Best Golf Umbrella Reviews – Compact and Large Windproof and UV Protectant Umbrellas for Golf

Playing golf is the favorite activity of thousands of people worldwide, but what if the sun is too enthusiastic or the rain is too abundant? In this case, you need to protect yourself and a golf umbrella is ideal for this job. Such umbrellas usually feature an oversized canopy and they provide wind protection too. We selected 5 excellent umbrellas from some of the best golf umbrella brands on the market and we are ready to share our findings with you. Whether you are looking for a white golf umbrella, a black umbrella, or any color in the rainbow, you should be able to find what you are looking for.

When you get to our featured brands, you may be wondering — where are all the big name golf brands? When we did our research, we had a decision to make since there are more than 5 companies that make large, windproof and UV protection umbrellas for golf. Ultimately, we decided to expose you to brands you may never have heard of before. In many cases, you can get the same (or even better) quality, without paying extra for “the name.” But if you don’t find what you want, or if you prefer to go with what you know, then without a doubt we can recommend Nautica golf umbrellas, Callaway golf umbrellas, Taylormade golf umbrellas, and Under Armour golf umbrellas.

The large golf umbrellas we featured range from 54 to 68 inches, which is a good size for most people. However, if you want an even bigger 72” golf umbrella, both the featured brand G4Free and JEF World of Golf offer them. And finally, if you are looking for a custom golf umbrella that you can design with your own images and/or logo, there are companies that offer them in bulk as well as companies who offer single customizable compact golf umbrellas.

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Our Top Choice
Procella Umbrella Large Golf Umbrella
Procella Umbrella makes quality umbrellas at affordable prices. Its range of products include golf, travel, oversized, compact and stick umbrellas.
Available in multiple colors. Ergonomic rubber handle. Fiberglass frame. Double-layered waterproof, windproof and UV-resistant nylon canopy. Flexible frame. Auto-open feature.
You will not be eligible for replacement if you don’t register your umbrella, so do that as soon as you receive your product.
62 inches
Vented double canopy
Ergonomic rubber handle
8 colors available
Best Value
G4Free Automatic Extra Large Golf Umbrella
G4Free is a renowned brand which focuses on outdoor equipment and accessories. It makes sturdy umbrellas, tents, backpacks and even camping cooking wares.
Available in multiple color options. 2-year replacement guarantee. Fiberglass handle. Automatic opening. Water-resistant and wind-proof. Comfortable EVA grip. Double-canopy design.
In some cases, customers were disappointed with the durability of this umbrella, but G4Free offers 100% money back guarantee against any defects in craftsmanship.
54, 62 or 68 Inches
Fiberglass and stainless steel
190T pongee micro-weave fabric
Ergonomic EVA handle
11 colors available
Rainlax Large Windproof Golf Umbrella
Rainlax creates compact as well as oversized golf umbrellas in different colors and designs. Its products incorporate durable materials such as fiberglass and Teflon.
Available in multiple colors. Windproof, waterproof and provides UV protection. Automatic opening. Ergonomic handle. Comfortable and fashionable design.
Some umbrellas developed leaks after a while, but the manufacturer offers a lifetime replacement guarantee.
62 or 68 inches
Teflon fabric
Ergonomic rubber handle
8 colors available
EEZ-Y Folding Golf Umbrella
EEZ-Y specializes in umbrellas of different sizes and colors, but it also makes affordable and user-friendly selfie-sticks which are compatible with today's most recent smartphones.
Easy to use. Ergonomic handle. Windproof. Doesn’t flip over thanks to its vented canopy. Portable. Water repellent fabric.
Doesn’t have auto-close, but that's a minor drawback in comparison with all the benefits it comes with.
58 inches
Fiberglass and stainless steel
Vented double canopy
Ergonomic EVA handle
8 colors available
LifeTek New Yorker Golf Umbrella
LifeTek specializes in travel umbrellas, golf umbrellas and classic umbrellas. Its products are not only practical and versatile, but aesthetically pleasing as well.
Heavy duty fiberglass shaft. Automatic opening. Windproof and waterproof. 2-year replacement guarantee. Comfort grip. Superior UV Protection.
Minor reliability problems.
54 inches
Teflon fabric
Ergonomic rubber handle
5 colors available

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What Is the Best Umbrella for Golf? Read Our Large Golf Umbrella Reviews!

Hopefully by now you have a broader understanding about golf umbrellas and you have learnt how they stack up. We will go ahead now and present to you our 5 recommendations from top brands.

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Our Top Choice
The Procella 62 Inch Golf Umbrella comes with automatic opening and it is available in multiple colors. At 62 inches wide when opened, this one can really keep you dry while you play golf. If you want something more stylish, check out the Procella Inverted Umbrella. This large windproof double layer canopy umbrella offers your choice of amazing designs such as blue sky with clouds, a large flower, or stars on the INSIDE!

Procella Golf Umbrella with UPF 50+ UV Protection - Windproof, Waterproof Sun Umbrella, Heavy Duty Automatic UV Blocker Umbrella, Matching Carrying Case Sleeve


As you probably already figured it out, Procella Umbrella specializes in umbrellas and makes them in various sizes, shapes and from different materials. It has a wide range of golf umbrellas for you to check out as well as travel umbrellas, stick umbrellas, wooden umbrellas and more. If you live in a place where it rains a lot, definitely check out Procella Umbrella's products to make sure you stay dry while outdoors.

The Windproof Waterproof Golf Umbrella from Procella is available in many color options including red, grey, black and blue and when opened up, it covers an area up to 62 inches in length. This is one of the largest umbrellas out there and definitely a favorite for many golf players. It comes with a vented double canopy which prevents wind flipping over your umbrella and it has fiberglass ribs which ensure its durability and long service life.

This umbrella isn’t only windproof and waterproof, but it can also keep excessive sunlight at bay, particularly the dangerous UV rays. The rubber is ergonomic and made from rubber, so you will have a comfortable and secure grip while using this tool. You can purchase this umbrella in 8 different color combinations, choose from black, grey, navy blue, red, black and white, blue and white, green and white or red and white!

Lastly, the manufacturer offers a hassle-free replacement policy which basically means that if you receive a broken product, you don’t have to return it. Instead, you will just receive a replacement for free.

Best Value
The Automatic Open Golf Umbrella from G4Free is available in 2 sizes - 62 and 68 inches - and multiple color options for you to choose from. If you think this model is too large for you, may we suggest the Wooden J Handle Classic Golf Umbrella which is just 52 inches wide when opened?

G4Free 54/62/68 Inch Automatic Open Golf Umbrella - Oversize Double Canopy Vented Windproof Waterproof Stick Umbrellas


G4Free is a modern company with a clever name which strives to provide its customers with multiple quality outdoor equipment and accessories. For example, apart from umbrellas, you can also buy king equipment, tents, binoculars, backpacks, hammocks, sleeping bags and even cooking products which can be used when you go camping with your family.

We liked the Automatic Open Golf Umbrella from G4Free because it comes in multiple sizes — 54, 62 or 68 Inches. It is also available in multiple color options such as black and white, red, navy blue and more, so whether you are a man or woman, you'll definitely find one suitable for your taste. Best of all, this model comes with a frame made from stainless steel and fiberglass, so it can theoretically resist a hurricane, although we strongly discourage you to try that out in real life.

If you go for this model, you will also benefit of automatic opening at the press of a button and a 100% money back guarantee from the manufacturer. This umbrella behaves well in almost any weather conditions, protecting you from rain, wind and excessive sunlight while boasting a classic and elegant design. Even the handle is made from fiberglass to ensure that this umbrella keeps you dry for years to come! If this is the umbrella for you, you can buy it in any of the eleven color choices; black, sky blue, white, coffee, wine red, dark green, grey, navy blue, black and white, red and white or navy blue and white.

The Windproof Golf Umbrella from Rainlax has an oversized canopy which is 62 or 68 inches wide and it comes in multiple attractive color options. Need a more compact umbrella for golfing, check out The Weatherman Collapsible Windproof Umbrella.

The Weatherman Golf Umbrella - Windproof Sports Umbrella Resists Up to 55 MPH, Available in 2 Sizes and 5 Colors


Rainlax is all about quality umbrellas in attractive and practical designs. Whether you prefer a small and compact umbrella, an inverted umbrella or a giant one which can easily protect 2 people from rain, you will definitely find what you are looking for among Rainlax's products. Apart from umbrellas, this company also makes high-quality garden hoses and sprayers at affordable prices.

The Windproof Golf Umbrella from Rainlax is available in several color options such as silver white, navy blue, red, black, grey and a few others. This is a giant umbrella designed to keep you and your partner dry under heavy downpour. If you wear glasses, you can now give up on the idea of creating glasses with windshields because this wide umbrella (either 62 or 68 inches) is definitely going to keep you dry.

When we reviewed this product, we were impressed by its construction and features. For example, it features a canopy made from Teflon fabric and lined with a silver coating which dries quickly, deflects UV rays and is wind-resistant. Therefore, you are protected against water, sun and wind with this product and can enjoy it for a long period of time as it has 8 fiberglass ribs which can take a lot of wear and tear. Choose the color that suits you best from black, navy blue, red, sapphire blue, wine, yellow, sky blue or silver white. Couple that with an ergonomic handle, a fashionable design and a lifetime warranty and you'll soon find out that this umbrella provides the best bang for your buck!

The Folding Golf Umbrella from EEZ-Y is really "eezy" to use and available in multiple color options for you to choose from. At 58 inches when opened, it is also quite large and accommodating. Still, if you require an even larger umbrella, and we mean REALLY bigger, you will want to JEF World of Golf 72 Inch All Sport Protection Umbrella. It's one of the biggest umbrellas around.

EEZ-Y Folding Golf Umbrella - 58-inch Long, Large Windproof Double Canopy, Multiple Colors Available


EEZ-Y is a brand with a modern vision and innovative approach when it comes to the products we use on a daily basis. You can get multiple types of umbrellas from this company, in various sizes and colors. EEZ-Y also makes selfie sticks which fit most smartphone types. This brand offers money back guarantee and lifetime warranty to most of its products and this is really a good thing!

The Folding Golf Umbrella from EEZ-Y is available in multiple color options for you to choose from such as black, navy blue, charcoal gray and more. When it is opened, it has a "wingspan" of 58 inches which is quite impressive. If it rains and you're a single guy, now you have a good reason to invite a pretty girl under the umbrella with you!

When it comes to the design of this umbrella, you will be pleasantly surprised to find out that it has a vented double canopy. This means that wind will pass through the umbrella, so it will never be flipped over. At the same time, the water repelling fabric will keep you and your company dry, regardless of how badly it rains outside. You can bright up any gloomy day with any of these 8 colors to choose from; black, yellow, red, burgundy, marsala, charcoal gray, navy blue, or dark green. This umbrella also boasts an attractive and ergonomic EVA handle and it comes with a lifetime warranty, not to mention that you have a window of 90 days to return the product and get a refund if you're unhappy with your purchase. What more could you ask for?

The New Yorker 54 Inch Golf Umbrella from LifeTek has a rain repellant canopy made from Teflon and it comes in multiple eye-catching color options. If you prefer a compact golf umbrella consider the LifeTek Windproof Travel Umbrella. It folds up nicely and is available in a 42" single or 45" double canopy size.

LifeTek Golf Umbrella - 54 Inches Long, Automatic Open, Teflon Rain Repellant Canopy, 4 Colors Available


LifeTek is a professional manufacturer of umbrellas with a wide range of products available for its customers. You traveling a lot? You should check out its range of compact and lightweight 42-inches umbrellas. Prefer classical ones? Check out LifeTek's line of cane umbrellas which are stylish and durable. If you are interested in golf umbrellas then again you are lucky as this brand makes multiple ones in various colors.

For example ,the New Yorker Automatic Open Golf Umbrella from LifeTek is 54 inches wide when opened and is available in a few color options such as black, red or blue. This model has a frame made from a combination of resin and fiberglass, making it very strong and wind resistant. It is almost impossible to flip this umbrella over!

On top of that, the experts behind LifeTek company made the canopy from a water repellent Teflon fabric which basically means it can easily resist a light drizzle as well as a heavy downpour. This umbrella also comes with a 2 year replacement guarantee and the handle contains rubber components which provide a comfortable grip. If you are looking for a strong umbrella with a professional design at an affordable price, this model might be suitable for you. You can purchase this reliable umbrella in black, blue red or green.

Best Large Golf Umbrella Guide – What to Look for an Umbrella for Playing Golf

An umbrella is an indispensable outdoor accessory, especially for a person who lives in an area where it rains a lot. There are also many types of umbrellas out there such as bubble umbrellas, kids umbrellas, even those large beach umbrellas which protect your skin against excessive sunlight while at the beach. Among this great abundance of umbrellas you will find golf umbrellas which are usually used mostly by golfers, but they are also suitable for everyone!

A golf umbrella is a highly-engineered accessory with a clever design and available in multiple colors. It protects golfers against powerful winds, UV rays and serious rainstorms. While you're out and ready to practice your best shots, you don’t want the elements of nature to stand in your way, do you? In this case, a golf umbrella should be on your next shopping list.

We created this guide to help you pick a good one and to familiarize yourself with the large array of golf umbrellas available on the market. Continue reading to learn how to avoid scams and pick an umbrella that can serve you for years!

Video: Weatherman "Smart" Umbrella for Golf

PGA Equipment Guide – Weatherman ‘Smart’ Umbrella. | Courtesy of PGA

Contrary to the popular belief, a golf umbrella is not an expensive accessory. You might be happy to find out that such a tool will eventually set you back between approximately $20 and up to around $35 for an oversized model. Obviously, some umbrellas might be more expensive than that, but this was the average price range last time we checked. The factors which influence the price are of course, the size of the umbrella when opened, the materials from which it is made and so on. If you go for a 68-inch wide umbrella with a vented double canopy, prepare to take out a couple of extra bucks from your pocket, but you will rest assured that you are protected next time you play golf.

Similarly, you will find a lot of cheap golf umbrellas on the market, usually priced way below $20. Don’t be fooled by these "bargains" because such umbrellas provide minimal protection against wind and they might break as quickly as you say "hole-in-one". Go for a model made by a reputable manufacturer and you will have more peace of mind.


Now that we've established the basics when it comes to the pricing of golf umbrellas, let's see what they bring to the table in terms of their main features.

  • Materials - The canopy is usually made from a water repellent fabric which can be Teflon, nylon or others. Golf umbrellas also have frames made from durable materials such as fiberglass and even stainless steel
  • Size - The size of an umbrella can vary a lot from around 50 inches up to 68-70 inches. This means that a large umbrella can easily accommodate 2 people and protect them from rain
  • Color - Umbrellas come in various colors and designs for you to pick from such as white, black, red, navy blue, a combination of black and white and so on
  • Warranty - You might be happy to find out that most golf umbrellas usually come with a lifetime warranty or a lifetime replacement guarantee. We will explain this in greater detail later on.

What you need to do before buying is to assess your needs and preferences. Do you feel comfortable with a large umbrella (62 or even 68 inches wide) or do you prefer more compact ones? Do you need an umbrella with steel components (might make it heavier) or is fiberglass is enough for you? Lastly, don’t forget to see many designs of golf umbrellas because they are really exciting and will make you stand out from the crowd at a golf club.

Construction and Design

It is time to go more in depth when it comes to the construction and design of a golf umbrella. For example, a great deal of umbrellas come with a vented double canopy which basically lets wind pass through, preventing it to flip your umbrella over and make you look awkward. Obviously, the fabric doesn’t let rain pass through, so you will be protected. Some umbrellas feature special coats which facilitate drying, so that’s something to keep an eye on.

Golf umbrellas also feature sturdy frames which can be made from fiberglass, stainless steel and in some cases, a combination of resins. These resins add to the durability of the frame and make it more resistant to wear and tear. Most umbrellas would go for 8 ribs, but this is not written in stone and frankly not that important. As long as you get a frame made from fiberglass and stainless steel, you have nothing to worry about!

Higher-end golf umbrellas also include automatic opening, allowing you to open the umbrella at the press of a button. The handle might contain rubber elements which improve grip and the shaft can be made from fiberglass as well, to make sure that your umbrellas durably pass the test of time successfully.

Video: How To Play Golf In The Rain

Playing Golf Well In The Rain. | Courtesy of James Robinson Golf
Performance and Ease of Use

As mentioned earlier, most golf umbrellas can also be used by people who don’t play golf because they offer enhanced protection against wind, rain and UV rays. The special coating on the canopies deflects dangerous sun rays, protecting your skin and rain. Additionally, most top manufacturers offer lifetime replacement warranties which basically means, that if you register your umbrella through their program, you will get a free replacement if your product shows manufacturing defects during its lifetime.

In a similar fashion, other brands offer money back guarantees which are attractive as well. Bottom line is that if you buy an umbrella from a good brand, you should expect to enjoy it for a long period of time no matter what. If you accidentally received a defective model, you might not even have to send it back, but notify the manufacturer and its customer service will begin proceedings to send you a brand new one completely for free! Don’t wait any longer, get your golf umbrella now and don’t let nature's forces mess up your mojo while playing golf!

Get the Best Golf Umbrella of 2023!

The best golf umbrellas out there are those which don’t only protect you from sun, rain and wind, but those which fit your style as well! Take a look at these marvelous accessories again and decide which one is compatible with your personality.

Our Top Choice
Procella Umbrella Large Golf Umbrella
Best Value
G4Free Automatic Extra Large Golf Umbrella
Rainlax Large Windproof Golf Umbrella
EEZ-Y Folding Golf Umbrella
LifeTek New Yorker Golf Umbrella

Golf Umbrella FAQs

What is a golf umbrella?
A golf umbrella is a piece of equipment for keeping the golfer and their equipment dry in conditions full of heavy rain. They are usually larger than ordinary umbrellas and feature structural steel, making them heavy. One can walk around with an umbrella without worrying about getting soaked by rainwater.
Where to buy a golf umbrella?
You can buy a golf umbrella from Amazon, the largest and most advanced online retailer. On it, you will find a wider variety of products and enjoy affordable prices. If you are looking for a golf umbrella to buy, we have reviewed some of the best.
How big is a golf umbrella?
The size of a golf umbrella is 1.5 times that of a regular large-sized umbrella. When not covering one golfer and his/her bag, the umbrella can accommodate at least two people.
How to use a golf umbrella?
To use a golf umbrella, you need to attach it to a holder. There are specially designed umbrella holders for different golf carts or trolleys, so make sure you get the right one. Once you have attached the holder to the cart, slot in the umbrella, and you are good to go. That means you wouldn’t have to hold the umbrella in your hands.