metal is replaced with a non-metallic insert. The only advantage is that it offers more forgiveness since the weight of the putter is redistributed to the toe and heel of the putter. Groove faced putters help to guide the ball and avoid skidding or back spinning. They may look unnecessary, but they contribute to maintaining the ball in line and achieving a forward motion.

Heel-shafted putters have the shafts attached to the heel of the head. Center-shafted putters have the shafts attached to the center of the head. Hosel offset putters have the shafts bent backwards, making the shaft’s base to be in front. The offset putters are ideal for a novice golfer.

Grips come in different diameters and thickness. It is known that the thicker the grip, the easier for your hand to be away from the stroke. That is what improves your putting skills. But, if you a golfer who loves to feel the vibration from the ball, it is more advisable to go for a standard grip.
Performance and Ease of Use
You need to be careful in choosing the shaft length of your putter because it affects your posture and contact. The shortest a putter can be is 18 inches, but no limit is placed on its length. It is left to the golfer to figure out which one suits him. The standard lengths are traditional, belly and chest lengths. Traditional length ranges from 32-36 inches and act as an ‘elongation’ of the arms.

The belly length ranges from 41-46 inches. With this putter, you can anchor the putter on your body, thereby maintaining a steady position. The chest or long putter ranges between 48-52 inches. The way they are held is different from the way other putters are held. Anchoring has been banned in golfing though, so this length has been phased out.

When choosing a putter, ensure that you pick one that you can easily line up with your target. When there is an alignment line, it helps you to identify the sweet spot for your putter. We advise you to purchase a putter with this guide to help you achieve better alignment.

The weight of you putter is delicate; that is why you cannot just cut the shaft to your desired length. There is a balancing ratio between the shaft’s weight and that of the head that affects your swing. For instance, the ideal weight for a traditional length has a head weight of 330 grams while its overall weight is 530 grams.

Get the Best Golf Putter of 2022!

The smile on your face shows that this was worth the read and you have decided on which golf putter to purchase. We are happy about that. Just go ahead and make your pick. It is the best golf putter for you.

Our Top Choice
Cleveland Golf TFI Blade Golf Putter
Best Value
Ray Cook Billy Baroo Golf Putter
Taylormade OS Spider Golf Putter
Callaway Odyssey Golf Putter
Wilson Harmonized Golf Putter