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Golf holidays are among the most popular travel trends in the world today. Every golfer wants to display their impeccable golfing skills on different courses all around the globe. Having the right travel luggage to carry your precious golf clubs as well as your magic golf shoes is a must, whether you are travelling locally or overseas. In this guide, we will take you through some of the best golf bag brands in an effort to help you make an informed decision. Keep in mind, if the product we have featured isn't the color or style you want, these reputable brands have many other options available.

In addition to our featured brands, we would be remiss if we did not mention a few other quality golf travel cover brands such as Ogio, CaddyDaddy, Himal and SKB Cases. If you don’t find what you are looking for in the products we reviewed, definitely check them out.
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Our Top Choice
Sun Mountain Clubglider Meridian Golf Travel Bag
Sun Mountain has furnished the golf industry with revolutionary golf products that are inspirational and functional for over 30 years.
Contains a heavily padded club area made of durable ballistic-style nylon. Innovative leg mechanism with excellent maneuverability. Legs easily extend and fold back.
State-of-the-art zipper moves easily from top to bottom but is not lockable.
Heavy duty soft case
52 X 14 X 14 inches/11.3 pounds
Ballistic-style nylon
Available in 8 colors
Roller blade wheels
Best Value
Bag Boy T-10 Hard Top Travel Cover
Bag Boy is renowned for its award winning golf products that are both innovative and of unmatched quality.
Hard plastic top gives clubs maximum protection. Elegant all-weather polyester body.
Its heavy duty straps may burst after using the bag for a long time.
Soft case with hard top
52 x 13.7 x 10.5 inches/11.9 lbs
600 denier polyester blend
Available in 4 colors
2 in-line skate wheels
Club Glove Last Bag Pro Golf Travel Bag
Club Glove aims at providing golfers with quality products that are durable and functional, making the game fun and exciting to play.
Smooth transportation. Comes with a restraint device to ensure that your golf clubs are safely held in the bag.
Some golfers may find it too large to carry on their shoulders.
Soft case
51 x 19 x 16  inches/10 pounds
Cordura Fabric
Available in 17 colors
2 in-line skate wheels
Samsonite Hard Case Golf Travel Bag
For over a century, Samsonite has provided the world with superior travel bags and accessories that are rich in design and of utmost quality.
Easy to push and pull around due to its 4 multi-directional wheels. Beautiful interior with extra cushioning to protect your clubs.
A bit too big, so you may want to squeeze in some extra clothes to fill it up.
Hard case
54 x 16 x 12 inches/14 pounds
Solid ABS shell shield
Black or titanium
4 multi-directional spinner wheels
Golf Travel Bags Caravan Travel Bag
Golf Travel Bags seeks to provide golf travelers with quality and functional travel bags that are not only long lasting but comfortable to carry around.
Boasts of a deluxe wheel system for smooth transportation. The exterior has deep pockets to carry your golf shoes and attire.
Its long lasting straps may feel tight on the hands.
Soft case
51 x 14 x 11.2 inches/10 pounds
600-denier polyester blend 
Available in 5 colors
Deluxe wheel system

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There are numerous things to consider before settling on a particular golf travel bag, from the material used to make the bag to how easy it is to use. Let’s now dive straight into our top picks. You won’t miss one that catches your eye!

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Our Top Choice
The Sun Mountain Clubglider Meridian Travel Bag is large enough to comfortably accommodate your clubs, golf shoes and even some gear. Do you prefer a travel golf bag which is lockable? Then check out the elegant Sun Mountain ClubGlider Pro Travel Cover.

Sun Mountain Clubglider Meridian Travel Cover – Heavy Duty Golf Travel Bag, Available in 8 Colors


Golf products from Sun Mountain are made with meticulous attention to design. With the golfer’s convenience and comfort at heart, Sun Mountain has continued to provide the industry with innovative products.

The Sun Mountain Clubglider Meridian Golf Travel Bag is expertly crafted to accommodate your golf clubs, shoes as well as gear. The travel bag has in-built dividers to conveniently place your clubs. Comfort is paramount when golfing, which has been achieved using a belt technology that shifts weight from your shoulders to your hips, allowing you to easily carry the bag around.

This travel bag comes with a variety of features:

  • Easily extendable and retractable leg mechanism for hustle-free loading and unloading
  • Durable heavy padding made of ballistic-style nylon
  • Pivoted caster wheels with excellent maneuverability
  • Reinforced with vinyl in the wear and tear areas
  • Quality roller-blade wheels that last for a long time
  • Stylish external pockets
  • Heavy duty zippers that are two way and zip easily from top to bottom
  • Easily folds for storage
  • Has a light weight of 11.3 lbs, hence easy to carry around

You have an option of choosing from 8 colors—it all depends on your taste and preference.

Best Value
The Bag Boy Hard Top Travel Cover comes with a hard, classically built top to give your clubs maximum protection in all types of weather. You can store your shoes and accessories in the roomy pockets. Do you prefer a soft sided travel bag with wheels? The Bag Boy T-750 Wheeled Travel Golf Cover might just be what your golf game needs.

Bag Boy T-10 Hard Top Travel Cover - Hard Case Golf Travel Bag Available in 4 Colors


Having won multiple awards for top quality golf products, Bag Boy seeks to revolutionize the game of golf. With its unique designs and functional products, a golfer is not only assured of comfort but also excellent performance.

The Bag Boy Hard Top Travel Cover golf bag is designed to give your clubs maximum protection. With an all-weather polyester body, the travel bag has large pockets on the sides that allow you to store your golf shoes as well as your golfing attire. The plastic top also doubles up as storage for your soft sided body, thus it does not take up too much space when not in use.

Here are some features that come with this golf product:

  • Its skate wheels are in-line to allow smooth movement on the golf course
  • Heavy duty straps are made to last
  • Can hold up to 51-inch length clubs
  • Has a huge diameter of 10 inches that allows for compact storage of clubs
  • Has a height of 13 inches and a width of 14.6 inches
  • Unique combination of a hard top and a soft side

This innovative golf bag comes in these 4 colors: black/graphite, black/lime green, black/royal and black/orange.

The Last Bag Large Pro is the ultimate travel luggage since it is made of Cordura fabric that is said to be 5 times more durable than ordinary polyester. Do you want a quality travel bag that comes with a free stiff arm and TSA lock? That bag is none other than the Club Glove Last Bag Collegiate Golf Travel Cover w\/ Free Stiff Arm & TSA Lock.

Club Glove Last Bag Large Pro Golf Travel Bag – Golf Travel Bag Case Available in 17 Colors


Club Glove prides itself with having more of its golf products used by professionals than any other brand on the market. By making some of the strongest yet lightest golf travel bags and other accessories, Club Glove has won the hearts of golfers the world over. Going by the countless positive reviews of its products, the company is on the right track in terms of performance and credibility.

The Club Glove Last Bag Large Pro Golf Travel Bag is made of Cordura fabric that is not only water resistant but also considered to be five times stronger than ordinary polyester. The outside construction is burst proof with webbed reinforcement at the back of the bag to increase durability.

Some of the features that accompany this product are:

  • ID card holder to keep your identification documents
  • Top of the range zipper (YKK) that allows easy loading
  • Has a patented wheel base made of plastic and has skate wheels for smooth movement
  • Extra thick inner padding to protect your clubs
  • Has double handles for easy lifting from the ground
  • The rear of the bag has webbed reinforcement to increase durability
  • Allows carrying of clubs up to 47 inches long
  • Has a ballistic 1600 D Nylon reinforcement

You are spoilt of choice when it comes to color selection since the golf travel bag comes in 17 different colors.

This unisex Samsonite Hard Sided Golf Travel Case is made of a durable ABS shell that protects your golf clubs from damage as you travel. Do you prefer to pack your luggage in different bags rather than in one case? Then you will love the Samsonite Golf Deluxe 3 Piece Travel Set.

Samsonite Golf Hard Sided Travel Cover Case – Golf Club Travel Bag Available in Several Colors


Samsonite is a world leader in the production of unparalleled travel merchandise made with a traveler’s convenience in mind. Their designs are top notch and a display of stylish elegance; a favorite among on-the-go professionals due to their unmatched quality.

The Samsonite Hard Sided Golf Travel Case is a classic, unisex travel bag made of a solid ABS plastic shell that lasts for a long time and doesn’t wear easily even after numerous air travels. With a beautiful quilted interior, the case has extra cushioning inside to ensure that your clubs are not damaged as you move around.

Here are some features that are in store for you once you purchase this travel case:

  • Has four multi-directional wheels for easy movement
  • The additional 2 in-line skater wheels make pushing and pulling easy
  • Has internal straps to hold your bag firmly inside the case
  • Has room for 10.5 inch bags inside
  • Can accommodate club lengths of up to 48 inches
  • Made of lightweight but durable material, thus easy to load and unload
Their Caravan 3.0 Travel Bag is a no-nonsense product that comes with extra padding on the top to shield your clubs from damage. Want a hard case golf travel bag? Check out Golf Travel Bags LLC The Vault—it might be just what you need for your next golf trip!

Golf Travel Bags LLC Caravan 3.0 Travel Bag – Golf Travel Bag Case Available in 5 Colors


Golf Travel Bags has a reputation of creating dependable travel bags that are of high quality and last for a long time. Looking at various reviews, you will notice that customers highly recommend their products due to their functionality and durability.

The Golf Travel Bags Caravan Travel Bag is a meticulously designed bag made of dense polyester material that does not wear and tear even after prolonged travelling. With a deluxe wheel system and a roller blade design, the bag easily moves as you pull it around the airport. The wheels are made to last and don’t jam easily as you move your bag.

In case you are considering purchasing this bag, here are some of its features:

  • Extra top padding to give your clubs maximum protection
  • Two oversized exterior pockets to store your golf shoes and clothes
  • Protective PVC pad at the bottom to shield your clubs
  • Has a security strap to hold your luggage firmly
  • Has an interior strap that secures the bag
  • Comes with a 2-year limited warranty
  • Has a colorful zipper with a rubber handle
  • Can hold bags that are up to 10 inches

This durable golf travel bag comes in 5 attractive colors.

Best Golf Travel Bag Buying Guide - How to Pick an Ideal Hard Case Golf Travel Bag

Wow! You just won a golfing holiday to Abu Dhabi after participating in one of those charity raffles at your golf club. As an ardent golfer, you know how precious your golf clubs are and you can’t just leave them behind in the hope of buying new ones when you reach your destination. You pull out your suitcase and try stuffing them in, but alas! Your golf club is just too long and won’t fit. What to do? Simple—invest in a golf travel bag.

In recent years, golf holidaying has become popular, and manufacturers have gone out of their way to provide golf travelers with travel bags designed to accommodate their golfing gear. As you select the best golf travel bag for your needs, look out for these three things: comfort, convenience and durability of the bag.

There are various types of golf travel bags, and your choice will depend on how often you travel. The soft sided travel bags are light in weight, thus they are easier to carry around and pocket friendly. The hard cased bags, on the other hand, come with enhanced protection features for your golf gear and tend to last longer.

Finally, you definitely want a bag that can withstand the wear and tear that comes with frequent flying. Most bags are made of dense polyester or nylon that is long lasting depending on the fabric used. Some bags also have oversized exterior pockets to store your golf shoes and that magic golf glove that brings you luck on the course.

As you pack your travel golf bag, don’t forget to carry some sunscreen—golfing on an 18-hole course on a hot day is no joke!


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Essentials to Pack for your Next Golf Trip. | Courtesy of

How much will it cost me to get this essential golf merchandise? Well, the price varies from one brand to another, but with between $120 and $330 you will be in a position to purchase a quality bag. You will notice a cheap golf travel bag may lack some of the bells and whistles that come with its more expensive counterparts, such as patented wheel technology.

In case you have a few bucks to spare, you may want to consider investing in the high-end options because maximum protection of your golf clubs is guaranteed. Ultimately it all boils down to your budget and how much you are willing to spend for a quality travel bag.


Whether you are an amateur golfer or a professional one, carrying your golf gear can not only be cumbersome but also uncomfortable. An ideal golf travel bag should allow you to conveniently pack and move around with your golfing merchandise.

Here are some important features that you should look out for when buying a golf travel bag:

  • Type– Is the bag soft sided or is the outer cover made of a hard plastic shell? Hard sided cases are more durable compared to the soft sided ones, which may easily wear and tear. The soft sided bags made of a dense fabric may last long as well. Does the bag fold up to allow for easy storage?
  • Weight– Is the golf travel bag easy to carry around? Is it too heavy on your back? Can its straps burst easily when lifting it up? Can the bag comfortably hold your luggage without passing the baggage restriction at the airport?
  • Material– Is the bag made of polyester, nylon or hard plastic? As much as those made of polyester are pocket friendly, they are more prone to wear and tear thus have to be handled with care.
  • Wheels– Does the travel bag have wheels? Does it come with multi-directional wheels for easy movement? Do the wheels have a roller blade configuration for smooth transportation?
  • Colors– What colors are available? Have the colors been well incorporated in the design?
Construction and Design

Golf travel bags come in different designs, but most manufacturers have really invested in producing bags of impeccable quality. Durability is a key factor in the design of a golf travel bag since when travelling the bag is prone to wear and tear, abrasion and sometimes poking. Some soft sided bags are made of dense polyester or Cordura fabric that is known for its durability. You will find bags whose outside is made of a hard plastic shell increase durability.

The majority of travel bags have extra padding to ensure maximum protection of your golf clubs. Due to the various lengths of golf clubs, travel bags heights may vary but most can accommodate clubs that are 48 inches long. A lot of attention is paid to the weight of the travel bag due to weight restrictions at the airport. To achieve a light weight, most travel bags are made of quality polyester or nylon.

Wheels are an important feature in a travel bag. Some bags come with in-line skater wheels to allow easy movement around the airport. You may find some brands have incorporated 4 multi-directional wheels into their designs, which further smoothens transportation. The travel bags come in different colors as well and may have zippers for easy loading.


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Organizing Golf Clubs in a Bag.| Courtesy of eHowSports
Performance and Ease of Use

A key factor in the performance of a golf travel bag is the ease with which one can move around with it. To achieve this, go for a bag that has wheels and, if possible, one that is easily lifted from the ground. Little or no assembly is necessary once you purchase a travel bag.

Travel bags with wheels are ideal when travelling since they allow for smooth transportation. In-line skater wheels are the latest trend on golf travel bags due to the ease they bring to movement. Most designs come in a range of different, beautiful colors, thus you are spoilt of choice in that area.

Travel bags are easy to use since, after opening the zipper(s), all you need to do is arrange your golf clubs inside and then zip up. Always ensure that your choice of golf travel bag can comfortably accommodate the full length of your golf clubs.

Get the Best Golf Travel Bag of 2023!

It’s our hope that this review has given you priceless information that will help you golf around the world while carrying your golf clubs in a top notch golf travel bag. In case the featured products aren’t your perfect match, these reputable brands have many more golf travel bags that will be of interest to you.

Our Top Choice
Sun Mountain Clubglider Meridian Golf Travel Bag
Best Value
Bag Boy T-10 Hard Top Travel Cover
Club Glove Last Bag Pro Golf Travel Bag
Samsonite Hard Case Golf Travel Bag
Golf Travel Bags Caravan Travel Bag

Golf Travel Bag FAQs

What is the best golf travel bag?
The best golf travel bag is one you can use when going for tournaments to far-off places. It should have room for your golf clubs, balls, and other belongings. Given the nature of its work, the golf travel bag should be made from strong material like nylon or polyester. Importantly, the bag needs to be affordable. In addition to being light and easy to carry around, the bag should have wheels for you to drag it around. Check our buying guide to help with your decision!
Where to buy cheap travel golf bag?
You can buy a cheap travel golf bag from any online retail store, including Amazon. Here, you will find not only a huge variety of golf clubs but also at all price levels. Therefore, you can pick one that you can afford. If you are looking for a cheap golf bag to buy, we have reviewed some of the best.
How to pack a golf bag for travel?
It would help if you packed a golf bag for travel by ensuring that everything you need goes into its place. As a precaution, please take a picture of the golf clubs before packing them. If the bag gets lots, you will have some evidence of its contents. Now, remove heads from all of your adjustable golf clubs. Put the clubs into a stiff arm and staff it with your soaks. Meanwhile, you may keep the golf balls in a separate bag to avoid breaching the weight limit. Put clothes in all the remaining space to pad the golf clubs in case the bag falls.